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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page W13 - We can do it to We sing and think

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Tune nameSessions
We can do it1
We can do part one1
We can do part three1
We can do part two1
We can dream1
We can fall in love1
We can fly2
We can get together1
We can go1
We can have a good time without snakes2
We can huddle at home1
We can learn to fly1
We can live off love1
We can live on love5
We can make a change1
We can make it3
We can make it girl1
We can make it work1
We can never be1
We can only try2
We can still do that1
We can take this boat1
We can talk1
We can talk it over1
We can talk some trash1
We can try1
We can try again1
We can try love again2
We can work it out6
We can work that1
We cannot hearthe killing noise1
We cannot play blues but subway is clean here1
We cannot put off being human another day1
We cannot wait1
We cant agree2
We cant get started1
We cant go on2
We cant go on like this Edwin1
We cant go on this way1
We cant stop singin1
We cant use each other anymore2
We care about this1
We care for you1
We cats will swing for you1
We celebrate1
We change2
We coast1
We come from far1
We come from the mountain1
We come from the universe like the dolphins and frogs1
We come in peace1
We come on first1
We come to party1
We come to your feast1
We contravene1
We could1
We could be flying11
We could be here for a few hours1
We could be lovers1
We could find happiness1
We could have been fine1
We could have the same1
We could learn together2
We could make believe1
We could make such a beautiful music1
We could make such beautiful music3
We could make such beautiful music together17
We could make such such beautiful music together1
We couldnt be happier1
We couldnt make it1
We couldnt say goodbye1
We couldnt start over1
We cried a lot1
We crossed the Rhine1
We cry freedom1
We dance1
We dance the skube1
We dance unsquare1
We danced1
We danced at the Mardi Gras3
We dare to sing1
We deflate1
We demand1
We deserve each other1
We did it again4
We did it before1
We did we do but of course we wont do it again1
We diddit1
We didnt earn the sun1
We didnt much1
We didnt say1
We didnt see a thing1
We dig bebop1
We do6
We do it1
We do need love1
We do not work alone1
We dont9
We dont care1
We dont do that here1
We dont eat no meat1
We dont have memories of the future1
We dont know2
We dont know from nothin1
We dont know how to love him1
We dont know what jazz is1
We dont know why1
We dont know you anymore1
We dont like the rock1
We dont live here anymore1
We dont live there1
We dont move1
We dont need another hero2
We dont need each other any more1
We dont need no blues1
We dont need no warrior goddess1
We dont need to remember1
We dont see eye to eye2
We dont want nobody nobody sent1
We dont want the bacon1
We double dare you1
We dream free1
We dream oceans1
We drift meridian1
We dwell in our hearts1
We eat it1
We end in a dream1
We engage the monstrous with our mirrors1
We enter fearlessly1
We erinnern uns sehnsuchtig1
We exalt Thee1
We expect positive results1
We fall1
We fall down3
We feel the echoes1
We fell in love anyway2
We fell in love in the rain1
We fell out of love5
We few1
We find our way to get lost1
We fly around the world1
We fly beneath and above the flux1
We fool ourselves1
We fooled you1
We for Blakey1
We forget1
We found a machine1
We found his spirit departed1
We found love4
We found romance1
We found that hed been drinking CocaCola1
We four1
We four samba2
We free1
We free kings6
We free queens1
We friends1
We gather together1
We get close1
We get crazy1
We get our kicks from playing1
We get the houses1
We give our love1
We go3
We go around only once1
We go back a short way1
We go on1
We go on and on1
We go there1
We go together2
We go well together4
We gone1
We gonna boogie1
We gonna get high together1
We gonna make you1
We gonna move1
We gonna pitch a boogie woogie2
We gonna rub it1
We goofed1
We got a dedication1
We got a future together1
We got a good thing going1
We got a job to do1
We got a latin soul1
We got a thing goin on1
We got a thing going baby1
We got an arts council grant1
We got blue1
We got blues1
We got by5
We got changes1
We got de funk1
We got it2
We got lost1
We got more soul1
We got Noh rhythm1
We got on well1
We got our dance1
We got rhythm1
We got robbed1
We got the groove1
We got the love1
We got the party1
We got there1
We got this1
We got to get together2
We got to live to grow up1
We got to slip around1
We got us2
We gotta dont care really1
We gotta get it all together1
We gotta get out of this place2
We gotta go1
We grieve1
We grow accustomed to the dark1
We had a good time1
We had a good time last night1
We had a love so strong1
We had a sister4
We had it all2
We had it right1
We had love1
We have a dream1
We have a friend in Jesus1
We have a lizard1
We have a lot of fun1
We have all day1
We have all the time in the world8
We have been in bizz too long1
We have been the victims of a broken promise1
We have come back1
We have come into His House1
We have come into this house2
We have existed1
We have exited1
We have found the keys1
We have history1
We have lost even1
We have love3
We have much further to go1
We have never seen the absolute end yet1
We have no banana1
We have no bananas1
We have nothing but tears1
We have revolted1
We have sung for you1
We have the blues Mr President1
We have the power1
We have to check your equipment for bombs1
We have to dance1
We have unfinished business1
We havent any cigarettes but weve got swing1
We heard about you1
We here1
We hide and seek1
We hit it again1
We hold these truths to be selfevident1
We hope1
We hope youll have ten1
We in the house3
We insist2
We interrupt for a short commercial1
We interrupt this broadcast1
We interrupt this channel1
We is1
We is we trini1
We jazz June1
We just couldnt say goodbye28
We just move u1
We just think it1
We just want to be free1
We just want to dance our steps1
We kin1
We kinda kaiso1
We kinda music1
We kiss in a shadow58
We kiss in a shadow on the other side of this1
We kiss in the shadow3
We kiss in the shadows1
We knew1
We knew it1
We knew it all the time5
We know1
We know folk song1
We know its love1
We know right from wrong1
We know smart1
We know the distance between the planets1
We know the way by heart1
We know time1
We know what you mean2
We know who really killed Laura Palmer1
We lament1
We laugh1
We laughed at love6
We learn as we go1
We leaves1
We left Green Briar Park1
We let them do it1
We leven vrij we leven blijDe iul zat in de olmen1
We lie1
We lie naked in white snow1
We like gongs1
We like it3
We like lunch1
We like to bop1
We like us Brooklyn baby1
We limit not the truth of God1
We listen and act1
We live here2
We live in London baby2
We live in two different worlds1
We live on1
We live to be1
We lose1
We love2
We love each other1
We love Gershwin1
We love it2
We love jazz standards1
We love Joe1
We love our blood1
We love Paris1
We love peace merengue1
We love roll call yall1
We love that thing1
We love the music1
We love to boogie1
We love to swing1
We love us3
We love you2
We love you Fats2
We love you Lt Costillo1
We love you madly3
We loved to hear them1
We made a lie together1
We made a vow1
We make a lot of love1
We make love1
We make music1
We make the rules1
We may all go home now1
We may never love like this again1
We may never pass this way again1
We may not have to be alone1
We mean it1
We mean the blues1
We meet again4
We meet as 31
We met at the end of the party1
We met each other in a dream1
We met Frank and Butch in town1
We met in Rio1
We met once1
We met under the crescent1
We might as well dance1
We might have been wonderful1
We miss you2
We miss you Dickus1
We miss you man1
We Monday1
We move2
We move by intuition1
We muchprefer1
We must1
We must all work together1
We must be all right1
We must be polite1
We must be slow1
We must be vigilant1
We must befriend the ice queen1
We must continue1
We must find a way1
We must learn1
We must retain1
We must solve our problems1
We mustnt say goodbye2
We my honey and me1
We named it justice1
We nduna1
We need a little Christmas9
We need a little love1
We need a medium1
We need deserts1
We need each other1
We need him1
We need him now1
We need it1
We need liberation1
We need love today1
We need mercy1
We need more love today1
We need more Nellies1
We need more time1
We need peace and we need love1
We need peace we need love1
We need to do better1
We need to know1
We need to start loving now1
We need us all2
We need you now1
We need your number2
We never kiss we never touch1
We never kissed4
We never kissed goodbye1
We never knew1
We never know1
We never meet1
We never met2
We never seem to have that pophit goin1
We now interrupt for a commercial1
We now return you back to your reality1
We of the universe in tempo1
we of us2
We often danced1
We only came1
We only come out at night1
We only have love1
We only want the earth1
We open doors1
We open early1
We open in Venice1
We out1
We owe it all to love1
We owe you one1
We own a salon1
We pass away every night1
We people4
We planet1
We play1
We play just like dominoes1
We play spaces1
We play then you play1
We played loose1
We poor are strong1
We posin1
We praise thee O God1
We praise Thee our Lord1
We praise you Lord1
We pray4
We pray for compassion1
We rang bells1
We reach for the sky2
We real cool1
We remember Chet1
We remember Duke1
We remember Helen1
We remember Jamie1
We remember John1
We remember Prez1
We remember Rakotozafy1
We remember you3
We roam the cosmos1
We run things1
We said yes1
We sail away1
We sail the ocean blue1
We salt everything1
We salute the night3
We salute you2
We save the bones for Henry Jones1
We saved1
We saw the sea2
We saw you off1
We say1
We see100
We see ourselves through mirrors1
We see stars1
We seewe believe1
We shall 22
We shall be happy1
We shall go1
We shall love Burma evermore1
We shall meet again in Petersburg1
We shall meet beyond the river1
We shall not be moved17
We shall not go to market today1
We shall overcome31
We shall overcomeVenceremos1
We shall remember them1
We shall rest with the Lord1
We shall rise1
We shall rise again1
We shall walk5
We shall walk this lonesome valley1
We shall walk through the city1
We shall walk through the streets4
We shall walk through the streets of the city76
We shall walk through the valley2
We shall walk through the valley of death1
We shant be told1
We share a moon1
We share one world1
We should1
We should soon1
We should stay in love1
We shouldnt forget the spell1
We shouldve1
We show up1
We sing and think1

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