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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page S116 - Sweetie cat to Swing on the campus

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Tune nameSessions
Sweetie cat2
Sweetie Charlie2
Sweetie dear38
Sweetie frog1
Sweetie Joe2
Sweetie pie20
Sweetie woman1
Sweeties bounce1
Sweetin and scotchin1
Sweetly awakened2
Sweetly danced in times of hurtful pleasure1
Sweetly softly2
Sweetly somber1
Sweetmeats Ragtime march1
Sweetn lowe1
Sweetn sour1
Sweetnd low1
sweetness & light rag1
Sweetness and light1
Sweetness and light rag1
Sweetness in the dark1
Sweetness is beauty1
sweetness of the edge1
Sweetness of the heart1
sweetness of you2
Sweetness rag1
Sweetness x 31
Sweets 11
Sweets 21
Sweets blues3
Sweets boogie1
Sweets bossa1
Sweets bread1
Sweets dream1
Sweets for my sweet3
Sweets for the Sweet1
Sweets from above1
Sweets from Heaven1
Sweets fun1
Sweets opus no 11
Sweets slow blues1
Sweets sweets1
Sweets to my sweet1
Sweets to the sweet1
Sweets tooth3
Sweettalking Brooks1
Sweetwater bay2
Sweetwater nights1
sweetwater strut1
Sweety blues1
Sweety Joe1
Sweety pie1
Swell and super1
Swell of you1
Swelled head1
Swelling valley2
Swept ashore1
Swept away10
Swept from the sea1
Swept out to sea1
Swept under the rug1
Swett Monk1
Swiat gitara malowany1
Swiat wg fogga1
Swie embri1
Swieci dni ostatnich1
Swift air1
Swift are the winds of life1
Swift are the wings of love1
Swift as the wind2
Swift boat twist1
Swift code1
Swift current1
Swift fly1
swift half1
Swift horse1
Swift resolution1
Swift river1
Swift shifting4
Swift ship sailing1
Swift to react1
Swift wind1
swiftest traveler1
Swiftly loves moment1
Swiftly winding1
Swigger swagger1
swim around1
swim Cmon and swim1
Swim et swing1
Swim Jim1
Swim Ned swim1
Swim pretty baby1
Swim swim swim eat eat eat2
swim thing1
Swim to me1
Swim with me1
Swimmin home baby1
Swimmin into your water1
Swimmin the blues1
Swimmin with the wimmin1
Swimming at night1
Swimming back1
Swimming bell1
Swimming gaia1
Swimming in a black well1
Swimming in a galaxy of goodwill and sorrow1
Swimming in exile1
Swimming in place1
Swimming in T1
Swimming in the dark1
Swimming in the mist1
Swimming in the Riviera1
Swimming in the trees1
Swimming inside1
Swimming Lake Oliver1
Swimming lessons for the dead1
Swimming noses1
Swimming pool4
Swimming pool blues1
Swimming pool orchestra1
Swimming risk in China1
Swimming rocks1
Swimming song2
Swimming the Shokan rooftops1
Swimming then rained out1
Swimming through burnt coral1
Swimming through cymbals1
Swimming to the moon1
Swimming under the good old american flag1
Swimming upstream2
Swimming with Mose1
Swimming with my fishes1
Swimming with sharks1
Swimming with the fishes1
Swimmin’ and shoutin’1
Swindon swing1
Swineherders dance1
Swing & be funky1
Swing & Wesson1
Swing + 91
Swing 031
Swing 052
Swing 161
Swing 171
Swing 19401
Swing 20004
Swing 20101
Swing 20122
Swing 211
Swing 241
Swing 361
Swing 3962
Swing 4112
Swing 4262
Swing 431
Swing 4810
Swing 492
Swing 512
Swing 595
Swing 671
Swing 741
Swing 7441
Swing 771
Swing 8001
Swing 811
Swing 851
Swing 891
Swing 932
Swing 962
Swing 981
Swing 991
Swing a Bellevue2
Swing a la Villette1
Swing a Las Vegas1
Swing a ling ding1
Swing a ling ling1
Swing a little2
Swing a little taste3
Swing a lullaby2
Swing a Ming1
Swing a song of sixpence1
Swing a swing song1
Swing a Zilia1
Swing again2
Swing ala Chopin1
Swing all stars1
Swing along1
Swing along honey and smile1
Swing along with babe1
Swing along with Mavis1
Swing along with me2
Swing and concerto1
swing and I1
Swing and limp1
Swing and rococo1
Swing and sway2
Swing and sweet1
Swing and sweet low1
Swing angel3
Swing as it comes1
Swing as usual1
Swing as you are1
Swing Ascona1
Swing at ease1
Swing au ClubHouse1
Swing aus Paris1
Swing baby1
Swing baby swing4
Swing Balboa1
Swing ballade1
Swing band2
Swing bass2
Swing bean1
Swing bells4
Swing Benny swing1
Swing Beth1
Swing Big Ben1
Swing blues1
Swing boog1
Swing boogie2
Swing book blues1
Swing boy swing1
Swing bridge stomp1
Swing brother swing27
Swing bugler1
Swing but sweet1
Swing by1
Swing carrousel1
Swing cars1
Swing cat swing1
Swing cats shuffle1
Swing Cesar1
Swing check1
Swing city1
Swing city blowout1
Swing Club2
Swing cocktail5
Swing con son1
Swing concerto1
Swing connection1
Swing corner1
Swing crazy2
Swing da cor1
Swing dammit1
Swing dance2
Swing de Beaune1
Swing de Ionica1
Swing de media noche1
Swing de Palerme1
Swing de Paris10
Swing de violins1
Swing Dentz swing1
Swing ding2
Swing doodle1
Swing down chariot3
Swing down in New Orleans7
Swing down sweet chariot1
Swing down swing town1
Swing down the chariot1
Swing down to New Orleans2
Swing down your chariot1
Swing dream1
Swing dribble1
Swing du cat1
Swing dynamique1
Swing easy2
Swing em gates1
Swing en La1
Swing en naissance1
Swing encore1
Swing era1
Swing etude1
Swing express1
Swing faele flue swing1
Swing fan1
Swing features1
Swing fetish1
Swing fever4
Swing fla1
Swing for Count1
Swing for Django3
Swing for Dudley1
Swing for Elina1
Swing for Gab1
Swing for Jess1
Swing for Jinny1
swing for Joey2
Swing for Liberchies1
Swing for Mangala1
Swing for my song1
Swing for Ninine5
Swing for Oskar1
Swing for Rachel1
Swing for roundabout1
Swing for sale5
Swing for six boys1
Swing for Voti1
Swing for Wadi1
Swing for your supper1
Swing for yourself John1
Swing forever1
Swing free1
Swing free rider1
Swing from Bern with love1
Swing from Berne with love1
Swing from Paris3
Swing from Rotterdam1
Swing fula fluga swing1
Swing funk1
Swing fur Europa1
Swing gate1
Swing gate swing1
Swing gentlemens ball1
Swing ghost 591
Swing gitan8
Swing gitane5
Swing gitanes1
swing goose1
Swing guitar9
Swing guitare3
Swing guitars21
Swing High17
Swing high swing low17
Swing higher1
Swing hight1
Swing home1
Swing hop2
Swing house30
Swing i glassalen1
Swing im Studio1
Swing in a bikini1
Swing in Argentina1
Swing in China1
Swing in dixieland1
Swing in F5
Swing in Harlem2
Swing in Oberland1
Swing in re1
Swing in spring1
Swing in swing out2
Swing in the clowns2
Swing in the spring1
Swing interdit1
Swing interlude1
Swing into spring3
Swing into summer1
Swing into the groove1
Swing is back again1
Swing is back in style1
Swing is fun1
Swing is here10
Swing is in1
Swing is in the air1
Swing is king1
Swing is the thing8
Swing is the word1
Swing it12
Swing it Bob1
Swing it easy1
Swing it herr lektor1
Swing it Hr Learer1
Swing it magistern6
Swing it Mr B1
Swing it Mr Kreutzer1
Swing it Mr Laerer1
Swing it Mr Minister1
Swing it off2
Swing it on round1
Swing it out there2
Swing it Sam1
Swing it Sista1
Swing jack1
Swing Jackson1
Swing jig1
Swing Joe1
Swing jusqua laube1
Swing kids1
Swing king2
Swing kings1
Swing la bas caisse1
Swing lake1
Swing landscape2
Swing laser1
Swing Lee1
Swing lightly4
Swing like a rusty gate1
Swing like riddle1
Swing line2
Swing Ling Lei1
Swing linglej1
Swing lo sweet chariot1
Swing low14
Swing low go down Moses1
Swing low Michael row1
Swing low sweet boogie1
Swing low sweet cadillac12
Swing low sweet chariot250
Swing low sweet Charlie1
Swing low sweet charriot1
Swing low sweet clarinet14
Swing low sweet Harriet2
Swing low sweet Harriot1
Swing low sweet mambo1
Swing low sweet Reggae1
Swing low sweet Socolow1
Swing low sweet Thurgau1
Swing machine5
Swing mad1
Swing maisteri1
Swing Makes the world go round1
Swing mamma swing pappa1
Swing mamy1
Swing man1
Swing man blues1
Swing manouche1
Swing march2
Swing me1
Swing me a lullaby3
Swing me a stride1
Swing me high6
Swing me low1
Swing me no waltzes1
Swing me sweetly2
Swing me to sleep drummerman1
Swing me tonight1
Swing me with rhythm3
Swing medley1
Swing melodie1
Swing mineur1
Swing minor1
Swing moment 5)1
Swing moral1
Swing Mr Charlie12
Swing musette1
Swing my rhythm1
Swing my soul1
Swing n dance1
Swing n sway1
Swing n things1
Swing Nachtigall swing1
Swing nicely1
Swing no 12
Swing no 21
Swing no 31
Swing note from deep space1
Swing number1
Swing on a limb1
Swing on a star1
Swing on Broadway1
Swing on it1
Swing on swole1
Swing on the accordeon2
Swing on the accordeon 21
Swing on the campus1

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