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This index refers to the 555,040 individual tune titles (1,650,001 total entries) included in over 250,893 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2021.

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Page S35 - Shelter I to Shevirah

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Tune nameSessions
Shelter I1
Shelter II1
Shelter in your arms1
Shelter island2
shelter Ive found1
Shelter man1
Shelter me2
Shelter me from the storm1
Shelter me under your wings1
shelter of your arms2
shelter of your love1
Shelter suite1
Sheltered by stars cradled by the moon1
Sheltered by the stars5
Sheltered by the stars cradled by the moon1
Sheltered circle1
Sheltering sky2
Sheltering storm1
Shelton Hotel1
Sheltons sweetime1
Shelvy meets Lillie1
Shemp Howard story1
Shemp time1
Shems lullabye1
Shemum mune1
Shen khar venakhi2
Shen shun song1
Shenai Letticia Munoz1
Shenandoah breakdown1
Shenandoah junction1
Shenandoah on my mind1
Shenandoah rose1
Shenandoah valley1
Sheng illusion2
Sheng music1
Sheng Skyscraper1
Sheol song1
Sheow 11
Sheow 21
Shep hook1
Shep Huntley1
Shep shup shup shibop1
Shepard blues1
Shepards Pi1
Shepards song1
Shepaug strut1
Sheperd serenade1
Shepheard song1
shepherd and1
shepherd and his dog1
Shepherd blues1
shepherd is eternal1
Shepherd oak1
shepherd of Breton1
shepherd of hope1
shepherd of the hills5
Shepherd of the night flock1
Shepherd serenade1
Shepherd song4
Shepherd wheel1
Shepherds baroque1
Shepherds Bush Market1
Shepherds carol1
shepherds chant1
Shepherds Dance1
shepherds dream2
Shepherds farewell1
Shepherds hymn1
Shepherds lament2
Shepherds lullaby1
Shepherds market1
Shepherds pie time1
Shepherds return1
Shepherds rock1
Shepherds serenade8
Shepherds song7
Shepherds time1
Shepherds tune2
Shepherds watch1
Shepp heard1
Shepp in wolves clothing2
Sheppards pie1
Sheppards song1
Shepperton strut1
Shepps mood1
Shepps revolve1
Shepps spaceship1
Shepps steps1
Shepps way2
Sheps brook1
Sheps car1
Sheps journey1
Sheraserheads hightop sneakers1
Sheraton blues1
Sherbet flavored hysteria1
Shere do you start1
Shere Khan the tiger1
Sheridan 152 county1
Sheridan snow1
Sheridan Square3
Sheridan Square boogie1
Sheries theme1
Sherif Crane of Jackpot County1
sheriff arrives1
Sheriff Bob1
Sheriff OE1
Sheriff of Nottingham1
Sheriff of Shoemaker1
Sheriffs jail chain gang detail1
Sheriffs song1
Sherlock Holmes Quite a three pipe problem1
Sherlock Jr2
Sherlock steps out1
Sherlocks lament2
Sherman at the Copthorne1
Sherman hairpin1
Sherman Hotel boogie1
Sherman Hotel shuffle1
Sherman oaks2
Sherman Shamblefingers shuffle1
Sherman sherbert1
Sherman shout1
Sherman shuffle8
Shermans folly1
Sherms terms1
Sherpa dance1
Sherries song1
Sherrif Sam1
Sherrod sherrod1
Sherry B1
Sherry blue1
Sherry bossa nova1
Sherry love1
Sherry Lynn flip1
Sherry on a cake2
Sherry pink1
Sherry slappedcap nelson had1
Sherry song1
Sherry wine blues1
Shertzing along1
Sherwood Forest3
Sherwood green1
Sherwood jump1
Sherwood limbo1
Sherwood Z1
Sherwoods forest3
Sherwoods party1
Sheryl like bananas1
Sheryl pounds the table1
Sheryls surprise1
Shes a bad mama jama1
Shes a Basie lady1
Shes a beauty2
Shes a burglar2
Shes a carioca13
Shes a child of Rio1
Shes a comely wench1
Shes a cool operator1
Shes a cornfed Indiana girl2
Shes a cruiser1
Shes a disco queen2
Shes a dream1
Shes a fatty1
Shes a fool1
Shes a fool gal1
Shes a fox1
Shes a good gal1
Shes a good girl2
Shes a good good woman1
Shes a good un1
Shes a good woman2
Shes a gorgeous thing3
Shes a great girl2
Shes a great great girl18
Shes a hit1
Shes a home girl3
Shes a killer1
Shes a lady1
Shes a latin from Manhattan10
Shes a little bit crazy1
Shes a little doll2
Shes a married woman1
Shes a mean job3
Shes a mellow mother for you1
Shes a mellow thing1
Shes a mighty fine woman1
Shes a new kind of oldfashioned girl1
Shes a pretty thing1
Shes a rainbow1
Shes a rank chick1
Shes a rattler2
Shes a real fine woman1
Shes a reptile1
Shes a smooth operator1
Shes a solid killer diller1
Shes a vamp1
Shes a wineo2
Shes a woman17
Shes alive1
Shes all I got1
Shes all that1
Shes allright4
Shes almost normal1
Shes alright3
Shes alright with me2
Shes always a woman9
Shes always angry1
Shes amazing1
Shes as pure as the West Virginian snow1
Shes as wild as springtime3
Shes back1
Shes barren1
Shes called Nova Scotia1
Shes carioca1
Shes changed1
Shes changing1
Shes closer than you think1
Shes come undone1
Shes comin back1
Shes comin my way2
Shes coming back1
Shes coming home1
Shes confused1
Shes crazy1
Shes crazy about jazz1
Shes crazy with the heat3
Shes cryin for me8
Shes crying1
Shes crying for me71
Shes crying for me blues2
Shes dangerous1
Shes dangerous with that thing1
Shes different1
Shes dirty as a boy1
Shes doin it now1
Shes done come and gone1
Shes dream1
Shes drivin me wild5
Shes drunk again1
Shes dynamite2
Shes everybodys baby1
Shes everybodys sweetheart1
Shes everything1
Shes everything to me1
Shes fading away1
Shes falling asleep1
Shes fine shes mine1
Shes fit1
Shes fit n fat n fine1
Shes flirtin in the church1
Shes flying gumbo low1
Shes for me1
Shes forty with me1
Shes from Missouri1
Shes from Wales1
Shes funny1
Shes funny that wag1
Shes funny that way294
Shes going home1
Shes gone28
Shes gone again6
Shes gone away1
Shes gone blues1
Shes gone for twelve hours1
Shes gone now1
Shes gone to join the songbirds in heaven2
Shes gone with the wind1
Shes good enough to be your babys mother1
Shes got a cobalt chord core1
Shes got a nice line1
Shes got a style1
Shes got a way2
Shes got a wobble when she walks1
Shes got an awful lot1
Shes got balls1
Shes got designs on me1
Shes got dimples in her jaw1
Shes got em5
Shes got good stuff1
Shes got great big eyes1
Shes got great ideas1
Shes got It18
Shes got it all1
Shes got it bad1
Shes got just a little bit left1
Shes got mine1
Shes got something good1
Shes got the apples1
Shes got the blues for sale3
Shes got the lot2
Shes got to go4
Shes got what I need2
Shes got what it takes1
Shes got you2
Shes great great girl1
Shes here1
Shes hip1
Shes hot1
Shes in1
Shes in love1
Shes in love again1
Shes in love with the boss1
Shes in my blood1
Shes in my bones1
Shes in the box1
Shes in the graveyard now1
Shes in the news1
Shes into something1
Shes Joan Raymond1
Shes just a quiet girl2
Shes just Miss Popular Hybrid1
Shes just my size11
Shes just perfect1
Shes just perfect for me6
Shes just right for me1
Shes just the baby for me1
Shes just the perfect for me1
Shes late1
Shes latin from Manhattan1
Shes leaving home62
Shes like a sex machine1
Shes like a swallow2
Shes like the swallow2
Shes like the wind1
Shes loaded1
Shes lonesome again1
Shes lookin Im cookin1
Shes looking good3
Shes mad1
Shes making whoopee in hell tonight1
Shes mean1
Shes mellow1
Shes mine5
Shes mine and shes beautiful1
Shes mine shes yours1
Shes more to be pitied1
Shes more to be pitied than censored1
Shes my baby7
Shes my desire1
Shes my friend1
Shes my gal3
Shes my girl1
Shes my kind of girl1
Shes my love2
Shes my lovely2
Shes my Mary1
Shes my old time used to be1
Shes my one and all desire1
Shes my secret passion1
Shes my Sheba Im her Sheik4
Shes my slip of a girl3
Shes my type2
Shes my woman1
Shes near shes far1
Shes never satisfied1
Shes nice but1
Shes nineteen years old1
Shes no lady5
Shes no longer a baby1
Shes no trouble5
Shes nobodys sweetheart now3
Shes not bad1
Shes not dressed up for you1
Shes not for you1
Shes not free1
Shes not just another woman1
Shes not mine to love1
Shes not my girlfriend1
Shes not my girlfriend My girlfriends normal1
Shes not right for you1
Shes not symmetrical1
Shes not the one for me1
Shes not there4
Shes not thinking of me1
Shes not too hot not too cold1
Shes nothing but nice1
Shes on her way2
Shes on the ball1
Shes on the right train1
Shes one sweet show girl2
Shes only a postmasters daughter but1
Shes only a woman2
Shes only fourteen2
Shes our of my life1
Shes out of my life13
Shes outrageous2
Shes real fine1
Shes returning1
Shes safe1
Shes scattered everywhere1
Shes shimmyin on the beach1
Shes shimmyin on the beach again1
Shes single ready to mingle1
Shes skeptic1
Shes so divine1
Shes so far away1
Shes so fine1
Shes so funktional1
Shes so good1
Shes so heavy5
Shes so late1
Shes so lucky1
Shes so nice3
Shes so sweet1
Shes something spanish1
Shes still dizzy2
Shes still my baby5
Shes still out there1
Shes still there3
Shes sweeter than sugar1
Shes talking1
Shes tall she is tan she is terrific1
Shes tall shes tan shes terrific5
Shes the daughter of a planter from Havanna1
Shes the daughter of a planter from Heaven1
Shes the end1
Shes the hottest gal in Tennessee1
Shes the kind1
Shes the no sleepinest woman1
Shes the one8
Shes the one for me1
Shes the one I love1
Shes the only one I love1
Shes the queen of Palestina1
Shes the sweetheart of six other guys2
Shes thinking about me1
Shes too conflicted1
Shes too cool1
Shes too far above me3
Shes too good for me1
Shes too hot to handle1
Shes too mean1
Shes too much1
Shes too shy to ask his name1
Shes totin something good1
Shes tough1
Shes trickin me1
Shes unstoppable1
Shes warm shes willing shes wonderful2
Shes way up thar1
Shes well red in black1
Shes wonderful3
Shetland lullaby1
Shetland medley1
Shetland pony blues1
Shetter cheeze1
Sheveport blues1

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