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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page T5 - Tales of the Algonquin to Tam junction

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Tune nameSessions
Tales of the Algonquin1
Tales of the ancient east1
Tales of the big drum1
Tales of the black experience1
Tales of the blackwinged bird1
Tales of the cave1
Tales of the East1
Tales of the exonerated flea1
Tales of the fingers1
Tales of the frog1
Tales of the lighthouse1
Tales of the Montgomery bus boycott1
Tales of the mountain1
Tales of the near future1
Tales of the new frontier1
Tales of the old country1
Tales of the old grandmother1
Tales of the phatman1
Tales of the rising sun suite1
Tales of the seven pharaohs1
Tales of the Vienna woods1
Tales of the woods1
Tales of tomorrow1
Tales of Trolls1
Tales of true transformation Partek suite1
Tales of Wales2
Tales retold1
Tales under the tent1
Tales within1
Tali for one1
Taliah Jihad2
Talias quickstep1
Talias waltz1
Talibs quest1
Talin is thinking1
talipes 1
Talisker suite I1
Talisman 201
Talisman home1
Talitha cumi1
Talk 12
Talk 1 Local support1
Talk 22
Talk 2 Messed up love1
Talk 32
Talk 3 Introductions1
Talk 42
Talk 51
Talk 61
Talk 71
Talk 81
Talk 91
Talk a little bop1
Talk a walk1
Talk about1
Talk about a party2
Talk about Avalon1
Talk about Billy1
Talk about Cherokee1
Talk about cozy2
Talk about gittin it1
Talk about heaven1
Talk About how Milcho escaped from Bulgaria1
Talk about it2
Talk About Landscape1
Talk about love2
Talk about loving you2
Talk about Make a list1
Talk about me1
Talk about moanin2
Talk About new book1
Talk About Patricia1
Talk About playing standards1
Talk about rain1
Talk about Smith Dobson intro to What Laurie likes1
Talk About Swing JournalKiyoshi Koyama1
Talk about the weather1
Talk about this1
Talk about Winter moon1
Talk about YI blues1
Talk Air defense1
Talk and raunchy1
Talk at random1
Talk awhile2
Talk back5
Talk band intro1
Talk band intros3
Talk between Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington1
Talk bout something thats gwine to happen1
Talk Bullet train1
Talk by Stan Kenton1
Talk city1
Talk continued1
Talk dirty to me2
Talk dont talk1
Talk fast my heart talk fast1
Talk for 21
Talk for three1
Talk for trio3
Talk in blues1
Talk in play people on mercy1
Talk in undertones1
Talk intro1
Talk introducing Straight life1
Talk is cheap4
Talk it out loud1
Talk it over1
Talk it up1
Talk me mister Basie1
Talk me out of it1
Talk me some sweet talk1
Talk Memphis to me1
Talk More Miller memories1
Talk no holes in my clothes1
Talk of a chocolate bed1
talk of sounds1
Talk of the devil2
talk of the town20
Talk of time1
Talk of two1
talk on the wild side1
Talk one1
Talk payroll savings1
Talk presenting George Cables1
Talk radio3
Talk show1
Talk some1
Talk some yakeedak1
Talk speak1
Talk stone1
Talk talk2
Talk talk talk1
Talk talk talk talk1
Talk that shit now1
Talk that talk2
Talk the language of the drum1
Talk the talk2
Talk time3
Talk tme1
Talk to Jesus1
Talk to me63
Talk to me baby29
Talk to me baby tell me lies1
Talk to me but listen to you1
Talk to me talk to me6
Talk to my dog1
Talk to my lady1
Talk to Ruff1
Talk to the animals7
Talk to the canoe driver1
Talk to the drum1
Talk to the hand2
Talk to the people1
Talk to the trees1
Talk to the wild1
Talk to the wind1
Talk to you1
Talk to you later1
Talk to your daughter2
Talk to your doctor1
Talk to your mama1
Talk Tony1
Talk trap1
Talk walk whisper1
Talk whatever comes1
Talk with a ladybird1
talk with James Brown1
Talk with L1
Talk with me1
talk with rain1
Talk with the band1
talk with the blues1
talk with the mute1
talk with the past1
Talk with the piano1
Talk with the spirits1
Talk Working for Glenn Miller1
Talk you all tight1
Talkative baby1
Talkative tucker1
Talken about you baby1
Talkie hit selection1
talkiest man in town1
Talkin about3
Talkin about another mans wife1
Talkin about drums1
Talkin about JC12
Talkin about LY1
Talkin about my love for you1
Talkin about you Cannon2
Talkin all out my head1
Talkin and walkin2
Talkin bass1
Talkin blues4
Talkin boogie2
Talkin bout a revolution1
Talkin bout Bing1
Talkin bout blues1
Talkin bout Hey now1
Talkin bout JC2
Talkin bout love2
Talkin bout Mr K1
Talkin bout my baby2
Talkin bout that river1
Talkin bout the right one1
Talkin bout TV yeah1
Talkin bout you8
Talkin drum2
Talkin heads1
Talkin hot2
Talkin in whispers1
Talkin loud1
Talkin loud and sayin nothing3
Talkin loud and saying nothin1
Talkin Lydia home1
Talkin my ease1
Talkin New Orleans1
Talkin out of turn1
Talkin picture2
Talkin samba1
Talkin stars1
Talkin stick1
Talkin stuff1
Talkin talk walk1
Talkin the blues1
Talkin to me1
Talkin to my heart3
Talkin to my pal1
Talkin to myself10
Talkin to myself about you2
Talkin to the animals1
Talkin to the mirror1
Talkin to the sun1
Talkin to you3
Talkin too much2
Talkin trash4
Talkin walkin1
Talkin with Beely1
Talkin with David1
Talkin with my pal1
Talkin with Pee1
Talkin with the tubs1
Talking 581
Talking about cars1
Talking about dreams after wake up from drunken in spring1
Talking about freedom1
Talking about Louise1
Talking about Miss Ida Bee1
Talking about money1
Talking about our love1
Talking about spring1
Talking about the 44 blues1
Talking about the way1
Talking about war brings war1
Talking and piano experiment1
Talking and rehearsing1
Talking and thinking1
Talking back4
Talking back to media1
talking bag1
Talking bandits1
Talking bass2
Talking bata1
Talking behind your back1
Talking bells1
Talking bird1
Talking birds1
Talking blues1
Talking blues boogie1
Talking bout my woman1
Talking bout rhythm1
Talking bout TV YEAH1
talking city1
Talking cure1
talking devil1
Talking drum4
Talking drum interlude1
Talking drums13
talking drums look ahead1
Talking dumb1
Talking elevator1
Talking eyes1
talking fish1
Talking frog1
Talking gong1
Talking hands4
Talking heads1
Talking hearts1
Talking horns1
Talking idly1
Talking in my sleep1
Talking in pictures1
Talking in sponges1
Talking in the big wing wong1
Talking in tongues2
Talking into the wind1
Talking is a woman1
Talking is good1
Talking it over1
Talking jazz1
Talking leaves1
Talking lines1
Talking loose1
Talking low1
talking machine1
talking mule1
Talking old soldiers1
Talking particles1
Talking people1
Talking pictures1
talking poet1
Talking rain1
Talking rocks1
Talking round1
Talking shit1
Talking silly2
Talking strings in silvery grey1
Talking summer1
Talking that talk1
Talking thoughts1
Talking through my heart1
Talking to a candle light2
Talking to each other1
Talking to electrons1
Talking to little birdies1
Talking to my baby1
Talking to my friends1
Talking to my ladys hat1
Talking to my socks1
Talking to myself4
Talking to myself about you1
Talking to Simone1
Talking to the dead1
Talking to the father1
Talking to the moon8
Talking to the river1
Talking to the sun3
Talking to the tree1
Talking to the wind4
Talking to you1
Talking to yourself2
Talking tongues1
Talking too much2
Talking traffic light1
Talking trance1
Talking trees1
talking trout1
Talking trumpet blues1
Talking turkey1
Talking walls1
Talking wind1
Talking winks1
Talking with friends1
Talking with George1
Talking with hands1
Talking with himself1
Talking with JJ1
Talking with Mr Jones1
Talking with Phil1
Talking with Tom1
Talking with you2
Talkin’ fish instead1
TalkLincoln Jubilee Exhibition1
TalkMemphis blues1
Talkn talkn talk1
Talks amongst themselves1
Talks on getting1
Talks over hot tea1
TalkThe blues1
TalkThe ragtime era1
TalkTheodore Roosevelt1
Tall and lanky2
Tall and resolute1
Tall and short1
Tall and Slim1
Tall as a tree1
Tall blues1
Tall boots2
Tall boy2
Tall brown blues1
Tall brown woman2
Tall corn2
Tall cotton9
Tall dark and handsome2
Tall dream1
Tall El Zaatar1
Tall girl1
Tall grass9
Tall grows the timber1
tall guy2
Tall guy blues1
Tall hope2
Tall hopes1
Tall like pine1
Tall man blues1
Tall oak tree1
Tall order2
Tall P1
Tall papa1
tall people1
Tall Polynesian2
Tall ships1
Tall skinny papa1
Tall stories3
Tall story1
Tall stranger1
Tall struttin1
Tall sunshine1
Tall tale1
Tall tale pathology1
Tall tales and the holy darkness1
tall tales of Todd Toven1
Tall talk from Texas1
Tall tall corn1
tall tear trees2
Tall the tree speaks1
Tall Tillies too tight1
Tall timber2
Tall trees2
Tall trees and short knees1
Tall trees in Georgia1
Tall trees in the sun1
Tall wind dragging1
Talla sunshine and Naima rainbow1
Talla sunshine Naima rainbow dance for their father1
Tallahassee detour1
Tallahassee junction1
Tallahassee kid1
Tallahassee triple1
Tallars tal1
Taller than me1
tallest tower in the world1
Tallest trees1
Talley ho1
Tallinn 761
Tallinn in May1
Tallit 11
Tallit 21
Tally ho1
Tallyho Mr Basie1
Talmente chiaro1
Talmudic breakbeat1
Talon dAchille1
Talos 41
Tals blues1
Tals pals1
Tals toys1
Talviunesta heraaminen1
Tam junction1

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