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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page T32 - Three hours after midnight to Three tears at midnight

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Tune nameSessions
Three hours after midnight1
Three hours in Paris1
Three hours past midnight1
Three hundred ears and an ocean1
Three hundred plus1
Three hundred pounds of blues1
Three hundredthirty ostrich spans1
Three if by air1
Three if by outer space1
Three if by sea1
Three if by train1
Three images1
Three improvisations5
Three in 31
Three in a row1
three in four1
Three in four or more1
Three in front four in back toes1
Three in one29
Three in one blues1
Three in the box1
Three in the meadow1
Three in the morning3
Three indications1
Three into onethe movie1
Three is a circle1
Three is a company1
Three is a crowd2
Three is a magic number1
Three is company1
Three Is Enough1
Three is no time1
Three is the magic number1
Three island duos1
Three J blues1
Three Jays and a bee1
Three jazz dialogues1
Three jazz moods on a theme by Ravi Shankar1
Three jazzy blind mice1
Three Jeffs and a Mike1
Three jewels2
Three Jones outside Ebbing Missouri1
Three Js blues2
Three keyboards1
Three keys1
Three kids1
Three kinds of folks1
Three kinds of heat1
Three king boogie1
Three king fishers2
Three kings2
three kings of orient1
Three kisses1
Three ladies from Vienna1
Three lands1
Three languages1
Three lanterns1
Three last words1
Three Latin American dances1
three Lauras1
Three layers of players1
Three layers to get to one Rachel1
Three leaps of the gazelle1
Three leaved flower1
Three leaves3
three legged cat1
Three legged chicken1
Three legged dance1
Three legged dog1
Three legged duck1
Three legged shuffle1
Three legs1
Three legs for two birds1
Three less than between1
Three letter birds1
Three letter word1
Three letters5
Three levels1
Three lies4
Three lights2
Three lights with beautiful wisdom1
Three like1
Three line blues1
Three lines3
Three lines Composition 6 N 23 N 23 J1
Three lions1
Three little beans1
Three little bears1
Three little birds7
Three little bops1
Three little bugs1
Three little chicks1
Three little dogs1
Three little feelings5
Three little fishes15
Three little fishes boogie1
Three little fishies1
Three little foxes1
Three little girls1
Three little girls in blue1
Three little herrings1
Three little initials1
Three little kinds1
Three little kittens2
Three little ladies2
Three little maids1
Three little maids from school1
Three little maids from school we are1
Three little monsters1
Three little nocturnes1
Three little notes1
Three little oddities1
Three little piggies1
Three little pigs5
Three little sisters6
Three little songs1
Three little steps to Heaven3
Three little stories1
Three little things1
Three little times2
Three little words468
Three little words cha cha1
Three live wires1
Three lives1
Three long sentences1
Three long years2
Three love1
Three loves1
Three M1
three Madonnas2
Three magic words1
Three main rooms1
Three man junta1
Three marching Ms1
Three Marias9
Three marvellous words1
Three mates song1
Three melodies1
Three men2
Three men in a boat3
Three men in a tub1
Three men on a bass1
Three men on a beat1
Three men on a riff2
Three men on third1
Three men walking1
Three mens boogie1
Three metal moves1
Three metals1
Three metaphysical folk themes1
Three mice blind1
Three mile island3
Three miles away1
Three miles down1
Three miles from home1
Three miles out3
Three millimeters per day1
Three million little Russians1
Three miniatures1
Three miniatures 11
Three miniatures 21
Three miniatures 31
Three miniatures for Paul1
three minors4
Three minute mile1
Three minute snack1
Three minute warning1
Three minutes and a half1
Three minutes away1
Three minutes blues1
Three minutes boogie1
Three minutes from an afternoon in July1
Three minutes in a saloon1
Three minutes of blues1
Three minutes of boogie woogie1
Three minutes on 52nd Street1
Three minutes one1
Three minutes to four1
Three miracles1
Three modes1
Three moments from Monday nights at seven1
Three monks suite1
Three months ago blues1
Three months later1
Three moods3
Three moons3
three moons Encelade1
three moons Nereide1
three moons Titan1
Three more foxes7
Three more times to go1
Three more years1
Three mothers1
Three motifs in jazz1
Three mountains2
Three mounted jockeys1
Three movements3
Three movements for jazz trio and big band1
Three movements for jazz trio and jazz ensemble1
Three movements for solo clarinet and ensemble1
Three movements for violin solo1
Three movements of SOJ1
three muscateers1
Three muses2
Three musicians1
Three musketeers4
Three myths1
Three nails left for PL1
Three nighter1
Three nights1
Three nine Turner1
Three nite exit1
Three note samba4
Three note song1
Three note tune for Nippon1
Three notes1
Three notes and a brush1
Three notes on the enraptured air paying the piper1
Three o clock1
Three o time1
Three observations of one ocean1
Three oceans1
Three oclock2
Three oclock Acts of heinous violence1
Three oclock blues5
Three oclock boogie1
Three oclock in the morning61
Three oclock jump6
Three oclock morning blues1
Three oclock stomp1
Three odes1
Three of a kind13
Three of a perfect pair1
Three of four2
Three of four shades of blues1
Three of my hearts1
Three of one1
Three of six1
Three of the same from two different1
Three of three2
three of us4
Three oily Tuesdays1
Three old men from the land of Aran1
Three olives1
Three on a cloud1
Three on a match4
Three on a row1
Three on a see saw1
Three on a string1
Three on a tree two2
Three on four4
Three on nine1
Three on one1
Three on the floor1
Three on the stairs1
Three on two6
Three one1
Three or four2
Three or four days after the death of Kurt Cobain1
Three or four in the morning1
Three or four kinds of blues1
Three or four shades of blues3
Three or four times1
Three or two in one1
Three oranges3
Three orchids for Niblock1
Three out2
Three out of three aint bad1
Three over four2
Three pager1
Three pages of green1
Three pals and the blues1
Three part invention4
Three part jazz fugue1
Three part nothing1
Three part suite1
Three parts as one1
Three parts of a name1
Three pastels1
Three pawns1
Three pea soup1
Three peas1
Three penny opera2
Three Penny Opera theme1
Three penny pounce1
Three people1
Three personalities1
Three persons1
three Petes1
Three phases black1
Three phases grey1
Three phases white1
Three phasis1
Three piano blues1
Three piano boogie1
Three pictures1
Three pictures part I NE 1354951
Three pictures part II Obstructions1
Three pictures part III Portrait of N in green1
Three pictures suite1
Three piece suit1
Three piece wardrobe1
Three pieces4
Three pieces for clarinet1
Three pieces for clarinet solo1
Three pieces for four players1
Three pieces for guitar1
Three pieces for septet1
Three pieces for trio1
Three pieces from Tao1
Three pieces from Tao I1
Three pieces from Tao II1
Three pieces from Tao III1
Three pieces from Tao IV1
Three pieces in old style1
Three pieces of wood1
Three pillars2
Three pinwheels1
Three places in New Guinea1
Three planets1
Three plus one2
Three plus three2
Three plus two1
Three poems1
Three point five1
Three point play1
Three point shot1
Three point turn1
Three points1
Three points and a mountain1
Three points and a sphere1
Three points East1
Three points of the locus1
Three points suite1
Three policemen step1
Three portraits1
Three portraits for guitar and flute1
Three portraits in no color1
Three portraits of a simpleton1
Three postcards3
Three postcards from Japan1
Three prayers1
Three preliminary exercises by someone who is not very good at it1
Three preludes5
Three preludes for piano1
Three preludes op741
Three primates1
Three princes2
Three problems2
Three punk chords tango1
Three purple circles1
Three putt1
Three pyramids and the sphinx1
three pyramids and the sphynx1
Three quarks1
Three quarter blues4
Three quarter doctor1
Three quarter Gemini1
Three quarter miles4
Three quarter moon1
Three quarters2
Three quarters of the house1
Three quarters to spare1
Three question marks1
Three questions2
Three ragas1
three ravens5
three ravens How should I my true love know1
three ravens Since first I saw your face1
Three reasons2
Three red lights1
Three reds1
Three reels & an air1
Three reflections2
Three revolutions1
Three ring circus1
Three ring ragout2
Three rings1
Three rivers6
Three rivers and a hill to cross1
Three rivers joys1
Three rivers of lor1
Three rivers to1
Three romances2
Three rules the spectacle of my departure1
Three sambas1
Three Sams in the fountain1
Three sax number1
Three scenes1
Three scenes for five tenors1
Three score1
Three seconds7
Three seconds and a half and1
Three seeds1
Three sepals1
Three separatist elephants1
Three serenades1
Three seven2
Three shades1
Three shades of a house1
Three shades of blue6
Three shades of blues2
Three shades of green1
Three shades of Mingus1
Three shadows of blue1
Three shakespeare songs2
Three shears for Shearing1
Three sheets to the wind4
Three shifts1
Three short dances for solo clarinet1
Three short ones2
Three short stories2
Three short stories for contrabass and piano1
Three short stories of a great politician1
Three sided1
Three sides1
Three sides of a story1
Three sighs to the moon1
Three sightless rodents1
Three silhouettes1
Three silver hairs2
Three silver ladies dance1
Three silver quarters2
Three simple pieces2
Three simple songs2
Three simultaneous forms of empfindsamkeit1
Three sisters10
Three sisters and a cousin2
Three sisters one brother1
Three sisters waltz1
Three six1
three sixes1
Three sketches1
Three sketches I1
Three sketches of Gallipoli1
Three slaves1
Three slices of bread2
Three small dreams1
Three smiles1
Three solos1
Three song1
Three songs2
Three songs by Gershwin Brothers1
Three songs for Julie1
Three songs in E minor no11
Three songs in E minor no21
Three songs in E minor no31
Three songs of shide1
Three songs to the one burden1
Three sons1
Three souls1
Three sounds1
Three sounds blues1
Three sounds for neophonic orchestra1
Three speeds forward1
Three spheres1
Three sphinxes of bikini1
Three spirits1
Three splattered eggs1
Three springs1
Three stage rocket1
three stages2
three stars2
Three stars will shine tonight1
Three states for string quartet1
Three steaks and a trout1
Three step dance3
Three steps4
Three steps ahead2
Three steps at a time1
Three steps down1
Three steps from village A1
Three steps in the right direction1
Three steps to lost bop1
Three steps up1
Three stills1
Three stoned mice1
three stooges1
Three stops to Denver1
Three stops to ten sleep1
Three stories5
Three stories one end1
Three story birdhouse1
Three strands1
Three street1
Three strikes4
Three strikes youre out1
Three studies on themes of Edward Hopper1
Three sudden movements1
Three suitcases1
Three summers ago1
Three sunsets1
Three surface1
Three swings and out1
Three systems for cello1
Three tamed furies1
Three tangoinspired pieces for large jazz ensemble1
three tasks1
Three tears1
Three tears at midnight1

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