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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page T3 - Take a trip to Take two solo

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Tune nameSessions
Take a trip2
Take a trip to the stars1
Take a walk11
Take a walk in the park with me1
Take a walk on the moon1
Take a walk on the wild side1
Take a walk through the woods1
Take a walk with me1
Take a walk with the angels1
Take a waltz1
Take advantage2
Take aim2
Take all1
Take all five1
Take all my loves6
Take all my loves Sonnet No 401
Take all the time you need1
Take along a little love1
Take another 51
Take another five3
Take another guess11
Take another look3
Take another step1
Take away1
Take away my fear1
Take awhile1
Take B1
Take Bach6
Take back the country1
Take back your gold1
Take back your mink6
Take care18
Take care beware2
Take care brother1
Take care of all my children1
Take care of business2
Take care of floating1
Take care of my heart1
Take care of someone1
Take care of the sense and the sounds will take1
Take care of you for me1
Take care of your baby1
Take care of yourself6
Take care of yourself my friend1
Take care on the roads1
Take care with health1
Take childrens five1
Take cinco1
Take courage1
Take cover3
Take dirty seven1
Take double1
Take E 4 to Stockholm1
Take easy Thai1
Take eight2
Take eleven1
Take em3
Take em off take em off2
Take em to the cleaners1
Take em to the moon1
Take everything1
Take everything but you2
Take five349
Take five and more1
Take five in 41
Take five kings1
Take five moans1
Take five solo1
Take five take 111
Take flight2
Take for example this1
Take four8
Take four solo1
Take good care of my baby1
Take good care of my heart2
Take great care out there1
Take heart3
Take heart catch life1
Take her to Jamaica4
Take her to the Mardi Gras1
Take him4
Take him off my mind1
Take home pay1
take house1
Take hur de va1
Take in the sun hang out the moon3
Take it13
Take it all1
Take it all off1
Take it and get it1
Take it and git2
Take it and like it1
Take it and run1
Take it as you like1
Take it away5
Take it away babe1
Take it away from her1
Take it back1
Take it cause its all yours2
Take it Charlie1
Take it cheesy1
Take it daddy1
Take it daddy its all yours1
Take it easy81
Take it easy Arthur1
Take it easy baby2
Take it easy blues1
Take it easy boy2
Take it easy boy boy2
Take it easy but take it1
Take it easy fellas1
Take it easy greasy7
Take it easy greasy no 22
Take it easy mambo1
Take it easy my brother Charlie1
Take it easy Sylvia1
Take it for granted1
Take it forward1
Take it from here1
Take it from Hudson1
Take it from me17
Take it from me Im talkin to you1
Take it from my eyes1
Take it from my heart1
Take it from the oven1
Take it from the top4
Take it from there1
Take it home4
Take it in stride1
Take it Jackson2
Take it like a champ1
Take it like a man2
Take it like you give it1
Take it Mr B1
Take it now1
Take it off1
Take it off the top1
Take it on1
Take it on back1
Take it on home to Grandma1
Take it on the bridge1
Take it on up1
Take it or leave it14
Take it or lose it1
Take it out1
Take it out Mack1
Take It Prez1
Take it right back5
Take it slow6
Take it slow and easy3
Take it slow Joe1
Take it to church2
Take it to heart1
Take it to Mars1
Take it to the bank Tom1
Take it to the bridge1
Take it to the father1
Take it to the heart1
Take it to the limit5
Take it to the ozone8
Take it to the sky2
Take it to the street1
Take it to the top2
Take it up1
Take it up stairs1
Take it with a smile1
Take it with me16
Take IV1
Take love easy30
Take ma soul1
Take me31
Take me along8
Take me along with you1
Take me around1
Take me as I am3
Take me away13
Take me away from the river2
Take me back16
Take me back again3
Take me back baby16
Take me back home1
Take me back home baby blues1
Take me back to Elkhart1
Take me back to Little Rock1
Take me back to Machu Picchu1
Take me back to Manhattan3
Take me back to my boots and saddle11
Take me back to my RenoSparks home1
Take me back to New Orleans18
Take me back to old yazoo2
Take me back to Piaui1
Take me back to Tennessee1
Take me back to the old days again1
Take me back to Tulsa1
Take me blues1
Take me by surprise1
Take me down1
Take me for a buggy ride17
Take me for a ride1
Take me for what I am2
Take me gently2
Take me girl Im ready1
Take me hand precious Lord1
Take me higher2
Take me home24
Take me home country1
Take me home country roads2
Take me home heavenly father with thee1
Take me home precious Lord1
Take me Im yours1
Take me in your alley1
Take me in your arms49
Take me just as I am2
Take me nowhere1
Take me or leave me1
Take me out of the rain1
Take me out to the ball game57
Take me out to the ballgame5
Take me out to the ballroom1
Take me out to the Skydome1
Take me out to the Waldorf1
Take me over1
Take me round1
Take me take me2
Take me there13
Take me through the night1
Take me to Aruanda3
Take me to Brazil1
Take me to heart1
Take me to heaven1
Take me to Swine Lake2
Take me to that land of jazz4
Take me to that midnight cakewalk ball1
Take me to that town of jazz1
Take me to the alley3
Take me to the bridge1
Take me to the Casbah1
Take me to the church on time1
Take me to the circus2
Take me to the clouds1
Take me to the coast of Georgia1
Take me to the factory house1
Take me to the goldmine1
Take me to the land of jazz28
Take me to the Mardi Gras13
Take me to the midnight cake walk ball1
Take me to the midnight cakewalk ball1
Take me to the moon1
Take me to the pilot2
Take me to the river12
Take me to the sun1
Take me to the water3
Take me to the world5
Take me to WakWak1
Take me to wonderland right away2
Take me to you1
Take me to your dream1
Take me to your heart4
Take me to your leader2
Take me tonight1
Take me with you7
Take me with you baby1
Take MJs train2
Take my blues1
Take my blues away1
Take my body1
Take my body and shake it1
Take my breath away10
Take my equation1
Take my hand12
Take my hand precious Lord58
Take my hand previous Lord1
Take my heart19
Take my heart away1
Take my life1
Take my life and let it be1
Take my love5
Take my man1
Take my money take my love1
Take my music back to the church1
Take my number baby1
Take my picture while Im smiling2
Take my smile1
Take my time1
Take my tip1
Take my wife1
Take my word9
Take nine1
Take no fu1
Take no prisoners5
Take no prizzonerz1
Take notes1
Take nothing1
Take notice3
Take O take those lips away6
Take off36
Take off 11
Take off and land1
Take off and let go2
Take off blues3
Take off socks1
Take off that dress1
Take off the crown1
Take off them hips1
Take off with Wild Bills airplane1
Take off your blues2
Take off your body1
Take off your clothes1
Take off your clothes to feel the setting sun1
Take off your shirt and scream2
Take off your shoes1
Take oh take those lips away3
Take on advice from a fool1
take on five1
take on it all1
Take on me6
Take on that mountain1
Take one9
Take one away2
Take one chance1
Take one look at me1
Take one more1
Take one of my pills1
Take one solo1
Take one step1
Take one toke1
Take only for pain2
Take out2
Take out dreams1
Take out queen1
Take out some insurance2
Take out some time1
Take out the garbage1
Take out the squeal if you want a meal1
Take over2
Take pipe1
Take place1
Take protection1
Take refuge2
Take right3
Take rocks and gravel to build a solid road1
Take round one more time1
Take sax1
Take seven7
Take shelter1
Take six7
Take sixteen1
Take some of this1
Take some time2
Take some time to walk with the one you love2
Take SOS1
Take steps1
Take tea and see1
Take ten8
Take ten terrific girls1
Take that8
Take that back1
Take that big engine down yonder1
Take that hill1
Take that last note1
Take that off1
Take that pill1
Take that Rollo1
Take that seat1
Take that thing away1
Take the 241
Take the 54 Trane1
Take the 7 train1
Take the 8 train1
Take the A side1
Take the A train1724
Take the A trainEbony interlude1
Take the ache of my heart1
Take the air that I breathe1
Take the Asharp train1
Take the B train1
Take the big gamble1
Take the blue ball1
Take the blues1
Take the Boussline1
Take the brake1
Take the bullet Trane1
Take the C & A Trane1
Take the cake1
Take the cannoli1
Take the chance1
Take the Chief1
Take the chorus1
Take the coaltrain1
Take the Cole train1
Take the Cole Trane1
Take the Coltrane100
Take the Crowell train1
Take the Ctrain1
Take the D flat train1
Take the D train6
Take the dark train1
Take the day off2
Take the Dtrain1
Take the Duke train1
Take the E line1
Take the eartrain1
Take the five1
Take the five train1
Take the floor1
Take the floor and lift the roof1
Take the fourth2
Take the garbage out1
Take the Greenline1
Take the hammer1
Take the hands off the clock1
Take the happy train1
Take the heat off me1
Take the high road3
Take the hint1
Take the horns by the bulls2
Take the humble1
Take the key1
Take the keys to my heart1
Take the light rail1
Take the lobsters off the ice1
Take the long way home1
Take the Mingus train1
Take the Mitsu1
Take the moment3
Take the money and run2
Take the money and spend it1
Take the mtrO1
Take the neon lights1
Take the next train1
Take the place1
Take the Portal1
Take the rap n funk it up1
Take the red car1
Take the rest1
Take the ribbon from her hair1
Take the river view1
Take the road across the bridge1
Take the RR train1
Take the scenic route1
Take the Six train1
Take the spacetrain1
Take the stairs1
Take the steam train1
Take the sun1
Take the Tain train1
Take the Tee train1
Take the time2
Take the Trane2
Take the turnpike1
Take the U train1
Take the V train1
Take the Wes Trane2
Take the whole damn world1
Take the wild train1
Take the wrinkles out of your birthday suit1
Take the Xtrain1
Take the Z train3
Take the zen train1
Take the “A” train3
Take them all back1
Take them to Manhattan1
Take these chains1
Take these chains from me1
Take these chains from my heart18
Take this2
Take this chance1
Take this feeling1
Take this hammer21
Take this hammer to the captain1
Take this heart1
Take this hurt off me1
Take this job and shove it2
Take this morning1
Take this ring1
Take this spam and love it1
Take this waltz2
Take this warmth1
Take this way1
Take those blues away1
Take those lips away2
Take three1
Take three and C1
Take three chains off my heart1
Take three for three1
Take three parts jazz3
Take three solo1
Take time3
Take time for love6
Take time out2
Take time play the game1
Take time to know her1
Take tow toes1
Take turns1
Take twelve2
Take twenty1
Take two7
Take two blues1
Take two for now1
Take two solo1

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