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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page Y11 - Youll see you to Your love is my love

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Tune nameSessions
Youll see you1
Youll soon be singing the blues1
Youll stay1
Youll stay in my heart1
Youll still be by girl1
Youll take care of me1
Youll thank me later1
Youll think of me blues1
Youll wake up wiser1
Youll walk alone1
Youll want diamonds1
Youll want me back2
Youll want me back again2
Youll want me back some day1
Youll want me back someday1
Youll want me back someday mama1
Youll want my love2
Youll wind up a top1
Youll wish you had1
Youll wish youd never been born2
Youm malquaqdelhi1
Youn grap rev2
Youn me1
Yound no more1
Young & fine1
Young & foolish1
Young & fresh1
Young & unfashioned1
Young afro brown1
Young and ambitious1
young and cinema1
Young and dangerous1
Young and fine17
Young and foolish175
Young and free1
Young and fresh energy1
Young and healthy14
Young and Holtful1
Young and in love2
Young and innocent2
young and lonely1
Young and lost1
Young and old2
Young and playful1
Young and pretty bride1
Young and resilient1
Young and tender1
young and the old1
Young and wild2
Young and willing1
Young angel1
Young April love1
Young at heart95
Young at play1
Young Bean1
Young Benjamin1
Young Billy Young1
young blade1
Young blood39
Young bloods2
Young bloods blues1
Young blue eyes1
Young blues2
Young boy1
Young boy in the woods1
Young brother1
Young Bucks1
Young Bud1
Young buddy1
Young buds1
young child1
young cigar1
Young Confucius1
Young Dan1
Young date1
Young Dr Trumpet1
Young drummer1
Young elephant1
Young embrace1
Young emotions1
Young energy1
Young enough to dream1
Young experts1
young explorer1
Young fashioned ways7
Young feeling1
Young Filly1
Young folks3
Young folks should get married4
Young folksTwo for the road1
Young for ever1
Young forever1
Young forever forever young1
Young generation1
Young genius1
young get old and the old get cold blues1
Young gifted and black1
young girl6
Young girl blues2
Young girl in flower1
young girl made a crown of forest flowers1
Young girls1
Young girls blues2
Young girls coming to the canyon1
Young girls dream1
Young girls from the country1
Young girls jumpin dance1
young girls wish no 11
Young God1
Young heart1
Young hearts1
Young Heffer blues1
Young Heifer blues1
Young ideas5
Young in New Orleans1
Young in the 80s2
Young jazz1
Young Jean1
Young John1
young knight1
Young lady1
young ladys vision1
Young leaders1
Young Lee1
Young Lesley1
Young like1
Young lion1
Young lions in the meat market1
Young lions old tigers1
young Louis1
Young love9
Young love go wrong1
Young love in May1
Young lovers2
Young lovers at first sight1
Young lovers waltz1
Young maestro1
Young maidens prayer1
Young Malcolm1
Young mama1
Young man2
Young man at the bar1
Young man blues2
young man is gone1
Young man on the way up1
young man sings1
young man who couldnt hoe corn1
Young man with a horn13
Young man with flute1
Young man with the blues1
Young man with the horn6
Young man young woman blues1
Young mans blues5
young mans fancy10
Young mans fool1
Young mans lament1
Young married man1
Young men get it in in electricity1
young Mexican puppeteer1
Young mice1
young mind1
young monk1
Young mother1
Young mums bums1
Young night1
Young no more2
Young one7
young ones3
Young pale man step away otherwise I will1
Young Paolo1
Young people1
Young people with faces1
Young peoples tune1
Young Peter1
Young play2
Young prince and princess2
young prince and the young princess5
Young rabbits5
Young rabbits 71721
Young Roy1
young runaways1
Young song1
young sophisticated1
Young soul1
Young spirits1
Young Street1
Young stuff1
Young sycamore1
Young teeth1
Young Turks2
young turquoise1
young uns1
Young warrior1
Young werther1
Young woman blues3
Young womans blues30
Young woman’s blues1
Young world1
young years1
younger and the elder1
Younger dreams2
Younger dryas2
Younger every day1
younger generation5
Younger girl1
Younger saxophonists1
Younger than spring1
Younger than springtime63
Younger than sringtime1
Younger then springtime1
Younger woman1
Youngmen insist1
Youngs dream1
Youngs father1
Youngs makes me feel you so1
Youpie musique1
Your a dead man1
Your a heartbreaker1
Your absence is noted1
Your aftermath1
Your all1
Your amazing grace3
Your ambivalence1
Your answer is wrong1
Your are so beautiful1
Your ark is waiting1
Your armour1
Your arms around me now1
Your arms of love1
Your attention please1
Your attitude surprises me1
Your average kind of guy1
Your baby aint sweet like mine3
Your backs out1
Your ballad4
Your basic gospel tune1
Your beautiful corpse1
Your beauty is a song of love2
Your beauty is devine1
Your beauty is divine1
Your beginning1
Your best friend1
Your billows and breakers1
Your binoculars1
Your birds feet1
Your biscuit’s plenty tall enough for me1
Your blues1
Your blues is my blues1
Your body1
Your body is a wonderland1
Your body is your prison1
Your body makes eyes at me1
Your bodys callin1
Your bones are hollow now1
Your boogie man1
Your bread may be good but it aint as good as Mine1
Your breast is enough1
Your breath smells1
Your bright red lips1
Your Broadway and my Broadway3
Your brothers rag1
Your brow my brow1
Your brown eyes are blue1
Your call3
Your call Madison Tom1
Your call will be answered by our next available represen tative in the order it was receivedPlease stay on the line your call is important to us1
Your call will be answered by our next available representative in the order in which it was received Please stay on the line your call is important to us1
Your caress1
Your cash aint nothin but trash2
Your cat1
Your cat plays piano1
Your cent1
Your chariot awaits1
Your cheatin heart27
Your cheating heart3
Your check shirt1
Your checks in the mail1
Your child1
Your choice3
Your clothes look lonesome hangin on the line1
Your complexities2
Your concrete1
Your conscience tells you so2
Your countenance1
Your countryness1
Your crooked heart1
Your cup of tea1
Your cuplets brimming1
your daddy1
Your daddy loves you2
Your daddys doggin around1
Your daddys got the gleeks3
Your daily gift1
Your dancing feet are the tombs of tortured men1
Your dark side1
Your decrees1
Your deepening shadow1
Your definition of love1
Your design1
Your destiny1
Your dining pleasure1
Your double smile1
Your dream3
Your dream or mine1
Your dreams are on their way2
Your dreams are so unrealizable1
Your dreams await1
Your dress was not red1
Your egg roll1
Your embrace3
Your ermine soil its viands1
Your ever loving arms1
Your exit1
Your experience may differ1
Your eye1
Your eyebrows go well with your face1
Your eyes37
Your eyes are beautiful1
Your eyes are biggar than your heart1
Your eyes are bigger than your heart1
Your eyes are blue2
Your eyes changed us1
Your eyes closed3
Your eyes dance with love1
Your eyes dont lie1
Your eyes have me dreaming1
Your eyes in the morning1
Your eyes in the whiskey1
Your eyes may be a street1
Your eyes meet mine1
Your eyes speak to me2
Your eyes the moonlight2
Your eyes the sea1
Your eyes Your smile1
Your fabulous fare1
Your face8
Your face arrives in the redbud trees1
Your face everywhere1
Your face is familiar1
Your face your voice1
Your family1
Your fantasy1
Your fate has come1
Your fate to the wind1
Your father is coming upstairs with an axe1
Your fathers feathers1
Your fathers moustache6
Your fathers mustache12
Your fathers names1
Your favorite kind1
Your favorite song1
Your favorite things1
Your feelings1
Your feets to big1
Your feets too big71
Your final phone call arrives for Victoria Galli1
Your first bicycle1
Your first day1
Your first touch1
Your first word was light1
Your fleeting love1
Your folks3
Your folks dont want to see me no more1
Your folks will start wearing black1
Your fool again2
Your Friend1
Your friend Corey1
Your friendly neighborhood big band1
Your friends1
Your funds too big blues1
Your funeral my trial1
Your funny lookin self1
Your funny things1
Your game1
Your garden of dreams1
Your gentle heart1
Your giant ways1
Your goal1
Your going aint giving me the blues1
Your gold teeth II1
Your good good loving1
Your good thing3
Your good thing is about to end1
Your goodbyekiss should be short late and remind me of an unforgettable town1
Your grace2
Your grace stand guard all round my house1
Your grace stands guard all round my house1
Your great name1
Your green eyes1
Your grief1
Your guess is as good as mine5
Your guess is just as good as mine1
Your guest is as good as mine2
Your hand in mine1
Your hand in my hand1
Your hands2
Your handy man1
Your happiness1
Your happiness is mine1
Your head is now a drum1
Your head on my shoulder1
Your headdress is silver and silk1
Your heart4
Your heart alone1
Your heart and mine2
Your heart belongs to me2
Your heart is a liar1
Your heart is as black as night1
Your heart is safe with me1
Your heart is so cold1
Your heart my heart1
Your heart never lies1
Your heart of stone1
Your hearts timeless charms1
Your hellish ways1
Your higher self1
Your highness3
Your hignes1
Your hit parade1
Your home1
Your honor2
Your hope1
Your host2
Your husbands cheating on us1
Your ideas are my ideas1
Your indifference1
Your innocent smile1
Your inside out1
Your inviolable freedoms1
Your jelly roll is good1
Your jewel1
Your job obedient ghost1
Your just an old Antidisestablishmentarianismist1
Your karmic monitor speaking1
Your key dont fit my door1
Your key dont fit no more1
Your kind attention1
Your kind brings joy2
Your kind of love3
Your kind of music1
Your kind of woman1
Your kindness1
Your kiss2
Your kisses1
Your lady15
Your last affront1
Your last breath1
Your last chance1
Your last Charleston1
Your last time out1
Your laughing at me1
Your laughter1
Your left hand just exploded1
Your life2
Your life had a meaningReprise Make it stop1
Your life here1
Your life is my life1
Your light1
Your lines1
Your lips2
Your lips tell me no no but theres yes yes in your eyes1
Your little dog2
Your little girl1
Your little poodle1
Your little voice1
Your live speaks to me1
Your look1
Your look says it all1
Your love18
Your love amazes me1
Your love for me is gone1
Your love has faded16
Your love has got me1
Your love has lifted me1
Your love has me rockin and reelin1
Your love is digital1
Your love is everything but you1
Your love is here3
Your love is just too much2
Your love is keeping me alive1
Your love is king1
Your love is like a dream come true1
Your love is like the wind1
Your love is my ecstacy1
Your love is my love1

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