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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page P31 - Playa de las mucho D to Please have mercy

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Tune nameSessions
Playa de las mucho D1
Playa de Santiago1
Playa del agua2
Playa del aguila1
Playa del carmen1
Playa del Carmen Mexico1
Playa Del Falco1
Playa del Ray1
Playa del Rey1
Playa Del Sol2
Playa Escondida1
Playa haters1
Playa negra2
Playa romantica1
Playback catalog1
playback shuffle1
Playback swing1
Playboy blues4
Playboy cha cha1
Playboy Club2
Playboy in love1
Playboy Peterson1
Playboy pinball machine1
Playboy rag2
Playboy theme8
Playboys can cook1
Playboys of the western world1
Playboys penthouse2
Playboys theme10
Playdaye at 6211
Played 2 or 3 times1
Played in1
Played me1
Played once6
Played some1
Played straight1
Played twice68
Played yourself1
Player hater1
Player piano study no 61
Player play on1
Players anthem1
players blues1
Players digest1
Players inn1
Players net1
players of nulla1
Playfairs axiom1
Playful baby4
Playful contacts1
Playful dance at Soma1
Playful Fast1
Playful flute1
Playful friend1
Playful intentions1
Playful lambs on a sloap1
Playful moments1
Playful spring1
playful squirrels1
Playful things1
Playgirl stroll2
Playground for the birds2
Playground gossip1
Playground in between the opp1
Playground in nuclear winter1
playground in the desert1
Playground of deliria1
Playground pass1
Playground tango1
Playground twins1
Playground uptown and downtown1
Playhouse 901
Playhouse blues1
Playhouse march5
Playhouse no 2 stomp1
Playhouse No2 stomp1
Playhouse party1
Playin around1
Playin for a reason1
Playin hide go seek1
Playin hooky1
Playin in the alley1
Playin in the yard12
Playin it cool2
Playin it straight1
Playin on the grass1
Playin praise1
Playin some really heavy hits1
Playin sweet1
Playin the blues1
Playin the worm1
Playin together1
Playin with my friends3
Playin with myself1
Playing a piece1
Playing against1
Playing almost nothing but thirds1
Playing along1
Playing alonger1
Playing an old dream1
Playing and having fun1
Playing around1
Playing around with the blues1
Playing beat1
Playing between the beat1
Playing buckets1
Playing by heart2
Playing by heart vows remembered1
Playing chess with Barney Rubble1
Playing child1
Playing Choroin Paris1
Playing credits1
Playing dem demons away1
Playing fingers1
Playing for Bob Moore4
Playing for friends1
Playing for keeps4
Playing for love1
Playing for money1
Playing for real1
Playing for the Red Cross1
Playing for the troops1
Playing for time2
Playing games2
Playing God with an ant1
Playing guitar Symphony 11
Playing hooky1
Playing house1
Playing in a Japanese garden1
Playing in riddles1
Playing in springtime1
Playing in the dark1
Playing in the dumpster2
Playing in the grass1
Playing in the sand1
Playing in the slumbering backyards of the bourgeoisie1
Playing in the snow1
Playing in the spirit world1
Playing in the sun1
Playing in the woods1
Playing in the yard1
Playing in traffic1
Playing is fun1
Playing it forward1
Playing jazz1
Playing love4
Playing my heart1
Playing my hunch1
Playing my keys1
Playing my saxophone1
Playing New York1
Playing numbers1
Playing on the front porch1
Playing on the mountain side1
Playing Palhaco1
Playing possum2
Playing rain1
Playing Red1
Playing Spool1
Playing the alleyway1
Playing the blues5
Playing the blues backwards1
Playing the blues for Marc1
Playing the dozen1
Playing the field11
Playing the game1
Playing the longest winter with Mora1
Playing the piano1
Playing the table music2
Playing time1
Playing to win1
Playing with a broken heart1
Playing with a shadow1
Playing with angels1
Playing with blocks2
Playing with fire12
Playing with food1
Playing with idols1
Playing with Mercury1
Playing with piano and violins for Gyorgy Ligeti1
Playing with sirens1
Playing with stones2
Playing with the keys1
Playing with the strings1
Playing with the wind2
Playing with water2
Playing wrong right1
Playing your game baby1
Playingby starlight1
Playoff blues1
Playoff music3
Playoff music to George Weins announcements1
Playoff time1
Playous love1
Playpen stomp1
Plays itself1
Plays of winds1
Playtime 20501
Playtime blues3
Playtime no 21
Playtime polka1
Playtronics breakin1
Playwork 151
Plaz de Mina1
Plaz jazz1
Plaza bolivar1
Plaza dArmas1
Plaza de los plateros1
Plaza de Mayo1
Plaza de Tetuan1
Plaza de toros5
Plaza Francia1
Plaza gris1
Plaza lights1
Plaza Lisboa1
Plaza Lisboa classic take1
Plaza Lisboa jazz take1
Plaza lost and found1
Plaza maua1
Plaza mayor1
Plaza Mexico1
Plaza nueva1
Plaza raga1
Plaza real5
Plaza Real Barcelona1
Plaza San Martin1
Plaza searching for1
Plaza St Louis1
Plaza stomp2
Plaza y la via1
Plaze de la Trinidad1
Plazza di Spagna1
Plea for a good nights rest2
Plea for deductive1
Plea for peace1
plea for sanity3
Plea from the soul1
plea of guilty1
pleadin blues1
Pleadin for love3
Pleadin for the blues3
Pleadin the blues6
Pleading blues5
Pleading child1
Pleading dim cap1
Pleading for the blues1
Pleading guilty1
Pleading mama blues1
Pleading misery blues1
Pleading my cause1
Pleading the blues3
Pleadings blues1
Pleaes accept my apologies Mrs Pankhurst1
Pleaes dont talk about me when Im gone1
Pleas and carats1
Pleas and handcues1
Pleas for love1
Pleasant affliction1
Pleasant afternoon1
Pleasant Ave 3291
Pleasant Avenue2
Pleasant company expected1
Pleasant constellation1
Pleasant dreams9
Pleasant evening1
Pleasant journey1
Pleasant landscape1
Pleasant life1
Pleasant meeting1
Pleasant memories5
Pleasant moments32
Pleasant moments A ragtime waltz1
Pleasant moments waltz1
pleasant peasant2
Pleasant pheasant2
Pleasant point rag verismo1
Pleasant Street1
pleasant surprise1
Pleasant time1
Pleasant times1
Pleasant twilight1
Pleasant valley2
Pleasant valley Mama Mammie river1
Pleasant valley Sunday1
Please accept my love2
Please and thanks1
Please answer1
Please baby2
Please baby dont1
Please baby please1
Please baby wont you please say yes1
Please be careful3
Please be early1
Please be good to me2
Please be green New Orleans1
Please be kind110
Please be mine3
Please be patient1
Please be quiet please1
Please be seated1
Please be there2
Please behave1
Please believe in me1
Please believe me9
Please belong to me2
Please blick durch1
Please blues go on away from here1
Please Bossa1
Please call1
Please call me baby4
Please can someone stop this thing1
Please change your mind1
Please Charleston Quietly1
Please clarify3
Please close the door3
Please come1
Please come back6
Please come back big daddy1
Please come back home baby1
Please come back to me6
Please come back to the stage1
Please come home5
Please come home for Christmas6
Please come on down to my house1
Please come out of your dream7
Please come to mama1
Please confirm1
Please consider me3
Please Daddy2
Please dance2
Please dear1
Please disturb2
Please do it again3
Please do not disturb1
Please do not open Dr Fischer1
Please do something4
Please dont4
Please dont ask1
Please dont ask about Barbara1
Please dont ask me to stay1
Please dont be long1
Please dont be sad1
Please dont be scared1
Please dont box me in1
Please dont break em down1
Please dont break my heart1
Please dont bug me4
Please dont bundle me1
Please dont burn our outhouse down1
Please dont come back from the moon4
Please dont cry2
Please dont cry anymore1
Please dont cry cry and say no1
Please dont cut out my sauerkraut2
Please dont do it again1
Please dont do it in here2
Please dont dog me1
Please dont drive me away2
Please dont eat macrobiotic1
Please dont eat the daisies1
Please dont ever leave me7
Please dont ever let me go1
Please dont feed the model1
Please dont feel bad1
Please dont forget1
Please dont forget about La Paz1
Please dont freeze1
Please dont give it away1
Please dont go12
Please dont go now1
Please dont holler mama1
Please dont hurt me1
Please dont hurt my baby1
Please dont imagine1
Please dont kill me1
Please dont kiss me2
Please dont leave4
Please dont leave me12
Please dont leave me baby1
Please dont leave me here to cry1
Please dont leave me now2
Please dont leave please dont go1
Please dont let me be misunderstood3
Please dont let me know1
Please dont lie1
Please dont lose your mind1
Please dont maybe me1
Please dont mention your sign1
Please dont monkey with Broadway3
Please dont pass me by1
Please dont play number 6 tonight1
Please dont play number six tonight1
Please dont put me down1
Please dont put water on the seashell1
Please dont refurbish this space1
Please dont rush me2
Please dont say1
Please dont say bonsoir1
Please dont say goodnight1
Please dont say no10
Please dont say youre sorry again1
Please dont send me1
Please dont shoot1
Please dont shoot again1
Please dont squabble1
Please dont stay1
Please dont stop him1
Please dont take me out1
Please dont take my baby grand1
Please dont take your love away from me1
Please dont talk1
Please dont talk about me19
Please dont talk about me when Im gone416
Please dont talk about me with Im gone1
Please dont talk about my man1
Please dont talk when Im gone1
Please dont tell me3
Please dont tell me how the story ends1
Please dont tell me love2
Please dont tell me were through1
Please dont think Im nosy1
Please dont think its funny2
Please dont tickle me babe2
Please dont touch my bowl1
Please dont turn me down2
Please dont wake me1
Please dont walk about me when Im gone1
Please dont walk away1
Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone1
Please Dr Jive1
Please Eloise1
please fasten your seatbelt sign2
Please fix it1
Please fool around with me1
Please forgive and forget1
Please forgive me8
Please forgive me if you can1
Please free bop1
Please get him off my mind1
Please get us out1
Please girls please1
Please give me a chance2
Please give me something to remember you by1
Please give my heart a break1
Please give your love to me1
Please go away1
Please go way and let me sleep1
Please handle with care3
Please have mercy1

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