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This index refers to the 555,040 individual tune titles (1,650,001 total entries) included in over 250,893 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2021.

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Page W19 - whale to What do I care what somebody says

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Tune nameSessions
Whale bay1
Whale bones1
Whale booty stomp1
Whale City1
Whale cry1
Whale dance3
Whale dip1
whale has swallowed me1
Whale head king2
Whale I needed1
whale in a lake1
Whale of a minnow1
Whale rider1
Whale singing1
whale song9
Whale sounds1
Whale tale2
Whale theory1
Whale watching1
Whale wisdom1
Whales advice1
Whales and elephants1
whales dream1
Whales ears1
Whales from the orient1
Whales in the forest1
Whales lament1
whales of Bahia1
Whales of the Black Forest1
Whales reverie1
Whales weep not2
Whaley whaley1
Whalin away1
Whaling City Sound1
Wham and hold tight1
Wham and theyre off2
Wham bam3
Wham bam thank you maam3
Wham bam thank you mam1
Wham rebop boom bam1
Wham rebopboombam1
Wham Sam2
Whammy bar1
Whan can I say1
Whan youre smiling1
Whansinn N961
Whap blues1
Whar now are alle her childer say1
Whar you dont know wont hurt you1
Wharncliffe side1
Whas g1
Whas happinin1
Whas nine4
Whas up doc1
What a B what a B what a beauty1
What a be1
What a beautiful life1
What a beautiful rain1
What a beautiful sight1
What a beautiful yesteryear3
What a beauty1
What a big thing1
What a bird is that1
What a bird what a girl1
What a blueeyed baby you are2
What a body2
What a boring cunt1
What a boy1
What a BT1
What a cool day1
What a country2
What a crazy place1
What a dance1
What a dat1
What a day18
What a day for a daydream2
What a day that will be1
What a difference a day made12
What a difference a day makes8
What a difference an A makes1
What a difference today made1
What a difference youve made in my life1
What a diffrence a day made362
What a dilemma1
What a dream11
What a dream I had1
What a dummy love has made of me1
What a f day1
What a fabulous night1
What a fellowship3
What a fellowship what a joy divine1
What a fellowship When we all get to heaven1
What a flop waking up1
What a fool believes8
What a fool I am1
What a fool I was2
What a fool Ive been4
What a fool was I1
What a friend18
What a friend I have in Jesus1
What a friend we have in Jesse1
What a friend we have in Jesus235
What a funny moon1
What a funny world this would be1
What a gal what a pal1
What a gas1
What a girl2
What a girl what a night6
What a glorious day1
What a glorious time we had1
What a good time for a Kent State1
What a great night this is a messenger was born1
What a great salvation1
What a great sensation1
What a guy2
What a happy day1
What a happy time1
What a heart feels1
What a joke1
What a joy1
What a kick2
What a kreiz1
What a life15
What a little monnlight can do1
What a little moon light can do1
What a little moonlight can do220
What a little moonlight will do2
What a Lou1
What a lovely lad1
What a man14
What a man believes1
What a man to do1
What a manner of man is this1
What a mess for a bass1
What a mighty God we serve1
What a moon1
What a morning2
What a night6
What a night for love1
What a night for spoonin1
What a night in old Mexico1
What a night what a moon what a boy4
What a night what a moon what a girl4
What a nite1
What a pair2
What a party2
What a perfect combination4
What a perfect night for love1
What a piece1
What a piece of work is man1
What a pill1
What a pity1
What a place to be born1
What a pretty dog1
What a pretty miss2
What a price I must pay1
What a price to pay1
What a prize1
What a real woman1
What a regal aspect he yet retains2
What a rhumba does to romance1
What a road1
What a romance1
What a rose is1
What a shame7
What a shame about me1
What a shocking bad hat1
What a shuffle1
What a smile can do1
What a snowy spring1
What a song1
What a sun1
What a Sunday1
What a surprise1
What a thing1
What a thing to say1
What a thrill2
What a time4
What a time it was1
What a time to go1
What a time we had2
What a tradgedy1
What a treat1
What a trip2
What a waste3
What a waste of succotash1
What a way to go5
What a way to run a business1
What a way to run a railroad1
What a winter it was1
What a woman1
What a woman feels1
What a woman really means1
What a wonderful day1
What a wonderful love1
What a wonderful medley1
What a wonderful time1
What a wonderful time twill be1
What a wonderful wedding1
What a wonderful wedding that will be8
What a wonderful world460
What a world1
What a you are1
What about10
What about April1
What about blue1
What about food1
What about it…rough1
What about JAZZ today1
What about Jed2
What about lonesome mood1
What about love2
What about me8
What about now1
What about that2
What about the body1
What about the children1
What about the future3
What about the heart1
What about the homeless1
What about the nose1
What about the Phoenicians1
What about the sugar1
What about the water1
What about them penguins on Hudson Pkwy1
What about this one1
What about us2
What about words1
What about you3
What about you what about me1
What about your soul1
What after1
What after the sea1
What ah fix1
What am I1
What am I doin here2
What am I doing here2
What am I doing with you1
What am I gonna do5
What am I gonna do about you3
What am I gonna do for lovin1
What am I gonna do this Christmas1
What am I gonna do with a bad boy like you1
What am I gonna do with you1
What am I gonna do with youAime1
What am I here for168
What am I living for25
What am I looking for2
What am I now1
What am I supposed to do1
What am I to do2
What am I to do with me1
What am I to you2
What am you waitin on1
What America wants America gets1
What an amount1
What an appearance1
What an ending1
What an impression1
What Anthony said1
What are clouds but an excuse for the sky1
What are days for1
What are doing the rest of your life3
What are doing those little atoms1
What are little girls1
What are little girls made of1
What are the 39 steps1
What are the concerns1
What are the factors1
What are the odds2
What are the parts of a flower1
What are the rules8
What are the signs1
What are the words1
What are these lights1
What are they doing in heaven today3
What are they laughing at1
What are we doing2
What are we going to do1
What are we going to do with all this moonlight1
What are we gonna do3
What are we gonna do about us1
What are we gonna do Banner man1
What are we here for1
What are we looking at1
What are we savin it for1
What are we waiting for1
What are ya gonna do1
What are you1
What are you afraid of6
What are you buggin me about1
What are you doin1
What are you doin honey1
What are you doin New Years Eve1
What are you doing2
What are you doing about today1
What are you doing here2
What are you doing later on1
What are you doing man1
What are you doing New Years Eve76
What are you doing new years eve 19999876543211
What are you doing New Year’s Eve1
What are you doing next years eve1
What are you doing on New Years Eve1
What are you doing the rest of my life1
What are you doing the rest of your lfie1
What are you doing the rest of your life366
What are you doing to us now1
What are you doing tomorrow night1
What are you doing tonight4
What are you doing with the rest of your life1
What are you gonna do1
What are you gonna do when there ain’t no jazz1
What are you gunna do1
What are you hungry for1
What are you looking for2
What are you sinking about1
What are you talking about1
What are you thinkin about baby3
What are you trying to do to me1
What are you waiting for4
What are you waiting for Mary2
What are your intentions2
What babe be this1
What band1
What Barney1
What beas needs1
What became of it1
What became of life1
What became of yesterday1
What became of you2
What because1
What becomes1
What becomes of music1
What becomes of the broken hearted2
What begins must end1
What better fits1
What birds know1
What birds sing1
What blues2
What Bob wants to hear1
What bottle1
What called home1
What came before1
What can1
What can a miracle do3
What can a poor boy do1
What can a poor fellow do7
What can be set to the side1
What can I do19
What can I do dear1
What can I do for you3
What can I do now3
What can I do to forget1
What can I do with a foolish little girl like you2
What can I give you for Christmas1
What can I say12
What can I say after I said Im sorry1
What can I say after I say Im sorry34
What can I say after I say I’m sorry2
What can I say dear7
What can I say dear after I say Im sorry5
What can I say dear after Ive said Im sorry1
What can I say in a love song1
What can I tell my heart3
What can it be for one blues1
What can the matter be3
What can wash away my sin1
What can we do4
What can you do5
What can you do for me1
What can you do to me now1
What can you do without me1
What can you lose2
What cant speak cant lie1
What cha call em blues1
What cha call it1
What cha call me blues1
What cha doin now1
What cha gonna do5
What cha gonna do about loving me1
What cha gonna do today1
What cha gonna do when there aint no jazz2
What cha gonna do when you dance past 421
What cha gonna do without me1
What cha talkin2
What cha wanna dodo it1
What chance have I1
What cheek1
What child is this101
What child is this Dyngyldai1
What child is this thing called love1
What chu talkin bout Willis1
What color has the soul1
What color is love2
What color is virtue1
What colour are your eyes1
What colour is the Pacific1
What comes1
What comes after3
What comes after the rainbow1
What comes around goes around1
What comes before1
What comes later I can think about later1
What comes next2
What comes out of a dog2
What comes up2
What comes up must come down1
What comes up must go down1
What comes up what comes down1
What condition my condition is in1
What cosa1
What could be3
What could be more beautiful1
What could be more wonderful than you1
What could be nicer1
What could be sweeter2
What could be sweeter dear2
What could be sweeter than you1
What could ever stop this dance1
What could go wrong1
What could have been4
What could I do2
What could I do but believe in Jesus1
What could I do without you2
What could I have done1
What could it be1
What could they do1
What could they possibly want1
What Cys eyes see1
What da funk1
What defines you1
What dfreak1
What did Albert Einstein say1
What did Deacon Mose do1
What did he have that I dont have1
What did he say2
What did I do17
What did I do to be so black and blue4
What did I ever do1
What did I for love1
What did I forget2
What did I have1
What did I have that I dont have3
What did I have that I dont have now1
What did I just say1
What did I say4
What did I say to you1
What did I tell ya4
What did I think1
What did John do1
What did Ory say1
What did RomieOJuliet3
What did Sam say1
What did she do2
What did she say1
What did the Bird say1
What did they say1
What did they say today1
What did we do last night1
What did you bring for me1
What did you buy today1
What did you do1
What did you do last night1
What did you do to me2
What did you dream2
What did you expect1
What did you have for breakfast1
What did you say5
What did you think it was that needed to be love anyway1
What did you win1
What didja wanna make me love you for1
What difference a day made1
What difference does it make1
What do1
What do I care8
What do I care for the moon1
What do I care what somebody said15
What do I care what somebody says1

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