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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S66 - Somebody touched me to Something for the boys

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Tune nameSessions
Somebody touched me5
Somebody wants me down there1
Somebody was laughing1
Somebody was thrilled1
Somebody watching me1
Somebody will be there1
Somebody work on my babys mind1
Somebodys always winning1
Somebodys been carryin your rollin on1
Somebodys been cookin1
Somebodys been lovin my baby4
Somebodys been lying bout me1
Somebodys been messin1
Somebodys been ridin my black gal1
Somebodys been sleeping in my bed1
Somebodys been spoiling these women1
Somebodys been using that thing1
Somebodys behind you1
Somebodys blue not me1
Somebodys blues3
Somebodys callin1
Somebodys calling my name2
Somebodys chewin you too1
Somebodys child2
Somebodys coming to my house1
Somebodys crazy about you5
Somebodys cryin1
Somebodys darling1
Somebodys doin what you wouldnt do2
Somebodys done me wrong1
Somebodys eyes7
Somebodys getting my love1
Somebodys girl1
Somebodys gona get you1
Somebodys gone1
Somebodys gonna get hurt1
Somebodys gonna get you1
Somebodys gonna make you fall1
Somebodys gonna want me1
Somebodys got to go9
Somebodys got to knock a jug1
Somebodys got to win somebodys got to lose1
Somebodys gotta go4
Somebodys gotta move1
Somebodys in love1
Somebodys knockin2
Somebodys knockin at my door1
Somebodys knocking4
Somebodys knocking at your door3
Somebodys live1
Somebodys lonely7
Somebodys lyin1
Somebodys making a fuss over somebody2
Somebodys on my mind6
Somebodys on your case1
Somebodys rag1
Somebodys rockin my dreamboat2
Somebodys samba1
Somebodys someone1
Somebodys something2
Somebodys son1
Somebodys soul1
Somebodys stealing1
Somebodys taking my place1
Somebodys talkin to you1
Somebodys thinking of you tonight10
Somebodys waiting1
Somebodys walking my girl out1
Somebodys waltz1
Somebodys watching you1
Somebodys whistling1
Somebodys wrong23
Someboy stole my gal1
Somechildren see him1
Someday after a while1
Someday after awhile3
Someday at Christmas2
Someday away in a manger my prince will come1
Someday baby8
Someday beneath the sun1
Someday Earth1
Someday free1
Someday I may be far away1
Someday I will find her1
Someday Ill be the singer1
Someday Ill dream again1
Someday Ill find you19
Someday Ill know1
Someday Ill meet you again1
Someday Ill travel1
Someday Im bound to win1
Someday in April3
Someday in paradise2
Someday in suburbs2
Someday it will be easier1
Someday it will be OK1
Someday loves me1
Someday miss you1
Someday morning will come1
Someday my cheque will come1
Someday my heart will awake1
Someday my monster will come1
Someday my prince1
Someday my prince will chat1
Someday my prince will come526
Someday my princess will come1
Someday of prince will come1
Someday out there1
Someday peace will come1
Someday shell come along1
Someday somebodys gonna get you1
Someday someday2
Someday somehow1
Someday somehow somewhere1
Someday somehow soon1
Someday someway1
Someday somewhere7
Someday soon2
Someday soon Sweet Samba1
Someday stole my gal1
Someday summer day1
Someday sweetheart504
Someday sweetheart blues1
Someday to be with you1
Someday we will be together1
Someday well all be free25
Someday well be free2
Someday well be happy2
Someday well be together4
Someday well meet again7
Someday you want me1
Someday youll be happy1
Someday youll be sorry422
Someday youll call my name2
Someday youll know2
Someday youll leave me2
Someday youll need me1
Someday youll realize youre wrong2
Someday youll say OK5
Someday youll say Okay1
Someday youll want me5
Someday youll want me and I wont want you1
Someday youll want me to to want you1
Someday youll want me to want you25
Someday your smile2
Someday youre gonna be sorry1
Someday you’ll be sorry4
Somedays I miss them all1
Somedays its Monday1
Somehow a blues in C1
Somehow anyhow1
Somehow brighter sky1
Somehow days go by1
Somehow I knew it would be you1
Somehow I know its love1
Somehow I never could believe1
Somehow in September1
Somehow its true2
Somehow life got in the way1
Somehow metallic1
Somehow our love survives1
Somehow someone1
Somehow something1
Somehow somewhere2
Somehow we cant catch a glimpse of our future in a passing train window1
Somehow with the passage of time1
Somente uma vez1
Someobdy stole my gal1
Someonce upon a time1
Someone 2 luv1
Someone again1
Someone aint right1
Someone and somebody1
Someone as grand as you1
Someone at last2
Someone before1
Someone blind1
Someone came and took yours and left you his1
Someone came into my life1
Someone digging in the ground1
Someone else3
Someone else is steppin in15
Someone else is stepping in1
Someone else may be there while Im gone1
Someone else walked right in1
Someone else will take your place1
Someone elses arms1
Someone elses cry1
Someone elses eyes2
Someone elses food1
Someone elses life1
Someone elses love3
Someone elses spell1
Someone elses steppin in1
Someone elses story1
Someone elses sweetheart1
Someone elses waltz1
Someone exactly like you1
Someone for me2
Someone for something1
Someone for you2
Someone got ahead of schedule on their medication1
Someone has taken your place1
Someone has to be lowered into the whale skull for the ambergris1
Someone home1
Someone I can count on1
Someone I knew1
Someone I know2
Someone I love3
Someone I used to know1
Someone I used to love1
Someone in love3
Someone in my backyard1
Someone in the dark1
Someone inside her1
Someone is calling1
Someone is cryin for you1
Someone is going to mistreat you1
Someone is keeping me out of your dreams2
Someone is losin Susan7
Someone is losin’ Susan1
Someone is missing2
Someone is standing outside1
Someone is waiting1
Someone is watching1
Someone Ive met before1
Someone just like you2
Someone killed the swan1
Someone kind1
Someone like that in your life2
Someone like you30
Someone likes it hot1
Someone looking after you1
Someone loves me1
Someone loves someone1
Someone loves you after all3
Someone loves you honey1
Someone made you for me1
Someone might think were dancing1
Someone must know2
Someone nevertheless will survive1
Someone nice2
Someone nice like you2
Someone outside is taking your mind off me1
Someone remembered1
Someone sang a sweeter song to Mary1
Someone shot the blues1
Someone so sweet as you1
Someone somewhere2
Someone stole Gabriels horn15
Someone stole my chitlings1
Someone stole my chitlins1
Someone stole my chittlins1
Someone stole my Xmas tree1
Someone take me home1
Someone that I used to love2
Someone to admire Someone to adore2
Someone to be real with1
Someone to believe in1
Someone to care for2
Someone to care for me7
Someone to comfort me1
Someone to lay down beside me1
Someone to light up her life1
Someone to light up m y life1
Someone to light up my life86
Someone to love13
Someone to love me1
Someone to love you1
Someone to remember1
Someone to sing to2
Someone to take your place1
Someone to talk to1
Someone to tell it to2
Someone to watch1
Someone to watch ove rme1
Someone to watch over me837
Someone to watch over you3
Someone waits for me1
Someone who cares3
Someone would have to invent you1
Someone youve loved4
Someones been sending me flowers1
Someones falling in love2
Someones got it out for me1
Someones got my voodoo doll1
Someones had too much to think1
Someones in the house1
Someones in the kitchen with Dinah2
Someones knocking at my door1
Someones love1
Someones rockin my dreamboat1
Someones rockin my jazzboat1
Someones rocking my blues1
Someones rocking my dreamboat19
Someones rocking my jazz boat6
Someones singing1
Someones song1
Someones stolen my sweet baby1
Someones stolen my sweet sweet baby5
Someones sun1
Someones teaching me how to forget2
Someones there1
Someones waiting for you2
Someones watching1
Someones watching over you1
Someones woman1
Someone’s waiting for you1
Somepin slow and low1
Someplace called Where2
Someplace downunder1
Someplace east1
Someplace else3
Someplace out a Granny winner1
Someplace to be1
Somers delight2
Somersault dance1
Somersault of the earth1
Somerset Maugham theme1
Somerset morn1
Somerset road1
Somerset serenade1
Somerveil Somerveil Sarikis1
Somerville fever1
Someshere over the rainbow1
Somethin blue1
Somethin bout believing1
Somethin bout you baby1
Somethin bout your love1
Somethin cute1
Somethin different1
Somethin easy1
Somethin else2
Somethin else blues1
Somethin for RJ1
Somethin fun1
Somethin goin on1
Somethin goin on wrong1
Somethin holy1
Somethin keep worryin me blues1
Somethin keeps worrying me1
Somethin like Bags3
Somethin like love1
Somethin like that1
Somethin new1
Somethin real1
Somethin sanctified2
Somethin somethin1
Somethin special5
Somethin strange2
Somethin stupid2
Somethin sweet1
Somethin warm1
Somethin we did1
Something 2 live 41
Something about2
Something about a carnival1
Something about April1
Something about BeeZ3
Something about believing3
Something about butter1
Something about BZ2
Something about David H1
Something about Elena1
Something about farming1
Something about fish1
Something about her eyes1
Something about heroes1
Something about Jane1
Something about JC2
Something about John Coltrane1
Something about life1
Something about love3
Something about Mingus1
Something about Montana1
Something about nothing1
Something about rainbows1
Something about rhythm1
Something about Rollins1
Something about the blues1
Something about the dream1
Something about the sky1
Something about water2
Something about Wolfgang1
Something about you6
Something added1
Something always happens2
Something amazing1
Something and eat2
Something around Con Alma1
Something as simple1
Something assembled Zen1
Something aSwiss1
Something beautiful8
Something better1
Something better than this2
Something between1
Something beyond1
Something big5
Something black1
Something blue13
Something blues4
Something borrowed2
Something borrowed funky and blue1
Something borrowed something blue5
Something borrowed something new2
Something bout believing12
Something bout camels1
Something bout the moon1
Something Brazilian1
Something by John1
Something cast a spell1
Something children do1
Something clear1
Something close to love2
Something coming1
Something cool73
Something Cubano1
Something cute2
Something dark1
Something Dep1
Something different4
Something doing27
Something doing Cake walk march1
Something east1
Something easy3
Something else23
something else again1
Something else blues1
Something else is taking my place1
Something else Marie1
Something everywhere2
Something exotic1
Something familiar2
Something fishy1
Something for a cat1
Something for a quiet man1
Something for Annie16
Something for Art1
Something for Audrey1
Something for baby1
Something for Barney1
Something for Bubba1
Something for Carol1
Something for Caserio Larry & Irma1
Something for cat1
Something for Charlie1
Something for Chuck4
Something for Conny1
Something for Frank1
Something for Fred1
Something for free1
Something for Grace1
Something for Grey1
Something for herbs1
Something for John1
Something for Juno1
Something for Kenny8
Something for Lauraine3
Something for Lester2
Something for Lili1
Something for Lisa3
Something for Liza2
Something for Louis1
Something for Luckey1
Something for mister Jelly Lord2
Something for MP1
Something for my friends1
Something for Nash1
Something for nothing5
Something for now3
Something for October1
Something for Ramone1
Something for Red1
Something for Sam1
Something for Sellers1
Something for Sidney2
Something for Silver2
Something for someone1
Something for Sonny1
Something for Sophia1
Something for Stephen2
Something for Susan1
Something for Sweets1
Something for T Monk1
Something for Thad1
Something for the bass bass1
Something for the birds1
Something for the boys1

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