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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page T67 - twist of lemon to Two gallants

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Tune nameSessions
twist of lemon2
Twist of lime1
Twist of Rit1
Twist of samba1
Twist of the wrist2
Twist on1
Twist on the blues1
Twist on the floor1
Twist parade1
twist serenade1
Twist that thing1
Twist the hully gully1
Twist the sheets1
Twist this1
Twist time2
Twist to open1
Twist turn and leave1
Twisted barb1
Twisted blue vibrations1
Twisted blues26
Twisted chords1
Twisted Cinderella1
Twisted fingers1
Twisted funk1
Twisted heaven1
Twisted histories1
Twisted image1
Twisted jambi1
Twisted joker1
Twisted lip1
twisted little etude1
Twisted lopes1
Twisted memories give way to the angry present1
Twisted minor blues1
Twisted mist1
Twisted Mitchell1
Twisted mosquitoes1
Twisted nerve1
Twisted noon1
Twisted path2
Twisted pattern1
twisted reverie1
Twisted roots2
Twisted song1
Twisted stockings1
twisted suite1
Twisted sum1
Twisted tango2
Twisted thistle1
Twisted title1
Twisted to the four1
Twisted track2
Twisted traffic1
Twisted tungo1
Twister Uranus1
Twistin & bendin1
Twistin Alice2
Twistin and bumpin1
Twistin and turnin1
Twistin chicken1
Twistin dixie1
Twistin down the lane1
Twistin fingers1
Twistin hound dog1
Twistin on a cats paw1
Twistin on a Turkish carpet1
Twistin one more time1
Twistin out in space1
Twistin sculpture1
Twistin splish splash1
Twistin the blues1
Twistin the cats tail3
Twistin the jug2
Twistin the mood1
Twistin the night away4
Twistin the twist1
Twistin through the rye1
Twistin time2
Twistin train2
Twistin USA1
Twistin Wilhelm Tell1
Twistin with AP1
Twisting and turnin1
Twisting at the woodchoppers ball1
Twisting break beats1
Twisting fingers Windows 9111
Twisting in the hospital ward1
twisting path1
Twisting shadows1
Twisting the blues1
Twisting the Jug1
Twisting the night away1
Twisting time1
Twisting with the King1
Twists and turns3
Twists of fate1
Twisty moon1
Twisty tune set4
Twit storm twostep1
twitching nose1
Twits and twerps2
Twitter and bisted1
Twitter pat1
Twitterburg waltz1
Twittering machine4
Twixt C and D2
Twixt D and E2
Twiyed place1
Two & two1
Two 14 year olds living the life1
Two 150 kilos blocks of melting ice with layers of stones embedded falling on to a metal plate for climate change project Cape Farewell1
Two 2gether1
Two 51
Two 501
Two 571
Two a day1
Two Abbeys1
Two about geography1
Two about movie stars1
Two across1
Two after two1
Two afternoons in December1
Two again6
Two against nature1
Two against one1
Two against them all1
Two Albert blues1
Two alto hit1
Two AM1
Two ambiguities1
Two amigos1
Two and1
Two and a half2
Two and a half men1
Two and a half years1
Two and an angel1
Two and eleven1
Two and four driving1
Two and fro1
Two and one9
Two and two1
Two and two blues1
Two angels for Cecil1
Two answers1
Two appropriations2
Two areas1
Two arms2
Two as one11
Two at first1
Two at twelve1
Two autumns3
Two baboons1
Two back three forward1
Two bad1
Two bad days blues1
Two balconies1
Two ballads1
Two banana1
Two base hit1
Two bass beat2
Two bass blues1
Two bass error1
Two bass fishers walking down the line I1
Two bass fishers walking down the line II1
Two bass hit51
two bass jump1
Two bass shit1
Two basses1
Two bassfishers walking down the line1
Two bats1
Two bats in a cave1
Two be simple1
Two beat2
Two beat circa 19801
Two beat special1
Two beatfour beatthree beat1
Two beats on a bat2
Two become one2
Two becoming 31
Two bells1
two bird1
Two birds4
Two birds flirt1
Two birds in a feather6
Two birds of paradise1
Two birds one stone1
Two birds with one stone3
Two bit tango1
Two bits6
Two bits and a piece1
Two blew2
Two blind loves5
Two blind mice1
Two blocks1
Two blocks down turn to the left2
Two blocks east1
Two blocks from the edge1
Two blue1
Two blue circles1
Two blue eyes5
Two blue to be1
Two blues devils1
Two blues in one1
Two bodies one heavenly soul1
Two body play1
Two bones and a pick4
Two boot jacks1
Two bothas bad3
Two bouquets1
Two bourees2
Two bourrees1
Two bowls of rigatoni1
Two boxes1
Two boxes left1
Two boys1
Two breaths away1
Two bridges1
Two brothers20
Two brothers and two sisters1
Two brothers from different mothers1
Two buck Chuck2
Two buck stew1
Two Buck Tim1
Two buck Tim from Timbuctoo2
Two buckets1
Two bucks1
Two bunch palms1
Two burgers for my diet1
Two busses and a long walk1
Two but live1
Two but not two1
Two by five3
Two by four2
Two by four blues1
Two by nein1
Two by the window1
Two by two12
Two cakes are better than one1
Two can do it1
Two can play1
Two can play that game1
Two can play the game1
Two candles1
Two capos1
Two car garage2
Two Catalan songs1
Two cats3
Two cats and a piece of lung1
Two cats in the rain1
Two cello fragments1
Two centers1
Two cents1
Two chairs1
Two chairs in the sunset1
Two chances1
Two change stride1
Two channel blues1
Two cheers1
Two choices1
Two chord Molly2
Two chord song1
Two chords3
Two chords less than a blues1
Two chunk zen1
Two cigarettes in the dark18
Two circles3
Two cities3
Two city suite1
Two clarinet blues1
Two clogs for comfort1
Two Clos1
Two clowns1
Two coasts1
Two cocks1
Two coins for Caron1
Two color dream1
Two colors11
Two colours3
Two coloursone soul1
Two columns1
Two comes one1
Two concepts for the storage of light1
Two continents1
Two cooks on the Delta1
Two cowboys in New York1
Two cows1
Two creations1
Two crested Caracaras1
Two cute2
Two cycle hell harp1
Two dancers1
Two dances2
Two dances of love1
Two dancing feet1
Two dark eyes1
Two dawg blues1
Two day jag1
Two days ago from now1
Two days ahead1
Two days at once1
Two days in Amsterdam1
Two days in June1
Two days in love1
Two days in New York1
Two days in summer1
Two days later1
Two days old2
Two days til tomorrow1
Two days with Charlie1
Two days without you October 12th1
Two days without you October 13th1
Two deaf lice4
Two degrees1
Two degrees east three degrees west42
Two depths1
Two desperate women in their late 30s1
Two destiny1
Two deuces49
Two different days1
Two different languages1
Two different moods1
Two different ways to play the blues1
Two different worlds29
Two disagreeable pigeons1
Two distinguished lovers1
Two doctors special1
Two dogs at Pigeonhouse1
Two dolphins go dancing1
Two door1
Two doors1
Two doors down3
Two doorways1
Two dormant one active1
Two down6
Two down one to go1
Two dozen blues1
Two drams of Soma1
Two dreamers1
Two dreams1
Two dreams got together3
Two dreams met6
Two dreams part 11
Two dreams part 21
Two Dresden dolls1
Two drums1
Two dry bones1
Two Ds from Shinjyuku dig & dug1
Two dub thuds1
Two ducks crossing1
Two dueces1
Two duets1
Two dukes on a pier4
Two Ecuadoran flutes tenor ukelele 1 & 21
Two eels waltzing on an icecake1
Two eighteen1
Two elements1
Two elephants are always right2
two Elvins1
Two epilogues1
Two esoteric1
Two Ewe songs1
Two excuses1
two eyed clock like an owl1
Two eyes of blue from Kalamazoo1
Two face1
Two faced1
Two faced lover1
Two faced man1
Two faces8
Two faces in the dark3
Two faces O deusmartelo1
Two faces of a nation1
two faces of Emily1
two faces of Everett Sloane1
two faces of Janus1
Two faces of love1
Two faces of Nasheet3
two faces of Steve1
Two faces stare1
Two far1
Two fascinations2
Two fathers1
Two feathers1
Two feel1
Two feet fall1
Two feet in Cedar Crest1
Two feet in the gutter2
Two fellas1
Two fer1
Two fifths1
Two finger blues1
Two finger boogie1
Two finger snap1
Two finger snaps1
Two fingers1
Two fingers please1
two first the third and a few others1
Two fish1
Two fish in a bucket1
Two fish in a strange town1
Two fishes in a foreign city1
Two five city1
Two five for RG1
Two five jive1
Two five one5
Two fives1
Two fives for a dime1
Two flights up2
Two flowers2
Two flowers behind a mist1
Two flowers on a stem3
Two flutes2
Two fold1
Two folk songs3
Two folksongs1
Two fools in love1
Two fools tears1
Two foot ticket1
Two foot two1
Two for a nickel three for a dime1
Two for Benedetto1
Two for Billy C1
Two for bleu1
Two for blues suite1
Two for Eeva1
Two for funk1
Two for Gerry1
Two for his heels1
Two for John1
Two for joy1
Two for Joyce1
Two for Juan2
Two for Mr Bradford1
Two for one13
Two for one blues1
Two for Otis1
Two for Pancho1
Two for Prez1
Two for sake1
Two for Sandi1
Two for T5
Two for tango1
Two for tea3
Two for the blues15
Two for the blueseveryday1
Two for the doctor1
Two for the festival1
Two for the price of one1
Two for the road159
Two for the roads1
Two for the seesaw3
Two for the show3
Two for the twist1
Two for the Woofer1
Two for three1
Two for three and three for me1
Two for Timbucktu2
Two for Timbuktu1
Two for tonight1
Two for Tumbuktoo1
Two for two5
Two for you1
Two forgive1
Two forgotten tunes1
Two four1
Two four and eight1
Two four blues1
Two fours1
Two fragments from the suite Full stop full stop coma1
Two Franks8
Two free jazz men speak1
Two french fries2
two Fridas1
Two friends9
Two friends true friends1
Two funky basses1
Two funky people12
Two gallants1

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