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This index refers to the 551,308 individual tune titles (1,641,127 total entries) included in over 249,764 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aber der Novak lasst mich nicht verkommen
Page A2 Aber dieses ganze mahagonny to Absolute reality
Page A3 Absolute samba to Ace dag bee & counting bare arts
Page A4 Ace deuce trey to Act 5 scenes 4 & 5
Page A5 Act 6 to Addeq I
Page A6 Addeq II to Aduna
Page A7 Adupe to Afraid to dream
Page A8 Afraid to fly to Afro luso Brasileiro
Page A9 Afro lypso to After the clouds
Page A10 After the cosmic rain to Agaya
Page A11 Agazzano to Ah voce
Page A12 Ah vous diraije maman to Aint no gong show
Page A13 Aint no grave to Airport insecurity
Page A14 Airport jail to Al mal tiempo buena cara
Page A15 Al Mare to Album lites
Page A16 Album Lola to Algoritmo
Page A17 Algorythme to All by my ownsome
Page A18 All by myself to All of something delovely
Page A19 All of the above to All these things
Page A20 All these words to Alles klar
Page A21 Alles klar Alles klar to Almost Sachas favorite key
Page A22 Almost secret to Als na regen de zon schjint
Page A23 Als op Capri to Always constant
Page A24 Always crazy to AmaTeresinha de Jesus
Page A25 Amateur to American sport
Page A26 American standard to Amours
Page A27 Amozone to An eye with Steve
Page A28 An eyeball for Dan to Anatheme
Page A29 Anatol to And its goodbye
Page A30 And its obstinate but dedicated end to And why
Page A31 And why not to Angel of forgetfulness
Page A32 Angel of Girona to Animal suit
Page A33 Animal tongue to Announcers blues
Page A34 Announceur to Another side of midnight
Page A35 Another side of the ocean to Antilia
Page A36 Antillais to Anzio
Page A37 Anzix to Apple core
Page A38 Apple cores to AquariusLet the sun shine in
Page A39 Aquarub to Arches
Page A40 Arches of gold to Arhythm songy
Page A41 Ari to Arnsteins blues
Page A42 Arnus nusar to Art of the calm
Page A43 Art of the dance to As I was
Page A44 As I was saying to Ascenseur pour lescabeau
Page A45 Ascensio to Aspirer la lumiere
Page A46 Aspirin to At intersection on a rainy day
Page A47 At it again to Atchoumba
Page A48 Ate 2 to Attrapp
Page A49 Attraversando latrcobaleno to Auf den Flugen bunter Traume
Page A50 Auf den offs to Ausschnitt aus Katalog
Page A51 Ausschnitte to Autumns color
Page A52 Autumns dreams to Aw you dog
Page A53 AWA to Azil
Page A54 Azile to A_9


Page B1 B to Baby boner
Page B2 Baby boogie to Babylon system
Page B3 Babylon willow to Back in time
Page B4 Back in town to Backtrackin
Page B5 Backtrackn to Bag of jewels
Page B6 bag of luck to Bakadyari
Page B7 Bakafa to Balkane serenade
Page B8 Balkanella to ballad idea
Page B9 Ballad II to Ballade om hosten
Page B10 Ballade ordinaire to Bamboo bay
Page B11 Bamboo bends in a storm to Banknote
Page B12 Banknote blues to Bare jeg kuh huske hvad hun hed
Page B13 Bare jeg turde to Barrio de tango
Page B14 Barrio Frances to Bass bastard
Page B15 Bass bees to Bath
Page B16 Bath 72 to Bayside rhapsody for guitar and strings
Page B17 Bayswater bustle to Be with us
Page B18 Be with you to Beatnik boogie
Page B19 Beatnik bounce to Beautys edge
Page B20 Beautys in the eye to Bee ology
Page B21 Bee pod to Beg borrow and steal
Page B22 Beg for it to Bekes expressz blues
Page B23 Bekiduan to Bells for St Casimir
Page B24 Bells for the South Side to Bennie the bumble bee feels bum
Page B25 Bennies ballad to Bern
Page B26 Bern Bern Bern to Beto horizonte
Page B27 Beto Junction breakdown to Bevans birthday
Page B28 Bevans blues to Bibigune
Page B29 Bibikusauwowulu to Big cats can be dangerous
Page B30 Big cedar to Big Nose Kate
Page B31 Big noze to Bilbao song
Page B32 Bilbao Street to Binghampton bounce
Page B33 Bingi to Birds in the temple
Page B34 Birds in the yard to Bite my blues
Page B35 Bite my tongue to Black boxes
Page B36 Black boy to Black Panther stomp
Page B37 Black panthers to Blaise on fire
Page B38 Blaize to blessing of the old long sound
Page B39 Blessing over the candles to Blood and tears
Page B40 Blood and thunder to Blu tramonte
Page B41 Blu velvet to Blue Denham
Page B42 Blue depth to Blue launch
Page B43 Blue Launeddas to blue room
Page B44 blue room at Watsons to Blueberry ice cream
Page B45 Blueberry Lane to Blues blasen
Page B46 blues blew blue to Blues for AP
Page B47 Blues for Archibald to Blues for FFIP
Page B48 Blues for Fidel to Blues for Lupe
Page B49 Blues for LVJ to Blues for Satch
Page B50 Blues for Satchmo to Blues forever blues
Page B51 Blues forever variations to Blues inside out
Page B52 Blues intergalactic to Blues quodlibet
Page B53 Blues R us to Bluesul combainierului
Page B54 Bluesul porcului to Bobby land
Page B55 Bobby Laurence to Boiled funk 5 A smile
Page B56 Boiled funkTheme to Bonderizer
Page B57 Bondhu to Booga wooga woman
Page B58 Boogablue to Boogie woogie power
Page B59 Boogie woogie prayer to Bop City
Page B60 Bop city revisited to Borobudor
Page B61 Borobudur to Bossawards
Page B62 Bossd around to Bouncing mirror
Page B63 Bouncing night to Boy inside a drum
Page B64 boy is jumping to Brandenburg concerto No5 in D major
Page B65 Brandenburg concerto number 3 to Breadwinner
Page B66 Break to Breed it
Page B67 Breeding of mind to Briefe die dich nie erreichten
Page B68 Briefer to Bristol cream
Page B69 Bristol drive to Bronx blues
Page B70 Bronx bop to Brown and Jim Bartow)
Page B71 Brown and out to Bryllupsmarsj
Page B72 Bryllupsorgel to Buddhist bullshit
Page B73 Buddhist prayer to Bujdosik az arva madar
Page B74 Buji to Bunkos
Page B75 Bunks blues to Burts blues
Page B76 Burts pad to But now I know
Page B77 But now I see to By day at night
Page B78 By day by night to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cada manana te trae
Page C2 Cada manana te traea mano alzada to Cakewalk parade
Page C3 Cakewalk rag to Call me on the phone
Page C4 Call me Paul to Calypso for Janet
Page C5 Calypso for Mathias to Campos de televisoes
Page C6 Campos novos to Cancionero II
Page C7 Cancionero III to Cant get excited
Page C8 Cant get in to Canto espacioso
Page C9 Canto facile to Caprice No 24
Page C10 Caprice number 5 to Carding stomp
Page C11 Cardio to Carnaval de Venice
Page C12 Carnaval de Venise to Cars & variations 25
Page C13 Cars & variations 26 to Cassiel
Page C14 Cassies theme to Catchin rhythm
Page C15 Catchin that boat train to Cavatna
Page C16 Cavballi to Celebration IV
Page C17 Celebration jig to Central Park swing
Page C18 Central Park waltz to Cest quoi
Page C19 Cest quoi le dessert to chalet girls Sunday
Page C20 Chaleur grise to Changing directions
Page C21 Changing dreams to Chaos groove
Page C22 Chaos in 3 movements to Charlie Woody and you
Page C23 Charlie Work to Chattanoga choochoo
Page C24 Chattanooga to Chemical man
Page C25 Chemical peel to Chi toi
Page C26 Chi town theme to Chiclete com banana
Page C27 Chiclets chant to childs dream
Page C28 Childs eyes to Chips blues
Page C29 Chips boogie woogie to Chopin prelude no 2 OP 28 in A minor
Page C30 Chopin prelude No 20 to Chouendo na roseira
Page C31 Chouette to Chronicle
Page C32 Chronicles to Ciceros walzerimpromptu nr 4
Page C33 Cicha muzyka objawowa to Circle game song
Page C34 Circle games to City birds
Page C35 City block shout to Clara Linda
Page C36 Clara n Eddie to clean profits trilemma
Page C37 Clean shaved and sober to Clipboard
Page C38 Clipclop song to Cloud theory
Page C39 Cloud thoughts to Coastal comfort
Page C40 Coastal dreaming to Coffe
Page C41 Coffe calls for a cigarette to Cole Porter flat
Page C42 Cole Porter medley to Coloring heaven
Page C43 Coloring outside the lines to Come ci dovremmo sentire al mattino
Page C44 Come close to Comedi
Page C45 Comedia to Common denominator
Page C46 common element to Composition 116
Page C47 Composition 118 E to Composition no 138m
Page C48 Composition no 138p to Concerto a Brasileira
Page C49 Concerto a six to Conduction 56 Beauty sketch
Page C50 Conduction 56 Final encore to Connex
Page C51 connexion to Contento estoy
Page C52 Contents irreplaceable to conversation with Vern
Page C53 Conversation with water to cool taste of Louis
Page C54 Cool tension toward the centre to core of the apple
Page C55 Core of the soul to Corten steel
Page C56 Corteo to Cottontop
Page C57 Cottonwood to Country western song
Page C58 Country wise mama to CPA
Page C59 CPAC to Crazy guy
Page C60 Crazy Hamp to Crescent City ditty
Page C61 Crescent City eulogy to Crosby Columbo and Vallee
Page C62 Cross to Crumpus rumpus
Page C63 Crumpy to CT three
Page C64 CT time to Culley flower
Page C65 Cullibalue to Cut 6
Page C66 Cut a caper to Czcswave 06
Page C67 Cze Gotowanie to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddy youve done put that thing on me
Page D2 Daddycated to Daltro canto
Page D3 Daltz 4 Webbie to Dance music of an imaginary people
Page D4 Dance my beautiful to Dance the samba with me
Page D5 Dance the silence of stones to Dancing rain
Page D6 Dancing red to Dans le monde
Page D7 Dans le noir du soir to DAout
Page D8 Dap to Dark sketch
Page D9 Dark skies to Das kleine Marchen
Page D10 Das kliene rote gebetsbuch to Davy Lowston
Page D11 Davy the baby to day you left
Page D12 day you love me to De glory road
Page D13 De goden verzoeken to Dead of winter
Page D14 Dead on to Death conquered
Page D15 Death dance to Deckards dilemma
Page D16 Deckers alley to Deep down inside
Page D17 Deep down love to Degen blues
Page D18 Degenerate time to Della Robbia
Page D19 Della Zimbe to Den vackraste flickan om blygheten
Page D20 Den vackraste visan om blyghet to Der Grune Heinrich
Page D21 Der grune punkt to Dervishes dancing on the burning embers
Page D22 Dervishes journey to Deserti
Page D23 Deserti di Verde to Det var i sommarnattens elvte timma
Page D24 Det var inte jag det var Hasse Larsson to Devir
Page D25 Devisee to dialogue with bass
Page D26 dialogue with flute to Diddy wa diddy
Page D27 Diddy wah to Die ubergebundenen
Page D28 Die uberlandpartie to Digital bracelets
Page D29 Digital Bulgarian folkdance to Dinner for one
Page D30 Dinner for one please James to Disaster
Page D31 Disaster in Barcelona to Dissolve
Page D32 Dissolvenze to Division and Kent
Page D33 division between darkness & light to Djoungalo
Page D34 Djouss and moods to Do what you gotta do
Page D35 Do what you mean to Doctor Salkin
Page D36 Doctor Sausage blues to Doin the AK strut
Page D37 Doin the bone to Domingo a noite com cafe
Page D38 Domingo en la tarde to Dont ask my neighbor
Page D39 Dont ask my neighbors to Dont forget your umbrella
Page D40 Dont freeze yourself to death over there in those mountains to Dont play last harmony til end
Page D41 Dont play me cheap to Dont worry about it George
Page D42 Dont worry about me to Dorado swings
Page D43 Doradology to Double G Train
Page D44 Double game to Down at the Mardi Gras
Page D45 Down at the moon to Downhill racing
Page D46 Downhill runner to Drag race
Page D47 Drag swing to dream of a democracy of goods
Page D48 Dream of a doll to Dreams in flight
Page D49 Dreams in her eyes to Drinkin woman
Page D50 Drinking to Drrrunnn I II III IV
Page D51 DRS I to drunk and the madman
Page D52 Drunk as Cooter Brown to Dub machine
Page D53 Dub mixer to Duhkha pervasive dissatisfaction
Page D54 Dui to Duo del deserto
Page D55 Duo denum to DV
Page D56 DV8 to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early dawn
Page E2 Early days to East Acton stick dance
Page E3 East African prayer meeting suite no 1 to Easy goin
Page E4 Easy goin blues to Echauffement corporel
Page E5 Echec et mat to Eddies clean machine
Page E6 Eddies delight to efflux of the soul
Page E7 Effondrement gravitationnel to Eighth alteration
Page E8 Eighth between B and C to Ej na tej skale vysokej
Page E9 Ej ti momce ohridjance to El El
Page E10 El empedrado to El poste
Page E11 El pozo de agua to Ele y
Page E12 Elea to Elektrische libellen
Page E13 Elektrobaukasten to Elises blues
Page E14 Elises dream to Elusive butterfly
Page E15 Elusive dream to Emira
Page E16 Emirates to En campagne
Page E17 En cantante to Enaow
Page E18 Enart to Ending eclipse
Page E19 Ending folk tale to Enlorfe
Page E20 Enmeshed to Entwine
Page E21 Entwined to Equal or lesser value
Page E22 Equal parts to erotic magazine
Page E23 Erotic moods to Ese atrevimiento
Page E24 Ese domani to Estaba el Senor Don Gato
Page E25 Estaba en nada to Eternal ebb and flow
Page E26 Eternal echoes to Etude no 4 Colour palette
Page E27 Etude no 4 in F major to Evanston
Page E28 Evansville to Everglad
Page E29 Everglades to Everybodys got a little devil
Page E30 Everybodys got a radio to Everywhere stranger
Page E31 Everywhere to go but up nowhere to go but down to Exceptional elegance
Page E32 Exceptionally moist to expedients of a primitive being
Page E33 Expedition to Extremes
Page E34 Extremes meet to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fact one
Page F2 Fact or fiction to Fake five
Page F3 Fake flowers to Familiar faces
Page F4 familiar farewell to Fantasia suite for two guitars
Page F5 Fantasia taranta to Farewell Farwell
Page F6 Farewell Fega to Fast Sante Fe
Page F7 Fast sea to Fattening frogs
Page F8 Fattening frogs for snakes to Federation blues
Page F9 Federfuchser to Feito
Page F10 Feito em casa to Fess up
Page F11 Fessor Ts delight to Fidgety Firlefans
Page F12 Fidgety Joe to Figments of imagination
Page F13 Figmentum II to Finale poco morendo
Page F14 Finale Presto to Finns det flickor ja da finns det kyssar
Page F15 Finns sick to first circle
Page F16 First circlesong to first time I ever saw your face
Page F17 first time I ever say your face to Five dollah blues
Page F18 Five dollar bill to Flaef
Page F19 Flaflu to Flead dancing
Page F20 Fleam to Flip flop fly
Page F21 Flip flop son to Flort
Page F22 Florzinha to Fluoro
Page F23 Fluortanten to Flying in the sky
Page F24 Flying insects to Folk sinteza
Page F25 Folk sketches to Foolin around slowly
Page F26 Foolin around with the trolley song to For BG
Page F27 For Bheki to For hi fi bugs
Page F28 For high notes to For Norma and George
Page F29 For not the law to For the time coming
Page F30 For the tired the poor & huddled masses I to Foreplay
Page F31 Foreplay four to Form A
Page F32 Form A continued to Fotografie da Kharkov
Page F33 Fotogrammi to Four stations
Page F34 Four step to Fractured standards & fairy tales
Page F35 Fractured water to Franklin St
Page F36 Franklin St blues to Free and single
Page F37 Free and three to Free woman blues
Page F38 free world to French love
Page F39 French march to Friend like me
Page F40 friend like you to From a rainy night
Page F41 From a spark to a fire to From the first not a thing is
Page F42 From the first time I met you to Fruits cuits fruits crus
Page F43 Fruits from the Kasbah to Fukuoka_1
Page F44 Fukuoka_2 to Funf nach 4
Page F45 Funf solostucke to Funky mist
Page F46 Funky Monk to Furniture man
Page F47 Furniture man blues to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galileo uses propaganda
Page G2 Galileos child to Gaptoothed smile
Page G3 Gar to Gate 9
Page G4 gate A portrait of the Mohawk to Gedanken uber die rote Fahne
Page G5 Gedankenflut to Genes of jazz
Page G6 Genes on it to Georges dilemma
Page G7 Georges goodnight to Get close
Page G8 Get closer to Gettin known
Page G9 Gettin loose to Ghosts in space
Page G10 Ghosts in the barn to Gimme 5
Page G11 Gimme 5c worth of love to Girl from Toulouse
Page G12 girl from Udaipur to Give it to him
Page G13 Give it to me to glance backward
Page G14 glance in frozen time to Gloomash
Page G15 Gloombutcher to Go down swinging
Page G16 Go down the wishin road to God rest ye merry jazzman
Page G17 God rest ye merry mellow dudes to Going going going
Page G18 Going going going gone to Golden silver
Page G19 Golden skies to Gonna try
Page G20 Gonna walk you to school to Good night John
Page G21 Good night kiss to Goodbye the days we used to be
Page G22 Goodbye theme to Gospodi vozvach
Page G23 Gossa Anders Valsen to Gout bulgare
Page G24 Gout de la vie to Grand piano sings along
Page G25 Grand portage to Graveyard love blues
Page G26 Graveyard scuba to greater fool
Page G27 Greater gifts to Green voices of play air
Page G28 Green walls to Grim hell
Page G29 grim reacher to Groovin with MJ
Page G30 Groovin with my soul brother to GTB jump
Page G31 GTDS to Guineen
Page G32 Guinevere to Gut morgn
Page G33 Gut nacket to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hail Stanford hail
Page H2 Hail the king to Hall of science
Page H3 Hall of shadows to Hamps new blues
Page H4 Hamps note to Hanging out
Page H5 Hanging out at the tavernaki to Happy days again
Page H6 Happy days and lonely nights to Harborplace
Page H7 harbour to Harlem mood
Page H8 Harlem moon to Hart plaza
Page H9 Hartbeat to Hautlecoeur
Page H10 Hautnah to Hawk meets Sun Ra
Page H11 Hawk of May to He still carries a torch for her
Page H12 He stole my heart away to Heard from a great distance
Page H13 Heard hearted Hannah to Heaven hates hell
Page H14 Heaven Heaven to Heijermans as a mineworker
Page H15 Heijermans funeral to Hello good evening
Page H16 Hello good luck to Henry Red Allen
Page H17 Henry Street blues to Here comes Juliette
Page H18 Here comes Kai to Herod
Page H19 Herod part 1 to Hexa countdown
Page H20 Hexa eten to Hi Dolores
Page H21 Hi Duke to High Barn stampede
Page H22 High beam to Highway fun
Page H23 Highway girl to Hip hop bop
Page H24 Hip hop Brasileiro to history of speech
Page H25 History of tabasco to Hoe gaan die padjie na die Kramat toe
Page H26 Hoe tarr to Holiday in risk
Page H27 Holiday in risk theme to Home again just a cottage small
Page H28 Home alone to Hommage Boris Vian
Page H29 Hommage de Bill to Honolulu moon
Page H30 Honolulu nights to Hoppla
Page H31 HopplaTekla to Hosh
Page H32 Hoshereq to Hot time in the town of Berlin
Page H33 Hot times to House plants
Page H34 House raid blues to How easy
Page H35 How else to How ya like that
Page H36 How ya like to love me to Huitieme conte
Page H37 Huitres boogie to Hungarian dance 5
Page H38 Hungarian dance 5 in F minor to hut on fowls legs
Page H39 hut on the fowls legs to Hymne a lamour
Page H40 Hymne a lamour les grands boulevards to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe in music
Page I2 I believe in my soul to I cant remember when
Page I3 I cant resist you to I do it for you
Page I4 I do it for you love to I drink muddy water
Page I5 I drink no ink to I got cable too much TV
Page I6 I got caught to I have said goodbye to spring
Page I7 I have seen to I know how you feel
Page I8 I know I dont know how to I love Chicago
Page I9 I love Christmas to I mrket med dig
Page I10 I music to I refuse
Page I11 I refuse blues to I Signs & symptoms
Page I12 I sigula to I used to be colored
Page I13 I used to be colour blind to I want to say thanks
Page I14 I want to scream to I wish you were mine
Page I15 I wish you were near to Ice cream Konitz
Page I16 Ice cream man to Icy altitude
Page I17 Icy blast to If angels cry
Page I18 If Anya goes to Edinburgh to If Im without you
Page I19 If in doubt ask to If you dont I know I will
Page I20 If you dont I know who will to Ignant oil
Page I21 Ignatious to Ikon
Page I22 Ikon tact to Il remember April
Page I23 Il rene to Ill dream of flowers
Page I24 Ill dream of you to Ill weave stars for you
Page I25 Ill whisper once more to Im battie over Hattie
Page I26 Im be boppin too to Im gonna keep my eyes on you
Page I27 Im gonna keep on doin to Im looking over a fourleaf clover
Page I28 Im looking over you to Im sorry
Page I29 Im sorry baby to Imaginary landscape no 5
Page I30 Imaginary landscapes to Impotencia
Page I31 Impots locaux to Improvisation 10
Page I32 Improvisation 102 to Improwizacja na temat Oczy czarne
Page I33 Improzalvage to In an Ellingtone
Page I34 In an hour or two days to In his hands
Page I35 In his name to In pas
Page I36 In passing to In the corner
Page I37 In the corner of my eye to In the presence
Page I38 In the presence and absence of each other to In xochitl in cuicatl
Page I39 In yes to Independent blue
Page I40 Independent blues to Inexplicable
Page I41 Inexplicable acts of sanity to Inkas return
Page I42 Inkblack night to Insane in Spain
Page I43 Insanely to Instants
Page I44 Instants chavires to Interlude IV Hush
Page I45 Interlude IX to Interview Jazz
Page I46 Interview Kai Ewans to Intro bass
Page I47 Intro batterie to Introduction by Teruo Isono
Page I48 Introduction by Todd Barkan to Inventiscovered
Page I49 Inventivity to Iraklio
Page I50 Iraku ni ikoze to Is it raining in New York
Page I51 Is it raining where you are to island of Ziesha
Page I52 Island on the edge of the world to It all works out
Page I53 It almost seems a holiday to It never entered
Page I54 It never entered my mind to Ithaque
Page I55 Ithem to Its better this way
Page I56 Its better to be by yourself to Its not a secret any more
Page I57 Its not about you to Its what you do that counts
Page I58 Its what you do with what you got to Ive got an invitation to a dancce
Page I59 Ive got an invitation to a dance to Ixladschmundschdigg
Page I60 Ixtaklok to I�ve got the world on a string


Page J1 J to Jackson is Wigging
Page J2 Jackson park to Jaja
Page J3 Jajaja to Jammin sous les ponts
Page J4 Jammin the blues to Jas Me
Page J5 Jasava Melnicka to Jazz et jazz
Page J6 Jazz euphoria on Frenchmen Street to Jazzbo stomp
Page J7 Jazzboat to Je taime moi non plus
Page J8 Je taime moir non plus to Jej nagosc
Page J9 Jej portet to Jestli chces
Page J10 Jestrab to Jilene
Page J11 Jill to Jivin Willie
Page J12 Jivin with Dad to Joes donut
Page J13 Joes dream to Johnnys melody
Page J14 Johnnys night out to Jordan
Page J15 Jordan for President to Jovano jovanke
Page J16 Jove to Jubilee jingle rap
Page J17 Jubilee joy to July 83
Page J18 July 87 to Jumping with the shuffle boogie
Page J19 Jumping with the Symphony Sid to Juntito al fogon
Page J20 Junto a las estrellas to Just another picture on the piano
Page J21 Just another polka to Just like friends
Page J22 Just like Heaven to Just wasnt there
Page J23 Just watching the light change to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalashnikov wedding
Page K2 Kalatowki 59 to Kansas City Frank
Page K3 Kansas City funk to Karula
Page K4 Karumi to Kazoo moan
Page K5 Kazoo Papa blues to Keep Venice nude
Page K6 Keep walkin to Keno
Page K7 Keno Exactement to Kheil
Page K8 Khek buratesbulan to Killer hip hop
Page K9 Killer instinct to King Jaffe Joffer
Page K10 King Jaffe Jufer to Kirtag
Page K11 Kirtanam Ragam Mandari to Kjaerlighetsrune
Page K12 Kjaerlighetssang to Knee deep
Page K13 Knee deep in Rio to Kobuk
Page K14 Kobus + Tim to Konferansjerka 5
Page K15 Konferansjerka 6 to Kotiapulainen
Page K16 Kotini to Ksique intime
Page K17 KSKG to Kuthwasi hlobo
Page K18 Kutiel to KZ


Page L1 L to La carezza
Page L2 La carnaval des bagnards to La danseuse aux bas nylon
Page L3 La danseusefoile to La gima polka
Page L4 La gioconda to La marche du president
Page L5 La marche du revenant to La perla del caribe
Page L6 La perla Negra to La Scala she too pretty to be blue
Page L7 La scena 1 dal fiato del armonia to La Verne burn
Page L8 La Verne walk to Ladies day
Page L9 Ladies dialogue to Ladys blues
Page L10 Ladys choice to LALTALENA
Page L11 Lalternative to Land dance
Page L12 Land der dunklen walder to Lanterna Arctica
Page L13 Lanterna blu to Las simples cosas
Page L14 Las sirenas to Last night I dreamed
Page L15 Last night I dreamed of bats with wings to Late cats rushing hour
Page L16 Late cold night to Latina lee
Page L17 Latina una to Laval syndicate
Page L18 Lavalas to LBOD
Page L19 LC to Le cose come ti ritornano
Page L20 Le cose non sempre vanno come si suppone debbano andare to Le marieur
Page L21 Le marin naufrage to Le reve parti
Page L22 Le reve passe to Le vivre
Page L23 Le voglie morte to Leaves adventures
Page L24 Leaves again to Lefthanders blues
Page L25 Leftor right to Lemurs dance
Page L26 Lemvy enigma to Les accords du piano ames sensibles sabstenir
Page L27 Les actes to Les larmes de la sorciere
Page L28 Les larmes de noe to Lesley Ann
Page L29 Lesley cake to Let me miss you
Page L30 Let me miss you baby to Lets call the whole thing off
Page L31 Lets call this to Lets sit and talk about you
Page L32 Lets sit down and talk it over to Levitate
Page L33 Levitating soul to Libran balance
Page L34 librarian to Life in three sketches
Page L35 Life in two parts to Light as a star
Page L36 Light as a word to Like a baby
Page L37 Like a band to Like yours
Page L38 Like Zoot to Limited means
Page L39 Limited resources to Lings lope
Page L40 Lings tears to Listen my darling
Page L41 Listen no heavy breathing just knock it off to Little black coot
Page L42 Little black dog to Little girl Kimbi
Page L43 Little girl little girl to little off beat
Page L44 Little ol lady to Little thirds
Page L45 Little thirteen to Lividus
Page L46 Livigno to LLL
Page L47 LLLLA to Locusts looking like men
Page L48 locusts trill to London tube
Page L49 London underground with Billi to Lonesome mama
Page L50 Lonesome mama blues to Long time men
Page L51 Long time no C to Look stranger
Page L52 Look the Lobis to Loose blues
Page L53 Loose blues booze to Los colores del febrero
Page L54 Los conguitos to Lost in the desert I see aCaravan
Page L55 Lost in the dream to Louies dream
Page L56 Louies guitar boogie to Love charlatan
Page L57 Love child to Love is in the air
Page L58 Love is in the air tonight to Love PM
Page L59 Love poem to Love will never ever die
Page L60 Love will save you to Loves got nothing to do with feelings
Page L61 Loves gotta hold to Lower Boneville
Page L62 Lower bridge level to Lucky me loveable you
Page L63 Lucky mojo to Lullaby for Mary Elizabeth
Page L64 Lullaby for Mason to Lunacy
Page L65 Lunacy luncay to Luz entre deux eaux
Page L66 Luz mala to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macaroons
Page M2 MacArthur Freeway to Madame Rosa
Page M3 Madame Sostan to Magellan
Page M4 Magellanic cloud to Magnolia Street parade
Page M5 Magnolia suite to Mais um
Page M6 Mais um adeus to Make your own revolution now
Page M7 Make your own temple to Malign siesta
Page M8 Malignant to Mamas rooster
Page M9 Mamas song to Man channel
Page M10 Man coal to Mancini sunset
Page M11 Mancissimo to Manigua
Page M12 Manikarnika to Maphi dami
Page M13 Maphorion to March of the wind potatoes
Page M14 March of the winkies to Maria changed
Page M15 Maria Christina to Mark of the lash
Page M16 Mark of the owl to Martians come back
Page M17 Martians dont go home anymore to Maskina blir julesang
Page M18 Maskinpark to Matourmatourmatourmalet
Page M19 Matoutou to May changes
Page M20 May dance to Mazurka in G minor op 67 no 2
Page M21 Mazurka Mongolian to Me neither
Page M22 Me next to Medan du vantar
Page M23 Medan jag vantar pa att kaffet ska bli klart to Meet me by the ferris wheel
Page M24 Meet me by the fire to Melancholic space
Page M25 Melancholic spy to Melodies of 1997
Page M26 Melodies of 2002 to Memories of Lee Morgan
Page M27 Memories of Lester Young to Mensch im einsatz
Page M28 mensch in the moon to Merry day
Page M29 merry day after to Metacommentary
Page M30 Metade de um coracao to Mexican medley
Page M31 Mexican moments to Michael row the boat ashore
Page M32 Michael rows the boat to Midnight calling
Page M33 Midnight candy to Mier
Page M34 Miercoles to Miles files
Page M35 Miles for Mueller to Mily vrat se
Page M36 Milz to Mingus catalogPussy cat dues
Page M37 Mingus dreams of Billy Strayhorn to Minor conception
Page M38 Minor consolation to minute game
Page M39 minute later to Misfortunately pleasant
Page M40 Misfortune to Miss you already
Page M41 Miss you like smoking to Mister Kleckley
Page M42 Mister Kneipp to Mixdown
Page M43 Mixed to Moblybop
Page M44 Mobmob to Moe hawk
Page M45 Moe honk to Mom got a new Davenport
Page M46 Mom is in the kitchen to Mona lends a helping hand
Page M47 Mona Lisa to Monkalude S
Page M48 Monkalude T to Monsieur de
Page M49 Monsieur de Candau to Mood hunter
Page M50 mood Im in to Moon river
Page M51 Moon river cha cha to Moose knuckle
Page M52 Moose knuckles to More than the blues
Page M53 More than the eye can see to Morning prayer
Page M54 Morning prayer 1 to Most distant galaxy
Page M55 Most emphaticll yes to Motor car horn
Page M56 Motor city to Mouthy matters
Page M57 Mouton to muskrat to mink to Movin blues
Page M58 Movin day to Mr Bumi
Page M59 Mr Bumps to Mr Lee
Page M60 Mr Lees blues to Mr Timmons
Page M61 Mr Timmons I presume to Mudbug shuffle
Page M62 Mudcat to Mums interlude
Page M63 Mums love to Music behind bars
Page M64 music box to Music to the 5th power
Page M65 Music to the man to Mutinerie
Page M66 Mutiny to My brothers
Page M67 My brothers and sisters keeper to My first waltz
Page M68 My first winter to My joy with you
Page M69 My Jug and I to My Margarita
Page M70 My Margie to My romance
Page M71 My roof is on fire to My watch is a rust sandwich
Page M72 My water drunk carcass to mystic lamb
Page M73 Mystic latin to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naglet til et kors pa jorden
Page N2 Nago to Nancy with the laughing face
Page N3 Nancy with the smiling face to Nascia
Page N4 Nascimento to Natural sounds
Page N5 Natural space to Near and far
Page N6 Near Bastille to Negrin
Page N7 Negrita to NeptuneThe mystic
Page N8 Neptunian verses to Never felt the sun
Page N9 Never fly away from the funk to New block for the kids
Page N10 New blood to New legend
Page N11 New Lester leaps in to New start
Page N12 New steel rag to Newks
Page N13 Newks fadeaway to Nice as can be
Page N14 nice ballad to Niewinni czarodzieje
Page N15 Niewpoort day to Night line
Page N16 Night lines to Nightlifehighlife
Page N17 Nightlight to Nine of eight of nine and five
Page N18 Nine old men to NKF
Page N19 Nkiwe to No dancer
Page N20 No dancin to No mas
Page N21 No mas merenge to No other name
Page N22 No other one to No theory
Page N23 No there aint no news today to Nobodys baby is somebodys baby now
Page N24 Nobodys bloodstains to noir 004q
Page N25 noir 005q to Nonfunctional 8
Page N26 Nonfunctional 9 to North of the future
Page N27 North of the Mohawk trail to Not absolute
Page N28 Not according to plan to Not with a wimp but a banker
Page N29 Not with love but with fear to Nothing was ever before
Page N30 Nothing was revealed to November wind
Page N31 November winds to Npo
Page N32 NPPS to Num adeos
Page N33 Num pagode em planaltina to Ny atil pas sur terre
Page N34 Ny avskjed to NZZ


Page O1 O to O S
Page O2 O sacred head to Oblues
Page O3 Obluxious to Ocome all ye faithful
Page O4 Ocome ocome Emmanuel to Ode to Idaho
Page O5 Ode to infinity to Of pipes and roots
Page O6 Of royal herring to Oh be joyful
Page O7 Oh be my bent recruit to Oh ocean
Page O8 Oh oh to Oiseau du lac
Page O9 Oiseau libre to Old bowl new grits
Page O10 Old boy to Old Nancock
Page O11 Old Nassau to Oleaje de pleamar
Page O12 Olean visit to Omi hakkei
Page O13 Omicron to On linger longer island
Page O14 On loan with gratitude to On the ocean floor
Page O15 On the old assembly line to Once I was young and wise now I am old and stupid
Page O16 Once I wished a tree upside down to One evening
Page O17 One evening long ago to One for Sco
Page O18 One for Scott to One more angel
Page O19 One more Athens to One stop below
Page O20 One stop boogie to only being
Page O21 Only believe to Ooh shoo be doo be
Page O22 Ooh shoo be doo bee to Open score
Page O23 Open sea to Opus 14
Page O24 Opus 14 False dawn to Orbital resonances
Page O25 Orbital reversals to orientals
Page O26 Orientalsmog to Os ultimos cavalheiros
Page O27 Os waltz to Other places
Page O28 Other places other spaces to Our director
Page O29 Our Don Bradman to Out of Burtons songbook
Page O30 Out of Burtons songbooks to Outlaws
Page O31 Outlaws all all heroes are sisters and brothers to Overcoat stomp
Page O32 Overcome to Oyelo que te conviene
Page O33 Oyeme to O’new


Page P1 P to Paduca parade
Page P2 Paducah to Pajdushka
Page P3 Pajduska to Pan pan
Page P4 Pan pan cul cul to Papa Laine talks 2
Page P5 Papa limbas march to Para pochin
Page P6 Para poli to Parataxis
Page P7 Parati to parking song
Page P8 Parkinglot people to Part 47
Page P9 Part 5 to Parte 2
Page P10 Parte capital to Paseo espanol
Page P11 Paseo iluminado to Passion grow
Page P12 Passion in the basement to Pathology
Page P13 Pathos to Pavana
Page P14 Pavane to Peace suite
Page P15 Peace talk to Pedra da lua
Page P16 Pedra da macumba to Penguins on parade
Page P17 Penguins umbrella to People you dont know my mind
Page P18 Peoples to Perfect grey
Page P19 Perfect guy to Persephones jive
Page P20 Persephones scream to Peterborough
Page P21 Peterchens Mondfahrt to Pezzo X
Page P22 Pezzoide to Philosophy on music II
Page P23 Philosophy on music visavis other tenor players to Piano equation
Page P24 Piano etude no 16 to Pick point
Page P25 Pick somebody up to Piece pour Marcelle
Page P26 Piece pour quatre to Pilgrims way
Page P27 Pilgrimssang to Pinocchios birth dance
Page P28 Pinocchios dreamAtavia to Pity the American
Page P29 Pity the beautiful to Planet hiptune
Page P30 Planet Hollywood to Play that old time melody blues
Page P31 Play that song to Please dont maybe me
Page P32 Please dont mention your sign to Plots
Page P33 Plotseling to Poele a frire
Page P34 Poem to Poiovol
Page P35 Poiple to Polsk etter Saeming Og Guren Hole
Page P36 Polsk fra unset to Poor heart
Page P37 Poor Henry no cigar to Porgy Is yo woman now
Page P38 Porgy Is your woman to Portrait of family
Page P39 Portrait of Florence Mills to Postantifanfare
Page P40 Postatomar shuffle to Pour mieux rebondir
Page P41 Pour mieux saimer to Practise makes perfect
Page P42 Practised decent proximity to Preach the word
Page P43 preacher to Prelude G major no 3 op 28
Page P44 Prelude Go forth to Preludio n2 in Cm
Page P45 Preludio Nazzaresco to Pretend you dont see her
Page P46 Pretend youre in love to Primaveera
Page P47 primaveira to Prisoners to ourselves
Page P48 Prisonmallcasino pray to Program for an artistic soiree
Page P49 Program introduction to Propriocentricity
Page P50 Proprioception to PSO Indicatif
Page P51 Psom ca to Pulcherrima rosa
Page P52 Pulchra blues to Pure rain
Page P53 Pure sensation to Put that hose away
Page P54 Put that kiss back to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quangelnde kinderschar
Page Q2 quangle wangles hat to Que nao se ve
Page Q3 Que ne sert qua nous faire trembler to question of creation
Page Q4 question of doing it to Quiet son
Page Q5 Quiet song to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio blues impromptu
Page R2 Radio bo to Ragin Cajun
Page R3 Raginella campagnola to Rainbow crossing
Page R4 Rainbow cry to Rama Priya
Page R5 Ramadan to Rappresenta
Page R6 Rapprochement to Ravel Forlane
Page R7 Ravel painting the snow to Ready Eddie
Page R8 Ready Eddy to Reasons III
Page R9 Reasons in tonality to recreated man
Page R10 Recreating to Red letter
Page R11 Red letter day to Redstone fever
Page R12 Redt die to Refuge in the rhythm
Page R13 Refuge in the ruins of Castle Martense to Relationships
Page R14 Relativ attraktiv to Remembering Christmas
Page R15 Remembering class 17 to Rentacrowd
Page R16 Rentlessness to Resilient joy
Page R17 Resilient star to Retropolis
Page R18 Retrorespective to Reveries tsiganes
Page R19 Reverily to Rhumba in the dark
Page R20 rhumba jumps to Ricardo bossa nova
Page R21 Ricardos bossa nova to Riding on the blues train
Page R22 Riding on the clouds to Rights
Page R23 rights of all to Rios groove
Page R24 Rios love song to Ritorno alla pace
Page R25 Ritorno da marte to Rizhii
Page R26 Riziere Bleue to Roberts reprise
Page R27 Roberts riff to Rock yourself
Page R28 Rocka conga to Roentyskae Iii
Page R29 Roepeno to Roma nun fa la stupide stasera
Page R30 Roma nun fala stupida stasera to Rondolette
Page R31 Rondoletto per I bambini to Rosa introduces MLK
Page R32 Rosa is her name to Rossie 2 step
Page R33 Rossignol to Roundfield
Page R34 Roundfunk to Rub my root
Page R35 Rub of the green to Rufus redux
Page R36 Rufus respit to Run in the night
Page R37 Run into life to Russian folk song
Page R38 Russian folksong to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred machines
Page S2 Sacred Maria to Safrantic
Page S3 Safringo to SaintTropez blues
Page S4 SaintTrusquin to Salsa para bauza
Page S5 Salsa para volver to Samanthas blues
Page S6 Samanthas dance to Samba from Black Orpheus
Page S7 Samba from Orfeo Negro to Same ole love
Page S8 Same ole stuff to Sancta mater
Page S9 Sancta mater isud agas to Sans profession
Page S10 Sans raison to Sarangi song
Page S11 Sarango to Saturations
Page S12 Saturations 1 to Save the wolves
Page S13 Save the world to Say it well
Page S14 Say it while dancing to Scarlett dream
Page S15 Scarlett letters to Scherzo no 2
Page S16 Scherzo no 2 op 31 to Schroedingers box
Page S17 Schroedingers cat paradox to Scoto phonobine type II
Page S18 Scoto phonobine type III to Se acabo la malanga
Page S19 Se acabo lo que se daba to Sealed for your protection
Page S20 Sealed in a transparent cube to Second excursion
Page S21 Second expression to Secret of the maran dome
Page S22 secret of the mill to seed and all
Page S23 Seed journey to Sekko
Page S24 Sekoilu seestyy to Senait
Page S25 Senak to Sentimental memories
Page S26 sentimental memory to Sequenza VII
Page S27 Sequenze fughe to Seriously dark
Page S28 Seriously deep to Seven and a half steps
Page S29 Seven and eleven to Seventy Ninth Street
Page S30 Seventy six to Shades of spirit
Page S31 Shades of starlight to Shake your moneymaker
Page S32 Shake your shimmy to Shared dreams
Page S33 Shares of the blues to She reminds me of you
Page S34 She rolled to Shepperton strut
Page S35 Shepping to Shifting laws
Page S36 Shifting melody to SHM
Page S37 Shma to Short perceptum
Page S38 short piece to Showbizz suite
Page S39 Showboat banjo medley to Si dolce el tormento
Page S40 Si Dominique etait la to Sideren
Page S41 Siderspringar to Signals in the dusk
Page S42 Signals through flames to Silent stream
Page S43 Silent street to Silverland
Page S44 Silverline to Sin lugar a dudas
Page S45 Sin luna to Singer blues
Page S46 singer from hell to Sir Louis John Pinkertons Express
Page S47 Sir master kool guy to Sittin on top
Page S48 Sittin on top of the world to Sixth Street
Page S49 Sixth sun to Sketches of spirit
Page S50 Sketches of the sun to skunk
Page S51 Skunk blues to Slate
Page S52 Slate icicles on trees to Sliced lemon
Page S53 Sliced wild potato to Slo fuse
Page S54 Slo mo to Slow up papa
Page S55 slow version to Smalt et sonore
Page S56 Sman to Smokey Joes cafe
Page S57 Smokey Joes la la to Snap shot
Page S58 Snap shot rhythm to Snow what
Page S59 Snow white to So long 2nd Street
Page S60 So long ago to So youre leaving
Page S61 So youre mine to Soft pedal blues
Page S62 Soft pillow to Solari
Page S63 Solaria to Solo Ben
Page S64 Solo Berlin to Some Afro fiddle deedee
Page S65 Some always to Somebody done stole my cherry red
Page S66 Somebody else to Something assembled Zen
Page S67 Something aSwiss to Sometimes down
Page S68 Sometimes dust coup to son of star crystal
Page S69 Son of Stiff Neck to Song for a sad puppeteer
Page S70 Song for a show owl to Song for Jud
Page S71 Song for Judd to Song for the animals
Page S72 Song for the asking to Song of praise to God
Page S73 Song of promised land to Songe
Page S74 Songe dautomme to Sons 2
Page S75 Sons and daughters to Sorrow tears & blood
Page S76 Sorrow valley to Soul kitchen
Page S77 soul knows no boundary to Sound colors
Page S78 Sound colors & rhythms to Sour cream and onions
Page S79 Sour diesel to Southern soul
Page S80 Southern special to Space swell
Page S81 Space takes place to spark in the night
Page S82 Spark it up to Spectral reflections
Page S83 Spectral refractions to SpielOthek
Page S84 Spielplan to Spirits entering
Page S85 Spirits flow to Spontaneous Mingus
Page S86 Spontaneous navigation to Spring rounds squared
Page S87 Spring samba to Squeakin the boogie
Page S88 Squeaks suite to St Thomas phase
Page S89 St ThomasDomingo run to Stand well backSpit it out
Page S90 Stand with each other to Starglow
Page S91 Starhawk to Statikern
Page S92 Statin doll to Steel pony blues
Page S93 Steel prayers ballad for 911 WTC to Stepping into tomorrow
Page S94 Stepping on cracks to Still havent found what Im lookin for
Page S95 Still hazy after all these beers to Stockholm by night
Page S96 Stockholm in summer to Stones medley
Page S97 Stones melody to Stormy day blues
Page S98 Stormy emotions to Stranezza
Page S99 Strange to Strawberries in the winter
Page S100 Strawberriesraspberries to Stretching the truth
Page S101 Stretching the wire to Stromboli vs Anna Magnani
Page S102 Stromecky okolo brezanky to Study
Page S103 Study 1 to Sublimity
Page S104 Sublues to Sudo 4
Page S105 Sudo 5 to Suite Africa
Page S106 Suite Africaine to Suite section II
Page S107 Suite seven to Summer play
Page S108 Summer poem to sun pours through the darkness gently gently
Page S109 Sun prayer to Sunjata keita
Page S110 Sunjatta keita to Sunshine in Seixal
Page S111 Sunshine in the rain to Sur le fil illumine
Page S112 Sur le fleuve to Susi
Page S113 Susi rock to Swamp ballet
Page S114 Swamp blues to Sweet before
Page S115 Sweet beginning to Sweet misery
Page S116 Sweet misery of love )pl vcl) to sweetest sound
Page S117 sweetest sound I ever heard to Swing line
Page S118 Swing Ling Lei to Swingin them jingle bells
Page S119 swingin thirds to Sy spy
Page S120 Syan kylma kyyhkysella to Synolicks
Page S121 Synomilia to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Taffia
Page T2 Taffia 2 to Take a walk on the wild side
Page T3 Take a walk through the woods to Take us home
Page T4 Take us to the Mardi Gras to Tales of the lighthouse
Page T5 Tales of the Montgomery bus boycott to Tamaghis
Page T6 Tamago to Tango e fuga
Page T7 Tango el bongo to Tanz der kamele
Page T8 Tanz der Kirchenmause to Tarraure
Page T9 Tarried breath to Tazmania
Page T10 Tazmanian devil to Tears came rolling
Page T11 Tears come from heaven to Tehilim 150 part I
Page T12 Tehilim 150 part II to Tell pere
Page T13 Tell somebody to temporal bones
Page T14 Temporal defense to Tenho um verdadeiro amor
Page T15 Tenia que ser asi to Terra ferma
Page T16 Terra firma to Texas Clay
Page T17 Texas crapshooter to Thanks for tomorrow
Page T18 Thanks for waiting to That rag
Page T19 That raggedy rag to Thats not a good idea
Page T20 Thats not all to Thema mal drei
Page T21 Thema of Tenchuugumi to Theme from Grumpy old men end title
Page T22 Theme from Gunsmoke to Then came you
Page T23 Then comes Monday to There used to be a ballpark
Page T24 There used to be a nightclub there to Theres nothing God cant do
Page T25 Theres nothing I can do to They say my love is not strong enough
Page T26 They say over there to Think a little kindly of me
Page T27 Think about a way to stay to Third world anthem
Page T28 Third world express to This is not America
Page T29 This is not an offering to any person in any state where such an offering may not lawfully be made to This time the dream is on me
Page T30 This time the dream on me to Thoughts of your smile
Page T31 Thoughts on a new found friend to Three for leathers
Page T32 Three for Lee to Three sax number
Page T33 Three scenes to Through eight ages
Page T34 Through fields and underground to Ti koji znas
Page T35 Ti lascio una canzione to tiger
Page T36 Tiger & goat to Tilmon tones
Page T37 Tilo akandita brikama to Time out for tears
Page T38 Time out for the blues to Timogers formula
Page T39 Timon of Athens to Tipsy
Page T40 Tipsy cat to Tne news from nowhereMazeep
Page T41 Tnf alpha vs remicade to To iskol hof
Page T42 To iskolhof to To the exit
Page T43 To the face of beatury concealed in shadowwire to Today what a beautiful day
Page T44 Today will be a good day to Tolls for L von B
Page T45 Tollway to TonalA
Page T46 tonality of atonement to Too late baby
Page T47 Too late blues to Top hat white tie
Page T48 Top hat white tie & tails to Tot Ziens
Page T49 Tota la vertat to Tourne ton esprit
Page T50 Tournedos to Trace elements for Monk
Page T51 Trace Ernestos pensivity to Train time
Page T52 Train to a green mountain to Transformation game
Page T53 Transformation in the deserts of Mexico to Trauruge stimme
Page T54 Trauschauwen to Tree frog
Page T55 tree frog tonality to Trials and tribs
Page T56 Trials and tribulations to Trics
Page T57 Trictatism to Trioscape 1
Page T58 Trioscape 2 to Trizar
Page T59 TRJRKR to Tropical sunrise
Page T60 Tropical sunrise More to TrueSpirit
Page T61 Truest sense of the word to Trying to stop my crying
Page T62 Trying to tell ya to Tubarao
Page T63 Tubarao fantasma to tune for Mac
Page T64 Tune for Martin to Turn me loose
Page T65 Turn me on to Tuva blues
Page T66 Tuva II to Twice in a while
Page T67 Twice lucky to Two bits and a piece
Page T68 Two blew to Two loves I have
Page T69 Two loves wuz one too many for me to Two weeks in another town
Page T70 Two weeks in LA to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to uis
Page U2 Uist tramping song to Umray
Page U3 Umrem to Un point bleu
Page U4 Un poison violent cest ca lamour to Unchartered land
Page U5 Unchild to Under the double moon
Page U6 Under the eclipse of the sun to Une lettre de Jean
Page U7 Une lettre ouverte to Unipods are pacifists
Page U8 Unique to Unnamed waltz
Page U9 Unnas rumpus to Untitled 202
Page U10 Untitled 2552 to Up in the mother
Page U11 Up in the mountains to Uptown dance party
Page U12 Uptown down to use in wonderland
Page U13 Use it to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valerian
Page V2 Valeriana to Valse Jaq
Page V3 Valse Joe to Vanities
Page V4 Vanity to Variations for piano op 38
Page V5 Variations for string bass and piano to Vaujours
Page V6 vault to Vendredi 13
Page V7 Vendredi 14 to Verlangen tut mich krenken
Page V8 Verlass mich doch nie to Very well
Page V9 Very well thank you to Vicente
Page V10 Vicenza days to View from Pikes
Page V11 view from skates in Berkeley to Vindflojel
Page V12 Vindication to Virtual humanity
Page V13 Virtual imagination to Vitraux casses
Page V14 Vitreousity to Vogliamoci tanto bene
Page V15 Voglio amare to Volvic rag
Page V16 Volviendo to Voyager 3
Page V17 Voyager duo 1 to Vztek


Page W1 W to Wait up
Page W2 Wait wait wait to Wake up Claire
Page W3 Wake up clarinet to Walkin and shoutin the boogie
Page W4 Walkin and singin the blues to Walking Wenceslaus Square
Page W5 Walking winiger to Waltz for Dorothy
Page W6 Waltz for Dritt to Waltz in fourfour
Page W7 Waltz in G to Wanglo Saxon
Page W8 Wanglo variations to Warrens blues
Page W9 Warrens rush to Watch it Gate
Page W10 Watch it wont take long to Waterloo girls
Page W11 Waterloo ice house to Way out there
Page W12 Way out west to We both must cry
Page W13 We both need each other to We shall overcomeVenceremos
Page W14 We shall remember them to Wedding of an ant
Page W15 wedding of Jack and Jill to Welcome diaspora express
Page W16 Welcome Earth song to Wendi
Page W17 Wendigo to West Coast memories
Page W18 West coast of the moon to Wham rebopboombam
Page W19 Wham Sam to What do you know about wind
Page W20 What do you mean to What jazz is
Page W21 What joy to What you dealin with
Page W22 What you didnt say to Whats your secret
Page W23 Whats your story to When I got ya
Page W24 When I got you to When my man comes home
Page W25 When my man shimmies to When the swallows return to Capistrano
Page W26 When the time has come to When youre a long way from home
Page W27 When youre all alone to Where is the blues 1
Page W28 Where is the blues 3 to Wheres the producer
Page W29 Wheres the sun to whisper of maple wood
Page W30 Whisper of stars to White queen
Page W31 White queen psychology to Who sit
Page W32 Who slammed the door to Whos the fat man
Page W33 Whos the fool now to Why must you go
Page W34 Why must your love be so dry to wife and the kid
Page W35 Wife du jour to Wilhelmenia
Page W36 Wilhelmina to Wimp
Page W37 Wimpy thing to Windsurfer
Page W38 Windsurfing to Winter reflections
Page W39 Winter relections to Wishing you were somewhere here again
Page W40 Wishingpapir is dokh vays to With u beside me
Page W41 With us to Wohnst du noch bei deiner Alten
Page W42 Wohnung mit komfort to Wonderfall
Page W43 Wonderful to Woogie boogie
Page W44 Woogie flu to world is unsurvivable
Page W45 world is upside down to wounded healer
Page W46 wounded healer can heal to Wumm zack 8
Page W47 Wumm zack 9 to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee doodle hayride
Page Y2 Yankee doodle never went to town to Yelir
Page Y3 Yelizaveta to Yes you have
Page Y4 Yes you have a friend to Yogya trip
Page Y5 Yoh to You are the queen of my heart
Page Y6 You are the reason to You cant say I didnt try
Page Y7 You cant say Poem in concrete to You got me there
Page Y8 You got me this way to You make me so happy
Page Y9 You make me so sad to You talk that talk
Page Y10 You talk to me to Youll never walk again
Page Y11 Youll never walk alone to Your love has got me
Page Y12 Your love has lifted me to Youre good for me
Page Y13 Youre good for me Send my some lovin Gotta get you off my mind to Youssou
Page Y14 Youssoufia to Yuri
Page Y15 Yurigako no uta to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zawinul ever be another Joe
Page Z2 Zawinuls bolero to Zico Tico
Page Z3 Zid zib byazeke to Zona de desfregmentacion
Page Z4 Zona di transizione to Zuttys memories
Page Z5 Zuttys special to Zzzzzip