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This index refers to the 555,040 individual tune titles (1,650,001 total entries) included in over 250,893 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2021.

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Page W23 - Whats up at the OTCenter to When I fall asleep

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Tune nameSessions
Whats up at the OTCenter1
Whats up Balthazar1
Whats up doc3
Whats up man1
Whats up Mr Basie1
Whats up Thats it2
Whats up there1
Whats up Uncle1
Whats up with that3
Whats up with the moon1
Whats up with this moon1
Whats up yourself1
Whats waiting1
Whats waiting for me here1
Whats what6
Whats with the wind1
Whats with you5
Whats worth while getting1
Whats wrong7
Whats wrong is right1
Whats wrong with Jazz1
Whats wrong with life1
Whats wrong with me10
Whats wrong with men1
Whats wrong with now1
Whats wrong with that3
Whats wrong with the present1
Whats wrong with the world today1
Whats wrong with these guys1
Whats wrong with you1
Whats you say last night to Freddie Green1
Whats your 201
Whats your archetype1
Whats your beat1
Whats your choice Rolls Royce1
Whats your dream1
Whats your favorite Subaru dealer1
Whats your guess1
Whats your Harry1
Whats your hurry4
Whats your jive1
Whats your Jones1
Whats your line1
Whats your movie2
Whats your name13
Whats your name again1
Whats your number1
Whats your organ players name1
Whats your pleasure treasure1
Whats your prayer for1
Whats your price1
Whats your purpose1
Whats your secret1
Whats your story7
Whats your story morning glory50
Whats your take1
Whats your theme1
Whats your twenty1
Whats your zip code1
Whats yours1
Whats yours then1
Whatsoever is leanin on your heart1
Whatsoever You do1
Whatta ya gonna do5
Whatta you say we go1
Whatthefuckdoyou want 11
Whatthefuckdoyou want 101
Whatthefuckdoyou want 111
Whatthefuckdoyou want 21
Whatthefuckdoyou want 31
Whatthefuckdoyou want 41
Whatthefuckdoyou want 51
Whatthefuckdoyou want 61
Whatthefuckdoyou want 71
Whatthefuckdoyou want 81
Whatthefuckdoyou want 91
Whatve I been drinkin1
Whatve you got to lose1
Whatw new1
What’s new3
What’s “pho” lunch1
Whave the blues1
Whe nthe sun lights up the future1
wheat and the tares1
Wheat and weeds1
Wheat field1
Wheat field with crows1
Wheat fields2
Wheat fields in the wind1
Wheat germ landscapes1
Wheat harvest1
Wheat in the pocket1
Wheat land1
Wheat song3
Wheat stands in excrement trembling1
Wheat thin1
Wheat thins1
wheat will be ripe1
Wheaten sky1
Wheatfield with crows1
Wheatgrass shot1
Wheatland Wyoming1
Wheatleigh Hall15
Wheaty bowl1
Wheazy Anna2
Whee baby4
Whee up1
Wheel air1
wheel beneath your hand1
Wheel C1
Wheel in a wheel1
Wheel no 51
Wheel of 4 tunes1
Wheel of change1
Wheel of dreams1
Wheel of fortune26
Wheel of life6
wheel of love1
wheel of misfortune1
Wheel of nature2
wheel of sharp weapons1
Wheel of temptation1
wheel of the quivering meat conception1
Wheel of time3
Wheel room1
Wheel song1
Wheel within a wheel17
Wheelchair races1
Wheeler dealer4
Wheeler of fortune1
wheelers and dealers31
Wheelers choice2
Wheelers mood1
Wheelers wings1
Wheelers wise1
Wheeless on a dark river1
Wheelin and dealin8
Wheeling around that sofi1
Wheeling rebus1
Wheeling vultures1
Wheels & tracks1
Wheels across sonora1
Wheels for Ken1
Wheels for Niels1
Wheels go around1
Wheels in motion1
Wheels made of water1
Wheels of colored light1
Wheels of fortune3
wheels of life1
Wheels of love2
wheels of the wagon1
Wheels on the bus2
Wheels suite1
wheels turning again1
Wheels up1
Wheels within2
wheels you cant stop1
wheelturning king1
wheelwright used to live here1
Wheelz news1
Wheeping willow1
Wheezy Anna3
Whem Im 641
When 2 R N love1
When 6 ate 41
When a black mans blue2
When a black sheep is blue for home1
When a blonde makes up her mind1
When a blonde makes up her mind to do you good2
When a bodgie meets a widgie2
When a boy from Alabama1
When a boy kiss a girl1
When a child is born2
When a child smiles1
When a congressman meets a senator down south1
When a gator holler1
When a gator holler folk say its a sign of rain1
When a great love comes along2
When a gypsy1
When a gypsy makes a violin cry1
When a gypsy makes his violin cry7
When a hat gets lonesome1
When a heavy drop falls1
When a knight won his spurs1
When a lady meets a gentleman down south9
When a little cowboy1
When a little crazy bout my home1
When a lone dolphin cries out1
When a long blast is sounded1
When a love affair is through1
When a man has the blues1
When a man has two women1
When a man is treated like a dog1
When a man loves a woman38
When a pal bids a pal goodbye1
When a peach from Georgia weds a rose from Alabam1
When a prince of a fella meets a cinderella1
When a prince of a fella meets Cinderella1
When a smile overtakes a frown2
When a sniff enters the music1
When a song comes to you1
When a sound dances1
When a St Louis woman comes down to New Orleans2
When a St Louis woman goes down to New Orleans2
When a star falls down1
When a swan goes to sleep1
When a walk becomes a vibration1
When a woman cries2
When a woman gets the blues1
When a woman is blue1
When a woman loves a man98
When a woman loves her juice1
When a woman say she ready1
When a womans had enough1
When a womans in love2
When about to leave1
When afternoon returns1
When again1
When Ahmed rides the elephant1
When air becomes breath1
When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France2
When all else fails2
When all is lost1
When all is sad1
When all is said and done6
When all is well1
When all methods count1
When all paths meet1
When all the lights in the sign worked1
When all the love has gone1
When all was Chet1
When almonds blossomed1
When am I blue1
When am I to go1
When amber flashing1
When Amiri was in Africa1
When an angel sheds a feather1
When and if I fall in love1
When and then1
When angels cry1
When angels fall1
When angels speak of love2
When Apollo smiles1
When April comes1
When April comes again8
When are we going to wake up1
When are you comin home2
When are you gonna pop the question1
When arrows meet1
When Ash meets Henry1
When autumn comes6
When autumn leaves1
When autumn leaves are falling1
When autumn leaves us1
When autumn sings3
When baby sleeps1
When baby when1
When bad luck is on you1
When Baden meets Trane1
When banana skins are falling1
When bars are closing1
When beauty reigns1
When bells stop ringing1
When Berts not here1
When Big Jaon sets up1
When Bird meets Fats1
When birds dream1
When black man ruled this land1
When blackbirds fly1
When blue gets blue1
When blue serpents refuse to dream in prison1
When blue turns gold1
When blue turns red1
When blues is only a prayer1
When boy meets girl1
When Buddah smiles2
When Buddha smiles23
When Buddy comes to town1
When Budha smiles1
When by sugar walks home1
When can I kiss you again1
When can I see you1
When Cassavetes hit Reagan1
When cherry trees bloom in winter you can smell last summer1
When Chick came around1
When children find2
When children smile1
When Chinaboy meets Chinagirl1
When Christmas morning glistens1
When church bells ring1
When colors play1
When colors turn1
When Cootie left the Duke1
When cracks appear1
When creatures reigned1
When crime becomes an option1
When cry of gipsy violin1
When dad is coming1
When daddy gets on my mind1
When daisies pied1
When darkness comes1
When darkness falls1
When darkness turns the world to midnight blue1
When darkness turns to dawn1
When day is done113
When day is done and shadows fall I think of you1
When day is ended1
When day is gone2
When daylight dawns1
When death comes1
When Dee Dee is blue1
When destiny calls1
When did I choose you1
When did I fall in love6
When did this happen1
When did you know1
When did you learn1
When did you leave heaven65
When did you leave heaven angel1
When did you lose your love for me1
When did you stop loving me when did I stop loving you2
When did you stoploving me when did I stop loving you1
When Dixie stars are playing peekaboo1
When Django does the tango in Durango1
When do I count the clock1
When do I think about you1
When do the bells ring for me4
When do we dance1
When do we start2
When do you try1
When Doc hit the fan1
When doves cry3
When dreams come true9
When dreams start to fade out1
When drums stop1
When Duke met Schani The story of Edward Ellington & Johann Strauss1
When Dvorak meets Miles1
When earth becomes desert1
When elephants1
When elephants fly1
When elephants then come waltzing through your living room1
When Emaline said shell be mine1
When ends appear1
When enno means yes1
When Enrico met the Pink Floyd1
When Erastus play his kazoo1
When Erastus play his old kazoo1
When Erastus played his kazoo1
When Erastus plays his old kazoo48
When Eric met Ornette1
When evening comes1
when evening draws her curtain1
When evening falls2
When evening jazz starts to fall1
When every voice shall sing1
When everybody mellows out1
When everyone has gone1
When everyones gone1
When everything gets quiet1
When everything is just the same1
When everything is over1
When everythings mellow1
When everywhere is music1
When evil escapes1
When evil shall cease1
When eyes are smiling1
When eyes meet eyes1
When eyes of blue are fooling you1
When eyes speak1
When face gets pale4
When fiction comes to life1
When fire meets moonlight1
When first we met4
When flooded1
When flowers blossom in spring1
When flowers still1
When folks stop walkin and talkin1
When force meet1
When forever is over1
When fortresses fall1
When fortune smiles1
When four equals one1
When Frances dances with me1
When Frankie shot Lara1
When Fred1
When freedom swings1
When Friday roll around1
When full daylight arrives1
When Gabriel blows his horn5
When Gerry met Alice1
When ghosts were young1
When Gimbal hits the cymbal1
When Gimble hits the cymbal3
When girls do it2
When God created the atheist1
When God created the coffeebreak3
When god created woman1
When God cries1
When God put a smile upon your face1
When good zithers do bad things1
When Grandma danced the polka1
When grandpa steps out1
When green eyes turn blue1
When gypsies stop1
When Hamburg and KC meet in Vienna1
When hands are tied1
When hands fail1
When happiness reigns1
When Harry met Martin1
When Harry met Sal1
When Hawk meets Pablo1
When he calls me I will answer2
When he comes home1
When he comes home to me1
When he embraced me with his eyes1
When He is near1
When he makes music7
When he returns1
When hearts are young9
When Helen dances1
When hell was fun1
When her lips collapsed1
When Hermann meets Hari2
When hes near my piano1
When hes next to me1
When Hilma smiles1
When history sleeps1
When Hollywood goes black and tan1
When Homer goes to Madrid1
When I am alone with you1
When I am dead my dearest2
When I am gone1
When I am laid in earth2
When I am laid in heart1
When I am not around1
When I am on my way1
When I become a butterfly1
When I become nothing1
When I been drinkin1
When I behold the Heavens2
When I call your name1
When I can1
When I can get it1
When I cant be with you2
When I close my eyes10
When I close my eyes and go to a place Ive never been before1
When I closed my eyes2
When I come back crying1
When I come home2
When I come out of the wilderness1
When I come to the end of my journey29
When I come to you1
When I couldnt seeYou carried me1
When I cry3
When I cry again2
When I dance to the Mardi Gras1
When I dance with the person I love1
When I dance with you1
When I departed1
When I did sing this song for you1
When I die5
When I disappear1
When I do the blues1
When I do the hoochy coochy in the sky1
When I dont want you1
When I dream8
When I dream of old Tennessee blues1
When I dream of the last waltz with you1
When I dream of you13
When I fall2
When I fall asleep1

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