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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aber treu will keine sein
Page A2 Aber zartlich bisch du nid to Absolutely funky
Page A3 Absolutely knot to Ace of swords
Page A4 Ace of trumps to Act II part 1 Plague
Page A5 Act II part 2 The crossroads to Addio fiorito asil
Page A6 Addio fratello crudele to Adventi
Page A7 Adventni to Africa continental boogie
Page A8 Africa cries to Afro waltz
Page A9 Afro white to After the late late show
Page A10 After the leap to Ageing Jack Bruce three from Scotland England
Page A11 Ageless to Aheste cek kurekleri
Page A12 Ahfra love to Aint nobody minding
Page A13 Aint nobody nowhere nothin without God to Aitai
Page A14 Aitawalumbwe to Ala tamala
Page A15 Ala Thai to Aldebaranian song
Page A16 Aldeburon to Alice 3
Page A17 Alice 4 to All for Hall
Page A18 All for love to All right I love you
Page A19 All right Louie drop the gun to All up in it
Page A20 All up in the aisles to Allimbrunire
Page A21 Allimmusonita to Alone in a corner
Page A22 Alone in a crowd to Alteration
Page A23 Alteration desalteree to Alyosha
Page A24 Alyoshas song to Ambi ent amplitude
Page A25 Ambiance to Amigos juntos
Page A26 Amigos latinos to Amys bounce
Page A27 Amys day to An old friend passes by
Page A28 An old friend passes by again to Ancient Bhandu court dance
Page A29 Ancient birds to And so the news came
Page A30 And so they say to Andiamo mangare mais ou
Page A31 Andies song to Angels in the sky
Page A32 Angels in the snow to Anna Franz
Page A33 Anna im winter to Another day with us
Page A34 Another day with you to Answer softly
Page A35 Answer the call to Anuska tu mha rubato il cuore
Page A36 Anutkas dance to apex is the whole
Page A37 Apfelbock oder die lilie auf dem felde to Apricots from Eden
Page A38 Apricots on their wings to Arachilbuttyrophobia
Page A39 Arachnee to Are you for me
Page A40 Are you for real to Arkansas part 3
Page A41 Arkansas road blues to Arriba
Page A42 Arriba abajo to Arts of a bachelor
Page A43 arts of Tatum and Freddie Webster to As the deer
Page A44 As the doors swing open crack or slam to Asil o
Page A45 Asilah to Astral earth
Page A46 Astral echo poem to At the horizon
Page A47 At the Hornsey sitin to Atonggaga blues
Page A48 atonic to Audio synthesis
Page A49 AudioFact anthem to Aunt Marthe
Page A50 Aunt Mary to Autumn fling
Page A51 Autumn flower to Avenue musical
Page A52 avenue of our life to Ay Mourrir pour toi
Page A53 Ay Mujeres to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby bop
Page B2 Baby bossa to Babyoh where can you be
Page B3 Babyplum to Back it up
Page B4 Back lash to Backward of point
Page B5 Backward prophet to Bagad Cafe
Page B6 Bagad de Kemperle to Baker 56
Page B7 baker bounce to Ball and chain blues
Page B8 Ball and Jackie Jackie to Ballad like
Page B9 Ballad mallet to Ballade pour Remi
Page B10 Ballade pour Riki to Bambooiron
Page B11 Bamboola to Banshee dance
Page B12 Banshees to Barely a moon
Page B13 Barely blue to Barsky
Page B14 Barst to Bass folk song no 6
Page B15 Bass folksong to Batistas groove
Page B16 Batistou to BBFGM
Page B17 BBG to Beacon park
Page B18 beacon shines bright to Beaulieu Festival suite
Page B19 Beaulieu Suite to Bebop de samba
Page B20 Bebop duck to Been here all along
Page B21 Been here and gone to Beginners mind part 2
Page B22 Beginners on stage to beleza que vem
Page B23 Belfast to Belomi benna
Page B24 Belon rag to Bent a szivem melyen two step
Page B25 Bent banana to Bertha in turquoise
Page B26 Bertha May to Better next time
Page B27 Better not to Beyond explicit
Page B28 Beyond forever to Bien cuit
Page B29 Bien cuoi to Big dummy
Page B30 Big E to Big Sis
Page B31 Big sistas to Bill plays Mancini
Page B32 bill please to Birch
Page B33 Birch Street blast to Birmingham boogie
Page B34 Birmingham bounce to Bittul
Page B35 Bitty bitty beep to Black eye peas
Page B36 Black eyed blues to Black stockings
Page B37 Black stomp to Blass
Page B38 Blast to blind mans tale
Page B39 Blind Mary to Bloomy day
Page B40 Bloop bleep to Blue bell
Page B41 Blue bell and crown to Blue frenzy
Page B42 Blue Friday to Blue mosaic
Page B43 Blue Mose to Blue starfish
Page B44 Blue state to Blues a la mode
Page B45 Blues a la nancarrow to Blues dla LT
Page B46 Blues dla Marysi to Blues for Buselli
Page B47 Blues for Buster Holmes to Blues for Jack Teagarden
Page B48 Blues for Jackie to Blues for Nalen
Page B49 Blues for Nanda to Blues for the ivy leagues
Page B50 Blues for the J man to Blues in boogie
Page B51 Blues in brass to Blues nouk
Page B52 Blues nouveau to Blues universal
Page B53 Blues unlimited to Bmwah
Page B54 BN blues to Body
Page B55 Body & mention to Bolghatty dreams
Page B56 Bolichali to Bonjour Mito
Page B57 Bonjour mon amour to Boogie man blues
Page B58 Boogie man creep to Boom boom bah
Page B59 Boom boom bang bang to Borboleta linda
Page B60 Borboletta to Bossa di bisceglie
Page B61 Bossa di mafia to Bottomland
Page B62 Bottomland boogie to Bow tie breakdown
Page B63 Bow tie Jim to Brahms
Page B64 Brahms 3 to Braxterity
Page B65 Braxton bop to Breakn the mold
Page B66 Breakneck to Bricks
Page B67 Bricks and bones to Brincident
Page B68 Brindabella to Broken down mama
Page B69 Broken down man to Brother Joe
Page B70 Brother Johann to Brume du matin
Page B71 Brumes to Buckets of jive
Page B72 Buckets of rain to Bug juice
Page B73 Bug music to Bumble bees
Page B74 Bumble bees birthday to Burning brain
Page B75 Burning bridges to Busy gettin dizzy
Page B76 Busy Izzy to Buy the way
Page B77 Buy this record to Byline
Page B78 Bymoln to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadae
Page C2 Cadaques to Cal oyna
Page C3 Cal viva to Call me young
Page C4 Call memory to Calypso John
Page C5 Calypso Kamasutra to Can a soul be bright
Page C6 Can anybody take sweet mamas place to Cancri 55
Page C7 Cancrizan to Cant give enough
Page C8 Cant give it away to Canto pa elegua
Page C9 Canto para chango to Caprifischer
Page C10 Caprifoglio to Careful thought wont harm even a chicken
Page C11 Carefull little hempen clouds to Carniel
Page C12 Carnies to Carte postale II
Page C13 Carte postale III to Castelli di Sabbia
Page C14 Castello to Catfish row tune
Page C15 Catfish Samich to Caxinha de musica
Page C16 Caxionics to Celestial maiden
Page C17 Celestial mechanics to Cera una volta
Page C18 Cera una volta il west to Cetvorno horo
Page C19 Ceu to Chambre 229
Page C20 Chambre a Jazz to Channel one suite
Page C21 Channel surfer to Chapter amber
Page C22 Chapter and verse to charmer
Page C23 Charmes to Che querido che
Page C24 Che Sara to Cherries are ripe
Page C25 Cherries brambles and strawberries to Chicago monkey man blues
Page C26 Chicago mouse to Child come to me
Page C27 Child eyes to Chilly the Kid
Page C28 Chilly Willie to Chloe and the pirates
Page C29 Chloe in a car seat to Chorale I
Page C30 Chorale II to Christmas 1978
Page C31 Christmas aint what it used to be to Chumba dues
Page C32 Chumbida to Cina
Page C33 Cinamah to Circular crossroads
Page C34 Circular deprivation to City planning
Page C35 City prelude to Clarity
Page C36 Clarity 3 to Cleo and me
Page C37 Cleo and Sly to Close to the equator
Page C38 Close to the groove to Club Goodfella
Page C39 Club Helsinki to Cocktail at Jean Lous place
Page C40 Cocktail bar to Coisas disantes
Page C41 Coisi miniti to College swing
Page C42 College town blues to Columbine rag
Page C43 Columbo to Come on in tenors
Page C44 Come on in the ark now to Coming on the bike
Page C45 Coming on the Danube to Companeras de Ruta
Page C46 Companero to Composition 324 B
Page C47 Composition 327 C to Con amore
Page C48 Con arco to Conchiglie per dimore ingannevoli XV
Page C49 Conchiglie per dimore ingannevoli XVI to Conga blues
Page C50 Conga Brava to Constantins dream
Page C51 Constantly to Contre
Page C52 Contre contre to Cool blue
Page C53 Cool blue depths to Copper room
Page C54 Copper scatter 1 to Corogrosso
Page C55 Coroico to CosmoExtensions
Page C56 cosmofire to Countermyth II
Page C57 Countermyth III to Covert
Page C58 Covert action to Crataegus spp
Page C59 Crater to Crebe de Chet
Page C60 Crebwalk to Cristalina
Page C61 Cristaline to Crowd
Page C62 crowd accuses to Crypto
Page C63 Crypto clone to Cuchara
Page C64 Cuchara chacha to curly toed ballerina
Page C65 Curly top to Cyclicaltiy
Page C66 CycliciT to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys blue song
Page D2 Daddys blues to Dam it madam
Page D3 Dam of eternity to Dance No 85
Page D4 Dance No 87 to Dance to the lady
Page D5 Dance to the Mardi Gras to Dancing sunlight
Page D6 Dancing swan to Dans les marais
Page D7 Dans les montagnes to Daquilo ques eu sei
Page D8 Daquin to Dark territory
Page D9 dark the light to DAs man
Page D10 Das Mannlein to Dawn before the light
Page D11 dawn begins to break to dayley dash
Page D12 Daylie double to De la joie
Page D13 De la jungle George to Deafened
Page D14 Deafening the dragon to death of Robert Johnson
Page D15 Death of rock to Decoy
Page D16 Decoy the switch to Deep in the night
Page D17 Deep in the Ozarks to Deinetwegen fahr ich nicht mehr UBahn
Page D18 Deining to delusion of the greedy
Page D19 Delusion song to Denn woven lebt der mensch
Page D20 Denn wovon lebt der mensch to Der meister
Page D21 Der Mensch erscheint im Holozan to Desannonce
Page D22 Desaparecido to Desmodus rotundus
Page D23 Desmond to Deuce
Page D24 Deuce ana quota to Dexters minor mad
Page D25 Dexters mode to Dianoia to nous
Page D26 Dianora to Die Beichte
Page D27 Die beiden brauchen nur ein Zimmer to Dieu
Page D28 Dieu a bord to Dimahala
Page D29 Dimal to Dirac
Page D30 Dirac I to Discourse this
Page D31 Discover to Distorted facts
Page D32 Distorted onion to Dixieland medley nr 5
Page D33 Dixieland medley nr2 to Do I hear 4
Page D34 Do I hear a waltz to Do you Thats all I want to know
Page D35 Do you think to Does your heart beat for me + Opening
Page D36 Does your heat beat for me to Dolceola blues
Page D37 Dolces dance to dona do gato sassi
Page D38 Dona Dominga to Dont change
Page D39 Dont change a hair for me to Dont leave me daddy
Page D40 Dont leave me dear to Dont stop the train
Page D41 Dont stop this train to Doo wah diddy diddy
Page D42 Doo wah doo to Dos verdades
Page D43 Dosanko walk to Doubting Thomas
Page D44 Doubting Tomas to Down in town
Page D45 Down in Wild Bills basement workshop to Dr Fuck Art
Page D46 Dr Fujii to Drawing in the margins
Page D47 Drawing lessons to Dreamer
Page D48 Dreamer alone to Dreiundzwanzig
Page D49 Dreiviertel to Drommevise
Page D50 Drommusik to Drumbo ogie
Page D51 Drumbola to Du danske sommer jeg elsker dig
Page D52 Du darfst mir nie wieder rote Rosen schenken to Duerme negrita
Page D53 Duerme negrito to Dumka
Page D54 Dumme gigolo to Dusk in the city
Page D55 Dusk in the desert to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early dream
Page E2 Early dues to East Bay serenade
Page E3 East Bay stroll to Easy jive
Page E4 Easy job to Echo boogie
Page E5 Echo calling to Eddification
Page E6 Eddji to Eflat jump
Page E7 Eflat stop to Eighty six
Page E8 Eightyeight to EK turns 21
Page E9 Ekai to El Fatso
Page E10 El feo to El rayaero
Page E11 El rayo de luz to Electric Aunt Klara
Page E12 Electric babyland to Elements of five
Page E13 Elements of freedom to Ella be good
Page E14 Ella bella to Elvins tune
Page E15 Elvins waltz to Emmetts tune
Page E16 Emmeya to En ete
Page E17 En etsi valtaa loistoa to Enchiladas
Page E18 Enchore to Endless torture
Page E19 Endless tracks to Ensalada de ritmos
Page E20 Ensam to Epanoui cest nous oui
Page E21 Epanuissement to Era milonga
Page E22 Era notte a sud to Erzahlung eines feigenbaumes
Page E23 Erzahlungen der alfen grosmutter to Espalion
Page E24 Espan Harlem to Esto no tiene nombre
Page E25 Esto o aquello to Ethera
Page E26 Ethereal to Eu voce
Page E27 Eu vou lembrar to Even your ears
Page E28 Evenement 1 LSpontaneist to Every minute of the day
Page E29 Every minute of the hour to Everyones down on me
Page E30 Everyones ethnic to Evocations
Page E31 Evocative to executioners
Page E32 Executive to Expositions
Page E33 Exposure to Eyes fixed
Page E34 Eyes for Shorter to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to factor of J
Page F2 Factorielle 8 to Fakin
Page F3 Fakin it to Family business
Page F4 Family chronicle to Fantasies
Page F5 Fantasies are free to Farewell rendezvous
Page F6 Farewell ritual to Fasten your seatbelt
Page F7 Fasten your seatbelts to Fauns blues
Page F8 Fauntleroy mist to Feeder
Page F9 Feedin the Bean to Felicia
Page F10 Felicia adjo to Festival of ghosts
Page F11 Festival of life to Field with sticks
Page F12 Fielder to Filament 25
Page F13 Filament and void to Find me and Ill find you
Page F14 Find me at the greasy spoon to Fire brigade
Page F15 Fire burning to First finale
Page F16 First Finntasy to Fis a
Page F17 Fis fis to Five intentions
Page F18 Five is bliss to Flamenco a la Bristol
Page F19 Flamenco abstractions to Fleur de cognassier
Page F20 Fleur de glace to floatation method
Page F21 Floater to Flower drum song
Page F22 Flower duet to Flutter waltz
Page F23 Flutterby to Flyv fugl flyv
Page F24 Flyv vel to Follow swallow
Page F25 Follow that black sedan to Footbridge over the rushing stream
Page F26 foote in the door to For Count
Page F27 For Crowley to For Karol
Page F28 For Kashala and Sarhanna to For Rollins
Page F29 For Ron to For what ails you
Page F30 For what I see to Forever for now
Page F31 Forever forever to Forsoothe
Page F32 Forspael til 1 akt to four corners suite North
Page F33 four corners suite South to Fourth dynasty
Page F34 fourth easy piece to Frailach jamboree
Page F35 Frailach no 4bulgar to Frazmic
Page F36 Frazoheda to Free improv 1
Page F37 Free improv 2 to Freedoms curve
Page F38 Freedoms dance to Fresologia
Page F39 Fressen to Frischwarts
Page F40 Frisco to From here to paternity
Page F41 From here to the moon to Front cracks
Page F42 front door to Fuga 9
Page F43 Fuga a 3 voci to Fult blikk
Page F44 Fulton to Funkenflug ouverture
Page F45 Funkengruven to Funny peculiar
Page F46 Funny people to Future dog
Page F47 Future drone to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galina U
Page G2 Galindo to Garage fence
Page G3 Garage jazz to Gate to Europe
Page G4 Gate to heaven to Gee baby aint I good you
Page G5 Gee baby aint I goot to you to Genet
Page G6 Genetic alphabet to Georgia cake walk
Page G7 Georgia cakewalk to Get her the most
Page G8 Get here to Gettin your Trane on
Page G9 Getting to Ghumba zumba
Page G10 Ghungsgot thonpo to Gimme that
Page G11 Gimme that bubblegum to girl named Jenny
Page G12 girl named Joe to Give me a ukelele and a ukulele baby
Page G13 Give me a ukulele to Glass ceiling paper floor
Page G14 Glass ceilings to Glorious phenomenon
Page G15 Glorious saints to Go groove
Page G16 Go hang to Godfather
Page G17 Godfather figure to Going to build me a playhouse
Page G18 Going to California to Goldfish
Page G19 Goldfish blues to good book
Page G20 Good booty to Good pickins
Page G21 Good place to be to Goodnight ladies
Page G22 Goodnight little girl to Got eyes for you
Page G23 Got faith n phat to Grab this
Page G24 Grab ya partner to GrandfortPhilippe
Page G25 Grandhi to Gray Thursday
Page G26 Gray to grand to Green and white
Page G27 Green and yellow to Greenwells glory
Page G28 Greenwhich witch to Grito de alerta
Page G29 Grito mudo to Grosvenor Street
Page G30 Grote bonte specht to Guangzhoj taxi
Page G31 Guanna dance to Guitarreros
Page G32 Guitars to Gwaligo
Page G33 Gwalz to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hail the king
Page H2 Hail The Osagyefo to Hall of the swingin kings
Page H3 Hall om mig to Hamps the champ
Page H4 Hamps thing to hangman and the fool
Page H5 Hangman blues to Happy elephant
Page H6 happy elf to hard banana
Page H7 Hard beauty to Harlem river line
Page H8 Harlem river quiver to Harumi
Page H9 Harumph to Havana Manana suite
Page H10 Havana moods to Hay
Page H11 Hay alguien ahi to He was beautiful
Page H12 He was despised to Heart and soul
Page H13 heart and the bones to Heavenly angel
Page H14 Heavenly ascending to Heinz sleeps in
Page H15 Heinz steps to Hello Mary Lou goodbye heart
Page H16 Hello Marylin to Hepsters jive
Page H17 Hepta to Here comes your pappy )nl vcl)
Page H18 Here comes your pappy with the wrong kind of load to Herre jeg har handlet ilde
Page H19 Herresy to Hey Chico
Page H20 Hey chief to Hi ya Sophia
Page H21 Hi ya Sue to High grass
Page H22 High groove low feedback to Hikouki part one
Page H23 Hikouki part two to Hipcut
Page H24 Hiper K to hitchhiker of Karoo
Page H25 Hitchhikin woman to Hoho redic
Page H26 Hohoho to Holly and ivy
Page H27 holly and the ivy to Home life
Page H28 Home life of the snorf to Honest speech
Page H29 Honestlee to Hooks
Page H30 hooks have jaws to Horizon drive
Page H31 Horizon estompe to Hot Cajun night
Page H32 Hot cakes to Hotel piccolo
Page H33 Hotel plaza to How about choo
Page H34 How about five to How light dances
Page H35 How like a meal to hoyous advent of the everything machine
Page H36 Hoys thud to human economy
Page H37 Human element to Hunting for lions
Page H38 Hunting for the fox to Hybride dance
Page H39 Hybrids to Hypnotic nights
Page H40 hypnotic ouagadougou blues to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe in you
Page I2 I believe in you and me to I cant see forever
Page I3 I cant see how to I do remember you
Page I4 I do song to I eit landskap
Page I5 I El sueno to I got it good
Page I6 I got it good and that aint bad to I have travelled the whole world over
Page I7 I have tried to I know love
Page I8 I know love must be near to I love Louis
Page I9 I love Louisa to I naranjo
Page I10 I nasta stad to I remember days
Page I11 I remember Dexter to I sogal lazione
Page I12 I sogni che to I wait for the Lord
Page I13 I wait for the summertime to I want you back old pal
Page I14 I want you everyday to I wonder whats the matter now
Page I15 I wonder whats the matter with me to Ice princess
Page I16 ice queen to Id have it just the way we were
Page I17 Id kiss Gale to If he cared
Page I18 If he changed my name to If its true
Page I19 If its true what they tell me to If you got it youll get it
Page I20 If you got some place to go to Ih
Page I21 Ih calam and ynnus to Il carnivale di Pulcinella
Page I22 Il carosello to Il terzo dora
Page I23 Il tic e il toc to Ill keep thinking of you
Page I24 Ill keep waiting to illusion of transparency
Page I25 Illusion optique to Im crazy over Daisy
Page I26 Im crazy over you to Im gonna try me some love
Page I27 Im gonna unmask the Batman to Im not going back home
Page I28 Im not going nowhere to Im the guy who loves you
Page I29 Im the happiest Christmas tree to Imharat
Page I30 IMHK to Impressions on Just friends
Page I31 Impressions on traditionalists to Improvisation Inspiration
Page I32 Improvisation intro to In a garden
Page I33 In a garden in old Kalua to In China
Page I34 In Christ to In memoriam RT
Page I35 In memoriam Stan Getz to In search of the searcher
Page I36 In search of the sixth sense to In the hands of love
Page I37 In the happy long ago to In the town you dont see on the map
Page I38 In the tradition to Incentricity
Page I39 Inception to Indiana stroll
Page I40 Indiana tones to Influence and concealment
Page I41 influence of jazz to Inner riot
Page I42 inner room to Inside Tunesia pt I
Page I43 Inside Tunesia pt II to Interchange three
Page I44 Interchange two to Internal melody
Page I45 Internal offerings to Into the bright decade
Page I46 Into the burning circle to Intro to post modern trap music
Page I47 Intro to Precious Lord to Introspective plankton
Page I48 Introspectivity to Invocation of Adam
Page I49 Invocation of fire to Irons in the fire
Page I50 Ironside to Isabop
Page I51 Isadora to Isotop
Page I52 Isotope to It is better to be yourself
Page I53 It is but it isnt to It will be a lonely day
Page I54 It will be a long night to Its a wonderful life
Page I55 Its a wonderful world to Its just a social gathering
Page I56 Its just a thing to Its that simple
Page I57 Its that time to Ive been here
Page I58 Ive been here all the time to Ive never been a woman before
Page I59 Ive never been anything to I�ve got the world on a string


Page J1 J to Jackson Pollock action
Page J2 Jackson Reef to Jajouka jig
Page J3 Jak nizko je mesic to Jammin with James
Page J4 Jammin with Jay to Jasmin tea
Page J5 jasmin tree to Jazz folk
Page J6 Jazz folk song to Jazzercise
Page J7 Jazzerei in traumerei to Je veux laventure
Page J8 Je veux me marier to Jelly candy
Page J9 Jelly dream to Jesus Christ lies here tonight
Page J10 Jesus Christ superstar to Jim Dandy got married
Page J11 Jim Dandy rag to Jjeg ved en aerkerede
Page J12 JJJ to Joey D
Page J13 Joey Evans spies the mouse to Johns other theme
Page J14 Johns other wife to Jorogumo
Page J15 Joron to Joy in a scene from sadness
Page J16 Joy in Heaven to judge is like the owl
Page J17 Judge judge to Jump Barney jump
Page J18 Jump blues to June bug
Page J19 June bug June bug where you fly to Jurnata
Page J20 Juror number 2 to Just because youre gonna leave me
Page J21 Just because youre in my dreams to Just me
Page J22 Just me and my whiskey to Justice song
Page J23 Justice suite to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalavrita
Page K2 Kalbim to Kansas City jam
Page K3 Kansas City jive to Karussell
Page K4 Karuzela to KB blues
Page K5 KB special to Keep your eye on the sparrow
Page K6 Keep your eye on the sparrows to Kenton conversation with George Shearing
Page K7 Kenton era Epilogue to Khoni dya fi
Page K8 Khor virap to Killians lick
Page K9 Killians mountains to King Louisian
Page K10 King lounge to Kisi yaka
Page K11 kiskacsa dala to Kkwet
Page K12 KL to Knickknacks on the mantel
Page K13 Knicks to Koekoek
Page K14 Koen to Konitzology
Page K15 Konjuh planinom to KOW
Page K16 Kowabunga to Kuchen
Page K17 Kuchen und drucken to Kvelartak
Page K18 Kvelden kan komma to KZ


Page L1 L to La carretera
Page L2 La carriere to La danza dei Cinghiali
Page L3 La danza dei gabbiani to La gondola
Page L4 La gondole prend leau to La marine
Page L5 La mariposa to La petite mambo
Page L6 La petite mouette goudronnee to La sfarsitu lumii
Page L7 La sfinge to La vie commence ici
Page L8 La vie continue to Lado sur
Page L9 Ladolescente to lag
Page L10 Lag an ljods to Lambari
Page L11 Lambastin to Land of make believe
Page L12 Land of makebelieve to Lapinos
Page L13 Lapins dance to Laslau sinwarwoo
Page L14 Laslausin to Last of the red hot mamas
Page L15 last of the red note riders to Late Nat King Cole
Page L16 Late news to Lattente reste
Page L17 Latter day saint to Law of the blues
Page L18 law of the lady to Le bateau fiction
Page L19 Le bateau ivre to Le desert recommence
Page L20 Le deserteur to Le mystere de la pyramide
Page L21 Le mystere des Anches Bulgares to Le sel de la situation
Page L22 Le sel et le poivre to leaf
Page L23 Leaf and rock to Leaving Portland
Page L24 Leaving San Telmo to Legend of Tirana
Page L25 legend of Trane to Lennart IX
Page L26 Lennart Jernestrand to Les camions
Page L27 Les can to Les oiseux ont pris feu
Page L28 Les ombres to Lestate giocosa a piacere
Page L29 Lestate I allegro non motto to Let the good times flow
Page L30 Let the good times in to Lets get lost in love
Page L31 Lets get lost in now to Letter 7
Page L32 Letter A to Lheure des songes
Page L33 Lheure des sorcieres to Liebe fur eine nacht
Page L34 Liebe Herr A to Life on a square
Page L35 Life on bridges to Light out of the darkness
Page L36 Light over dark to Like bonsai
Page L37 Like booze in the night to Lili song
Page L38 Lilia to Linden
Page L39 Linden blues to Lions boogie
Page L40 Lions boogie woogie to Lite me up
Page L41 Lite the fuse to little cousin
Page L42 little cousin is back to Little lamb jam
Page L43 Little lamb lost to little rhumba
Page L44 little rhythm to Live 11
Page L45 Live 12 to Living reason
Page L46 Living right on Central Park to Loberman el hombre lobo
Page L47 Lobet den herrn to Lokeren
Page L48 Lokesenna to Lonely little bluebird
Page L49 Lonely little boy to Long ingliska
Page L50 long interview with 24 tracks to Lonsonya
Page L51 Lonta uyagula to Looking for the funniest way
Page L52 Looking for the juice to Lord nothing
Page L53 Lord of character to Lost
Page L54 Lost & found to Lot lizards
Page L55 Lot o fingers to Love aint love without you
Page L56 Love aint no crime to Love in outer space
Page L57 Love in outerspace to Love me a long long time
Page L58 Love me again to Love theme for ElDi
Page L59 Love theme for Jo to Lover and friend
Page L60 lover and his lass to Low bottomy
Page L61 Low bow to Luchin
Page L62 Luchini to Luke 2913
Page L63 Luke and Leia to Lumberyard
Page L64 Lumbi gada mayo to Lush effect
Page L65 Lush head woman to Lyset fra morket
Page L66 Lyset og morket to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macbu
Page M2 Macca my dear to Madame Xola
Page M3 Madame Yvonne to Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
Page M4 Maggie blues to Mago vita
Page M5 Magoado to Maitreya
Page M6 Maitri to Makes my heart sway
Page M7 Makes no difference to Malkhut
Page M8 Malkiel to Mambo a la Savoy
Page M9 Mambo a la Stockholm to Man from Monterey
Page M10 Man from Morocco to Mandelbrot and Julia
Page M11 Mandelbrot set to Manmandio
Page M12 Manmoth to Mar humano
Page M13 Mar i sol to Marche de Breughel
Page M14 Marche de la tristesse to Mariage
Page M15 Mariages to Marks doina
Page M16 Marks for the groove to Martinsson
Page M17 Martinu suite to Massa media
Page M18 Massachusetts to Matter of opinion
Page M19 matter of perspective to May there be peace and love and perfection throughout all creation o God
Page M20 May there be radiance to MC by Jimmy Woode
Page M21 Mc Coltrane to Mealtime
Page M22 Mealy mouth to Mediodia
Page M23 Mediodia hasta tarde to Meeting again
Page M24 Meeting and parting to Melanina
Page M25 Melanis dream to melody man
Page M26 Melody mans dream to Memory of my father
Page M27 memory of my memory to Meppel
Page M28 Meppel in a greppel to Meshugah
Page M29 Meshugenah man to Metamorphosis 34
Page M30 Metamorphosis for Charles Mingus to MHR
Page M31 Mhuman contact to Micro II memories of electrocution
Page M32 Micro limestone to Midnight parade
Page M33 Midnight pass to Miimo
Page M34 Mija to Mille anni dopo
Page M35 Mille arrivderci to Mind control
Page M36 Mind control free for all to Miniature V
Page M37 Miniature VI to Minor revelation
Page M38 Minor rhythm to Miri
Page M39 Miri dai to Miss flits
Page M40 Miss Fortune to Mississippi ecstasy movement 1
Page M41 Mississippi ecstasy movement 2 to Mistuh Jim
Page M42 Mistuki no raion to MM Ground
Page M43 MM special to Modern blues
Page M44 Modern bluesology to Mojo breakfast
Page M45 Mojo children to Moments of love
Page M46 Moments of lucidity to Money is a thing of the past
Page M47 Money is getting cheaper to monks of Oka
Page M48 Monks of the castle to Monterey peninsula
Page M49 Monterey story to Moon dil dey ander tu
Page M50 Moon dissolves into a spring dawn to Moonlight on the campus
Page M51 Moonlight on the Colorado to More human
Page M52 More I cannot wish to morning after you
Page M53 Morning afterbounds to Mortgage on your soul
Page M54 Mortgage pain blues to Mother tongue
Page M55 Mother tongues to Mountain talk
Page M56 Mountain temple in spring to Movement II master take
Page M57 Movement II part I to MPR1
Page M58 Mpule to Mr Gone
Page M59 Mr Good blues to Mr Red
Page M60 Mr Ree to MSQ
Page M61 MSquad to Mulgrew
Page M62 Mulgrew said to Murrays mead
Page M63 Murrays melody in F to Music in the evening No 2
Page M64 Music in the evening No 3 to Muslin rag
Page M65 Musmar to My beating heart
Page M66 My Beatrice to My ears were ringing
Page M67 My eastern heart to My heart is yours
Page M68 My heart isnt in it to My love is gone
Page M69 My love is growing today to My past is here to stay
Page M70 My path to My sweetie went away she didnt say where when or why
Page M71 My sweeties to Mysteriss
Page M72 Mysterium to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nagoyanian
Page N2 Nagoya_1 to Nancys theme
Page N3 Nancys voice to Nasheet
Page N4 Nasheet never waits to Naturally good
Page N5 Naturally materialistic to Near south end
Page N6 Near spring to Nehru Guayabera
Page N7 Nei cieli del mondo to Neros conception
Page N8 Neros expedition up the Nile to Never had a dream
Page N9 Never had a dream come true to New Burgundy Street blues
Page N10 New burn lads to New Mexican hat dance
Page N11 New Mexico to new time
Page N12 new time A new time vocalese to News from the Tibet
Page N13 News from the Upper West Side to Nice njuicy
Page N14 Nice noise if you can grasp it to Night after the day before
Page N15 Night again to Night of the dawn
Page N16 Night of the fireflies & crickets to Nights are made for dreaming
Page N17 Nights at Catalonia to Ninetynine and a half wont do
Page N18 Ninetynine guys to No 15 dominant 7th
Page N19 No 15 This student of life to No easy
Page N20 No easy bread to No more adventures no more perfect moments
Page N21 No more affection to No print
Page N22 No prisoners to No tu no
Page N23 No tuba today to Noche de calor en Trinidad
Page N24 Noche de calor in Trinidad to Nojiri no tasogare
Page N25 Nojis tune to Noon song
Page N26 Noon sun to Northern star
Page N27 Northern suite to Not good enough blues
Page N28 Not guilty to Notes on the souls progressing
Page N29 Notes on water to Nottefonda
Page N30 Notteliten to Now I know who wanted to kill JFK
Page N31 Now I know why to Nu liggur ein kavafonn tindi a
Page N32 Nu line to Nun e peccato
Page N33 Nun fur Max PMZ to Nymphs of the Nile
Page N34 Nymphzuruck to NZZ


Page O1 O to O Sarracino
Page O2 O schmerz hier zittert das gequalte Herz to Obrigado Caeta
Page O3 Obrigado mestre to Octave boogie
Page O4 Octave calm to Ode to Lucky Luke
Page O5 Ode to Malachi Favors to Of things hoped for
Page O6 Of things once lost to Oh ChampsElysees
Page O7 Oh Charley take it away to Oh Riegersburg
Page O8 Oh Roberta to Ojibwa song
Page O9 Ojibway song to Old comrades
Page O10 Old comrades march to Old Park Avenue
Page O11 Old party at night to Olhos negros
Page O12 Olhos nos olhos to Omonoia
Page O13 Omoralisk visa to On Namah Shivaya
Page O14 On ne dit pas regarder la lune on dit luner to On the road to Mergatroid
Page O15 On the road to Samarkand to Once upon a blues
Page O16 Once upon a chance encounter to One for Barry
Page O17 One for Basie to One for Tubby
Page O18 One for Tutu to One more time Chuck Corea
Page O19 One more time for the people to One to one
Page O20 One to remember to only name missing is
Page O21 Only need you and my music to Oop poop a doo
Page O22 Oop pop a dah to Open your eyes
Page O23 Open your eyes and you can fly to Opus mentis
Page O24 Opus n 40 to Ordinary memory II
Page O25 Ordinary people to original Vasarankyla stompers reunion
Page O26 Originality to Osies oasis
Page O27 Osik to Otis and Marlena
Page O28 Otis blues to Our love will tell
Page O29 Our lovely days to Out of the cradle endlessly rocking
Page O30 Out of the dark to Outside the usual rules of the eating game
Page O31 Outside the village to Overture Fijn veertje
Page O32 Overture first off to O’new


Page P1 P to Paducah parade
Page P2 Paducah paradise to Pakeneva
Page P3 Pakhawaz to Pan wicek
Page P4 Pan zachodniak to Papa needs a rest
Page P5 Papa Niccolini to Para song 3
Page P6 Para song 4 to Parc Monceau
Page P7 Parc on summit to Parlami damore Mari
Page P8 Parlami damore Mariu to Part 8
Page P9 Part 8 Finale to Particle bugs @ Purulia Station
Page P10 particle dance to Paso triple
Page P11 Pasodoble to Passions oubliees
Page P12 Passionsfrukt to Patins boogie
Page P13 Patio to pawn
Page P14 Pawn broker to Peaceful sleep
Page P15 peaceful soul to Peekskill peek
Page P16 Peel to Pennys rag
Page P17 Pennys waltz to Pepperism
Page P18 Pepperman to Perfume
Page P19 Perfume and rain to Personal
Page P20 Personal balance to Petit chanson
Page P21 Petit chant despoir to Phantasien einer schildkrote
Page P22 Phantasiereise to Phola
Page P23 Pholkish to Piano point
Page P24 Piano poker to Pickwick club
Page P25 Picky to Piercing 1
Page P26 Piercing it together to Pin pin pin rumbled zinzeever
Page P27 Pin point to Piperspool
Page P28 Pipes to Place and time
Page P29 place aside to Planxty kong
Page P30 Plaque party and compassion violation to Playin for a reason
Page P31 Playin hide go seek to Please say you do
Page P32 Please say you will to Plus equals
Page P33 Plus folk que prevu to Poes pendulum
Page P34 Poes tango to Polee the polar bear
Page P35 Polegnala e todora blues to Pomona
Page P36 Pomp to Pop waltz
Page P37 Pop whats a passacaglia to portal of Antrim
Page P38 Portales I to Portuense
Page P39 Portugal to potato that became tomato
Page P40 Potato vamp to Powell Canyons
Page P41 Powell doctrine to Praskoveia
Page P42 Prasseln to Prefect
Page P43 Preference to Prelude op 74 no 2
Page P44 Prelude Op 9 No 1 to Prescient
Page P45 Presciption for the blues to Pretty strange love
Page P46 Pretty Sue to Prince of Wales
Page P47 Prince of Wands to Procession
Page P48 Procession Einzug to Promenade no 1
Page P49 Promenade no 3 to Prozac & Cadillac
Page P50 Prozac blues to Pu 2
Page P51 Pu 3 to Punctum II
Page P52 Puncture to Purya Danishri
Page P53 Purzelbaume to Pyramides
Page P54 Pyramidion to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quant jai ouy le tabourin
Page Q2 Quant je suis mis au retour to Que passa
Page Q3 Que passe to Questionable 2
Page Q4 Questionable arrivals to Quiet through and through
Page Q5 Quiet thunder to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio bursts
Page R2 Radio Chabada to Raging westward
Page R3 Ragin’ boogie to Rainbow four
Page R4 Rainbow gal to Ramas seven
Page R5 Ramasedi to Rapsonnet
Page R6 Rapt at Rappaports to raven flies by night
Page R7 Raven flight to Ready guitar
Page R8 Ready hokum to Rebarbatif I
Page R9 Rebarbatif I + II to Recueillement
Page R10 Recuerda to Red metallic
Page R11 Red Mist to Reed woman
Page R12 Reedbird to Regards
Page R13 Regards from Freddie Horowitz to Relaxed
Page R14 Relaxed beauty to Remembering the blues
Page R15 Remembering the chief of St Marys to Repetition
Page R16 Repetition as it occurs in to Resonnances
Page R17 Resort to Return of the bushdoctor
Page R18 Return of the candyman to Revival of the cat
Page R19 Revival time to Rhythm cocktail
Page R20 Rhythm cole to Richard Hadlock band introduction
Page R21 Richard Hadlock comments to riff for Miff
Page R22 Riff for Pres to Rimnur
Page R23 Rimozione forzata to Ripseys rumble
Page R24 Ripsnorter to Rive gauche
Page R25 Rive sud to Road salt
Page R26 Road shoes to Rocco grills Strike
Page R27 Rocco jaco to Rockin beat
Page R28 Rockin blues to Rolig
Page R29 Rolig mellomspill to Romanian fantasy
Page R30 Romanian folk dance to Room 26
Page R31 Room 28 to rose is a rose
Page R32 rose is a rose is a rose to Rouac
Page R33 Rouages to Roy Garden blues
Page R34 Roy Hargrove to Rubys wrath
Page R35 Rubzap to Rumba bolero
Page R36 Rumba bop to Running a temperature
Page R37 Running after to Ruths smile
Page R38 Ruths song for the sea to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred noise
Page S2 Sacred oracle to Sag deiner sonne
Page S3 Sag det i toner to Saitarobushi
Page S4 Saitarobushi Arashi to Salsan jazz
Page S5 Salsango to Samba 7
Page S6 Samba 73 to Samba is power
Page S7 Samba isaura to Same time tomorrow
Page S8 Same time twice to Sanctus Hosanna
Page S9 Sanctus per modi to Santa Ana winds
Page S10 Santa Anita to Sardana
Page S11 Sardane de Llugols to Saturday night in Watts act one
Page S12 Saturday night is the loneliest night to Saving Nicky
Page S13 saving quality to Say tei ti
Page S14 Say that to Scathachs isle of Skye
Page S15 Scatman to Schizo jam
Page S16 Schizo mobile psychedelique to Schwane
Page S17 Schwane im Weltall to Scour and scrub
Page S18 Scourge to Se pensi di non dormire
Page S19 Se penso a te to Search mode
Page S20 Search my heart to second man Frank Marshall
Page S21 Second marker to Secretary
Page S22 Secretary bird to Seek you must
Page S23 Seeked from isolation to Self deceived
Page S24 Self deception to Senegal calling
Page S25 Senegal son to Seoul
Page S26 Seoul free music trio to Serenade for a black moon
Page S27 Serenade for a cuckoo to Service 1
Page S28 Service 2 to Seven guitarsimprovisation
Page S29 Seven guys with a reason to Sexor
Page S30 Sexordinateurement parlant to Shadow puppets
Page S31 Shadow remover to Shall I sue
Page S32 Shall I wake you from your sleep to shattering revelation
Page S33 Shaunas dance to Shear shift
Page S34 Shearing husks to Shes coming back
Page S35 Shes coming home to Shine your light
Page S36 Shineatown to Shomyo
Page S37 Shon grandi to Shortie
Page S38 Shorties portion to Shuckin and jivin
Page S39 Shuckin blues to Si zaljubljiv edno mome
Page S40 Sia to Sieg im volkslied
Page S41 siege to Silberschmitt
Page S42 Silberstreich to Silly fightin
Page S43 Silly filly to Simple
Page S44 Simple 2 to Sincerita
Page S45 Sincerity to SingSangSung
Page S46 Singsing to Sister
Page S47 Sister and brother behind one another to Six foot two blues
Page S48 Six foot under n smilin to Skank mig ditt hjarta Maria
Page S49 Skankin Lennox to Skip this one
Page S50 Skip to coda to Skylaark
Page S51 Skylab to Sleeping blues
Page S52 Sleeping buffalo to Slightly out of town
Page S53 Slightly out of tune to Slow drag
Page S54 Slow drag at the joint to Smalat
Page S55 Smalk to smiler
Page S56 smiler A Joplin rag to Smwaltz
Page S57 SMY to Snnagar
Page S58 Sno to So danso samba
Page S59 So das ist was wir brauchen to So soft
Page S60 So soft so pink to Soekie Soekie
Page S61 Soelaas to Soir indigo
Page S62 Soir sur la foret to Solid state
Page S63 Solid state lifeforms to Soloscape 1
Page S64 Soloscape 2 to Some other susnet
Page S65 Some other thing to Someone in love
Page S66 Someone in my backyard to Something tells me
Page S67 Something tells me Im falling in love to Sommernatt ved fjorden
Page S68 Sommernatten sommernatten to Sonett till Cornelis
Page S69 Sonette to Song for Ewa
Page S70 Song for Eyal to Song for psychedelic souls
Page S71 Song for Pula to Song of a wayfarer
Page S72 Song of Adams to Song out of my trees
Page S73 Song parade to Sonny light
Page S74 Sonny like to Sorcerers hoops
Page S75 Sorcerers may be invisible to Soul burnin
Page S76 Soul burst to Soulin
Page S77 Soulin back to sounds of Hatari
Page S78 Sounds of hope to Southbound special
Page S79 Southbound through freight to Space invaders n 1
Page S80 Space invaders n 2 to Spanish song of love
Page S81 Spanish sparrow to Special no one
Page S82 Special occasion to Spider blue
Page S83 Spider blues to Spirit of the rainbow
Page S84 Spirit of the river to Spoken introduction by Amiri Baraka
Page S85 Spoken introduction by Bobby Hackett to Spring is coming
Page S86 Spring is due give way to spring to Square leg
Page S87 Square midnight to St Margarets Church
Page S88 St Marks place to Stand
Page S89 Stand a little closer to Starbucks blues
Page S90 Starbucks variation to Statement
Page S91 Statement 1 to Steamy
Page S92 Steamy night shuffle to Steppin old fool
Page S93 Steppin on lemons to Still dangerous
Page S94 Still dawn to Sto ri rano podranila marijo
Page S95 Sto se bore misli moje to Stoneheart
Page S96 Stoneheater to Stormsplinter
Page S97 Stormsville groove to Strandgut
Page S98 Strandinsky to Straw solo
Page S99 Straw strav to Stretchin out
Page S100 Stretchin the blues to Stromboli vs Anna Magnani
Page S101 Stromecky okolo brezanky to Study 51
Page S102 Study 52 to Submerged effects
Page S103 Submerged singer to Sue blue
Page S104 Sue Chopin desculpe to Suite Baden Powell
Page S105 Suite Bahia to Suite unseen Ancestral stroll
Page S106 Suite unseen From home to Summer session
Page S107 Summer set to Sun risin blues
Page S108 Sun rising to Sunlight on the garden
Page S109 Sunlight on the mountain to Sunshine sunshine
Page S110 Sunshine superman to Sur un marche persan
Page S111 Sur un trottoir to Suspended variations VII
Page S112 Suspended variations VIII to Swamptown shuffle
Page S113 Swampy to Sweet cherry music
Page S114 Sweet cherry pie to Sweet nuthins
Page S115 Sweet ochun to Sweetie cakes
Page S116 Sweetie cat to Swing on the campus
Page S117 Swing on the gait to Swinging butterfly
Page S118 swinging case of Massoism to Sykur og saetindi
Page S119 Syl and the Arshayic people to Syrah & papidoux
Page S120 Syrdillischer cctus to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tafira Alta
Page T2 Tafiya to Take all the time you need
Page T3 Take along a little love to Take your black bottom
Page T4 Take your black bottom dance outside to Tales of Wales
Page T5 Tales retold to Tamarac
Page T6 TamaraDelihoron to Tango for January
Page T7 Tango for Kroner to Tanz mit dem decem baer
Page T8 Tanz mit mir to Tarzan of the Apes
Page T9 Tarzan swing to TBones square
Page T10 TBones that way to Tears in our eyes
Page T11 Tears in outer space to Teilstrecken
Page T12 Teilungsfluss to Teller of tales
Page T13 Tellie to Temps compte
Page T14 Temps de canvas to tenon
Page T15 Tenor to Terre
Page T16 Terre basse to Texas turkey
Page T17 Texas turnaround to That 11 thing
Page T18 That 25 cents that you paid to that sucking sound
Page T19 That sugar baby o mine to Thats the old pepper
Page T20 Thats the one to Theme continued 1
Page T21 Theme continued 2 to Theme from Mr Novak
Page T22 Theme from Mulholland Falls to Then wept Then rose in zeal and awe
Page T23 Then what to There you are in me
Page T24 There you go to Theres thunder in the air
Page T25 Theres time to change to Theyre playing my song
Page T26 Theyre playing our song to Thinkin about a friend
Page T27 Thinkin about home to Thirtyfive
Page T28 Thirtyfive minutes to This is true love
Page T29 This is war to This younger generation
Page T30 Thisbe to ThrasamundEuphemius
Page T31 Thraschaland to Three hours
Page T32 Three hours after midnight to Three tears at midnight
Page T33 three tenants to Through the windows of cars
Page T34 Through the winter to Tichin
Page T35 Ticho prosim to Tightrope reflections
Page T36 Tightrope song to Time and time past
Page T37 Time and units to Time to go now
Page T38 Time to grow to Tinge and tone
Page T39 tinge blues to Tiruliruli
Page T40 Tirun lirun to To be oblique
Page T41 To be or nor to bop to To mi povedz dievca
Page T42 To Michael to To west
Page T43 To what shall I compare this life to Togawa Jun
Page T44 Together to Tomkattin
Page T45 Tomkins Cove to Tonight I shall sleep with a smile on my face
Page T46 Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face to Too much to lose
Page T47 Too much to take to Toreadors song
Page T48 Toredek to touch of hutch
Page T49 touch of Irish to Towards excellence
Page T50 Towards freedom to Trading time
Page T51 Trading underpants to Trance tracks 2
Page T52 Tranceaction to Transportation of noodles
Page T53 Transportation of Nudles to Travesia
Page T54 Travesia II to Tren solitario
Page T55 Trencadis to tribute to Getz
Page T56 Tribute to Gladys to Trio + Otomo Yoshihide Movement II
Page T57 Trio + Otomo Yoshihide Movement III to Triptick
Page T58 Triptico part 1 to Trombone groove
Page T59 Trombone Henri to Troublesome trumpet
Page T60 Troublesome waters to truth in the gospel
Page T61 Truth in the hand to Tu disais que tu maimais
Page T62 Tu djaial to Tulipskirt
Page T63 Tulipunaruusut to Turbospacey
Page T64 turbot for Herbert to Turtle bay
Page T65 Turtle beach to Twelve miles high
Page T66 Twelve mirrors to twist of blues
Page T67 twist of lemon to Two gallants
Page T68 Two gamblers to Two sleepy cats
Page T69 Two sleepy people to Tytul roboczy
Page T70 Tyv to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Uit de weg
Page U2 Uit het ei to Umtata
Page U3 Umtcha umtcha da da da to Un ptit air a moi
Page U4 Un ptit air dans la tete to Uncle Buck
Page U5 Uncle bucket to Under the milky way
Page U6 Under the mistletoe to Une petite surprise
Page U7 Une petite surprise pour mamselle to Unit 6
Page U8 Unit 7 to Unoepic
Page U9 Unofficial secrets to Untitled gallery
Page U10 Untitled Grant Green tune no 3 to Up on the rooftop
Page U11 Up on this to Uqonda
Page U12 UR to uses of literature
Page U13 Usetosay to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valeries tune
Page V2 Valeries waltz to Valse lente et tres triste
Page V3 Valse libre to Vannas song
Page V4 Vannes n waltz to Variations of the Hudson
Page V5 Variations on a bad day to Vazeny pane prezidente
Page V6 Vazio urbano to Venez donc chez moi
Page V7 Venez pres de moi to Vernal fields
Page V8 Vernal suite to Vesta la giuba
Page V9 Vested interests to Victim of a broken heart
Page V10 Victim of circumstance to Viewed in
Page V11 Viewer to Viniette
Page V12 Vinifera to Visa till Karin
Page V13 Visa till nisse to Viva le van
Page V14 Viva los novios to Voice of the eternal tomorrow
Page V15 Voice of the first day to Vone Mae
Page V16 Vonetta to vrrng
Page V17 Vrteska to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waitangi
Page W2 Waited a long winter to Wake up Heaven
Page W3 Wake up in Paris to Walkin around a caffee
Page W4 Walkin around a coffee to Walking with my honey
Page W5 Walking with my soul to Waltz for Eriko
Page W6 Waltz for Esben to Waltz like
Page W7 Waltz limp to Wanna be startin somethin
Page W8 Wanna be startin something to Warriors pyramid
Page W9 warriors song to Watch the birds go by
Page W10 Watch the bobber to Watermusic
Page W11 Watern ice to Way to go out
Page W12 Way to heaven to We can work that
Page W13 We cannot hearthe killing noise to We talk
Page W14 We talked to Wednesday night meeting
Page W15 Wednesday night prayer meeting to Welcome to Heaven
Page W16 Welcome to India to Wenn froh ein Lied erklingt
Page W17 Wenn Gott will rechte Gunst erwisen to West of moon and sun
Page W18 West of Nashville to What a great night this is a messenger was born
Page W19 What a great salvation to What every woman knows
Page W20 What every young girl should know to What matter now what went before
Page W21 What matters to Whatd you say
Page W22 Whatdya say to Wheeless on a dark river
Page W23 wheelhouse to When I stop crying
Page W24 When I stop dreamin to When she slipped away
Page W25 When she smiled to When u left
Page W26 When uncle Joe plays a rag on hs old banjo to Whenever youre lonesome telephone me
Page W27 Whenever youre ready to Where shall we be
Page W28 Where shall we go tomorrow to Which way is love
Page W29 Which way is that to Whistle hora
Page W30 whistle man to Whiteman stomp
Page W31 Whiteness to Whoa Nelli
Page W32 Whoa Nellie to Why be like everybody else
Page W33 Why be scared of a hat to Why why why
Page W34 Why women go wrong to Wild and woolly Willie
Page W35 Wild and wooly to Will you ever know
Page W36 Will you find me to wind in the clouds
Page W37 Wind in the east to Wingover
Page W38 Wings to Winterspell
Page W39 Winterstimmung to With a plenty of money and you
Page W40 With a pocket full of sundrops to Without form
Page W41 Without glass to woman afraid to love again
Page W42 woman aint born to Wont you stay
Page W43 Wont you stay for awhile to Words of wind
Page W44 Words of wisdom to Worlds waiting
Page W45 worlds wierdest ragtime player to Wrewashugdur 2
Page W46 Wrexn fry to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee doodle town
Page Y2 Yankee doodle went to town to Yellah
Page Y3 Yellam aliparre to Yeshiva
Page Y4 Yeshua to Yokacoka
Page Y5 Yokada yokada to You are too beautiful
Page Y6 You are too good to You cant stop me from falling in love with you
Page Y7 You cant stop me from lovin you to You got the best of me
Page Y8 You got the devil to pay to You may be trash to someone
Page Y9 You may believe or not to You tell me your dream Ill tell you mine
Page Y10 You tell me your dreams to Youll want my love
Page Y11 Youll wind up a top to Your machine
Page Y12 Your magic eyes to Youre in love with someone
Page Y13 Youre in love with someone else to Youve been called
Page Y14 Youve been flirting again to Yvalou
Page Y15 Yvan au cinema to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zax
Page Z2 Zayeku to Ziel 2
Page Z3 Zielona herbata green tea to Zondagse blues
Page Z4 Zonder centen to Zvijezda reloaded
Page Z5 Zvinoshamisa its a miracle to Zzzzzip