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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aber ich tanze
Page A2 Aber irgendwie to absolute truth about investment banking
Page A3 Absolute unity to Ace high straight
Page A4 Ace in a hole to Act as if nothing ever happened
Page A5 Act bad with it to Addiction aint fiction
Page A6 Addiction to sound to Advance on Melton
Page A7 Advance to the past to Afreekiss
Page A8 afreet to Afro sambas
Page A9 Afro sax to After the dew
Page A10 After the door to Age for retirement
Page A11 age of Aquarius to Ahaahee
Page A12 Ahab to Aint no room in church for liars
Page A13 Aint no saint to Airsphere
Page A14 Airstream to Al primo vostro sguardo
Page A15 Al punto to Alcatraz minuet
Page A16 Alcatraz rock to Alhambros
Page A17 Alhoewel to All creation sang
Page A18 All creatures of our God and King to All or me
Page A19 All or nothing to All this beef and big ripe tomatoes
Page A20 All this could lead to love to Alley oops
Page A21 Alley party to Almostmaybesometimesnever
Page A22 Almrausch to Also ich weiss es nicht
Page A23 Also in my heart to Always leaving
Page A24 Always let me go to Amazing possibility
Page A25 Amazing race to Ameriflora
Page A26 Amerigo to Ampto
Page A27 Ampurdan to An impression of Summertime by George Gershwin
Page A28 An impromptu suite in two movements to Anats lament
Page A29 Anatta to and not finding anyone there
Page A30 And not like before to Andalucia
Page A31 Andalucia medley to Angela Davis
Page A32 Angela II to Animus
Page A33 Aning to Anomalocaris
Page A34 Anomalous behavior to Another time
Page A35 Another time and place to antisocial club
Page A36 Antisolar point to AOU
Page A37 Aoud to Apples be ripe
Page A38 Apples blues to Aquinas
Page A39 Aquirax Aida to Arcius
Page A40 Arckepek to Ariadnes view
Page A41 AriaGoldberg variation no 1 to Around in three
Page A42 Around Kodalys world to Arthouse facade
Page A43 Arthropod to As long as I love
Page A44 As long as I love you to Ash haulin blues
Page A45 Ash man crawl to assholes love song
Page A46 Assi che we nie to At no cost to you
Page A47 At Noahs to Atinsmaranhao
Page A48 Atipico igor to Au creux de mon epaule
Page A49 Au debut de chemin to Aufwarts
Page A50 Aufwarts ins Kadewe to Auto buzz
Page A51 Auto dilact to Avandaro days
Page A52 AvAngA to Awasi
Page A53 Awatif to Azure kissPrelude no 4 in E minor op 284
Page A54 Azure mist to A_9


Page B1 B to Baby boom
Page B2 Baby bop to Babylone
Page B3 Babylone USA to Back in your arms
Page B4 Back in your own back yard to Backup blues
Page B5 Backward bop to Bag of tricks
Page B6 Bag of wax to Bakarem
Page B7 Bakaro swing to Balkanimpressionen nr III
Page B8 Balkanismus to ballad in between
Page B9 Ballad in blue to Ballade pour B
Page B10 Ballade pour brillantine to bamboo flute
Page B11 Bamboo flute blues to Banks of the Ohio
Page B12 Banks of the river to Barefoot
Page B13 Barefoot adventure to Barrons bliss
Page B14 Barroom rock to Bass clarinasty
Page B15 Bass clarinet to Bathetic
Page B16 Bathilde to Bazoom
Page B17 Bazou bazou to Beach burial
Page B18 Beach combers bounce to Beaty of doubs
Page B19 Beatypi to Bebe angoisse
Page B20 Bebe boogie to Beedleumbum
Page B21 Beeee to Beggars bagger
Page B22 Beggars blanket to Bela in outer space
Page B23 Bela in the desert to Bells op 33 no 3
Page B24 bells rang in Novgorod to Bennys ballad
Page B25 Bennys blue waters to Bernies cayuga street shuffel
Page B26 Bernies done it again to Better ask somebody
Page B27 better bag to Beware of the dog
Page B28 Beware of the golden fang to Bicicletta
Page B29 Biciclo to Big city lights
Page B30 Big city packer to Big piece
Page B31 Big pig to Bill & Gils excellent adventure
Page B32 Bill & his friends free jazz 199 a lb to Biography of a thought
Page B33 Biohazard to Birds talk to you
Page B34 Birds talking to Bitter and high
Page B35 Bitter and sweet to Black Christmas
Page B36 Black church to Black River rhapsody
Page B37 Black Robert to Blame me
Page B38 Blame my absent minded heart to Blewbo
Page B39 Blewis to Blood sea
Page B40 Blood secrets to Blue and disillusioned
Page B41 Blue and dues to Blue elevator
Page B42 Blue eleven to Blue mama suicide wail
Page B43 Blue mamas suicide wail to Blue Shalimahs tale
Page B44 Blue sheep to Bluelero
Page B45 Bluelied to Blues coda
Page B46 Blues coffee to Blues for Big Fred
Page B47 Blues for Big Jim to Blues for Glenn
Page B48 Blues for God to Blues for Mesmer
Page B49 Blues for Mezz to Blues for Stews shoes
Page B50 Blues for Stitt to Blues gone home
Page B51 Blues good news medley to Blues like
Page B52 Blues like Jay McShann to Blues stay away from me
Page B53 Blues stay away from my door to Blumen in phasen
Page B54 Blumenlied to Bobs belief
Page B55 Bobs bios to Bokrei lachish
Page B56 Bokrug to Bones bash
Page B57 Bones blues to Boogie bored
Page B58 Boogie boss to Boogyzou
Page B59 Boohoo to Bopcorn
Page B60 Bopcycle to Bosendorfer piano club
Page B61 Boser traum to Both barrels
Page B62 Both directions to Bourbon per dieci
Page B63 Bourbon rain to boys in my hood
Page B64 Boys in the back room to Brass
Page B65 Brass air to Breakfast at seven
Page B66 Breakfast at Sprungli to Brendex
Page B67 Breneen to Bright mountain
Page B68 Bright new day to Broadway baby
Page B69 Broadway baby dolls to Brooklyn suite Part 2
Page B70 Brooklyn tale to Brown Street
Page B71 Brown suede to Bubber gets salty
Page B72 Bubberella to Buds blue bossa
Page B73 Buds blues to Bulk flow
Page B74 Bulk up definition to Bureau blues
Page B75 Bureau of change to Bush song
Page B76 Bush St scramble to Butter ball
Page B77 Butter bean to By the scruff of the neck
Page B78 By the sea to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cada pam teu es un mon
Page C2 Cada tua badalada to Cakewalkin babies
Page C3 Cakewalkin babies from home to Call me to your arms
Page C4 Call me tomorrow to Calypso girl
Page C5 Calypso harmolodic to Campus rumpus
Page C6 Campus rush to Canco de nit
Page C7 Canco de no fer res to Cant get out of this mood
Page C8 Cant get out of this moon to Canto invierno
Page C9 Canto IV to Caprichos
Page C10 Caprichos de Espanha to Care
Page C11 Care 4 to Carnavalse
Page C12 Carne to Cars under the tunnel
Page C13 Carso to Casstheme
Page C14 Cassures to Catchy teamwork
Page C15 Catchy tune to Cave of swimmers
Page C16 Cave of the forgotten to Celebre mazurca alterata
Page C17 Celebre mazurka alterata to Centre in the woods
Page C18 Centre market place to Cest un monsieur qui parle tout seul
Page C19 Cest un papillon to challenges
Page C20 Challenging the challenger to Changing song
Page C21 Changing spaces to Chapeau chinois
Page C22 Chapeau claque to Charlies tune
Page C23 Charlies venture to Chau Ambrosio
Page C24 Chau Paris to Chen nan ren
Page C25 Chen pei pei to Chiboppo boppago
Page C26 Chic to Chie
Page C27 Chiec khan pieu to Chili bowl
Page C28 Chili bum burn to Chirullimaconi
Page C29 Chisa to Chopper
Page C30 Choppers to Chris is how we drew it
Page C31 Chris McG to Chrystmas
Page C32 Chrystus to Cieli diversi
Page C33 Cieli inesistenti to Circle of threes
Page C34 circle of time to City in the air
Page C35 City in the desert to Clarinescapade
Page C36 Clarinet to Clear eyes of the moon
Page C37 Clear hours to clockwinder
Page C38 Clockwise to Clouds passing by
Page C39 Clouds roots to Cobblestone prelude
Page C40 Cobblestone road to Coffee shop
Page C41 Coffee shop blues to Coliseum square
Page C42 Colisseum suite to Colossal suite
Page C43 Colosse de Rhodes to Come gone
Page C44 Come hai potuto to Comfort in all my song
Page C45 Comfort in catastrophe to Communion structures no 10
Page C46 Communion structures no 11 to Composition 19
Page C47 Composition 19 in silvergrey to Composition no 99C
Page C48 Composition no 99L to Concerto for Madison Avenue
Page C49 Concerto for Marilyn to Confessing
Page C50 Confession to Conscription
Page C51 Consecration to Continuous conversations
Page C52 Continuous dirichlet to Convince me
Page C53 Convincing to Coon from Tennessee
Page C54 Coon hollow capers to Corn ball rag
Page C55 Corn bread blues to Cosinha
Page C56 Cosini to Couldnt be
Page C57 Couldnt be a cowboy to Courage fuyons
Page C58 Courage in closeness to Crackerjack Daddy
Page C59 Crackerjack stomp to crazy song to sing
Page C60 Crazy sound to cricket in my live Simplon
Page C61 Cricket jumps to Crosscurrent
Page C62 Crosscurrents to cry for peace
Page C63 Cry for Persia to Cuba
Page C64 Cuba 1954 to Cumpari
Page C65 Cumparsita to cutter
Page C66 Cutters corner to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddydaughterduo
Page D2 DaddyO to Dalvisa Visa fran Utanmyra
Page D3 Daly Avenue to dance never ends
Page D4 Dance niggun to dance they call the Georgia Hunch
Page D5 Dance this to dancing sea
Page D6 Dancing seahorses to Dans le rues dAntibes
Page D7 Dans le rues des Antibes to Dapper Dan from Dixieland
Page D8 dapper king to Dark sparkle
Page D9 Dark sparks to Das letzte olbild
Page D10 Das leven eines kleinen wesens to Dawggy mountain breakdown
Page D11 Dawgma to daybreak song
Page D12 Daybreak sunbeam to De iarna
Page D13 De ida y vuelta to Dead water
Page D14 Dead weight to Death letter blues
Page D15 Death lives down in that Bayou to Decochage et ebarbage a SaintDizier
Page D16 Decocher to Deep flower
Page D17 Deep focus to Degustation
Page D18 Deh vieni alla finestra to Delphines waltz
Page D19 Delphinium to Denial
Page D20 Denial of love to Der jager aus Kurpfalz
Page D21 Der jakobiner to Des griffes des racines des pierres
Page D22 Des haricots la fin to Design a nation
Page D23 design and the dilemma to detectives story
Page D24 detectives tale to dew at dawn
Page D25 Dew dot to Diamond eyes
Page D26 Diamond girl to Didnt I
Page D27 Didnt I blow your mind to Die wiederkehr
Page D28 Die wiederkehr des Gleichen to Dijonayze
Page D29 Dijsco to Dinosaurs
Page D30 Dinosaurs dragons & dreams to Discipline 99
Page D31 Discipline discovers a world of mallets to Distant calling love
Page D32 Distant calls to Dixie blossoms
Page D33 Dixie blues to DLHR I
Page D34 DLHR II to Do you feel alright
Page D35 Do you feel it to Dodedans
Page D36 Dodeka to Doin well
Page D37 Doin what comes naturally to Domo LouisSan
Page D38 Domo meets the brunch king to Dont be no fool fool
Page D39 Dont be on the outside to Dont give your soul away
Page D40 Dont go to Dont save
Page D41 Dont save it too long to Dont you grieve
Page D42 Dont you hear me callin you to Doris zen flute
Page D43 Dorita to Double pump
Page D44 Double quarter to Down fell autumn
Page D45 Down for Dean to Downtown sounds
Page D46 Downtown south junction to Dragonback
Page D47 Dragonettis dream to Dream of the sun
Page D48 dream of three acrobats to Dreams to sell
Page D49 Dreams unfulfilled to Drive I
Page D50 Drive II to Drum conference
Page D51 Drum contest to Dry gin
Page D52 Dry gorge to Duck callin man
Page D53 Duck dance to duke of Syracuse
Page D54 Duke of the Bayou to Duo variola
Page D55 Duo vib to Dwojka rzymska
Page D56 Dworr buun to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early dawn
Page E2 Early days to East African prayer meeting suite no 4
Page E3 East alum to Easy goin swing
Page E4 Easy going to Echi
Page E5 Echi di cuore to Eddies ide
Page E6 Eddies idea to Effortlessly
Page E7 Effortlessly unplanned to Eighth excursion
Page E8 Eighth house to Eja mitt hjarta
Page E9 Ejaculatorium to El enterriano
Page E10 El entierro de los nahuas to El primero
Page E11 El prince to Elecentricity
Page E12 Elechi elegy for Malachi Favors to Element of surprise
Page E13 element of truth to Elitrea libre
Page E14 Elivra Madigan theme to Elventy one
Page E15 Elvertur to Emma J
Page E16 Emma Louise to En cualquier clave
Page E17 En culottes courtes on gele to Encara un blues
Page E18 Enceladus to Endless clouds
Page E19 Endless corridor of roasted babies to Enoken
Page E20 Enola Gay to environmental control office
Page E21 Environmental stud to Equiahos tears
Page E22 Equidistansie to Erri moments
Page E23 Errinho Atoa to Eski gunler
Page E24 Eskiblu to Estate 58
Page E25 Estate 61 to Eternal question
Page E26 Eternal recurrence to Etude VII
Page E27 Etude VII pour trio to Evelynn
Page E28 Evelyns delight to Every beat of my heart
Page E29 Every bit to Everybodys trying to steal my girl
Page E30 Everybodys twisting to Evident Monk
Page E31 Evidente to Excess baggage
Page E32 excess in novel to Expini
Page E33 Expino to Eye in the sky
Page E34 Eye inside to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fact pattern
Page F2 Fact red to Fake it
Page F3 Fake it till you make it to Familiar phases
Page F4 Familiar places to Fantasie Dmoll KV397
Page F5 Fantasie en do majeur to Farewell gesture
Page F6 Farewell gestures to Fast strip
Page F7 Fast talker on a slow walk to Fatty Necrosis sings the blues
Page F8 Fatty walks to Fedje
Page F9 Fedora to Fela Fela
Page F10 Fela kuti remember to Festefan
Page F11 Festejo to Fiel ein Stern
Page F12 field to Figure e relazioni
Page F13 Figure eight to Finally done still frustrated
Page F14 Finally falling in love to Fiora blues
Page F15 Fiora waltz to First day at school
Page F16 First day back to First train to Nashville
Page F17 First Trane to Five fo fun
Page F18 Five folk blues to Flair
Page F19 Flaira to fleeting glimpse
Page F20 Fleeting life to Flippin the bird
Page F21 Flippin the blues to Flow and construction
Page F22 Flow as they flow to Flute in eleven
Page F23 Flute in love to flying Scotsman
Page F24 Flying Scott to Folkorhum
Page F25 Folks to Fools
Page F26 fools affair to For Bunita Marcus
Page F27 For Bunky and Willie to For Jan Miyako
Page F28 For Jane to For Papa
Page F29 For Papa Joe Klook & Philly too to For those who prefer it mid tempo
Page F30 For those who remain to Forest of secrets
Page F31 Forest of the dead king to Formigas
Page F32 Formin to Founding of the party
Page F33 foundlings to Four way stretch
Page F34 Four ways for Yuganaut and Roscoe Mitchell to Fragment from Concerto in G minor for violin and strings op 8 n 2
Page F35 Fragment from February to Frantisek hrdla
Page F36 Frantonality to Free dialog
Page F37 Free dice to Freedom Freedom
Page F38 Freedom fried to Frenzelosa
Page F39 Frenzia to Friends and neighbours
Page F40 Friends and relatives to From Broussard
Page F41 From C to shining C to From the shadows
Page F42 From the shelves to FTM
Page F43 FTO to Full moon
Page F44 Full moon and empty arms to Funk explosion
Page F45 Funk fantastique to Funky things
Page F46 Funky Tina to Furunkel
Page F47 Furusang to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galima
Page G2 Galimatias to Gara gile
Page G3 Garabagne to Gate for speedway
Page G4 gate is that way not this to Gediel
Page G5 Gedra to Genesee
Page G6 Genesi to Georges room
Page G7 Georges solo to get down song
Page G8 Get down to it to gettin paid waltz
Page G9 Gettin past it to ghosts of Srebrenica
Page G10 Ghosts of Tangier to Gimme a pound
Page G11 Gimme a pound of round ground to girl I once met I just married
Page G12 Girl I really love you so to Give me 209
Page G13 Give me 5 to Glas VIII
Page G14 Glasbaustein to gloria from the mass of St Bernard
Page G15 Gloria from the Missa MiMi to Go for the good life
Page G16 Go for the jugular to god that can dance
Page G17 God the father son and Holy Ghost to Going my way
Page G18 Going native to Golden sun
Page G19 Golden sun ray to Goo goo wah wah
Page G20 goober to good old bad old days
Page G21 Good old Benz to Goodbye Uncle Dick
Page G22 Goodbye Venus to Gostozinho
Page G23 Gostritzer str 92 to Gowno W plynie
Page G24 Goxoa to Grand total
Page G25 Grand tour to Gravity gravy
Page G26 Gravity issue to Greatings to Ornette
Page G27 Greatland to Greeneldo
Page G28 Greener to grinders monkey
Page G29 Grindhouse to Groovy hands
Page G30 Groovy hot to Guaguanco
Page G31 Guaguanco a Mexico to Guitar chant
Page G32 Guitar club theme to Guten tag zigaretten
Page G33 Guter Mann in Mond to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hail Stanford hail
Page H2 Hail the king to Hall of shadows
Page H3 Hall of the mambo king to Hamps own blues
Page H4 Hamps paws to Hanging up my Christmas stocking
Page H5 Hanging up my stockings to Happy daze
Page H6 Happy daze are here again to Harbourfront hangout
Page H7 Harbours to Harlem on parade
Page H8 Harlem on Saturday night to Harth rock
Page H9 Harth rock 2 to Hava Nagilah
Page H10 Hava nargila to Hawkin around
Page H11 Hawkins barrel house to He the Richmond
Page H12 He thinks I still care to Hearing cello
Page H13 Hearing crickets to Heaven is here
Page H14 Heaven is in her kiss to Heim nu reikar hugurinn
Page H15 Heimat to Hello how are you doing
Page H16 Hello how ya doin to Henrys tune
Page H17 Henrys waltz to Here comes spider
Page H18 Here comes springtime to heroines serenity
Page H19 Herois to Hey Acopulco my love
Page H20 Hey Am I blue to Hi ho trailus whip
Page H21 Hi how ya doin to High clouds and a good chance of Wayne
Page H22 High cold country part one to Highwayman
Page H23 Highwaymen to Hip limp
Page H24 hip Mahatma to Hit it hard
Page H25 Hit it Rollo to hog
Page H26 Hog call to Holistic
Page H27 Holistic invention to Home cooking
Page H28 Home country to Homo diluvii
Page H29 Homo fugiens to Hoochie coochie manAll bark and no bite
Page H30 Hoochie coochie woman to Hora feliz
Page H31 Hora Fertil to Hostens sista blomma
Page H32 Hostens toner to Hotalu
Page H33 Hotaru to Housecat
Page H34 Housecleaning at the beginning of the new year to How high the Makaha
Page H35 How high the mood to Howdja like to love me
Page H36 Howduz disco to Hulla hop
Page H37 Hulla shake that thing to Hungoria
Page H38 Hungover square to Hvater
Page H39 Hvem er angst for den stygge Ulv to Hymnus
Page H40 Hymnus 3 to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe in rainbows
Page I2 I believe in reincarnation to I cant say
Page I3 I cant say it too many times to I do lunch
Page I4 I do mean you to I due timidi
Page I5 I dug a ditch in Wichita to I got good potatoes
Page I6 I got her off my hands to I have the feeling I have been here before
Page I7 I have the feeling Ive been here before to I know it was the blood
Page I8 I know it will be better to I love having you around
Page I9 I love her to I must go you must go
Page I10 I must have a hole in my head to I remember Augusta
Page I11 I remember Barney to I sing this song for you
Page I12 I sing to the sky to I used to work in Chicago
Page I13 I usem Huus to I want to talk about God
Page I14 I want to talk about me to I woke up with a teardrop in my eye
Page I15 I won her heart to ice floe winter water lilieswater lilies 6
Page I16 Ice flow to Id be lost without your love
Page I17 Id be ringing to If death was to trick me
Page I18 If dreams are made of sand to If it hurts just a little
Page I19 If it hurts to be in love to If you dont tell nobody
Page I20 If you dont think to Igor beaver
Page I21 Igor Butmansax machine to Il bambino
Page I22 Il bandolero stanco to Il sarto
Page I23 Il satellite to Ill forgive you
Page I24 Ill forgive you cause I love you to Illiman dance
Page I25 Illimani to Im breezing along with the breeze
Page I26 Im Brennpunkt to Im gonna make it
Page I27 Im gonna make it all the way to Im Mohrenland gefangen war
Page I28 Im Mondenschein to Im still holding on
Page I29 Im still hoping to Imagine meeting you here pt 2
Page I30 Imagine meeting you here pt 3 to Impression of Spain part 1
Page I31 Impression of Spain part 2 to Improvisation 27
Page I32 Improvisation 27376 to In 54 there
Page I33 In 60 seconds to In Bahia
Page I34 In balance to In joy
Page I35 In jubilo to In pursuit of pleasure
Page I36 In pursuit of silence to In the dreamworld
Page I37 In the drums to In the shade of the old wigwam
Page I38 In the shade of the tree to Ina it
Page I39 Ina mambo to Indialucia
Page I40 Indiamo to Infernal world
Page I41 Inferno to Innee
Page I42 Innehatten spuren to Insert
Page I43 Insert 12 to Instrumental ritornello 1
Page I44 Instrumental ritornello 2 to Interlude V10
Page I45 Interlude V2 to Interview with Roland Evans
Page I46 Interview with Ronnie Scott by Les Tomkins to Intro from Mahagonny Songspiel
Page I47 Intro Gene Harris to Introduction to an ending
Page I48 Introduction to an untitled tune to Inviemo porteno
Page I49 Invierno to Irie butterflies
Page I50 Irin to Is she really going out with him
Page I51 Is she still on your mind to Isle of happiness
Page I52 Isle of hope to It could have been so simple
Page I53 It could have been very beautiful to It sounds right
Page I54 It speaks for itself to Its a dueling band Joe
Page I55 Its a Dunn deal to Its fate baby
Page I56 Its fine to Its on my mind
Page I57 Its on the cards to Itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini
Page I58 itsybitsy spider blues to Ive got that lonesome feeling
Page I59 Ive got that old fashioned love in my heart to I’ll be a friend with pleasure
Page I60 I’ll be around to I�ve got the world on a string


Page J1 J to Jackson Park el train
Page J2 Jackson Pollack at work to Jajecznica
Page J3 Jajita blue cha cha to Jammin uptown
Page J4 Jammin with a wolf to Jashad
Page J5 Jasi to Jazz fan
Page J6 Jazz fan retrouve to Jazzcoockies
Page J7 Jazzcrash hotel to Je to tak
Page J8 Je travaille a la caisse to Jeli
Page J9 Jeli posse to Jesu meine freude
Page J10 Jesu meine freude BWV 227 to Jilt
Page J11 Jilted to Jiwa
Page J12 Jiwasa to Joes marching
Page J13 Joes mode to Johns big feet
Page J14 Johns bird escaped out of his cage to Jordio
Page J15 Jordis jump to Joy and sadness
Page J16 joy and sorrow to Jubjub
Page J17 Jublia is working it to Jumanji
Page J18 Jumars song to Jumpy the snail
Page J19 Jun to Jupiter mask
Page J20 Jupiter on tip toes to Just as it is
Page J21 Just as long as I have you to Just like the older ones
Page J22 Just like the river flows to Just you and I
Page J23 Just you and I alone to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalavinka
Page K2 Kalavrita to Kansas City hustle
Page K3 Kansas City jam to Karusellen
Page K4 Karusellmusik to Kazur le serpent
Page K5 Kazutski to Keep your business to yourself
Page K6 Keep your circle small to Kensington
Page K7 Kensington Gardens to Khivan adventure
Page K8 Khiyo khiyo to Killer Phil
Page K9 Killer planets to King Knut
Page K10 King Kobra to Kis kacsa
Page K11 Kis kece lanyom to Kjole hole
Page K12 Kjolvatn to Knees
Page K13 Knees up to Kock and roll
Page K14 Kocka to Konglomerare
Page K15 Konglomerat to KottKodarSubotnik
Page K16 Kottskalle to Ktoel
Page K17 Ktone with Nana to Kuunsateiden laulu
Page K18 Kuura to KZ


Page L1 L to La carpinese
Page L2 La carretara to La danza de los emigrantes
Page L3 La danza degli spiriti to La Gloria
Page L4 La gloria eres tu to La mare say yes
Page L5 La marea to La petite eglise
Page L6 La petite fille au ballon rouge to La senda del tenor
Page L7 La senora con el perro to La vida es
Page L8 La vida es sueno to Ladies of the town
Page L9 Ladies on board to Laerke
Page L10 Laeroplanino di carta to Lamarrs boogie
Page L11 Lamaryllis to land of darkness
Page L12 Land of dawn to Laos Tao
Page L13 Laotse and Confucius to Lascension
Page L14 Lascension dun nuage de bonheur to Last night was a bad night
Page L15 Last night was for sure to Late hour blues
Page L16 Late hour boogie to Latino souvenir
Page L17 Latino suite to Lavender valse
Page L18 Lavenders blue to Le aigle et le roi
Page L19 Le alghe dellanima to Le crosse semplici
Page L20 Le crotoy to Le mie foglie
Page L21 Le mien to Le roi Marc
Page L22 Le roi obaz to Le zizi
Page L23 Le zoopte to Leavin Missouri
Page L24 Leavin my daddy is hard to do to Legalize it
Page L25 Legalize my name to Lenda
Page L26 Lenda das amazonas to Les anneaux de S
Page L27 Les apparences to Les meteores
Page L28 Les meuilles fortes to Less is little
Page L29 Less is more to Let me touch you
Page L30 Let me touch your Batman to Lets dope the Pope
Page L31 Lets dream to Lets take a trip to the sky
Page L32 Lets take a walk to Lexie
Page L33 Lexie blues to lick or two
Page L34 Lick skillet to Life is like a card game
Page L35 Life is like a samba to Light forged
Page L36 Light forms to Like a kiss
Page L37 Like a kiss that never ends to Lil Joe
Page L38 Lil L to Limpop
Page L39 Limportance cest la rose to Linnocence des mammiferes II
Page L40 Linnocenza to Listen to the silence
Page L41 Listen to the sky to Little boy found
Page L42 Little boy go blow your top to Little heartbeats
Page L43 Little hearts to Little Pee blues
Page L44 Little penn to Little vexations
Page L45 little vibe to Living dedicated to Julian Beck
Page L46 living desert to Lo breve in der kurze liegt die wurze
Page L47 Lo bueno to Lofty blues
Page L48 Lofty flight to Loneliness returns
Page L49 Loneliness road to Long ago last night
Page L50 Long ago there was darkness to Longa nahawand
Page L51 Longa nakris to Lookface
Page L52 Lookie lookie here comes Cookie to Looters
Page L53 Lootmar to Los ojos de pepa
Page L54 Los ojos del siego to Lost moon
Page L55 Lost Morocco blues to Louisiana hot pot
Page L56 Louisiana lady to Love echoes
Page L57 Love eluding me to Love is the blood
Page L58 Love is the cure to Love signs
Page L59 Love slipped out the door to Lovecraft in Texas
Page L60 Lovecraft on the beach to Loves wildest talent
Page L61 Loves you madly to Lozeron
Page L62 Lozio armonico to Lucy Jean
Page L63 Lucy leaves a note to Lullaby land
Page L64 lullaby league to Lunch is the question
Page L65 Lunch of kisses to Lydias blues
Page L66 Lydias confirmation to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macas blues
Page M2 Macau to Madame Turcaret
Page M3 Madame Van Damme to Magenta night
Page M4 Magentas return to Magnonica
Page M5 Magnum bonum to Maison a Bordeaux
Page M6 Maison blanche to Makedonsko devojce
Page M7 Makedonya to Malinconia ninfa gentile
Page M8 Malinconica abitudine to Mamba mist
Page M9 Mamba nero to Man for Ghana
Page M10 man for me to Mandara
Page M11 Mandara blossoms to Manipulieren
Page M12 Manipulsation to Maplehood limbo
Page M13 Mapleshade blues to March to death
Page M14 March to epiphany to Maria Kask
Page M15 Maria La Bella to Markee markau
Page M16 Marken crying to Martinas waltz
Page M17 Martine et Eddie vont en bateau to Masoosong
Page M18 MaSpace to Mats Berglunds polska
Page M19 Mats blues to May I never love again
Page M20 May I see your cotangent bundle please to Mbasera
Page M21 Mbass to Me vuelve loco la mortadela
Page M22 Me vuelves loca to Media minor
Page M23 Media moltitudinis to Meet me where they play the blues
Page M24 Meet me where you know to Melancholy march
Page M25 Melancholy May to Melody for contrabass with string quartet
Page M26 Melody for CT to Memories of Velden
Page M27 Memories of Venezuela to Mention my name
Page M28 Mention my name in Sheboygan to Mert nem szabat szereselek
Page M29 Mert szerettem bele magaba to Metal summer
Page M30 Metal tears to Meztiso
Page M31 Mezz and the Hamp to Michelle Ange
Page M32 Michelle del America de sud to Midnight in a madhouse
Page M33 Midnight in Amsterdam to Mighty high
Page M34 Mighty interlude to Milesruns
Page M35 Miless exercises to Min laege
Page M36 Min Lilla Ella to Mini
Page M37 Mini alternate to Minor improvements
Page M38 minor improvisation to Miracle cure
Page M39 Miracle enough to Misradhenuka
Page M40 Misratze brachamin to Missing line
Page M41 Missing link to Mister shuffle
Page M42 Mister Slug to Miya
Page M43 Miyako to Modal conversations
Page M44 Modal dancer to Mohandiseen
Page M45 Mohave to Moment of beauty
Page M46 moment of being the sound to Monday in July
Page M47 Monday in Manhattan to Monkey talk
Page M48 Monkey talkchim chim to Monsters
Page M49 Monsters dance to Moody funk
Page M50 Moody line with squeaks and foot work in two parts to Mooncalf speak once in thy life if thou beest a good man calf
Page M51 Moonchild to Moran Jacques
Page M52 Moran tonk circa 1935 to Morgan blue
Page M53 Morgan Davis to MorningMidday
Page M54 Mornings to Motel one
Page M55 Motel rond to Moulinette
Page M56 Moulos grimpos to Move to the outskirts of town
Page M57 Move to this to Moving picture
Page M58 Moving picture ball to Mr Dazzler
Page M59 Mr DC to Mr Moods touch
Page M60 Mr Moon to Mraz
Page M61 Mrazem to mug of ale
Page M62 Mug offer extended to Munoo
Page M63 Munotgloogli to Music for empty halls
Page M64 Music for every spilled tears to Musical introduction
Page M65 Musical letter to MW
Page M66 MW & GL to My cousin in Milwaukee
Page M67 My cousin James to My garbage guitar
Page M68 My garden to My life is in his hands
Page M69 My life is just a bowl of cherries to My name is Burns
Page M70 My name is carnival to My small one
Page M71 My small senor to Mymou
Page M72 Mymy to Mythical magic
Page M73 Mythland to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nagot snabbare blues
Page N2 Nagoya to Nancys fancy
Page N3 Nancys fantasy to Nasenbluten
Page N4 Nasenflotenkonzert to Natural valley
Page N5 Natural wisdom to Near far
Page N6 Near fatal funk to Negro rhapsodie no 1
Page N7 Negro song to Nerdville
Page N8 Nere nembu to Never givin up
Page N9 Never go away from me to New bolero
Page N10 New Bond Street to new Lords prayer
Page N11 New Lou to New Super Mario
Page N12 new superhero to Newport rag
Page N13 Newport romp to Nice friends
Page N14 Nice from Andy to Nigerian ju ju highlife
Page N15 Nigerian juju hilife to Night night
Page N16 Night night knight to Nightmare on Maple Street
Page N17 Nightmare on Swing Street to Nine to six
Page N18 Nine twelve and three to NNooiijjj nu gar det strkt men det skal nok ga alt sammen
Page N19 No to No direction
Page N20 No discount to No me mires ni me hables
Page N21 No me molesta to No pau de acucar
Page N22 No pay blues to No time shuffle
Page N23 No time so tender to Nobodys lonesome but me
Page N24 Nobodys looking to Noise for the boys
Page N25 Noise from SchachtAudorf to Nonrelated trees
Page N26 NonSchumann lied to North to South East to West
Page N27 North Utsire south Utsire to Not crazy for Vina
Page N28 Not creative to Note bleu
Page N29 Note blue to Noticiero
Page N30 Noticing the moment to Now & hear
Page N31 Now & now to Ntate moholo
Page N32 Ntatemoholo to Number II
Page N33 Number III to Nyack stuff bass intro
Page N34 Nyack stuff suite to NZZ


Page O1 O to O salihet stor
Page O2 O salutaris hostia to Oboe again
Page O3 Oboe blues to Ocqueocque
Page O4 Ocra to Ode to JD
Page O5 Ode to Jean Genet to Of smiles remembered
Page O6 Of song and silence to Oh Bo
Page O7 Oh bomb to Oh oh oh
Page O8 Oh oh oh Ah ah ah to Oistrakh
Page O9 Oita to Old bugs and new
Page O10 Old Bull Lee to old new waltz
Page O11 old new way to Oleodotti a sudest
Page O12 Oleole to Omkalfatring
Page O13 Omkara to On Miami shores
Page O14 On mike to On the path
Page O15 On the phone to Once in my lifetime
Page O16 Once in Paris to One fine day
Page O17 One fine day hell come to One for Terry Day
Page O18 One for TG to One more for the gutter
Page O19 One more for the mode to One symphony
Page O20 One take to Only for the pure at heart
Page O21 Only for those who care to Oohwhee
Page O22 Oohwow to Open the door Richard
Page O23 Open the door to him to Opus 76
Page O24 Opus 8 to Orchestra piece
Page O25 Orchestral detuning 2 in Gb to Original 13 II
Page O26 Original 2 to Oscar my friend
Page O27 Oscar night to other side of the rainbow with Sybil
Page O28 other side of the storm to Our hearts are one
Page O29 Our hearts belong to the blues to Out of line
Page O30 Out of loneliness to Outrising
Page O31 Outro to Overlife part 2
Page O32 Overload to Ozark mountain cougar fightin
Page O33 Ozark mountain railroad to O’new


Page P1 P to Paduca parade
Page P2 Paducah to Paju
Page P3 Paka Lolo to Pan passeu
Page P4 Pan pipe dance to Papa Long blues
Page P5 Papa Lou to Para que
Page P6 Para que escuchen to Paraty
Page P7 Paratyphus B to Parks place
Page P8 Parkside to Part 5 We who labor
Page P9 Part 50 to Partenze 1
Page P10 Partenze 2 to Pasillo azul
Page P11 Pasillo lento to Passion song from Redwood City
Page P12 Passion spring to Pathways to unknown worlds
Page P13 Pati to Pavanna Pavane
Page P14 Pavanne to Peaceful and content
Page P15 Peaceful anxiety to Pee dap
Page P16 Pee Dee stomp to Pennies for Sue
Page P17 Pennies from Heaven to Pepe soup
Page P18 Pepees dance to Perfect partners
Page P19 Perfect peace to Persian moon
Page P20 Persian night to Petes 7
Page P21 Petes alibi to Pflicht und gehorsam
Page P22 Pflon to Phineas in Vienna
Page P23 Phineas Newborn Jrs waltz to Piano intro to new life
Page P24 Piano intro to WOT to Pickford Street
Page P25 Pickin at the pic to Pieces of old sky
Page P26 Pieces of piggy to Pillow cat blues
Page P27 Pillow circle 10 to Pio pio
Page P28 Pioggerellina di Bogota to Pixilation
Page P29 Pixingiunha em Lisboa to Planete
Page P30 Planete Lee to Playa de Formosa
Page P31 Playa de las mucho D to Please have mercy
Page P32 Please help to Pluie et soleil
Page P33 Pluie Lyonnaise to Poem for Ornette Coleman
Page P34 Poem for Paula to Poke along blues
Page P35 Poke and hope to Polyby
Page P36 Polychromatic pictures to poor people of Paris
Page P37 Poor peoples BHonga to Porotiti rakau rewarewa
Page P38 Porous to Portrait of Miss D
Page P39 Portrait of Miss L to Postimpressions
Page P40 Postin to Pour une femme
Page P41 Pour victoire to Prairie du chien
Page P42 Prairie eyes to Precious air
Page P43 Precious and playful baby blues to Prelude IV WTC I
Page P44 Prelude IX to Premier rayon de lune en plein jour
Page P45 Premier reflet to Pretty down
Page P46 Pretty dowseress to Primier jour
Page P47 Priming to Private solitude
Page P48 Private stock to Prokogroove
Page P49 Prokosch to Protection
Page P50 Protection and provocation to Psychologicalphysiological
Page P51 psychology of SteepleChase to Pulsacion
Page P52 Pulsacion 1 to Purple dhal
Page P53 Purple distant to PUTT
Page P54 Putt it to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to quangle wangles hat
Page Q2 Quanglewangles lament to Que pana
Page Q3 Que pasa to question of forever
Page Q4 question of love to Quiet stars
Page Q5 Quiet steps to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio bo
Page R2 Radio bossa to Raging at the moon
Page R3 Raging bone to Rainbow dance
Page R4 Rainbow dreams to Ramadans slow song and dance
Page R5 Ramadolf to Raps
Page R6 Rapscallion to Ravel painting the snow part II
Page R7 Ravel painting the snow part III to Ready for a change
Page R8 Ready for action to Reasons to dream
Page R9 Reasons to live to Recreo blanco
Page R10 Recreo negro to Red like
Page R11 Red lilacs to Redux 2
Page R12 Redux 4 to Refused
Page R13 Refusion to Relativistic momentum
Page R14 Relativists waltz to Remembering him
Page R15 Remembering home to reoccurring dream
Page R16 Reoccurring nightmare to Resisting in space
Page R17 Resisting the beast to Retry
Page R18 Retsch to Reverse swing
Page R19 Reverse the charges to Rhumbus
Page R20 Rhumm bop to Rice head
Page R21 rice is burning to Riding the trade winds
Page R22 Riding the Valkyrie to rigors of love I
Page R23 rigors of love II to Rip it up
Page R24 Rip off to Ritual action of the ancestors
Page R25 Ritual advance to RNB first take
Page R26 RnBi to Robins make eggs blue
Page R27 Robins nest to Rockballade no 51
Page R28 Rockbar to Rogue march
Page R29 Rogue River valley to Romance de amor
Page R30 Romance de barrio to Ronnies introduction
Page R31 Ronnies line to Rosamadreselva
Page R32 Rosamarina to Rosys hangover rag
Page R33 Roszekis mit mahndlin to Route 40 west
Page R34 Route 405 to Rubber flowers
Page R35 Rubber foot to Ruhenol
Page R36 Ruhepol to Run through the jungle
Page R37 run through the neoliberalism to Russian suite Part 2
Page R38 Russian suite Part 3 to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred moments
Page S2 Sacred monsters to Saftaltl
Page S3 Sag to Saiseyes
Page S4 Saisie de donnees to Salsa sans souci
Page S5 Salsa saxophone to Samarium
Page S6 Samarkan to Samba horizontal
Page S7 Samba i lobetid to Same same but different
Page S8 Same shame to Sanctify
Page S9 Sanctifying the blues to Sans vergogne
Page S10 Sans vous to Saratoga blues
Page S11 Saratoga drag to Saturday is the loneliest night of the week
Page S12 Saturday jump to Saved as one
Page S13 Saved by a straw to Say little girl
Page S14 Say little mama say to Scary face
Page S15 Scary feet to Schicksalsmarsch
Page S16 Schiddisch to Schuberts boogie woogie
Page S17 Schuberts code to Scotticus & Vernellis
Page S18 Scottie to Se domani
Page S19 Se e por falta de adeus to Sean Wayland
Page S20 Seana marena to Second hand child
Page S21 Second hand dream to Secret question
Page S22 Secret recipe to Seeds of crystallization
Page S23 Seeds of doubt to Selamat malan
Page S24 Selamat pagi to Send for me
Page S25 Send for me if you need me to Sentimental trombone
Page S26 Sentimental trumpet to Serabond
Page S27 Seradenza to Serotonina
Page S28 Serpa to Seven Carabusy
Page S29 Seven card stud to Severin
Page S30 Severina to Shadow boxer’s delight
Page S31 Shadow boxes to Shakespearean song
Page S32 Shakespeares ghost to Shark waltz
Page S33 Sharkdog to She so lovely
Page S34 She spoke to me to Sherman Hotel shuffle
Page S35 Sherman oaks to Shikata ga nai
Page S36 Shiki to Shock value
Page S37 Shock wave to short stories likavitos
Page S38 Short stories suite to Showtipe tune
Page S39 Showtype tune to Si me enamore
Page S40 Si me enamoro to sidewalks of San Antonio
Page S41 Sidewalks of Southport to Signifying monkey
Page S42 Signifying woman to Silently speaking
Page S43 Silenzi to Sim shalom
Page S44 Sim shalom prayer for peace to Sinar
Page S45 Sinar bulan to Singing elephant
Page S46 singing fish to Siren spider seduction song
Page S47 Siren suit to Sitting still while the house next door burns
Page S48 Sitting to her left to Sizzling at the blue room
Page S49 Sizzling sausage skin to Skiffle blues
Page S50 Skiffle board blues to Sky coach
Page S51 Sky colours to Slawischer tanz
Page S52 Slay it to Slide Mr Jelly
Page S53 Slide Mr Jelly slide to Sloppy kisses
Page S54 Sloppy lips to Slowmoderately fast
Page S55 Slowmoods to Smedleys attack
Page S56 Smeenus smiles to Smoky lights
Page S57 Smoky Mary to Snatch of sliphorn jazz
Page S58 Snatch up to Snowqualmie
Page S59 Snows to So make the best of it
Page S60 So maki sum se rodila to Sober time
Page S61 Sober variations to Soft turmoil
Page S62 Soft walk to soldiers march part II
Page S63 Soldiers of Allah to Solo haiku
Page S64 Solo Hannover to Some fag rag
Page S65 Some fairys tale to Somebody told me they loved me
Page S66 Somebody touched me to Something for the boys
Page S67 Something for the future to Sometimes you have to choose sides
Page S68 Sometimes you have to cry to Sonata Die welt der schnure
Page S69 Sonata domestica Tourbillons to Song for Autumn
Page S70 Song for Ava to Song for Macau
Page S71 Song for Maddy and Michael to Song for To
Page S72 Song for today to Song of the dodo
Page S73 Song of the Dogon to Songworld
Page S74 Sonha yaya to Sooner than later
Page S75 Sooner than tomorrow to Sorta Spanish
Page S76 Sortablas to Soul rewind
Page S77 Soul rhymes to sound of one cross walking
Page S78 sound of Philadelphia to South 21st Street
Page S79 South 3rd saudade to Souvenirs dun instant
Page S80 Souvenirs dune autre vie to Spacial Pizz
Page S81 Spacial poem to Spate reue
Page S82 Spate sonne to Speedo
Page S83 Speedplay to Spinney
Page S84 Spinnin to Spirituality
Page S85 Spirituality of space to Sports heroes of 1927
Page S86 Sports lament to Springs walk
Page S87 Springshot to Squitt
Page S88 Squitty geshee to Stadium wave
Page S89 Stadoan no 8 to Standing where the changes begin
Page S90 Standing with Sally to Stars fell
Page S91 Stars fell from Alabama to Stay healthy
Page S92 Stay here to Stella by starlight
Page S93 Stella by starlight too to Stesso riff
Page S94 Stesuff to still small voice Elijah 1 Kings 1913
Page S95 Still smokin menthol to Stolz aus Holz
Page S96 Stolzierender protz to Stop kidding
Page S97 Stop kidding yourself to Story of three
Page S98 story of two cigarettes to Strange mellow Theme
Page S99 Strange melody to Streams of more or less immediate datum
Page S100 Streams of the Sumida River to Strikk
Page S101 Strikology to struggle for the Rondonian rain forest
Page S102 Struggle gives you strength to Stumblin home satisfied
Page S103 Stumbling to Subtractio
Page S104 Subtraction to Sugar
Page S105 Sugar & spice to Suite for Claudia
Page S106 Suite for D and Y to Sulle onde del Danubio
Page S107 Sulle salaisuuden kertoa ma voisin to summers kiss
Page S108 Summers last moon to Sunbeana samba
Page S109 Sunbelt Mulher rendeira to Sunny spot
Page S110 Sunny steppes to Super chief boogie
Page S111 Super chops to Surf monkey
Page S112 Surf pipers to Sustaining revelation
Page S113 Sustaining vain gestures in the air to Swapmeet Swapmeet
Page S114 Swapping horns to Sweet Emma Barrett
Page S115 Sweet Emmalina to Sweet repose threat
Page S116 Sweet return to Swift boat twist
Page S117 Swift code to Swing that thing
Page S118 Swing the bells to Swinging pigeons
Page S119 Swinging pigs to Symbols of Hopi
Page S120 Symbols strings and magic to Szarancza
Page S121 Szarnyak to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Taffy pull
Page T2 Taffy twist to Take advantage
Page T3 Take aim to Take wing with swing
Page T4 Take yo finger off it to Tales of the old grandmother
Page T5 Tales of the phatman to Tamalpais night
Page T6 Tamalpals to Tango fangoso
Page T7 Tango fantasy in C to Tanz der scharlatane
Page T8 Tanz der Schatten to Tarsicon
Page T9 Tart suite to Tbalntumble
Page T10 TBBM to Tears for earth
Page T11 Tears for Esbjorn to Tehu six
Page T12 Tehuantepec to Tell the Lord Im coming home someday
Page T13 Tell the rain to Temporary aid
Page T14 Temporary baby to Tennesse waltz
Page T15 TENNESSEE to Terra roja II
Page T16 Terra rossa to Texas little
Page T17 Texas mambo to Thanks Miss L
Page T18 Thanks Mr Benny to That roses grew
Page T19 That Russian thing to Thats real boogiewoogie boys
Page T20 Thats rhythm to Theme 101
Page T21 Theme 11 for Cecil Taylor to Theme from Ironside
Page T22 Theme from Is Paris burning to Then I will take you home
Page T23 Then I wonder to There was once a man
Page T24 There was once a time to Theres only one
Page T25 Theres only one man to They took my money
Page T26 They took the stars out of heaven to Think blue count two
Page T27 Think carefully to Thirsty eyes
Page T28 Thirsty for your kisses to This is real
Page T29 This is really where I want to be to This type of guy
Page T30 This universe of blue to Thousand cutsTuna puna
Page T31 Thousand cutsUpper West Side to Three forgotten magic words
Page T32 Three forks to Three silver hairs
Page T33 Three silver ladies dance to Through that door
Page T34 Through the ages to Ti zoizeau
Page T35 Tia Juana to Tiger rag fantasy
Page T36 Tiger rag mambo to Timba mabo
Page T37 Timba tune to Time river
Page T38 Time rize to Tin city
Page T39 Tin dipper blues to Tirapie
Page T40 Tirata tiratata to to a poem by Georg Trakl
Page T41 To a poor old woman to To know her is to love her
Page T42 To know him is to love him to To the one
Page T43 To the ones I love to Todi world
Page T44 Todicher to Tom Jones medley
Page T45 Tom Lear to tone the whole tone and nothing but the tone
Page T46 Tone time to Too many beautiful girls
Page T47 Too many broken dreams to Topaz cathedral
Page T48 Topaz part one to Totally you
Page T49 Totallycut beer gut to Tout commence
Page T50 Tout compte fait to Track 13
Page T51 Track 15 to Trains can also see dreams
Page T52 Trains chains and stomach pains to Transition 2
Page T53 Transition 3 to Travelin across the land
Page T54 Travelin all alone to Treeing
Page T55 Treelife to Tribal symmetry
Page T56 Tribal taboo to Trihs song
Page T57 Trikings to Trip to the tip
Page T58 Trip to the watercooler to Trois fois rien cest deja quelque chose
Page T59 Trois fragments to troubadors
Page T60 Troubadour to Trumpet madness
Page T61 Trumpet mambo to Tscheroki
Page T62 Tschi to Tude
Page T63 Tudes to Tune X
Page T64 Tune your room to Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Page T65 Turn your head to Tvo duvor
Page T66 Tvofaldur vikingur to Twilight music
Page T67 Twilight of my dreams to Two dancers
Page T68 Two dances to Two of six
Page T69 Two of swords to Twos
Page T70 Twos and fews to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to uis
Page U2 Uist tramping song to Umrem
Page U3 Umrem umrem to Un popolo disperso
Page U4 Un poquito to Unclaimed freight
Page U5 Uncle to Under the grass
Page U6 Under the green pepper tree to Une melodie
Page U7 Une melodie pour toi to Unis
Page U8 Unis son to Unnatural pastime
Page U9 Unnecessary celebration to Untitled 874
Page U10 Untitled 9 to Up jump
Page U11 Up jump spring to Uptown local
Page U12 Uptown lullaby to Use what you got
Page U13 Use what youve got to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valerie
Page V2 Valerie E to Valse la dance
Page V3 Valse la dolce vita to Vanity waltz
Page V4 Vanitys paramour to Variations Furioso
Page V5 Variations I to vaunt guard
Page V6 Vautil la peine to Venedig bei nacht
Page V7 Venelite to Verlieb Dich in mich
Page V8 Verliebt to Verzertt
Page V9 Verzierungen to Vicio
Page V10 Vicio de amor to View from the inside
Page V11 view from the island to Vine a Adorar
Page V12 Vine and vein to Virtual whatever
Page V13 Virtuale o attuale to Vittula
Page V14 Vitu zuri to Voice abusou
Page V15 voice and nothing more to Vom Regenbogen
Page V16 Vom Schiffenensee to Voyelles & nuits damour
Page V17 Voyeur voyeur to Vztek


Page W1 W to Wait wait wait
Page W2 Wait with me love to Wake up daddy
Page W3 Wake up dead to Walkin and stalkin
Page W4 Walkin and swingin to Walking with a start
Page W5 Walking with angels to Waltz for Duke Pearson
Page W6 Waltz for Dylan to Waltz in red
Page W7 Waltz in September to Wanks thang
Page W8 Wankunku to warrior temple
Page W9 warrior who became a tiger to Watch out dynamite
Page W10 Watch out for GV to Watermelon boogie
Page W11 Watermelon cellar to way silent
Page W12 way some people live to We can change the world
Page W13 We can do it to We sing and think
Page W14 We sing for the future to Wedding song
Page W15 Wedding song at the Black Sea to Welcome me
Page W16 Welcome Mike to Wenn der Weisse flieder
Page W17 Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder bluht to West from Californias shores
Page W18 West gate to What a body
Page W19 What a boring cunt to What do you want wid Bess
Page W20 What do you want with Bess to What love can do
Page W21 What love can lead to to What you want me to do
Page W22 What you want poor me to do to Wheat fields in the wind
Page W23 Wheat germ landscapes to When I march in April with May
Page W24 When I meander in the meadow to When Pluto was a certainty
Page W25 When police came they also hit me to When theres nothing left to say
Page W26 When theres only me to When youre smiling
Page W27 When youre smilingSmiles to Where its sunny
Page W28 Where jazz lived to Whew
Page W29 Whew what a dream to Whispering of the stars
Page W30 Whispering out of the south to White star stomp
Page W31 White stone to Who wants to fall in love
Page W32 Who wants to know to Whose news
Page W33 Whose reality is this anyway to Why should I pretend
Page W34 Why should I remember to Wigglys way
Page W35 Wiggo to Will love
Page W36 Will love come along again to Wind bell
Page W37 Wind bells to Wine dark seaNext question
Page W38 Wine feast to Winter will
Page W39 Winter willow to Witch walk
Page W40 Witch waltz to Within me
Page W41 Within me I know to Wolf tone
Page W42 Wolf totem to Wondering why
Page W43 Wonderings to word from Bird
Page W44 Word from Deacon Bird to World of wonderful
Page W45 World of wonders to Wrap you in my wings
Page W46 Wrap you troubles in dreams to WWTWD
Page W47 WWW to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee doodle rhythm
Page Y2 Yankee doodle town to Yell & scamper
Page Y3 yell of the tribe to Yes youll play
Page Y4 Yes Your Majesty to Yoho and go ahead
Page Y5 Yohoo and ahead to You are the sunshine of my live
Page Y6 You are the tattoo of my life to You cant sit down
Page Y7 You cant sleep in my bed to You got me wrong
Page Y8 You got money to You make my love burn bright
Page Y9 You make sense to You taught me how to love
Page Y10 You taught me how to smile again to Youll see when you see
Page Y11 Youll see you to Your love is my love
Page Y12 Your love is never ending to Youre home now
Page Y13 Youre humbuggin me to Youth of a new day
Page Y14 youth of Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood to Yusef
Page Y15 Yusef Isef too to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zawinuls mambo
Page Z2 Zawodowe mieczaki to Zie
Page Z3 Ziedegijmegere to Zona mista
Page Z4 Zona Mona to Zuui salkhi
Page Z5 Zuviel manner to Zzzzzip