Musician Detail

The Musician Detail screen shows all of the session details for the musician whose name is displayed under the button bar. Their name is also highlighted in each session.

The first recording session of a selected musician will appear at the top of the screen. In the header bar along with the musician's name you will find two buttons: Alphabetical and Chronological. The highlighted button sorts the displayed sessions either alphabetically by leader name or chronologically in ascending date order. To change from one mode to the other simply click on the button that is not highlighted.

The gray line at the top of each session contains the leader name for that session. Click on the leader name to go to the leader detail for that leader and positioned at the selected session.

The gray line will contain a red ball if the session has musicians carried forward from the previous session. Click on the red ball to display a list of each musician on the current session.

Use the controls in your web browser program including the Home, End, Cursor up/down, Page up/down keys and the mouse to position the display.

Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to display more sessions (if available) for this musician.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to display the sessions for the previous or next musician alphabetically.

Click on a musician name to go to the musician detail screen which shows all the sessions that this musician has appeared in.

Click on a tune name to go to the tune detail screen which shows all the sessions that this tune has appeared in.