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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S84 - Spinnin to Spirituality

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Tune nameSessions
Spinnin a disc1
Spinnin round1
Spinnin stacks o wax1
Spinnin the Webb1
Spinnin wheel1
Spinning around2
Spinning around with lumps1
Spinning at Trixi1
Spinning backwards nauseously1
Spinning helicopter1
Spinning Jenny2
Spinning out of control1
Spinning party1
Spinning plates1
Spinning pyramids propelled1
Spinning round1
Spinning song13
Spinning spade1
Spinning the clouds1
Spinning the truth1
Spinning the web1
Spinning the wheel1
Spinning thoughts1
Spinning top4
Spinning topper1
spinning tree1
Spinning tweed1
Spinning waltz2
Spinning wheel70
Spinoff polarity1
Spinous process1
Spins so free1
Spiny newt1
Spion for en frammande makt1
Spiraglio di luce1
Spiral 11
Spiral 21
Spiral 31
Spiral 41
Spiral arms1
Spiral arrival1
Spiral blue1
Spiral confection1
Spiral crackers1
Spiral dance6
Spiral dreaming1
Spiral dreams1
spiral escalator1
Spiral etude1
Spiral feeling1
Spiral galaxy1
spiral honeya1
spiral honeyb1
Spiral I Assemble1
Spiral II Encircle1
Spiral III Ascend1
Spiral image1
Spiral in mind1
Spiral IV Blues1
Spiral landscape1
Spiral landscapes1
Spiral loop1
Spiral Mercury3
Spiral mist1
Spiral moons1
Spiral nebula1
Spiral nebulae1
Spiral of harmony1
Spiral of love2
spiral path to the throne1
Spiral reflector1
Spiral sky1
Spiral song1
Spiral staircase16
Spiral staircase 11
Spiral staircase 21
Spiral stairs1
Spiral stairway4
Spiral steps2
Spiral to clarity1
Spiral V Dissolve1
Spiral vision1
Spiral waltz2
Spiral ways1
Spiral wire master1
Spirale ascendante1
Spirale danse1
Spirale du phraseur1
Spirali di luceI loves you Porgy1
Spiraling out1
Spiraling prism1
Spiraling skies1
Spirals as they occur in1
Spirals of Ruby2
Spires of bright green grass1
Spiric sections1
Spirit & celebration1
spirit & the conductor1
Spirit 111
Spirit aligned truth1
Spirit and romance1
Spirit and teeth1
Spirit bear1
Spirit blues1
Spirit box1
Spirit boy1
Spirit burner1
Spirit C1
Spirit call2
spirit calls1
spirit catcher2
Spirit child1
Spirit cry2
Spirit dance13
Spirit dancer1
spirit door1
Spirit ecstasy1
Spirit feel14
Spirit fiction1
Spirit five1
Spirit forward1
Spirit free2
Spirit girl1
Spirit great golden shine1
Spirit guides2
Spirit hard knock1
Spirit healer1
Spirit holiday1
Spirit hommes1
Spirit hour1
Spirit house3
spirit in mind1
Spirit in the air1
Spirit in the dark5
Spirit in the room1
Spirit in the sky1
Spirit in the wind2
Spirit inside1
spirit inside us1
spirit inside you1
spirit is here2
spirit is willing15
spirit is willing but the flesh is weak1
Spirit James1
Spirit kiss1
Spirit lake3
Spirit land1
Spirit laundry1
Spirit led1
Spirit level2
spirit lingers1
spirit lives1
spirit lives on1
Spirit lover1
Spirit man1
Spirit mirror1
spirit monitor1
Spirit mood one1
Spirit moves3
Spirit music2
Spirit music for Pentecost1
Spirit night2
spirit of1
Spirit of 19761
Spirit of 49 rag1
Spirit of 561
Spirit of 761
spirit of 961
Spirit of a shower1
Spirit of a Trane1
Spirit of adventure2
Spirit of air2
Spirit of Anam1
spirit of aspirations beyond1
spirit of Billy Bang1
Spirit of blues1
spirit of Cable Street1
Spirit of Capricorn1
Spirit of change1
spirit of Chanhassen1
spirit of Christmas4
spirit of Christmas present1
Spirit of do do 891
Spirit of Dolphy1
Spirit of doo do1
Spirit of doo doo1
Spirit of Eric1
Spirit of fables1
spirit of Gerald1
Spirit of God descend upon my heart1
spirit of God is upon me1
spirit of God on the face of the waters1
Spirit of heaven1
Spirit of Higgins1
Spirit of hope1
Spirit of Ifa1
Spirit of JAH1
Spirit of JAH no 21
spirit of Japan1
spirit of jazz today1
Spirit of JC1
Spirit of JewJew1
spirit of Langa1
Spirit of light1
Spirit of Maasluis1
Spirit of Maculele1
Spirit of man2
Spirit of messengers1
Spirit of Miles1
Spirit of nature1
Spirit of Newark1
spirit of Olsson1
Spirit of Ornette1
Spirit of passion1
Spirit of peace3
spirit of perpetual transformation1
Spirit of place1
Spirit of progress1
Spirit of rhythm1
Spirit of S1
Spirit of SaintLouis1
spirit of soul1
Spirit of sound1
Spirit of South Africa1
Spirit of Spain1
spirit of St Frederick3
Spirit of St Louis4
Spirit of starlight1
Spirit of summer2
Spirit of sun1
Spirit of the air1
Spirit of the ancestors2
Spirit of the bells1
spirit of the blues3
Spirit of the burn1
Spirit of the dancer1
spirit of the day1
Spirit of the dodo1
Spirit of the fallen angel1
Spirit of the Foo Foo1
Spirit of the heart1
Spirit of the living God3
Spirit of the moment2
Spirit of the music1
Spirit of the night2
Spirit of the queen1
Spirit of the rainbow1
Spirit of the river1
Spirit of the Sahara1
Spirit of the staircase2
Spirit of the west1
Spirit of the wind2
Spirit of the wind into Gazilam1
Spirit of Touba1
Spirit of Trane2
Spirit of transition1
Spirit of trombours1
Spirit of truth1
spirit of yesterday1
Spirit offering1
Spirit on the water1
Spirit owl1
Spirit people1
Spirit play1
Spirit possession1
Spirit quest1
Spirit rapping1
spirit realm1
Spirit renewed1
Spirit rides1
Spirit river1
spirit room1
Spirit science1
Spirit serenade1
Spirit sky Montana2
Spirit sliding1
spirit soars3
Spirit song25
Spirit song part 11
Spirit song part 21
Spirit soul1
Spirit soul hearted1
Spirit sounds1
Spirit space I1
spirit speaks1
Spirit sphere1
Spirit splitter1
Spirit spore flash1
Spirit suite1
Spirit take my hand4
Spirit talk5
Spirit that formd this sceneOn the breach at night alone1
Spirit train1
Spirit Trane1
Spirit traveler1
Spirit unleashed1
Spirit vapor1
Spirit voice1
Spirit voices1
Spirit walk3
Spirit walking1
Spirit waltz6
Spirit war1
Spirit warriors1
spirit wheel1
spirit will not descend without a song1
Spirit will provide1
spirit will take you out1
Spirit Willie1
Spirit willing1
Spirit window1
Spirit within2
Spirit within us1
Spirit world2
Spirit writing1
Spirited childs play1
spirited Gim Bulls1
Spirited mom1
Spiriti inquieti1
Spiritistic catastrophe1
Spiritman all blues1
Spirito di yalta1
Spirito libero1
Spirits alike1
Spirits amok1
Spirits among stones1
Spirits and goddesses1
Spirits arise1
spirits at Belles1
Spirits before1
Spirits came in1
Spirits dance1
spirits dream1
spirits el Dorado1
Spirits entering4
Spirits flow2
Spirits fly with the wind1
Spirits for Sharon Z1
Spirits free2
Spirits gathering1
spirits got me2
Spirits in the field3
Spirits in the material world2
Spirits in the night2
Spirits inside1
Spirits inside the bright house1
Spirits meet1
Spirits more1
Spirits of another sort3
Spirits of compassion and twilight1
Spirits of Congo Square1
Spirits of fire2
Spirits of Flatbush3
Spirits of form1
Spirits of hartshorn1
Spirits of Havana1
Spirits of motion1
Spirits of myths1
Spirits of Tembisa1
Spirits of the Egungun1
Spirits of the forest2
Spirits of the great plains1
Spirits of the notation of time1
Spirits of the Tatras1
Spirits of the water and the wind1
Spirits of Trane3
Spirits of transformation1
Spirits opening1
Spirits past1
Spirits past and future1
Spirits rebellious2
Spirits rejoice9
Spirits renewed2
spirits return2
Spirits rise1
Spirits risefall1
Spirits rising1
Spirits roost la Rusch1
Spirits run1
Spirits samba3
spirits speak2
Spirits undivided parts I II1
Spirits up above8
spirits up above suite1
Spirits voices1
Spirits within1
SpiritThe power1
Spiritual awakening4
spiritual battle of Rufus B Hayes1
Spiritual bells1
Spiritual blessing2
Spiritual blues3
Spiritual brother1
Spiritual bubbles1
Spiritual calling1
Spiritual chairs2
Spiritual charge1
Spiritual cleavage II2
Spiritual companion1
Spiritual confession1
Spiritual consciousness1
Spiritual cycle1
Spiritual dance1
Spiritual destiny1
Spiritual dilemma1
Spiritual dimensions1
Spiritual ending1
Spiritual eternal1
Spiritual exercise1
Spiritual existence1
Spiritual fall1
Spiritual for two dead Charlies1
Spiritual freedom1
Spiritual funk1
Spiritual game1
Spiritual grace1
Spiritual healing1
Spiritual infinity1
Spiritual intrigue1
Spiritual jazz1
Spiritual journey1
Spiritual kinship2
Spiritual light of the universe1
Spiritual love1
Spiritual lover3
Spiritual machine 11
Spiritual machine 21
Spiritual machine 31
spiritual man1
Spiritual Mars1
Spiritual medley1
Spiritual message1
Spiritual monk1
Spiritual movement1
Spiritual nature4
Spiritual New Orleans1
Spiritual out chorus1
Spiritual passion1
Spiritual perception1
Spiritual power1
Spiritual rebirth3
Spiritual rebirthLight in darknessInfinite spirit1
Spiritual rejuvenation1
Spiritual renewal1
Spiritual reunion1
Spiritual revolution1
Spiritual rhythms1
Spiritual shock1
Spiritual song1
Spiritual sponsor1
spiritual suite1
Spiritual theme1
Spiritual thrillSpirituel frisson1
Spiritual tie1
Spiritual travelers1
Spiritual travels1
Spiritual vibrations2
spiritual walk on the tenri path1
Spiritual warrior1
Spiritual wayfarers1
Spiritual ways1
Spiritual wings1

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