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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S118 - Swing the bells to Swinging pigeons

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Tune nameSessions
Swing the bells1
Swing the blues1
Swing the boogie1
Swing the scales1
Swing theory1
Swing theory mvt 41
Swing thing12
Swing thirty nine1
Swing this2
Swing time10
Swing time up in Harlem3
Swing to 451
Swing to bop2
Swing to bottle1
Swing today2
Swing tomorrow1
Swing tonic2
swing touch2
Swing town1
Swing trades1
Swing train4
Swing Trane1
Swing troubadour1
Swing tune2
Swing ultimatum1
Swing until the girls come home1
Swing up1
Swing valley1
Swing valse21
Swing violin and guitar1
Swing von Dorado1
Swing wals2
swing waltz1
Swing while youre young1
Swing will be on time1
Swing wind1
Swing with Dr Jake3
Swing with Duke1
Swing with it2
Swing with SML1
Swing with the music1
Swing with this1
Swing without words1
Swing you cats2
Swing your hurdy gurdy1
Swing your soul1
Swing your thing2
Swinga dilla street1
swingadelic stomp1
Swingadilla Street2
Swingbook blues1
Swingburger special1
Swingdom come1
Swingdown swingtown2
Swingem home1
Swingendes Geburtstagsstandchen1
swinger and the saint1
Swinger boogie1
swinger from Rio1
Swinger from Seville1
Swingers alley1
Swingers at CSG2
Swingers come back1
Swingers dream1
swingers get the blues too2
Swingers in the groove1
swingers jump1
Swingette no 11
Swingia koko skaala1
Swingin 391
Swingin a bop1
Swingin a dream3
Swingin a what1
Swingin abroad1
Swingin affair2
Swingin after midnight1
Swingin along2
Swingin along on Broadway4
Swingin and jivin1
Swingin and jumpin2
Swingin and Latin kicks1
Swingin and rockin1
Swingin and things1
Swingin apoplexy1
Swingin around1
Swingin around the world1
Swingin at Dennis1
Swingin at Gaveau1
Swingin at Lloyds1
Swingin at Moon Street1
Swingin at Mr Bs2
Swingin at Newport1
Swingin at Riches1
Swingin at Sacs1
Swingin at Sammys1
Swingin at Savoy1
Swingin at Soundworks1
Swingin at Sugar Rays1
Swingin at sundown1
Swingin at that famous door1
Swingin at the Bells1
Swingin at the Blue Moon Bar & Grille1
Swingin at the Camarillo1
Swingin at the Chat n Chew1
Swingin at the Cookie1
Swingin at the Copper Rail7
Swingin at the Cotton Club1
Swingin at the Daisy Chain1
Swingin at the Embers1
Swingin at the Haven6
Swingin at the Hickory House1
Swingin at the jamboree2
Swingin at the Karusell1
Swingin at the Lido1
Swingin at the Maida Vale1
Swingin at the Met1
Swingin at the pawnbrokers1
Swingin at the Popcorn1
Swingin at the Ritz1
Swingin at the Savoy1
Swingin at the seance3
Swingin at the Semloh5
Swingin at the sportsmens lodge1
Swingin at the Sugar Bowl2
Swingin at The Three Muskateers1
Swingin at the tower1
Swingin at the Waldorf1
Swingin away4
Swingin away the blues1
Swingin Bach1
Swingin Bach guitar1
Swingin back2
Swingin back to Bach1
Swingin balls1
Swingin better now1
swingin birds2
Swingin blues2
Swingin bossa1
swingin bossa nova1
Swingin by the Lago1
Swingin cats2
swingin cause1
Swingin chemise1
Swingin cicadas1
Swingin Cologne3
swingin creeper1
swingin crew1
swingin dagger theme1
Swingin dem cats1
Swingin door2
Swingin doors5
Swingin down1
Swingin down and up1
Swingin down at 10th and Main1
Swingin down the lane51
Swingin down the river1
Swingin down the road1
Swingin down to Rio1
swingin dream1
Swingin drums1
Swingin em down1
Swingin Enesco1
Swingin explorer1
swingin eye1
Swingin eyes1
Swingin fast blues1
Swingin ferry1
Swingin five1
swingin fling1
Swingin for a Swiss miss1
Swingin for Basil1
Swingin for Benny1
Swingin for Bill1
Swingin for Bumsy1
Swingin for joy1
Swingin for Julie and Brownie1
Swingin for love1
Swingin for Mary Lou1
Swingin for Mezz1
Swingin for papa1
Swingin for Pappy2
Swingin for Popsie1
Swingin for Stephane1
Swingin for the AJ1
Swingin for the fence1
Swingin for the fences2
Swingin for the guys1
Swingin for the king4
Swingin for the ride1
swingin gate2
Swingin gently1
Swingin goatsherd blues1
Swingin in 41
Swingin in a hammock15
Swingin in Biarritz1
Swingin in Bushnell Park1
Swingin in E flat1
Swingin in Helsingborg1
Swingin in LA1
Swingin in Lutetia1
Swingin in Moore Park1
Swingin in November3
Swingin in Paris3
Swingin in Paris style1
Swingin in studio two1
Swingin in Sweden3
Swingin in the corn4
Swingin in the dell2
Swingin in the groove4
Swingin in the key of C1
Swingin in the promised land2
Swingin in the rain1
Swingin into Heaven1
Swingin it low1
swingin joy1
Swingin Kansas City style1
Swingin kilts1
Swingin King Cole1
Swingin Lee1
Swingin lightly reaction1
Swingin low2
Swingin machine4
Swingin Molly1
Swingin mood2
Swingin Mr J1
Swingin music1
Swingin my baby back home1
swingin nut1
Swingin old fashion1
Swingin on a camel3
Swingin on a grapevine1
Swingin on a rainbow1
Swingin on a sitar1
Swingin on a star10
Swingin on a string of things1
Swingin on a Teagarden gate3
Swingin on C5
Swingin on campus1
Swingin on Central2
Swingin on Lennox Avenue1
Swingin on Lenox Avenue2
Swingin on nothin6
Swingin on nothing1
Swingin on Savoy1
Swingin on somethin1
Swingin on South Street2
Swingin on star1
Swingin on strings1
Swingin on the 881
Swingin on the campus1
Swingin on the country way1
Swingin on the countryside1
Swingin on the famous door1
Swingin on the gate2
Swingin on the Golden Gate1
Swingin on the horizon1
Swingin on the moon4
Swingin on the reservation2
Swingin on the skis1
Swingin on the state line1
Swingin on the strings2
Swingin on the Strip1
Swingin on the Swanee shore3
Swingin on the Teagarden gate3
Swingin on the vibories1
Swingin on those rhythm changes1
Swingin out of here1
Swingin Parisian rhythm1
swingin party2
swingin piano1
swingin plum fairy1
swingin preacher2
Swingin rose of Texas1
Swingin round1
swingin route1
swingin safari6
swingin saints2
Swingin Sam tribute1
Swingin Saturday night1
Swingin Scorpio1
Swingin scotch1
Swingin Seamus2
swingin seasons1
swingin serenade5
Swingin shepherd blues65
Swingin Shepherd blues twist1
Swingin softly4
Swingin sonata1
Swingin Sousa1
Swingin spirits1
Swingin Sue1
Swingin Swanee river1
Swingin swayers1
Swingin the AP blues2
Swingin the Apach1
Swingin the Berrys2
Swingin the blues166
Swingin the blues away1
Swingin the boogie4
Swingin the bow1
Swingin the Cat1
Swingin the Elks1
Swingin the Gate1
Swingin the Irish reel1
Swingin the jinx away5
Swingin the Jug1
Swingin the lead1
Swingin the Madison1
Swingin the mambo2
Swingin the new AP blues1
Swingin the pig1
Swingin the praise1
Swingin the riff1
Swingin the Robert AG)1
Swingin the rudiments1
Swingin the samba9
Swingin the scale2
Swingin the sink away1
Swingin the St Louis blues1
Swingin the toreador1
Swingin them blues1
Swingin them jingle bells1
swingin thirds1
Swingin thru1
Swingin tiger1
Swingin til the girls come home2
Swingin till the girls come home41
Swingin to a swing tune1
Swingin to the left1
Swingin to those lies1
Swingin together1
Swingin tweed1
Swingin twistin medley1
Swingin uptown1
Swingin with Benny Carter1
Swingin with C1
Swingin with Chloe1
Swingin with daddyo1
Swingin with Dal1
Swingin with Django1
Swingin with Finn1
Swingin with Lee1
Swingin with Littlemezz1
Swingin with Lonnie1
Swingin with Ma1
Swingin with Mezz3
Swingin with my baby1
Swingin with Nero1
Swingin with ol Jelly Roll1
Swingin with party boy Will1
Swingin with Ross1
Swingin with the Duke1
Swingin with the fat man1
Swingin with the saints1
Swingin with Willie and Ray1
Swingin without Mezz1
Swinging 341
swinging affair1
Swinging again1
Swinging along on a shoe string1
Swinging an echo1
Swinging and rocking1
Swinging Annie Laurie1
Swinging around1
Swinging at Chez Florence1
Swinging at Elsinore1
Swinging at Sandys bar1
Swinging at Storyville1
Swinging at the Blue Moon Bar & Grille1
Swinging at the Chez Florence2
Swinging at the circles1
Swinging at the Copper Beech2
Swinging at the Copper Rail3
Swinging at the Cotton Club1
Swinging at the Daisy Chain3
Swinging at the Deuces1
Swinging at the Half Note1
Swinging at the haven6
Swinging at the Met2
Swinging at the Palace1
Swinging at the Strand1
Swinging axe1
Swinging basement blues1
Swinging beat1
Swinging between kisses1
swinging Bird for childrens fake2
Swinging blues3
swinging brigade1
Swinging broom1
Swinging butterfly1
swinging case of Massoism1
swinging cat1
swinging cats2
Swinging clarinet1
Swinging clock boogie1
swinging conga1
Swinging cymbals1
Swinging dancers1
Swinging dancing & tapping1
Swinging dixie1
swinging doll1
swinging door3
Swinging doors1
Swinging down in New Orleans3
Swinging down Shaws hall1
Swinging down the lane4
Swinging down to New Orleans1
Swinging down to Rio1
Swinging easy2
Swinging enterprise1
Swinging etude1
Swinging exploration1
Swinging Fieldstreet1
Swinging fingers1
Swinging flowers1
Swinging for Christmas1
Swinging for Mezz1
Swinging for the Count1
Swinging for the countess1
Swinging frets1
Swinging gates1
Swinging goatherd blues1
Swinging gold chariots1
swinging groove merchant1
Swinging guitars1
swinging gypsies1
Swinging heart1
Swinging herring1
Swinging hips1
Swinging home1
Swinging honeymoon1
swinging horn1
swinging hussar1
Swinging I got rhythm1
Swinging in a cocoanut tree1
Swinging in a hammock2
Swinging in Argentina1
Swinging in exile1
Swinging in Harlem1
Swinging in Manhattan1
Swinging in southern Helsinki1
Swinging in Sweden1
Swinging in the corn1
Swinging in the rain1
Swinging in the raine1
Swinging in the shower1
Swinging in time1
Swinging in Toulouse1
Swinging invention1
swinging jesters blues1
Swinging jingle bells1
swinging Johanna1
swinging Johnny1
Swinging Kippe1
Swinging lady1
Swinging lake1
Swinging legends1
swinging Ljubljana1
Swinging London1
swinging loser1
Swinging love1
Swinging machine2
Swinging mama2
Swinging march1
swinging meditation1
swinging monk1
Swinging music1
Swinging my lady1
Swinging my life away1
Swinging notes1
Swinging on1
Swinging on a new moon1
Swinging on a shoe string1
Swinging on a star76
Swinging on a string1
Swinging on C1
Swinging on Dreamstreet1
Swinging on that famous door1
Swinging on the cusp1
Swinging on the grapevine1
Swinging on the moon1
Swinging Oregon Eagles1
Swinging out no 11
Swinging partner1
Swinging pigeons2

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