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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page P53 - Purple distant to PUTT

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Tune nameSessions
Purple distant1
Purple dream2
Purple dreams1
Purple dusk1
Purple exit1
Purple eyes1
Purple face1
Purple feathers1
Purple fiddle1
Purple field1
Purple flower3
Purple flowers1
Purple friggin dinosaur1
Purple gazel1
Purple gazelle32
Purple gogo fruit1
purple grotto1
Purple grotto blues1
Purple gums1
Purple haze38
Purple heart6
Purple heart sky1
Purple heartbeat1
Purple hours1
Purple house1
Purple hyacinth2
Purple jungle1
Purple kiss1
purple lady in voodoo1
Purple lake1
Purple landscape1
Purple lapz lazuli electric aquamarine and deep blue1
purple light2
Purple lilac1
Purple line1
Purple loosestrife1
Purple man1
Purple martin1
Purple mind1
Purple mist1
purple monster1
Purple mood6
Purple moon2
Purple moonlight3
purple morn1
Purple mountain1
Purple mountains4
Purple mountains majesty1
Purple Myrtle2
Purple night blues1
Purple nightmare1
Purple nova1
Purple octagon1
Purple on a stream1
Purple on gold2
Purple onion2
Purple or blue1
Purple orange1
Purple orchids1
Purple painting1
purple panther1
Purple passion1
Purple pastel1
Purple people3
Purple petal1
purple piece2
purple pigeon1
Purple porpoise parkway4
Purple potatoes1
Purple prose1
Purple pussycat1
Purple pyramids1
Purple rain7
Purple ray1
Purple rays1
Purple refrain1
Purple river1
Purple road1
Purple rondo1
purple room2
Purple rose1
Purple rose of Cairo31
Purple roses1
Purple sage1
Purple shades10
Purple shadows3
Purple silk1
Purple skies1
purple sky2
Purple snow1
Purple snowflake1
purple sofa1
Purple sol1
Purple sound1
Purple sounds4
Purple space1
Purple stew1
Purple sun1
Purple sunflower1
Purple sunset2
purple swan1
Purple theory1
Purple turtle1
Purple twilight2
Purple Vishnu1
Purple wail1
Purple wave1
Purple wind1
Purple window wind1
Purple wings2
Purple yellow1
Purpled turtles liberations1
Purples violets and blues1
Purpose of creation1
purpose of this album1
Purpose of when1
Purpurowa bossa1
Purrfor jazz cats only1
Purring excellence1
Purro rom1
Purso Tschawo1
Pursuance and persistence1
Pursue me not1
pursued by more past than future1
pursuit for inspiration1
pursuit II1
Pursuit mix1
pursuit of Charleyness1
Pursuit of facts1
Pursuit of futhermore1
Pursuit of happiness11
Pursuit of peace2
Pursuit of the new thing1
pursuit of the white horse1
pursuit of the woman with the feathered hat4
pursuit of unhappiness1
pursuit package1
Pursuit with a purpose1
Purty Lil red dress1
Purvi variations1
Purya Danishri1
Puscam feca1
Puschkin 551
Puschnig floten solo1
Puschnig vogel solo1
Puschtra jodler1
Push and pull4
Push back the catastrophes1
Push ball1
Push bar1
Push come da shove1
Push comes to shove1
Push dance1
Push de button4
Push four1
Push gift2
Push hands1
Push him away1
Push hour1
Push it1
Push it down1
Push it off2
Push ka pee shee pie2
Push ka pi shi pie1
Push n ShoveBreak tune1
Push off1
Push one + Things we need1
Push out1
Push pull5
Push push3
Push push pull1
Push reel1
Push shove1
Push Tchicai1
Push the bottom1
Push the button1
Push the machine1
Push the pedal1
Push two1
Push up the sky1
Push your tiny body as high as your desire can take you1
Push yourself around1
pushbike song2
Pushed away1
Pushed to the edge of ideas by dispassionate biasalgorithm bots1
Pusher Danish1
Pusher man3
Pushin 301
Pushin along1
Pushin and pullin1
Pushin jam1
Pushin my heart around2
Pushin our love aside1
Pushin sand2
Pushin the conversation along2
Pushin the mop1
Pushing back the darkness1
Pushing breath2
Pushing ink1
Pushing the beat1
Pushing the blues1
Pushing the boat back2
Pushing the car2
Pushing the envelope1
Pushing the world away1
Pushing through1
Pushing up daisies1
Pushkin my friend1
Pushkin suite 11
Pushkins lament1
Pushpull topology1
Puss and dog1
Puss in boots2
Puss n boots1
Puss puss puss1
Pussance verte1
Pussy can sit by the fire and sing1
Pussy cat3
Pussy cat dues10
Pussy cat polka1
Pussy cat rag8
Pussy cats at midnight1
Pussy cats gone wild1
Pussy foot3
Pussy footin3
Pussy galore1
Pussy hair1
Pussy in the corner4
Pussy in the sky1
Pussy noche1
Pussy riot1
Pussy wagon1
Pussy wiggle stomp5
Pussy willow22
Pussy willow blues1
pussycat song1
Pussyfoot march1
Puste su kale1
Pustular eruption1
Puszta feuer2
Puszta fox1
Puszta hilsner1
Puszta traum1
Put a flavor to love1
Put a happy face on1
Put a lid on it2
Put a light on me1
Put a little bait on the hook1
Put a little bug in my ear1
Put a little love in everything you do1
Put a little love in your heart6
Put a nickel in the slot1
Put a ring on it1
Put a shine on your shoes2
Put a smile on your face1
Put a sock in it1
Put a tax on love1
Put a tiny little light in your window1
Put an apple in your life1
Put an X on the spot1
Put and take3
Put another log on the fire1
Put away a little ray of golden sunshine1
Put away childish toys1
Put away that toy kid1
Put away your crayons1
Put down1
Put down the duckie2
Put down the glass1
Put down the grass1
Put em down2
Put em down blues30
Put em in a box13
Put em in a box tie em with a ribbon4
Put em in a box tie them with a ribbon1
Put in1
Put in a quarter1
Put in blues2
Put in the alley1
Put in your old grey bonnet1
Put is right here1
Put it all togetha1
Put it away1
Put it back1
Put it back before I miss it1
Put it here1
Put it in a hat1
Put it in the alley1
Put it in the curry1
Put it in the middle1
Put it in the pocket2
Put it in your pocket3
Put it inyour pocket1
Put it on and keep it1
Put it on mellow1
Put it on the cuff1
Put it out2
Put it right1
Put it right here11
Put it right Mr Smoothie2
Put it right there1
Put it rigt here1
Put it there1
Put it there pal1
Put it this way1
Put it together1
Put it were you want it1
Put it where I can get it1
Put it where you want1
Put it where you want it19
Put me back in my cage1
Put me back in the alley2
Put me down blues1
Put me down easy2
Put me in coach cause Im the right man for that job1
Put me in that dungeon1
Put me in the alley2
Put me in the alley blues2
Put me in the basement1
Put me on the fing radio1
Put me on the fuckin radio1
Put me on the radio1
Put me to the test1
Put my fears to rest1
Put my finger on it1
Put off1
Put on a happy face73
Put on a sunny hat1
Put on an old pair of shoes4
Put on keepFrontispiece Spp1
Put on the costume1
Put on train2
Put on your brakes papa1
Put on your high heel sneakers1
Put on your old gray bonnet14
Put on your old grey bonnet109
Put on your pipe1
Put on your red silk stockings pretty baby1
Put on your Sunday clothes3
Put on your TaTa little girlie1
Put on your wings2
Put out the cat1
Put out the light3
Put some blue on the mule1
Put some butter on it1
Put some money in the pot1
Put something in the pot boy2
Put something in the pot boys1
Put sunshine in it1
Put that down in writing7
Put that hose away1
Put that kiss back1
Put that kiss back where you found it5
Put that light out1
Put that money down1
Put that ring on my finger10
Put that sun back in the sky6
Put that there1
Put the ball in the box1
Put the blame on Mame12
Put the capper on it1
Put the cat out1
Put the goodies on1
Put the key under the door1
Put the last clean shirt on Bill1
Put the lights out baby1
Put the radio on1
Put the shoe on the other foot1
Put the sun back in the sky2
Put the sun in the cupboard1
Put the time on it1
Put through changes1
Put to sleep1
Put today with yesterday1
Put together1
Put U prazninu1
Put up or shut up2
Put up the fight1
Put up your dukes1
Put up your dukes part 21
Put yo foot in yo mouf and say ah1
Put your arms around me6
Put your arms around me baby1
Put your arms around me honey22
Put your arms around me honey hold me tight1
Put your arms where they belong2
Put your bid in1
Put your brakes on papa1
Put your cards on the table1
Put your dreams away21
Put your faith in me2
Put your feet down on the ground1
Put your ghosts shirt on1
Put your grace in your pocket1
Put your hand in the hand12
Put your hand in the hand of the Lord1
Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee1
Put your hand in the hand of the man that stilled the water1
Put your hand in the nand1
Put your hands in the hand1
Put your hands on it1
Put your hands on your pocketbook1
Put your head on my shoulder3
Put your heart in a song6
Put your heart into mine1
Put your little feet right out1
Put your little foot1
Put your little foot out2
Put your little foot right out17
Put your little foot there1
Put your loving arms around me1
Put your mind on vacation1
Put your mind right on it3
Put your mind to it1
Put your money on me1
Put your money where your mouth is2
Put your pennies in my Portuguese cork hat1
Put your quarter in and watch the chicken dance1
Put your records on1
Put your right foot forward1
Put your sadness to sleep1
Put your shadows togehter1
Put your shoes on baby1
Put your sorrows in a box and slip them away1
Put your spell on me1
Put your spikes in1
Put your tears away1
Put your worries through the mangle1
Put yourself in my place4
Put yourself in my place baby4
Putain de basH1
Putcha haints on me1
Putem down blues1
Putem in a box tie em with a ribbon1
Putesse essere allero1
Putins voggevise1
Putket hehkuu1
Putnam Avenue breakdown1
Putnam central1
Putnam County1
Putney bridge2
Putorino rakau maire1
Putorino rakau matai1
Putsi putsi1

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