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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page S65 - Some other thing to Someone in love

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Tune nameSessions
Some other thing1
Some other things1
Some other things you are1
Some other time335
Some other times3
Some other where1
Some others1
Some others brothers1
Some peace1
Some peaceful evening7
Some people17
Some people go in wornout shoes1
Some people have it made1
Some people just never learn1
Some people need bibs1
Some people never know1
Some people say that she doesnt exist1
Some people who surprise you1
Some peoples lives2
Some perfume home1
Some place1
Some place called where1
Some place else1
Some place in the river1
Some place nice1
Some places1
Some places are forever afternoon1
Some players shoot again1
Some pop for some girl1
Some powerful womenWhy1
Some present moments of the future1
Some pulp1
Some pumpkins1
Some punk funk4
Some questions about hats1
Some rag5
Some rainy day8
Some rattle bones1
Some real good blues1
Some reflections on Marionette1
Some relief1
Some respect1
Some restaurant1
Some rhythm1
Some right some wrong1
Some roads lead home1
Some ruins1
Some rusty bells ringing out1
Some samba1
Some Saturday2
Some sausage1
Some saxophones1
Some say1
Some say thy fault is youth sonnet 961
Some say you win1
Some Scottish ayre1
Some seconds at the races1
Some serious steppin1
Some shadows1
Some shady stuff1
Some shall fall1
Some sharks1
Some shit @ 78 RPM1
Some shiver while he cavorts1
Some sick slick1
Some silent movies1
Some sketchy Spanish1
Some skunk funk27
Some slinkin1
Some soft soul1
Some solos1
Some son song1
Some song2
Some song and dance1
Some songs1
Some sort of somebody1
Some sort of spiritual1
Some soul1
Some soul food3
Some soul from Seoul1
Some sounds1
Some southern anthem1
Some Spanish song1
Some speaks1
Some splintered road jazz1
Some spring and princess beans1
Some stardust from cosmos1
Some steps for Golson1
Some stopped on de way1
Some strange part of paradise1
Some strangers in our galaxy1
Some stretching1
Some stuff1
Some summer fun1
Some sun1
Some Sunday morning10
Some sunny day20
Some sunshine again1
Some swamp stomp1
Some sweet day42
Some sweet rainy day1
Some sweet tomorrow1
Some tales1
Some tasty truth1
Some things1
Some things are just so simple1
Some things dont work out2
Some things from home1
Some things matter but they arent important1
Some things never change8
Some things open doors1
Some things reconsidered1
Some things simply disappear1
Some things will never change1
Some things you never get used to1
Some think for you1
Some Thomas1
Some thorny blues1
Some thoughts about you1
Some thoughts on Kenny Kirkland1
Some thoughts on rock and roll1
Some thoughts on today and tomorrow1
Some time ago19
Some time in silence1
Some time inside1
Some times1
Some to me1
Some to watch over me1
Some tones for Joan1
Some total1
Some towns1
Some trees2
Some truck funk1
Some trunk funk1
Some trust in chariots1
Some understanding1
Some unexpected visitors1
Some uptown hiphop1
Some velvet morning2
Some verdigrated bells ringing in1
Some virtuous lie1
Some voluntarily1
Some waltz4
Some waltzes1
Some wandering bushman1
Some wandering bushmen3
Some way home1
Some weird pop is oozing1
Some wild going outward1
Some wild water1
Some will die animals1
Some will dream1
Some winds1
Some wine and conversation1
Some wise words1
Some womans strange laugh1
Some women do1
Some women Ive known1
Some words1
Some words about Monk1
Some words with you1
Some wounds1
Some years ago1
Someboby stole my gal1
Somebody and me3
Somebody backstage1
Somebody bad stole de wedding bell1
Somebody bigger1
Somebody bigger than you and I6
Somebody broke into my heart1
Somebody buy me a drink6
Somebody call Hanly1
Somebody call my mother1
Somebody call the cops1
Somebody call the station1
Somebody called my name1
Somebody cares8
Somebody changed the lock1
Somebody changed the lock on my door2
Somebody come and play2
Somebody done change the lock in the door1
Somebody done changed the lock on my door3
Somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man1
Somebody done stole my blues3
Somebody done stole my cherry red1
Somebody else8
Somebody else has taken my place8
Somebody else is taking my place79
Somebody else may be telling her something shed love to hear from you1
Somebody else not me5
Somebody else should be on that bus1
Somebody else walked in1
Somebody else will take my place1
Somebody elses blues2
Somebody elses dream1
Somebody elses idea2
Somebody elses sweetheart1
Somebody elses world2
Somebody forgot to turn off the faucet1
Somebody from somewhere4
Somebody gonna have to move1
Somebody gonna hve to move1
Somebody goofed1
Somebody got to do it1
Somebody got to go1
Somebody gotta move1
Somebody groovy2
Somebody has a plan1
Somebody have mercy3
Somebody help us1
Somebody I can call my own1
Somebody I just met1
Somebody I used to be1
Somebody in love1
Somebody in my closet1
Somebody in my home1
Somebody inn1
Somebody is falling1
Somebody is stealin my car1
Somebody is watching me1
Somebody just got1
Somebody knows1
Somebody lied about me1
Somebody like you5
Somebody likes jogging1
Somebody lived here1
Somebody loses somebody wins2
Somebody love me4
Somebody loves me502
Somebody loves you13
Somebody mentioned my name1
Somebody mentioned your name2
Somebody messed up1
Somebody might get hurt1
Somebody might push the button1
Somebody mighty like you3
Somebody my prince will come1
Somebody new5
Somebody nobody knows2
Somebody nobody loves7
Somebody on six instruments1
Somebody ought to be told1
Somebody over here1
Somebody pick up my piecesCrazy1
Somebody pinch me1
Somebody please help me1
Somebody quietly1
Somebody rang a bell1
Somebody said3
Somebody samebody1
Somebody sings a song1
Somebody somewhere12
Somebody special8
Somebody stole1
Somebody stole Gabriels horn7
Somebody stole my bike1
Somebody stole my blues2
Somebody stole my break3
Somebody stole my darling1
Somebody stole my gal281
Somebody stole my girl6
Somebody stole my horse and wagon1
Somebody stole my pal1
Somebody stole my rose coloured glasses1
Somebody stole my rosecolored glasses1
Somebody stole my synthesizer1
Somebody stole my thunder1
Somebody stoly my gal1
Somebody sweet is sweet on me2
Somebody sweetheart1
Somebody talkin1
Somebody tell me1
Somebody tell me Im wrong1
Somebody tell that woman1
Somebody that I used to know2
Somebody to love3
Somebody to love me2
Somebody to watch over me1
Somebody told a lie1
Somebody told me2
Somebody told me so1
Somebody told me they loved me1
Somebody touched me5
Somebody wants me down there1
Somebody was laughing1
Somebody was thrilled1
Somebody watching me1
Somebody will be there1
Somebody work on my babys mind1
Somebodys always winning1
Somebodys been carryin your rollin on1
Somebodys been cookin1
Somebodys been lovin my baby4
Somebodys been lying bout me1
Somebodys been messin1
Somebodys been ridin my black gal1
Somebodys been sleeping in my bed1
Somebodys been spoiling these women1
Somebodys been using that thing1
Somebodys behind you1
Somebodys blue not me1
Somebodys blues3
Somebodys callin1
Somebodys calling my name2
Somebodys chewin you too1
Somebodys child2
Somebodys coming to my house1
Somebodys crazy about you5
Somebodys cryin1
Somebodys darling1
Somebodys doin what you wouldnt do2
Somebodys done me wrong1
Somebodys eyes7
Somebodys getting my love1
Somebodys girl1
Somebodys gona get you1
Somebodys gone1
Somebodys gonna get hurt1
Somebodys gonna get you1
Somebodys gonna make you fall1
Somebodys gonna want me1
Somebodys got to go9
Somebodys got to knock a jug1
Somebodys got to win somebodys got to lose1
Somebodys gotta go4
Somebodys gotta move1
Somebodys in love1
Somebodys knockin2
Somebodys knockin at my door1
Somebodys knocking4
Somebodys knocking at your door3
Somebodys live1
Somebodys lonely7
Somebodys lyin1
Somebodys making a fuss over somebody2
Somebodys on my mind6
Somebodys on your case1
Somebodys rag1
Somebodys rockin my dreamboat2
Somebodys samba1
Somebodys someone1
Somebodys something2
Somebodys son1
Somebodys soul1
Somebodys stealing1
Somebodys taking my place1
Somebodys talkin to you1
Somebodys thinking of you tonight10
Somebodys waiting1
Somebodys walking my girl out1
Somebodys waltz1
Somebodys watching you1
Somebodys whistling1
Somebodys wrong23
Someboy stole my gal1
Somechildren see him1
Someday after a while1
Someday after awhile3
Someday at Christmas2
Someday away in a manger my prince will come1
Someday baby7
Someday beneath the sun1
Someday Earth1
Someday free1
Someday I may be far away1
Someday I will find her1
Someday Ill be the singer1
Someday Ill dream again1
Someday Ill find you19
Someday Ill know1
Someday Ill meet you again1
Someday Ill travel1
Someday Im bound to win1
Someday in April3
Someday in paradise2
Someday in suburbs2
Someday it will be easier1
Someday it will be OK1
Someday loves me1
Someday miss you1
Someday morning will come1
Someday my cheque will come1
Someday my heart will awake1
Someday my monster will come1
Someday my prince1
Someday my prince will chat1
Someday my prince will come525
Someday my princess will come1
Someday of prince will come1
Someday out there1
Someday peace will come1
Someday shell come along1
Someday somebodys gonna get you1
Someday someday1
Someday somehow1
Someday somehow somewhere1
Someday somehow soon1
Someday someway1
Someday somewhere7
Someday soon2
Someday soon Sweet Samba1
Someday stole my gal1
Someday summer day1
Someday sweetheart503
Someday sweetheart blues1
Someday to be with you1
Someday we will be together1
Someday well all be free25
Someday well be free2
Someday well be happy2
Someday well be together4
Someday well meet again7
Someday you want me1
Someday youll be happy1
Someday youll be sorry422
Someday youll call my name2
Someday youll know2
Someday youll leave me2
Someday youll need me1
Someday youll realize youre wrong2
Someday youll say OK5
Someday youll say Okay1
Someday youll want me5
Someday youll want me and I wont want you1
Someday youll want me to to want you1
Someday youll want me to want you25
Someday your smile2
Someday youre gonna be sorry1
Someday you’ll be sorry4
Somedays I miss them all1
Somedays its Monday1
Somehow a blues in C1
Somehow anyhow1
Somehow brighter sky1
Somehow days go by1
Somehow I knew it would be you1
Somehow I know its love1
Somehow I never could believe1
Somehow in September1
Somehow its true2
Somehow life got in the way1
Somehow metallic1
Somehow our love survives1
Somehow someone1
Somehow something1
Somehow somewhere2
Somehow we cant catch a glimpse of our future in a passing train window1
Somehow with the passage of time1
Somente uma vez1
Someobdy stole my gal1
Someonce upon a time1
Someone 2 luv1
Someone again1
Someone aint right1
Someone and somebody1
Someone as grand as you1
Someone at last2
Someone before1
Someone blind1
Someone came and took yours and left you his1
Someone came into my life1
Someone digging in the ground1
Someone else3
Someone else is steppin in15
Someone else is stepping in1
Someone else may be there while Im gone1
Someone else walked right in1
Someone else will take your place1
Someone elses arms1
Someone elses cry1
Someone elses eyes2
Someone elses food1
Someone elses life1
Someone elses love3
Someone elses spell1
Someone elses steppin in1
Someone elses story1
Someone elses sweetheart1
Someone elses waltz1
Someone exactly like you1
Someone for me2
Someone for something1
Someone for you2
Someone got ahead of schedule on their medication1
Someone has taken your place1
Someone has to be lowered into the whale skull for the ambergris1
Someone home1
Someone I can count on1
Someone I knew1
Someone I know2
Someone I love3
Someone I used to know1
Someone I used to love1
Someone in love3

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