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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T41 - To a poor old woman to To know her is to love her

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Tune nameSessions
To a poor old woman1
To a pt1
To a redbricked house1
To a rose1
To a sea horse1
To a special lady1
To a spirit once known1
To a sweet and pretty thing1
To a sweet Dad1
To a sweet pretty thing2
To a tee2
To a toaster1
To a wild rose30
To absent friends1
To accept errors is not to contradict fate1
To act like a bull in a china shop1
To ad gangen1
To Africa1
To Alan Lomax1
To Albert Ayler & John Contrane1
To Albert Heath1
To Alhaji Bai Konte1
To Ali Cante1
To all eternity1
To all my women friends1
To all the girls1
To all the masters1
To Amanda1
To Amaury Tristao1
To Amitabha1
To amuse1
To an angel1
To an Elfin Princess2
To an old friend1
To an unborn1
To Anacreon in heaven1
To and fro13
To and fro to and fro1
To and from2
To and from the core1
To angels and demons1
To Anja1
To Annabel1
To Annes eyes1
To Annie1
To another1
To Anthea who may command him anything1
To Antonio Carlos Jobim1
To AP Kern1
To Ar1
To Art Blakey with love2
To Artie1
To ask1
To Ava1
To Avenue X3
To avoid monotony1
To AW1
To B2
To B E & A1
To B or not to B1
To bad dad1
To balance a frantic flock1
To Bark1
To Barney1
To Barney Bigard1
To Barney Kessel1
To Barry with love1
To Basie with love1
To bassar av gran og lonn to lydbilde av svartor og ask1
To be20
To be a captain1
To be a slave like me1
To be able to1
To be again1
To be agog1
To be alive2
To be alone1
To be alone blues1
To be alone with you2
To be and do1
To be and not to bop1
To be announced2
To be bop1
To be bop or not to be bop1
To be caught in the rain1
To be confirmed1
To be considered1
To be cont1
To be contended1
To be continued23
To be counted1
To be determined2
To be DeYoung again1
To be exact1
To be exposed1
To be fair1
To be forgiven1
To be forgotten1
To be free6
To be happy1
To be here1
To be hurt1
To be in B1
To be in love8
To be in love with someone1
To be in love without someone1
To be is not1
To be loved3
To be loved by you3
To be named later4
To be needed1
To be oblique1
To be or nor to bop1
To be or not1
To be or not = 2 B or not = To be or not1
To be or not to1
To be or not to be24
To be or not to be in love1
To be or not to be stoned that is not the question1
To be or not to bebop4
To be or not to bop5
To be or not to have1
To be or not to loop1
To be or note to be1
To be or to UB1
To be Ornette to be2
To be partaker1
To be perfectly Frank1
To be poor is a crime1
To be real1
To be remembered2
To be scolded1
to be seen1
To be seething1
To be sho1
To be shown to monks at a certain temple1
To be so far away1
To be someone1
To be sure3
To be the one1
To be the one you love1
To be there4
To be to belong1
To be tuba1
To be two1
To be us1
To be used1
To be whistled in the rain forest1
To be with Louis P1
To be with you13
To be worthy of you2
To be yet again1
To be young1
To be young and foolish1
To be young gifted and black2
To Bea1
To beat or not to beat8
To Bebo1
To bebop or not to bebop1
To Bechet with love1
To bee or not to bee1
To begin1
To begin again3
To begin with1
To believe1
To Ben Riley1
To Benny2
To Benny Golson1
To better days1
To Bi or not to Bi1
To big Mike1
To Bill2
To Bill Evans3
To Bill with love1
To Billie Holiday1
To Billy and TM1
To Billy Strayhorn1
To Bird1
To bird with love1
To Birdland and hurry2
To birds2
To bits1
To Bix2
To blossom1
To blow is to know1
To blue1
To blued jazz lines1
TO blues1
To blues or not to blues2
To Bob Berg1
To Bob Vatel of Paris2
To Bobs house1
To boldly go where everyone has gone before2
To bop or not to be2
To bop or not to bop1
To BR1
To Brazil with love2
To break a tune1
To breakaway1
To Brenda with love8
To bring him here1
To bring up my feeling tone1
To bring you my love1
To Brownie5
To brune ojne1
To Bud1
To Bud Powell1
To Bud with love1
To Buddy1
To build1
To build a fire1
To build a home1
To build a ship1
To burn but not on fire1
To but or not to but2
To by v tom byl cert1
To C from C1
To C or not to C1
To call somebody1
To call you my own2
To Caravan and brother Jim1
To care for1
To Carla Marsha and Caroline1
To carry beans1
To cast a spell1
To catch a bird in a net of wind1
To catch a dream by tail1
To catch a rainbow1
To Catey with love1
To CB1
To Cecilias smile1
To celebrate1
To Ceres1
To Ceuta1
To change nature1
To Charles Chaplin1
To Charles Mingus1
To Charlie1
To charteuse1
To Chenrezig1
To Chet1
To Chi Ka2
To chop it down we must first1
To Christmas with love1
To Chubby Checker1
To Cipriano in the wind1
To CL1
To claim its love1
To Clark1
To Clifford1
To Clifford & Stitt1
To close1
To co nienazwane1
To Colombine1
To come2
To communicate1
To compare it with1
To conclude nothing herein1
To continue1
To cope to play1
To Cornelis1
To cos1
To Cozy and Max2
To CP with love1
To cross the rubicon1
To CT with love1
To da beat1
To dad with love1
To Daddy Trane and Brother Shorter1
To daffodils1
To dance1
To dance beneath the cuban sky1
To dance or not to dance1
To dance the samba1
To dance with you1
To Dashiell Hammett1
To Dave1
To Dave Treut1
to David Cronenberg Interzonia1
To day and to morrow1
To DC1
To Dee Dup1
To deliver your song1
To destiny1
To Deux1
To dewes2
To die for an eye1
To dikt 19931
To directly convert over a firm body1
To disenfranchise1
To Diz with love1
To Dizzy with love3
To Django4
To do2
To do nothing1
To do or not to do1
To do this you got to know how1
To do today to die1
To Donny1
To draw back in order to make a better jump1
To dream1
To dream again1
To drift like clouds1
To drink water from a wooden bowl1
To drommer1
To drown in you1
To drum or not to drum1
To dry in the rain1
To Duke4
To Duke Ellington1
To Duke with love3
To each his darkness1
To each his Dulcinea1
To each his own58
To each is own1
To Ed McBain1
To eh1
To Electric Ladyland1
To Elivin with love1
To Ella1
To eller en1
To Elsa1
To Elvin and Cleve1
To Emma1
To Emma Goldman1
To empty went1
to end all1
To end or not to end1
To entertain you1
to Ericka1
To Erico1
To Erlinda2
To err is human2
To Europe1
To face the bass1
To fall1
To fall a victim to icecreams charm1
To Fats with love1
To Faust in1
To Federico Fellini1
To feel is to be1
To feel or not to feel1
To feel you is to love you1
To Felix with love1
To find the path1
To find yourself is to lose yourself1
To fine1
To finish1
To fly1
To fly away1
To fly or not to fly1
To fly to steal2
To forget about you1
To forgive1
To forgive but not forget1
To Franco1
To Frank Zappa1
To Frederick1
To Frederico1
To friendship1
To Fukuji no Aki1
To future memories1
To gather the wind1
To gaze at her1
To Gemini1
To Gerry1
To get her alone1
To get ourselves together1
to get up1
To Gil3
To Gil and Paul1
To Gil Evans1
To Ginny1
To Giulia1
To give1
To give and not to get1
To give is to get1
To glass2
To glory1
To go1
To go ashore1
To go is to thinkto sing is to go1
To go too far1
To God be the glory1
To God in Gods absence1
To goosenecks1
To gora1
To Gorge1
To GP1
To groove1
To Gustavo1
To Gyorgi K1
To H with love1
To Hammerfest1
To Hampton Hawes1
To Hank Jones1
To Hank Mobley1
To Harry from family Improvising1
To Harry from family Ladies and gentlemen1
To have and to hold3
To have known1
To have loved1
To have or to be3
To have this hour1
To have to hold to love1
To have to lose1
To hear1
To hear a tear drop in the rain1
To hear a teardrop in the rain3
To hear is to see2
To hear like a children1
To hear the screams of a motherless child1
To hear the world in a grain of sand1
To Helen Back1
To hell1
To Hell and Baku1
To hell with love2
To Hell with the force of gravity1
To henghel1
To Henry a son1
To Henry C1
To her ladyship4
to hide1
To higher ground1
To higher time1
To him who sits on the throne1
To hip for your own good1
To ho East1
To hold1
To hold walls together1
To hold your hand1
To home1
To hoo wa bo hoo1
To horn1
To hours1
To HR1
To Hugo1
To hummingbird1
To hunt with the stoat1
To hurt my heart1
To i hola1
To Igor1
To ilpehu1
To inc1
To India1
To Ineke2
To inscribe1
To Isengard1
To iskol hof1
To iskolhof1
To itch his own1
To Jackie & Roy1
To Jaco2
To Jaki George and Thad1
To James1
To Jan1
To Janina Davidovic2
To je neco1
To Jeru1
To JF1
To Jim1
To Jimi Hendrix1
To Jimmy1
To Jimmy and the Duke1
To Jobim with love1
To Joe1
To John10
To John C2
To John Fenton wind and flower1
To John Hodjazz1
To Johnny1
To Jon1
To Jones1
To Joseph Alessi1
To JR1
To Julia1
To Julie1
To karavi tou dasous1
To Karen1
To keep1
To keep a lady waiting1
To keep from falling in1
To keep from twiddling their thumbs2
To keep my love alive7
To keep you1
To keep you here beside me1
To Keith1
To Kenny1
To kill a brick4
To kill a mockingbird4
To kill a songbird1
To Kim1
To Kirsten and I1
To kiss the ivories1
To KJ1
To Klook1
To know2
To know God is to know thy self1
To know her1
To know her is to love her1

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