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Page Y6 - You are the tattoo of my life to You cant sit down

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Tune nameSessions
You are the tattoo of my life1
You are the traveler1
You are the weaver of my dreams1
You are the world1
You are them1
You are there81
You are to me everything1
You are to me what the moon is to poets1
You are too beautiful242
You are too good1
You are too sexy1
You are valentine1
You are walking on a sleeping summer1
You are welcome2
You are what you are2
You are what you eat1
You are what you is2
You are what you say is1
You are what you think2
You are where you live1
You are who you love1
You are with me1
You are woman3
You arent all that1
You around1
You as a man1
You ask for good reason1
You asked1
You asked for it4
You asked for it you got it1
You asked me to1
You asked me why1
You at the other1
You awake1
You babe1
You baby2
You battle head beetle head1
You be1
You be hanged2
You be me1
You be my baby4
You be the judge1
You be you5
You be you and Ill be me1
You be you but let me be me1
You become my song1
You bedda dont do dat1
You been away too long1
You been doin to him what I wish your were doin to me1
You been gone too long1
You been good to me1
You been holding out too long1
You been talkin bout me baby1
You believe1
You believed1
You belong to her2
You belong to me49
You belong to me I belong to you1
You belong to my heart23
You belong to somebody else1
You belong to you2
You bet4
You bet I do1
You bet your love1
You betcha2
You betcha my life6
You betta off1
You better be ready1
You better be satisfied2
You better be sure1
You better be wrong1
You better believe it5
You better blues1
You better build loves fire1
You better change1
You better change your tune1
You better change your way of lovin2
You better come back2
You better come home1
You better do it now before you die later1
You better do right1
You better find a job1
You better find yourself another fool1
You better fly away2
You better get it in your soul1
You better get Wildroot1
You better go2
You better go now86
You better keep away from me1
You better keep the home fires burning2
You better know2
You better know it14
You better leave1
You better leave it alone2
You better leave my woman alone1
You better leave right now1
You better let that lie alone1
You better look out2
You better love me8
You better love me while you may1
You better mind2
You better move on1
You better not go to college1
You better not mess with me1
You better play ball with me2
You better put it in the Tupperware1
You better quit it1
You better read before you sign1
You better smile1
You better stop2
You better take six1
You better take the groove1
You better watch out1
You better watch yourself bub2
You better watch yourself with that one1
You better woo your baby1
You big1
You big ham1
You bit the hand that fed you1
You blew it2
You blew out the flame in my heart13
You blow my heart away1
You blue too1
You blues you lose1
You bluesed me1
You bossa nova me1
You bother me1
You bought me violets for my furs1
You break it you bought it1
You break it you buy it1
You break it you own it1
You breathed in a storm1
You bring me alive1
You bring me down3
You bring me joy2
You bring me up1
You bring out my best1
You bring out the best in me2
You bring out the lover in me1
You bring out the savage in me2
You bring the best out in me2
You bring the rain1
You bring the sun out3
You broke me1
You broke my heart1
You broke my heart little darling1
You broke the only heart2
You broke the only heart that ever loved you1
You broke your promise33
You broke your vows1
You brought a new kind of love5
You brought a new kind of love to me118
You brought a new kinda love to me1
You brought me everything but love1
You brought me heartaches1
You brought me love1
You brought me more than sunshine1
You brought out the good in me1
You bug me baby2
You burned the tables on me1
You busted my bubble1
You call everybody darling4
You call everyone darling1
You call it2
You call it joggin3
You call it jogging1
You call it love1
You call it madness53
You call it madness and I call it love1
You call it madness but I call it love2
You call it madness I call it love3
You call me1
You call that constructive criticism1
You call this a brigade1
You call this a living1
You call this inauguration1
You call we fly1
You called me1
You called me at last1
You came1
You came a long way from St Louis88
You came a long way to St Louis1
You came along15
You came back1
You came by1
You came into my life5
You came just in time1
You came like welcome rain1
You came to me3
You came to my rescue5
You came when I went1
You can3
You can always count on me3
You can always go back1
You can always make me smile1
You can always tell a Yank1
You can be1
You can be a star1
You can be replaced1
You can be so happy1
You can be sure2
You can be sure of spring1
You can beat the slanted cards1
You can bet your life1
You can bet your sweet baby1
You can bring me all your heartaches1
You can bring me flowers1
You can call1
You can call it swing2
You can call me Al1
You can call me baby all the time1
You can call on me1
You can close your eyes4
You can come callin again1
You can come home1
You can count of me1
You can count on me13
You can count on me to do my part4
You can cry on somebody elses shoulder1
You can dance now1
You can dance with me1
You can depend on me274
You can dip your bread in my gravy but you cant have none of my chops1
You can do a lot of things at the seaside1
You can do it4
You can do magic1
You can do no wrong2
You can do what you want1
You can feel it coming on about four1
You can feel it doin you good1
You can fly7
You can fly so high1
You can fool some of the people1
You can fool some of the people some of the jive1
You can get a lot for what you got1
You can get it writing music1
You can get there1
You can get what you want1
You can go1
You can go feed yourself1
You can go home1
You can grow too1
You can have her3
You can have him17
You can have him I dont want him1
You can have him I dont want him blues2
You can have him I dont want him didnt love him anyhow blues2
You can have him if you want him1
You can have it7
You can have it all1
You can have it I dont want it1
You can have me anytime2
You can have my husband6
You can have my husband but please dont mess with my man2
You can have my man3
You can have the tv1
You can have watergate just gimme some bucks and Ill be straight1
You can have your chill1
You can have your snake and eat it too1
You can hide inside the music1
You can if you think you can1
You can if you try1
You can kiss me into anything1
You can leave your hat on3
You can let go now1
You can let me go2
You can let me know1
You can look but you cant touch1
You can make it3
You can make it baby1
You can make it if you cry1
You can make it if you tried1
You can make it if you try6
You can make my life a bed of roses2
You can make the story right2
You can never capture it again1
You can never give me back my heart1
You can never hold back spring1
You can never shake love4
You can never tell what your perfectly good man will do1
You can only wait so long1
You can put your shoes under my bed1
You can read1
You can rest your eyes1
You can run3
You can run but you cant hide1
You can run but you cant slip away1
You can run you cant hide1
You can say that again1
You can see6
You can see forever8
You can see the ocean from here1
You can sing a rainbow1
You can sleep now1
You can soothe yourself1
You can stay1
You can stay there where the pepper grows1
You can take it or leave it2
You can take it with you1
You can take me away from Dixie1
You can take my blues away1
You can take my heart1
You can take my man2
You can take my man but you cant keep him long1
You can take my word for it baby3
You can take your funny money honey1
You can talk during this1
You can tell1
You can tell a guy by his anger1
You can tell a moment of clarity by the digital trace it leaves1
You can tell her anything under the sun1
You can tell she comes from Dixie4
You can tell someone wholl never fulfill theyre potential by the way they measure the Evenin1
you can tell where someone comes from by what they laugh at1
You can think twice1
You can trust in me1
You can trust us1
You can turn me on1
You can turn to me1
You cannot be serious1
You cannot be sirius1
You cannot break even1
You cannot in Connaught1
You cannot resist1
You cannot that shimmy here1
You cant1
You cant always get1
You cant always get what you want6
You cant always lead a horse to water but you sure can drive him to drink1
You cant argue with ignorance1
You cant be in love with a dream2
You cant be like my last man was1
You cant be lucky all the time1
You cant be mine and somebody elses too7
You cant be mine anymore1
You cant be serious2
You cant be serious You must be joking2
You cant be sirius2
You cant be sure2
You cant be sure of anything1
You cant be tellin lies1
You cant be true1
You cant be true dear11
You cant beat uncle Sam1
You cant believe my eyes1
You cant bet on love1
You cant blame it on him1
You cant bomb me1
You cant break a broken heart1
You cant bring me down1
You cant brush me off3
You cant but you can1
You cant buy love1
You cant buy swing1
You cant castle in check1
You cant change a man1
You cant cheat a cheater6
You cant choose the world you live in1
You cant come in2
You cant cry over my shoulder1
You cant deepfreeze a red hot mama1
You cant do a thing when youre drunk1
You cant do anything about it1
You cant do it alone1
You cant do me this way1
You cant do that8
You cant do that to me3
You cant do that with me1
You cant do the boogie in school1
You cant do what my last man did14
You cant dress like me1
You cant eat fishing1
You cant eat golden dumplings1
You cant eat your cake1
You cant escape from me12
You cant escape your destiny1
You cant espcape from me1
You cant fight the satellite blues1
You cant finance that1
You cant find me1
You cant fly if youre too high1
You cant fool me1
You cant get a man with a gun1
You cant get along when youre with em or without em1
You cant get anything out of me1
You cant get away2
You cant get away from it1
You cant get away from my heart1
You cant get away from the blues1
You cant get it now1
You cant get lovin where there aint any love2
You cant get stuff in your cuff3
You cant get stuff on your cuff1
You cant get that no more2
You cant get that stuff no more1
You cant get the stuff no more1
You cant get there from here2
You cant get to heaven by living like hell1
You cant get to heaven on roller skates1
You cant get to heaven that way4
You cant get to Heaven this way1
You cant get too far with a broken heart1
You cant give a woman everything she needs1
You cant go1
You cant go back3
You cant go back now1
You cant go home2
You cant go home again38
You cant go wrong2
You cant grow old again1
You cant guess how good it is1
You cant hardly get them no more2
You cant have anything1
You cant have everything6
You cant have him1
You cant have it all3
You cant have it unless I give it to you5
You cant have lovin unless blues1
You cant have my blues1
You cant have my love no more1
You cant have my sugar for tea2
You cant have no one man by yourself1
You cant have none of that1
You cant have one without the other1
You cant have the cake and eat it too1
You cant have your cake1
You cant have your cake and eat it5
You cant have your cake and eat it too2
You cant have your Kate and Edith too1
You cant help lovin dat man1
You cant hide4
You cant hide a heartache1
You cant hide love5
You cant hold a man1
You cant hold a memory in your arms1
You cant hold me back1
You cant imagine1
You cant judge a book2
You cant judge a book by its cover3
You cant judge a book by the cover1
You cant judge a book from the cover1
You cant just1
You cant keep a good man down2
You cant keep it to yourself1
You cant kill me2
You cant kill the beast1
You cant kiss a dream goodnight1
You cant kiss a frigidaire1
You cant last long like that1
You cant live in Harlem2
You cant live in my world1
You cant live rhythm1
You cant loose a broken heart1
You cant lose1
You cant lose a broken heart29
You cant lose em all1
You cant lose me Cholly1
You cant lose with the blues2
You cant love em all2
You cant love them all2
You cant love two1
You cant make a fool out of me2
You cant make a monkey out of me1
You cant make a woman change her mind1
You cant make love alone1
You cant make love with a cold1
You cant make me love you1
You cant make money dreamin2
You cant mess around with love1
You cant move me1
You cant name your own tune3
You cant pawn a heart1
You cant play that1
You cant prevent love1
You cant proposition me1
You cant pull me down1
You cant pull the wool over my eyes18
You cant push people around1
You cant put out a fire1
You cant put that monkey on my back1
You cant ride my train1
You cant run around6
You cant run away1
You cant run away from it1
You cant run away from love4
You cant run away from love tonight4
You cant run away from your feet1
You cant run away from your heart1
You cant rush spring6
You cant say anything nice1
You cant say I didnt try1
You cant say Poem in concrete1
You cant see1
You cant see the blood1
You cant see the moon without the sun1
You cant see the sun when youre crying1
You cant see thunder1
You cant shoot your pistol1
You cant shush Katie13
You cant sit down6

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