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Page W33 - Why be scared of a hat to Why why why

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Tune nameSessions
Why be scared of a hat1
Why be so blue2
Why Because1
Why begin again7
Why believe1
Why birds always sing2
Why blue1
Why bother4
Why Buddha1
Why Bye1
Why call it a night1
Why call it amnesia1
Why cant everybody be nice like Gareth1
Why cant he be you2
Why cant I15
Why cant I be there1
Why cant I be with you blues1
Why cant I be your back doorman instead1
Why cant I be your man1
Why cant I come to you1
Why cant I ever think of something clever1
Why cant I find somebody to love1
Why cant I fly1
Why cant I forget about you1
Why cant I go to him1
Why cant I speak1
Why cant it be2
Why cant It be me1
Why cant it be poor little me1
Why cant it wait till morning1
Why cant she lower the alimony1
Why cant the English1
Why cant this night go on forever8
Why cant we2
Why cant we all get along1
Why cant we all just get along2
Why cant we be friends3
Why cant we do it again2
Why cant we get along2
Why cant we live together5
Why cant we make it1
Why cant we see1
Why cant we share what we have2
Why cant we take a chance1
Why cant we talk1
Why cant you8
Why cant you be like everyone else1
Why cant you behave35
Why cant you do it now1
Why cant you honey1
Why cant you love that way2
Why cares1
Why certainly1
Why change2
Why Charlie Brown1
Why choose1
Why coffee1
Why come to me sad lover1
Why couldnt be poor little me1
Why couldnt it be poor little me23
Why couldnt it have been me1
Why couldnt it last last night5
Why cry4
Why cry blues2
Why daddy why1
Why dance3
Why darling why2
Why daughter how are you1
Why dear2
Why deny1
Why did I1
Why did I always depend on you2
Why did I choose thee1
Why did I choose you109
Why did I choose you for M1
Why did I chose you1
Why did I do it1
Why did I have to fall in love with you1
Why did I kiss that girl4
Why did I still love you1
Why did it have to be me3
Why did it have to end so soon4
Why did it have to rain1
Why did it take so long1
Why did kiss that girl1
Why did Mrs Murphy leave town1
Why did my baby put me down1
Why did she choose you3
Why did this happen to me1
Why did we have to part1
Why did you avoid me1
Why did you come into my life2
Why did you do it3
Why did you do that to me2
Why did you fool me1
Why did you get so high shorty1
Why did you go4
Why did you have to die1
Why did you have to go1
Why did you leave3
Why did you leave heaven1
Why did you leave me5
Why did you leave me alone1
Why did you let me go1
Why did you lie1
Why did you lie to me1
Why did you make a plaything of me1
Why did you make me cry2
Why did you move to London1
Why did you pick me up when I was down why didnt you let me lay1
Why did you say we were through1
Why did you take your love away from me1
Why did you tell me I love you2
Why did you turn me on1
Why did you waste my time1
Why did you whisper goodbye2
Why didnt I1
Why didnt William tell1
Why didnt you tell me1
Why didnt you tell me so1
Why do caged birds sing1
Why do fools fall in love4
Why do Hawaiians sing aloha1
Why do I6
Why do I ask1
Why do I care3
Why do I dream those dreams1
Why do I lie to myself3
Why do I lie to myself about you7
Why do I love you129
Why do I love you like I do2
Why do I say I love you1
Why do I still dream of you2
Why do I wait1
Why do people fall in love5
Why do the wrong people travel1
Why do these things1
Why do they always say no1
Why do they play like that1
Why do want to make those eyes at me for1
Why do we do what we do1
Why do we pick slavery over freedom1
Why do we sleep at night1
Why do we try1
Why do we want to know1
Why do you ask me that1
Why do you cry5
Why do you do1
Why do you do me2
Why do you do me that way1
Why do you do things to cause me sorrow1
Why do you have to go home1
Why do you have to go to New York1
Why do you hurt me1
Why do you jive me daddy1
Why do you keep coming back1
Why do you keep me hanging on1
Why do you laugh at me2
Why do you leave me1
Why do you lie1
Why do you linger1
Why do you make me lonesome1
Why do you pass me by3
Why do you play so long1
Why do you ride1
Why do you say that1
Why do you stare1
Why do you suppose4
Why do you take so long1
Why do you talk so much1
Why do you treat me so cold2
Why do you wake me1
Why do you want to know why2
Why do you waste my time1
Why does a woman cry1
Why does everything happen to me2
Why does it always happen to me1
Why does it get so late so early3
Why does it happen1
Why does it happen to me every time1
Why does it have to be me1
Why does it have to be so sad2
Why does it hurt so bad1
Why does it take so long1
Why does love get in the way1
Why does my sweetie love1
Why does the rain do this1
Why doesnt somebody tell me these things3
Why dont cha stop it1
Why dont chu1
Why dont fairy tales come true1
Why dont I18
Why dont I get wise to myself1
Why dont I have a long pipe1
Why dont my dreams come true1
Why dont the angels make love1
Why dont the girls ever know1
Why dont they know2
Why dont they understand1
Why dont they write songs like this anymore2
Why dont we1
Why dont we do it in the road2
Why dont we do this more often5
Why dont we get together1
Why dont we run away1
Why dont we say were sorry5
Why dont we stay in the woods1
Why dont we talk things over1
Why dont we try staying home2
Why dont women like me2
Why dont ya do right1
Why dont you8
Why dont you ask1
Why dont you behave1
Why dont you believe1
Why dont you believe me10
Why dont you break it1
Why dont you come back to Louisiana1
Why dont you come on home1
Why dont you come out de valley1
Why dont you come to Louisiana2
Why dont you dance1
Why dont you do it right4
Why dont you do now1
Why dont you do right158
Why dont you eat where you slept last night1
Why dont you fall in love with me5
Why dont you get lost3
Why dont you go1
Why dont you go down to New Orleans13
Why dont you go far away1
Why dont you haul off and love me3
Why dont you just empty my pocket1
Why dont you kiss me1
Why dont you leave my heart alone1
Why dont you let me be1
Why dont you listen2
Why dont you look inside1
Why dont you love me5
Why dont you love me any more1
Why dont you mean what you say1
Why dont you meet me downtown1
Why dont you move in with me1
Why dont you open your heart1
Why dont you practice what you preach6
Why dont you practise what you preach3
Why dont you quit1
Why dont you say its so1
Why dont you say so1
Why dont you say yes sometime1
Why dont you see me3
Why dont you set me free1
Why dont you steal my blues1
Why dont you take up the piccolo1
Why dont you tell me1
Why dont you tell me so1
Why dont you tell me these things1
Why dont you think things over2
Why dont you try3
Why dont you try to didgeridoo1
Why dont you walk away1
Why dont you want to come home1
Why dont you want to go home1
Why dont you write1
Why dont you write me2
Why don’t we try staying home1
Why don’t you do right4
Why doubt my love2
Why dream3
Why dream of love1
Why dreams like loose water1
Why duo1
Why evade the truth1
Why fall in love with a stranger3
Why fight the feeling2
Why five1
Why fool yourself2
Why four1
Why go anywhere at all2
Why go on pretending2
Why go there1
Why go to the moon11
Why gypsies are scattered all over the earth1
Why have you forgotten1
Why have you forgotten Waikiki2
Why have you left the one you left for me1
Why havent you come1
Why havent you seen it1
Why he left me I dont know1
Why Herold unrelenting foe1
Why him2
Why I aughta1
Why I can not be like I be1
Why I dont go back2
Why I fancy Nancy1
Why I feel so loved1
Why I gave up the trumpet1
Why I go to art museums1
Why I like coffee1
Why I love you2
Why I miss you1
Why I missed Cole Porter1
Why I sing the blues5
Why I smile again1
Why Im alone1
Why Im leaving you2
Why Im treated so bad1
Why in the world2
Why Indianapolis why not Indianapolis2
Why is a crooked letter1
Why is a good girl so hard to find1
Why is a good man so hard to find1
Why is fortune1
Why is happiness so elusive1
Why is it1
Why is it I can never find anything in the closet1
Why is it so2
Why is it so hard1
Why is it so hard to say goodbye1
Why is it that its not1
Why is it you1
Why is Leonard so modest1
Why is love like that1
Why is love so unpredictable1
Why is love such a funny thing2
Why is Mary so nervous1
Why is now1
Why is that1
Why is that thing so pointy1
Why is the bacon so tough2
Why is the doctor barking1
Why is the rich man so poor1
Why is the world so strange1
Why it cant be1
Why it is3
Why Johnny why2
Why just him1
Why keep on breaking my heart1
Why knot1
Why little boy blue was blue2
Why lontano1
Why make a fool out of me1
Why me8
Why me Lord1
why me suite1
Why me why now1
Why me why them1
Why mess1
Why must I adore you1
Why must I be lonely1
Why must I be tormented2
Why must I love you1
Why must it be so hard1
Why must love wait1
Why must this be love1
Why must we part2
Why must we say goodbye1
Why must you be that way1
Why must you go1
Why must your love be so dry1
Why my baby1
Why my guitar gently weeps1
Why name it1
Why nameless1
Why no gales1
Why nobody just dont wanna do what I ask them to do1
Why not141
Why not a bear1
Why not admit it2
Why not better talk instead of screaming like beasts1
Why not blues2
Why not come over tonight1
Why not dance1
Why not friends1
Why not love1
Why not make the first move1
Why not me2
Why not now4
Why not samba2
Why not scrambled1
Why not take all of me1
Why not that whot1
Why not Thats what3
Why not to Steve McCall1
Why not tomorrow1
Why not us1
Why not Wayne1
Why not you1
Why now1
Why oh why14
Why oh why oh why1
Why on earth1
Why people always laugh about serious things1
Why Phillis1
Why Phillis waltz1
Why pretend1
Why put the blame on me1
Why put the blame on you1
Why really1
Why regret1
Why remind me1
Why run away2
Why say dreams are white1
Why say why1
Why scat alone Ian1
Why she couldnt come1
Why she loves1
Why she went away2
Why should I2
Why should I be blue2
Why should I be tall1
Why should I be your friend1
Why should I beg for love2
Why should I believe in you1
Why should I care15
Why should I cry4
Why should I cry for you2
Why should I cry over you16
Why should I dream1
Why should I fall in love1
Why should I feel lonely2
Why should I forget1
Why should I grieve after youre gone1
Why should I love you3
Why should I pretend3
Why should I remember1
Why should I say Im sorry1
Why should I stay1
Why should I wake up1
Why should I want you1
Why should I weep about one sweetie5
Why should I worry1
Why should there be stars1
Why should we try anymore1
Why should we wonder1
Why should you watch a strikers bat1
Why shouldnt I75
Why shouldnt I care1
Why shouldnt I love you1
Why shouldnt it1
Why shouldnt you cry5
Why sighs wise eyes1
Why so3
Why so blue3
Why so long1
Why so many words1
Why so pale and wan fond lover1
Why so sad2
Why someone tell me why1
Why South Africa1
Why starfish why1
Why stars come out at night5
Why stop now1
Why takes my fancy1
Why talk about love4
Why tee1
Why tell me now1
Why the caged bird sings1
Why the car dont go1
Why the dreams2
Why the monkey1
Why the moon is blue1
Why the stars come out at night1
Why the trumpet1
Why they call it falling1
Why they call Switch The Doctor1
Why things float1
Why think about tomorrow4
Why this sudden blues1
Why this woman1
Why to date with you1
Why to search1
Why toast1
Why trio1
Why try1
Why try to change1
Why try to change me4
Why try to change me now57
Why wait8
Why wait die now1
Why wait for the saints1
Why was I born123
Why was I left under the sky1
Why was I thinking of springtime1
Why was that2
Why wasnt I advised1
Why waste time1
Why waste your tears1
Why we are here1
Why we cant have nice things2
Why we need the dark1
Why we rusted1
Why we sing1
Why we smile1
Why weep2
Why were you here1
Why where and when1
Why whisper2
Why why not1
Why why why1

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