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This index refers to the 551,308 individual tune titles (1,641,127 total entries) included in over 249,764 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2021.

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Page S33 - Shares of the blues to She reminds me of you

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Tune nameSessions
Shares of the blues1
Sharier one1
Sharif AbdusSalaam introduction to act 21
Sharihotsus question1
Sharing a cigarette1
Sharing a house with Walt1
Sharing a small planet1
Sharing air1
Sharing dreams1
Sharing her journey2
Sharing is caring1
Sharing it all with you2
Sharing live in Paris1
Sharing my days1
Sharing my heart2
Sharing the blues1
Sharing the freedom1
Sharing the night with the blues5
Sharing the thirst1
Sharing the way1
Sharing walls1
Sharis bolero3
Sharjah shuffle1
Shark attack3
Shark bait2
Shark contest1
Shark dance1
Shark eye1
Shark face1
Shark mind1
Shark NATO on a plane1
Shark organization1
Shark riffs1
Shark song1
Shark Sunday1
Shark tank1
Shark tooth1
Shark waltz1
Sharkey strut1
Sharkeys theme1
Sharkies boogie1
Sharks and manatees1
Sharks and mermaids1
Sharks cant sleep1
Sharks dont read Marx1
sharks of competition1
Sharkys theme2
Sharly my boy1
Sharon and Angie1
Sharonas shuffle1
Sharons pain1
Sharons song1
Sharons songdance1
Sharons waltz2
Sharp 4song1
Sharp as a tack7
Sharp bend1
sharp blues4
Sharp boogie1
Sharp bubbles1
Sharp corners1
Sharp curve1
Sharp dressed1
Sharp dressed man1
Sharp edge1
Sharp edges2
Sharp five1
Sharp folds1
Sharp knives cut deeper1
Sharp light1
Sharp little sister1
Sharp night2
Sharp practice2
sharp scarf1
Sharp shooter1
sharp side of it1
Sharp structure1
Sharp tongue1
Sharp tooth1
Sharp turn1
Sharp turns2
Sharp wie ein F in Berlin1
Sharpangels duologue1
Sharpe edge1
Sharpening coins1
sharpening of liquid1
Sharpening the windings until they roll up roll up rupp up and snag on the point of the tear1
Sharper than a serpents tooth1
Sharpers revenge1
Sharpeville 851
Sharpeyed gods1
Sharpie moustache1
Sharply up1
Sharps & flats1
Sharps & flats swing1
Sharps and flats2
Sharps sharks1
Sharps stick1
Shasta Daisy1
Shatita boom boom1
Shatt alarab1
Shatt nod solle si1
Shattered bread knife1
Shattered chamber1
Shattered dreams2
Shattered fragments part 11
Shattered fragments part 21
Shattered glass1
Shattered illusion1
Shattered landscape1
Shattered mind1
Shattered scenes of blinding light1
Shattered silence1
Shattered trust1
shattering revelation1
Shaunas dance1
Shauri yia mungu1
Shave and a haircut3
Shave em dry5
Shave em dry blues1
Shave em wet1
Shave ice1
Shaved guitar1
Shaver grade1
Shavers shivers1
Shavers special1
Shavers tune1
Shavi Ravi1
Shaving is boring waxing is painful1
shaving of Berthold Botho1
Shaw 691
Shaw as can be1
Shaw biz1
Shaw is Woody1
Shaw no evidence of Dr J1
Shaw nuff80
Shaw of Newark3
shaw shuffle2
Shaw thing2
Shaw time song1
Shaw town1
Shaw was a good man Peewee1
Shawaga mambo1
Shawbury Park1
Shawmin begs1
Shawn O Shea1
Shawns uhadi samba1
Shay ke1
Shaya sebothane1
Shaykh as far as Humaythira1
She acts like a woman should3
She aint for nobody1
She aint no good1
She aint no hand me down1
She aint no saint2
She aint right1
She aint right for you1
She aint Rose1
She aint so cold1
She aint suchamuch1
She aint the whole package1
She aint with me no more1
She always will2
She amazes me1
She and he is who fenn love2
She and I1
She and traffic1
She ate the fly1
She believes in me1
She belongs to me11
She bid a meaningless farewell1
She blew a good thing1
She blues me1
She bop1
She bops a lot1
She borrowed some of her mothers gold1
She brings me down1
She brings the rain1
She broke my heart1
She brought life1
She brought me back1
She called him Miles1
She calls me baby all the time1
She came from a far1
She came from the East1
She came in through a bathroom window1
She came in through the bathroom window3
She came in through the bedroom window1
She came to see me1
She came with the wind1
She can1
She can dance4
She can give you fever1
She can love so good2
She can wait forever1
She cant be a spy4
She casts no shadow1
She caught the beat1
She caught the Katy2
She caused his soul to fall1
She changed her hidehide1
She chills me1
She cleared the air1
She closes her sister with heavy bones2
She comes back again1
She comes from nowhere1
She comes in dreams1
She comes to shore concerto for improvised piano & orchestra I1
She comes to shore concerto for improvised piano & orchestra II1
She comes to shore concerto for improvised piano & orchestra III1
She could be mine3
She could be right1
She could tell they were friends1
She couldnt believe it was true1
She couldnt remember Moses1
She cried in her cerveza1
She cried she smiles1
She cried tears as sweet as salt1
She cries1
She curves she curves1
She dance1
She danced for Gordie Howe1
She dances to spring1
She describes infinity1
She devil1
She did it again7
She didnt even say goodbye1
She didnt hear him come in1
She didnt know2
She didnt like the wallpaper1
She didnt say1
She didnt say yes7
She didnt say yes she didnt say no17
She didnt understand1
She dived in my heart1
She divine1
She do what she do1
She does1
She does it1
She does it for free1
She doesnt1
She doesnt know2
She doesnt laugh like you1
She doesnt love me1
She doesnt shag1
She doesnt write1
She done sold it out2
She dont do me wrong1
She dont have to see you1
She dont know1
She dont know my mind1
She dont know who she wants1
She dont love me2
She dont wanna3
She dont work1
She dreams2
She dresses in red1
She drinks alone1
She drinks too much wine1
She drives me out of my mind1
She drove me mad1
She eats flies2
She expected a caress1
She feeds me breakfast1
She feels good1
she finds a flower1
She flies free1
She floats away1
She follows the band1
She fooled me2
She gave me the eye1
She gets her wine from a box1
She gets so hungry at night she eats her jewellry1
She goes home1
She goes shopping1
She got good stuff1
She got he got1
She got it1
She got it going on1
She got the best in town1
She got to you1
She got what she wanted1
She had a light of her own1
She had ended it for us1
She had it all1
She had to go and lose it at the Astor3
She had to let me down1
She had us captured but now were free again1
She has four thorns1
She has gone3
She has gone to heaven1
She has information1
She has red hair1
She has say1
She has she has not1
She hates me1
She hates outro1
She haunts me1
She heals as she harms1
She held fire1
She insulted me in Marrakesh1
She is2
She is a diamond1
She is a stranger1
She is beautiful1
She is called Maid Marion1
She is crying for me4
She is funny that way1
She is going to ruin me1
She is it1
She is Michelle1
She is my inspiration1
She is my lady2
She is my star1
She is not there1
She is not thinking of me2
She is pretty1
She is real1
She is singing in the wireless1
She is sleeping now1
She is something1
She is standing1
She is the great great girl1
She is the passion1
She is there1
She is waiting1
She jumped on her push bike and pedalled away1
She just got here1
She just is1
She just wont boogie with me1
She just wont dont1
She just wont sell no more1
She keeps it up1
She keeps it up all the time5
She keeps me crying1
She kicked my box and stumbled1
She knew1
She knew him1
She knows4
She knows her onions6
She knows how the drops will fall1
She knows how to sell that stuff1
She knows it2
She knows me1
She knows me well1
She knows the ropes1
She knows what to do1
She knowz1
She lay sleeping1
She leaves the swimming poolNicky knocks the door1
She left a note1
She left for Paris1
She left her for a him1
She left her for him1
She left me2
She left me alone1
She left me crying1
She let herself go1
She lets1
She likes that1
She likes to boogie1
She likes to watch2
She likes Vivaldi1
She lived down by the firehouse1
She lives down in our alley1
She lives in Brazil2
She look he spit1
She looks1
She looks like Helen Brown9
She lost her rebop1
She lost it at the Astor2
She loved him1
She loved me1
She loves2
She loves another1
She loves blue1
She loves just right1
She loves me18
She loves me just the same2
She loves me she loves me not2
She loves me still1
She loves so good3
She loves to Buddha1
She loves to dance1
She loves to hear the music1
She loves you14
She made it crystal clear1
She made old bones1
She make a hootie Macooch1
She makes a fool of me1
She makes me believe shes mine1
She makes me mad1
She makes time1
She may be white1
She may no be a woman1
She mean it when she said it1
She means everything to me1
She might be spring1
She moon1
She moved2
She moved in1
She moved through the fair10
She moved through the fair a night in Knoydart1
She moves eyes follow1
She moves me3
She moves on2
She moves slow1
She moves through the fair6
She moves through the wire1
She must be beautiful2
She must be seeing things1
She my baby1
She needed a herd so thats what she became1
She needs1
She needs to be loved1
She never had1
She never has a window4
She never said why1
She never saw the sea before1
She never wore makeup1
She once belonged to me1
She only fools with me1
She only laughs at me3
She ossifies1
She owned his voice1
She paints1
She passes the house of her grandmother1
She penetrates the distant silence Slowly1
She performs1
She picked it up in Mexico2
She plays piano1
She prays to the wind1
She promises everything1
She put the whammy on me1
She puts me in the mood1
She ra1
She rarely wants me1
She really treats me wrong1
She recalled his elaborate shine internal supply consumer watchdogs agree1
She reminds me of you8

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