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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T30 - This universe of blue to Thousand cutsTuna puna

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Tune nameSessions
This universe of blue1
This unmemorable evening1
This used to be my playground1
This valley of carrots1
This very day1
This very place1
This very vamp1
This view1
This voice1
This voice says so1
This waiting game1
This war got everybody troubled1
This warm secret dial1
This was2
This was for us1
This was for you1
This was my love2
This was nearly mine8
This was the day1
This was the way it was1
This was tomorrow1
This was very odd because1
This was when1
This was your life1
This way19
This way and that3
This way before1
This way in1
This way ladies this way gents1
This way Mary1
This way not that1
This way out18
This way please3
This way that1
This way that way1
This way this time1
This way to the cape1
This way to the egress1
This way up2
This we know1
This weight1
This well save one for last1
This wheels on fire2
This will all seem funny1
This will always be a place1
This will be8
This will be a lonesome summer1
This will be an everlasting love1
This will be my shining hour5
This will make you laugh18
This will pass too1
This winter2
This woman is the wife of a man1
This woman of mine1
This womans work1
This wont take long1
This word is suffocating1
This word love1
This world6
This world aint my home1
This world is mine1
This world is not my home11
This world of mine1
This world of ours1
This world today is a mess2
This yeah1
This year9
This year there is no crop1
This years coda1
This years crop of kisses2
This years dream1
This years fancies1
This years kisses45
This years skirts1
This years spring1
This you was1
This younger generation1
Thisll bring you back1
Thisll get to ya1
Thisness now1
ThisOrientate minds1
ThisOrientate minds reloaded1
Thiss my way to say I pray1
thistle and gold1
Thistle dew1
Thistle down2
Thistle serenade1
Thistle soup1
Thistle swing1
Thither and yon1
Thity all1
Thngs dispr1
Tho 11
Tho 21
Tho voluto bene7
Thobys sister1
Thoger anakkes paeretrae1
Thoidy thoid and thoid1
Thokos tune1
Tholean web3
Tholian web4
Thom with drum fragments1
Thomas Avenue blues1
Thomas blues1
Thomas builds a shelter1
Thomas Cole1
Thomas dream2
Thomas Edison miracle man1
Thomas harm1
Thomas intro1
Thomas Juuzli2
Thomas Kempster shuffle1
Thomas More House1
Thomas Morely1
Thomas OMalley1
Thomas OMalley Cat1
Thomas OMally1
Thomas Scott1
Thomas solo1
Thomas studies photos1
Thomas the tank engine1
Thomas the tank engine and friends1
Thomas twist1
Thomas Wartet1
Thomas Weelkes1
Thompson bell1
Thompson Falls rag1
Thompson fields1
Thompsons old grey mule2
Thompsons tango1
Thons tea1
Thor Heyerdahs mor1
Thor pt 11
Thor pt 21
Thor thought1
thorax meets the abdomen1
Thoreau falls1
Thorgeirs sang1
Thorleifs blues1
Thorn apple1
Thorn Birds theme1
thorn bush3
Thorn in a white robe1
Thorn of a white rose7
thorn piercing his coat1
Thorn tea jar1
Thorn witness1
Thorned lattice1
Thorns a plenty1
Thorns nodes1
Thorns of life1
THOrnton heath1
Thorny flora1
Thoroughbred rag1
Thoroughfare functions1
Thoroughly modern Millie17
Thoroughly modern Millies1
Those 3 words1
Those 4 R1
Those all night long blues1
Those among us1
Those angel eyes1
Those are the dreams2
Those are the things1
Those barrelhouse blues2
Those basinites1
Those birds again1
Those black man blues1
Those blues4
Those boys1
Those bright eyes1
Those broken busted1
Those closest1
Those clouds are heavy you dig1
Those clumsy words1
Those crazy rhythm and blues1
Those creeping sneaking blues1
Those damn gums1
Those damn I love yous1
Those dancing days are gone1
Those daring eyes1
Those daring young men in their flying machines1
Those days6
Those desks arent going to clean themselves1
Those dirty blues1
Those dogs of mine3
Those draftin blues9
Those driftin blues1
Those dulcet tones1
Those eyes4
Those eyes those lips that nose that face that girl2
Those eyes were meant for laughter1
Those Folish things1
Those frowning clowns1
Those gamblers blues1
Those hookers1
Those hot dogs are for display purposes only1
Those hours1
Those jive New Yorkers1
Those kind of things1
Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer4
Those left behind1
Those lepers1
Those lights1
Those lines that I before have writ do lie1
Those lips2
Those little birds1
Those little moments1
Those little reds1
Those little white lies4
Those lonely lonely nights1
Those lonesome hours blues1
Those longing for you blues7
Those longing for your blues1
Those lower Slabovian blues1
Those magic words1
Those magnificent men in their flying machines2
Those married men blues1
Those melancholy blues1
Those mellow blues1
Those memories2
Those memories of you1
Those not forgotten1
Those old cliches1
Those old solos1
Those oldies but goodies remind me of you1
Those ordinary things1
Those Panama mamas14
Those passing things1
Those phone calls1
Those pretty eyes1
Those prison blues1
Those quiet days1
Those ragtime melodies1
Those ragtime years1
Those red pumps1
Those rhythm and blues1
Those Russian winters1
Those soulful jingle bells2
Those spring days1
Those Sunday blues1
Those sweet blue olives of Bombay1
Those that live by the swordfish die by the swordfish1
Those that sing their children to sleep1
Those that we love1
Those things happen1
Those things money cant buy3
Those three days1
Those times1
Those two1
Those two & maturity1
Those venetian blinds2
Those wacky ways1
Those we love1
Those wedding bells shall not ring out1
Those were happy days1
Those were the days39
Those were the good times1
Those were the years1
Those white collar blues1
Those who build1
Those who came before1
Those who came before us1
Those who chant3
Those who dream1
Those who eat cookies1
Those who get from having not1
Those who keep spirits alive1
Those who lived in the good ol days1
Those who love the Lord1
Those who must be kept1
Those who remain1
Those who remain are the worst1
Those who remember1
Those who run1
Those who saw him1
Those who sit and wait3
Those who stay1
Those who trespass against us1
Those who wait1
Those who were8
Those winter Sundays1
Those without feet1
Those wonderful days1
Those wonderful words2
Thoth speaks1
Thou art1
Thou hast made me1
Thou mindless thing1
Thou shalt love1
Thou shalt not1
Thou shalt not bear false witness1
Thou shalt not kill1
Thou svelt1
Thou swell346
Thou tune of my mourning1
Though dreamers die3
Though fingers burn1
Though I dont even know his name1
Though I speak with tongues1
Though I walk through the valley1
Though Im alone1
Though the steady hand may tremble1
Thought about Duke II1
Thought about it1
Thought about spring1
Thought about thinking1
Thought about you3
Thought again1
Thought and action2
Thought and intention1
thought and the self1
thought away1
Thought behind it1
thought behind your smile1
Thought cloud1
Thought criminal1
Thought flood1
thought for AGE1
Thought for autumn1
thought for Cannon1
thought for silence1
Thought for the day1
Thought forms4
Thought fox1
Thought from Duke1
Thought I heard1
Thought Id ask1
Thought in the moonlight1
Thought insertion1
Thought it would be easier1
Thought lines1
Thought of a first spring day1
Thought of Beatrice1
Thought of happiness1
thought of losing you1
Thought of loss2
Thought of loving you3
Thought of many Georges1
thought of NYU1
Thought of one2
thought of seeing you1
Thought of spirit1
thought of you2
thought of you part I1
thought of you part II1
thought of you part III1
Thought often stray1
Thought on earth1
Thought on walls1
Thought police2
Thought pools1
Thought process1
Thought provoking1
thought revolved2
Thought seeds1
thought that counts1
thought that lingers1
Thought trains1
Thought travels1
thoughtful attempt1
Thoughtful blues1
thoughtful dose of sleep1
Thoughtful furious fast1
thoughtful message1
thoughtful nudge1
thoughtful spot1
Thoughtful world1
Thoughts & prayers1
Thoughts about Duke I1
Thoughts about Duke III1
Thoughts about my mother1
Thoughts about you1
Thoughts alone2
Thoughts and all Ive got to say1
Thoughts and dreams1
Thoughts and feelings1
Thoughts and memories2
Thoughts and prayers1
Thoughts and reveries1
Thoughts and slow actions1
Thoughts are things1
Thoughts for Dixon1
Thoughts for you1
Thoughts from afar1
Thoughts from Duke1
Thoughts from Okuta1
Thoughts in every key1
Thoughts into action1
Thoughts not my own1
Thoughts of a child1
Thoughts of a gentleman5
Thoughts of a lazy Playmate1
Thoughts of Ana1
Thoughts of buckshot1
Thoughts of Cortina1
Thoughts of Dar Es Salaam1
Thoughts of forever1
Thoughts of freeway development1
Thoughts of home3
Thoughts of JF1
Thoughts of JS1
Thoughts of light and freedom1
Thoughts of love1
Thoughts of Mary Jane2
Thoughts of Miles1
Thoughts of my ancestors1
Thoughts of my own1
Thoughts of mystery1
Thoughts of Nick1
Thoughts of Prez1
Thoughts of South America1
Thoughts of stone1
Thoughts of the iron monkey1
Thoughts of Thelma1
Thoughts of Trane1
Thoughts of walking1
Thoughts of you12
Thoughts of your smile1
Thoughts on a new found friend1
Thoughts on a quiet night1
Thoughts on being female from picnic table two1
Thoughts on freedom1
Thoughts on losing & winning1
Thoughts on Monday1
Thoughts on my love1
Thoughts on the colour yellow1
Thoughts on the end of winter1
Thoughts on Thoth1
Thoughts on you2
Thoughts sailing in the ocean a yesterday to come1
Thoughts to Anthony B1
Thoughts to Geoff5
Thoughts under a dark blue light1
Thoughts unspoken1
Thoughts while waving goodbye1
Thousand and one1
thousand and one nights4
thousand and one saloons1
thousand autumns4
thousand beautiful things4
thousand birds1
thousand burning bridges1
thousand conclusions1
Thousand cranes2
thousand cranes a memorial for Amir Hamzehi1
Thousand cuts1
Thousand cutsTuna puna1

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