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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page S76 - Soul burst to Soulin

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Tune nameSessions
Soul burst3
Soul call15
Soul calling1
Soul captain1
Soul caravan1
Soul cargo1
Soul cariazione1
Soul carnival3
Soul casserole1
Soul cat1
Soul cavern1
Soul cha1
Soul cha cha1
Soul chutney1
Soul city4
Soul clappin1
Soul coaxin3
Soul company1
Soul concerto2
Soul connection4
Soul control1
Soul cookin1
Soul country3
Soul cowboy4
Soul cramp1
Soul cry3
Soul Daddy2
Soul dAfrique1
Soul dance14
Soul day1
Soul de ern1
Soul dealer1
Soul diversion1
Soul diving1
soul doctor1
Soul dreamer1
Soul dressin1
Soul dressing2
Soul drummers1
Soul drums2
Soul duo1
Soul dust1
Soul eaters1
Soul eggs2
Soul elevation1
Soul embrace1
soul experiment1
soul explosion2
Soul eyes322
Soul fate1
Soul fats1
Soul fever1
Soul finger4
Soul fingers4
Soul fire2
Soul five1
Soul flower2
Soul flute3
Soul folks1
Soul foo yung1
Soul food15
Soul food boogie1
Soul food cafe3
Soul food jam1
Soul food to go2
Soul foodAfrican shop1
Soul for free1
Soul for Inga1
Soul for sale2
Soul for Shahid1
Soul force2
Soul forms1
Soul foud jam1
Soul fountain2
Soul free1
Soul fruit2
Soul fudge1
Soul fusion3
Soul garbage1
Soul ginza1
Soul girl3
Soul glow1
soul goodbye1
Soul grabber1
Soul gravity1
Soul grits1
Soul groove3
Soul Guajira1
Soul guardians1
Soul gumbo1
Soul guru1
Soul harmonica1
Soul heir1
Soul hero1
Soul house1
soul hovers1
Soul in 341
Soul in a picture1
soul in communion with the creator1
Soul in heaven1
Soul in light and grace1
Soul in minor1
Soul in motion1
Soul in search1
soul in the mist1
Soul in the night1
Soul in the sound1
soul in the wood3
Soul in twilight1
Soul inside out1
Soul insider1
Soul intent1
Soul interlude2
Soul intro3
Soul intro the chicken3
Soul introthe chicken2
Soul invader1
Soul invaders1
Soul is1
Soul is free1
soul is the music1
soul is willing1
Soul jazz1
soul jazz blues2
Soul jazz midnite1
Soul journer1
Soul journey4
Soul junction1
Soul jungle1
Soul killer1
Soul kind of lovin1
Soul kiss2
Soul kitchen4
soul knows no boundary1
Soul kosher2
Soul lady5
Soul lament2
Soul Leo5
Soul liberation1
Soul limbo4
Soul love1
Soul love now1
Soul lullaby4
Soul machine1
Soul magic1
Soul makassa1
Soul makkori1
Soul makossa9
Soul Makossa medley1
Soul mama6
Soul mama Mary1
Soul man12
Soul man jive1
Soul manifesto2
Soul march2
Soul market1
Soul mate6
Soul mates9
Soul me1
Soul meetin1
Soul meeting3
Soul meets body1
Soul melange2
Soul merchant2
Soul message3
Soul messenger1
Soul migration1
Soul mission2
Soul mist2
Soul monologue1
Soul montuno1
Soul mood song1
Soul motion2
Soul mountain1
Soul multi1
Soul music2
Soul my secret place3
Soul naturals1
Soul no 11
Soul notes1
Soul of a circus boy1
Soul of a jazz musician1
Soul of a man8
Soul of a poet1
Soul of a stone1
soul of a village2
Soul of an angel1
soul of Bossa Nova1
soul of Brazil1
Soul of butterflies1
Soul of confidence1
soul of El Barrio1
Soul of fortune1
Soul of fyn1
soul of grace1
Soul of Janus1
soul of jazz1
soul of JB1
soul of Ossalee1
Soul of Solomon1
Soul of song1
soul of soul1
Soul of the bass1
soul of the desert1
Soul of the elephant1
Soul of the gods1
Soul of the machine1
Soul of the man1
Soul of the people1
soul of the poets1
Soul of the quarter1
Soul of the soil1
Soul of the west1
soul of the wind1
Soul of things1
Soul on fire2
Soul on ice2
Soul on soul3
Soul one1
Soul oscillations1
Soul pain1
Soul party1
Soul party a gogo1
Soul patrol1
Soul people2
Soul perspective1
Soul piano1
Soul pie1
Soul play1
Soul plexus1
Soul pools1
Soul portraits1
Soul power11
Soul power 921
Soul powerNight walkers1
Soul preacher1
Soul prelude1
soul pride2
Soul progressin2
Soul proprietor1
Soul provider2
Soul quest2
Soul rattler1
Soul reaction1
Soul reggae1
Soul release1
Soul rendezvous1
Soul resurrection1
Soul retrieval1
Soul revelation1
Soul revival2
Soul rewind1
Soul rhymes1
Soul rock1
Soul role2
soul roll1
Soul route3
Soul saga1
Soul sale1
Soul samba6
Soul sample1
Soul samurai1
Soul sanctuary1
Soul sauce20
Soul sauce III1
Soul sausages1
Soul sayer1
Soul sculpture1
Soul search8
Soul search chacha2
Soul searcher1
Soul searchin12
Soul searching5
Soul seasons1
Soul seduction1
Soul seeker1
Soul sender1
Soul serenade36
Soul sermon3
Soul shack2
Soul shadow1
Soul shadows10
Soul shoutin3
Soul shouting1
Soul shower1
Soul siesta1
Soul sign eight1
Soul simple1
Soul singing1
Soul sista1
Soul sister29
Soul sister has arrived1
Soul sisters2
Soul sojourn1
Soul soliloquy1
Soul solution1
Soul song9
Soul song of Christmas1
Soul sonnet1
Soul soothing beach7
Soul soran1
Soul soul1
Soul soul soul1
Soul sound system1
Soul sounds1
Soul speaks1
Soul special2
Soul sphere1
Soul squeeze1
Soul stasis1
Soul station21
Soul step1
Soul steps1
Soul stirrer1
Soul stirrin3
Soul stomp1
Soul story1
Soul stream1
Soul street11
Soul street parade1
Soul Street stroll1
Soul street strut1
Soul Street West1
Soul stretch1
Soul strut1
Soul stuff2
Soul suite1
Soul Sunday1
Soul support1
Soul surfer1
Soul surfin2
Soul surfing1
Soul surge2
Soul survivor3
Soul survivors1
Soul swing1
Soul swinga nova1
Soul symphony1
Soul syrum1
Soul system1
Soul systems1
Soul talk8
Soul talk 19701
Soul tambourine1
Soul tango3
Soul tea1
Soul temptation1
Soul tezeta1
soul thang1
Soul thats been abused1
Soul theme1
Soul time11
Soul to go1
Soul to groove1
Soul to GT1
Soul to soul9
Soul to squeeze1
Soul tomato1
Soul town1
Soul train12
Soul Trane6
Soul transmission1
Soul travail1
Soul travel2
Soul traveler1
Soul traveler con fuego1
Soul travelers1
Soul travelor1
Soul tread1
Soul tune1
Soul turn around3
Soul turnaround1
Soul twist4
Soul twist 681
Soul twisted1
Soul unbound1
Soul underneath1
Soul unfolding1
Soul vaccination1
Soul vamp1
Soul variazione1
Soul vibration1
Soul vibrations1
Soul villa1
Soul village3
Soul virgo1
Soul voyage1
Soul walk4
Soul waltz2
Soul watcher1
Soul window1
Soul with a capital S1
Soul with different notes1
soul with longing for dim hills and faint horizons1
soul within woman1
Soul woman3
Soul yakety sax2
Soul Yamie1
Soul yodel1
Soul yogi1
Soul zebra1
Soul zodiac1
Soul zone1
Soular power1
Soulception interlude1
Sould coming back1
Sould out1
souldful Mister Timmons1
Soule lessons1
SOULe mio1
Souled out4
souler theme1
Souless wreck1
Soulfood available1
Soulfood jive1
Soulful atmosphere1
Soulful autumn1
Soulful ballad2
soulful bee a soleful rose1
Soulful Betty fly1
Soulful Bill5
soulful blues1
Soulful brothers3
Soulful cat1
Soulful Christmas1
Soulful conversation1
Soulful days1
Soulful delight2
Soulful dreams1
Soulful dress1
Soulful drums7
Soulful farewell1
Soulful Frosty1
Soulful gospel truth1
Soulful grazing1
Soulful Grover1
Soulful high yellow1
Soulful kiddy2
Soulful kisses1
soulful Miss D1
Soulful Mister Timmons1
soulful moment1
Soulful moments2
Soulful moonlight1
Soulful Mr Timmons11
soulful Mr Williams2
Soulful one4
soulful point of view1
soulful rebel1
soulful rebel suite1
Soulful samba1
Soulful serenade1
Soulful sin1
Soulful situation1
Soulful slumber1
Soulful soliloquy1
Soulful south 11
Soulful south 21
Soulful south 31
Soulful south 41
Soulful spirit2
Soulful stew1
Soulful sticks1
Soulful strut17
Soulful Susie1
Soulful times1
soulful tree1
soulful turnaround of Giovanni Sebastiano B1
soulful union1
Soulful waltz1
Soulfull Bill2
Soulfully I love you2
Soulfully swinging1

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