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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page O7 - Oh baby to Oh my What a shame

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Tune nameSessions
Oh baby280
Oh baby blues1
Oh baby dont say no1
Oh baby dont we get along2
Oh baby dont you know1
Oh baby dont you weep1
Oh baby I dont love you anymore1
Oh Baby kiss me5
Oh baby look out1
Oh baby mine I get so lonely1
Oh baby no 21
Oh baby please3
Oh baby please dont go1
Oh baby sleep1
Oh baby sweet baby5
Oh baby what makes me love you so1
Oh baby what you do to me1
Oh baby wont you weep1
Oh be joyful2
Oh be my bent recruit1
Oh bella figlia dellamore1
Oh Bernadine1
Oh Bess oh where is my Bess1
Oh Bess oh wheres my Bess47
Oh Bess wheres my Bess4
Oh blue angels you are but a god to me1
OH blues2
Oh Bo1
Oh bomb1
Oh bop shbam be bop1
Oh boy6
Oh boy Im in the groove3
Oh boy Im lucky1
Oh boy Its a pleasure2
Oh boy thats my baby1
Oh boy what a girl12
Oh boy what joy1
Oh boys try to get along1
Oh brave old army team1
Oh brother8
Oh brr rabbit1
Oh Buddy Im in love1
Oh bury me not1
Oh but I do15
Oh but it is2
Oh but on the third day2
Oh but your eyes2
Oh butterfly1
Oh by jingo53
Oh by jingo oh by gee1
Oh by jongo1
Oh by the way5
Oh Calcutta2
Oh Capri1
Oh Captain Cook1
Oh Captain you put me to wheelin1
Oh careless love1
Oh Carol1
Oh Catalina1
Oh cest divin1
Oh cette Mitzi1
Oh Cette musique1
Oh Champs Elysees1
Oh ChampsElysees1
Oh Charley take it away1
Oh Charlie1
Oh che bel mattino1
Oh che sara1
Oh children rise1
Oh Chris1
Oh Christ1
Oh Christmas tree17
Oh Chubby stay the way you are1
Oh chuck it1
Oh ciel de la cite de Kano1
Oh Claire the goon1
Oh come all ye faithful6
Oh come Emmanuel2
Oh come let us sing2
Oh come let us sing a new song2
Oh come little children1
Oh come oh come Emmanuel1
Oh corko mio1
Oh cowboy1
Oh Cubanas1
Oh cumari1
Oh dad2
Oh daddy61
Oh daddy blues22
Oh daddy please bring that suitcase in1
Oh daddy you wont have no mama at all1
Oh dadi blue1
Oh Daisy1
Oh Danny Boy2
Oh dark gal1
Oh darlin1
Oh darling18
Oh Darling do say yes2
Oh darlinlife goes on1
Oh daughter mine1
Oh de Kates up de river stackerlees in de ben1
Oh de Lawd shake de heavens1
Oh de Lawd shakes de heavens1
Oh de zug a fejem1
Oh dear3
Oh dear what can the matter be9
Oh death1
Oh deer dear me1
Oh dem golden slippers9
Oh den kaerlighed1
Oh deres somebody knockin at de do2
Oh deres somebody knocking at de do1
Oh Desdemona1
Oh deys so fresh and fine4
Oh Di qual sei tu vittima1
Oh did we1
Oh didnt he ramble195
Oh Divine surprise1
Oh do I like to be beside the seaside1
Oh doctor2
Oh Doctor Jesus9
Oh Doctor Jesus oh de lawd shake de heavens1
Oh Doctor Ochsner1
Oh Doctor the blues1
Oh dolce mio tesoro1
Oh dolce mio tresoro1
Oh Dolores1
Oh Domi1
Oh Don1
Oh Don Jose1
Oh dong bang that gong1
Oh Donna Clara9
Oh Doris where do you live4
Oh Dr Jesus2
Oh du frohliche6
Oh du oida huizwuam1
Oh Dulce mujer1
Oh Eddie4
Oh EJ1
Oh Elaine1
Oh Eliza1
Oh Emily1
Oh Erna Erna1
Oh Eva4
Oh faithless maid1
Oh fantastic1
Oh father1
Oh fiddle sticks1
Oh fiddlesticks1
Oh Florence1
Oh foolish leaf1
Oh for a husband1
Oh for goodness sake1
Oh for heavens sake1
Oh Fraulein Grete1
Oh freedom11
Oh Frenchy2
Oh Gabriel1
Oh gee23
Oh gee Georgie1
Oh gee honey1
Oh gee Im blue1
Oh gee Jenny its you1
Oh gee oh gosh oh1
Oh gee oh gosh oh golly Im in love7
Oh gee oh gosh oh Im in love1
Oh gee oh gosh oh pshaw1
Oh gee oh joy3
Oh gee oh me oh my2
Oh gee Oh my Look1
Oh gee say gee2
Oh gee say gee you ought to see my Gee Gee from Fiji isles1
Oh gee Say gee You ought to see my GeeGee from the Fiji Isles5
Oh Ghana1
Oh girl4
Oh giulietta1
Oh Give me something to remember you by1
Oh give thanks to the Lord1
Oh glockle vom hamattal2
Oh glory1
Oh go way devil an leave me lone1
Oh God1
Oh God I love you1
Oh God Im sophisticated1
Oh God our help in ages past1
Oh Goldmarie1
Oh good grief3
Oh gorge1
Oh gosh1
Oh grandpa3
Oh had I a golden thread1
Oh hangelstein1
Oh happy day39
Oh happy Gabe1
Oh Harold2
Oh haupt voll blut und wunden3
Oh He is Christmas1
Oh heart of love2
Oh heavenly salvation1
Oh Heiland reis die himmelauf1
Oh Heinrich1
Oh Helen2
Oh hell I forgot about that1
Oh Henry12
Oh his experiments1
Oh ho Doodle Lu1
Oh Holland beware1
Oh Holy Cross1
Oh holy night9
Oh honey2
Oh Honolulu1
Oh horn1
Oh hot dawg2
Oh how can she sing1
Oh how He loves you and me2
Oh How I adore you2
Oh How I cried the morning after1
Oh how I hate to get up in the afternoon1
Oh how I hate to get up in the morning6
Oh how I hate to say goodbye1
Oh how I long to belong to you1
Oh how I love Bulgarians2
Oh how I love Jesus2
Oh how I love my darling8
Oh how I love you2
Oh how I miss you3
Oh how I miss you tonight53
Oh How I miss you tonighyt1
Oh how I need you Joe1
Oh how I want to love you2
Oh how I want to see him1
Oh how I wish I was in Peoria2
Oh how it rained1
Oh how Ive waited for you1
Oh how joyfully1
Oh how much I love you1
Oh how my heart beats for you4
Oh how she can love1
Oh how she can sing2
Oh how she could play a ukulele1
Oh how she could Yackihacki wicki wacki woo1
Oh how she dances1
Oh how the ghost sings1
Oh how we danced1
Oh humanity1
Oh hush1
Oh I cant sit down8
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside1
Oh I dont think sew2
Oh I get those blues1
Oh I got plenty o nuttin2
Oh I had a golden thread1
Oh I know I have another building1
Oh I know that1
Oh I love my baby so1
Oh I see2
Oh I want to see him2
Oh I wish1
Oh I wish I was Tarzan1
Oh I wish I were in love again1
Oh I wish I were Tarzan1
Oh if I knew3
Oh if I only had you5
Oh if only1
Oh if you knew1
Oh Im agoin out to the blackfish banks1
Oh Im evil4
Oh it looks like rain9
Oh it must be fun1
Oh its nice1
Oh its you1
Oh ja oh nein1
Oh jada baby1
Oh Jane Snavely4
Oh Jay2
Oh jazz po jazz1
Oh Je tangue tant a tattendre1
Oh Jesus I have promised1
Oh Jimmy Jimmy1
Oh Jimmy Joe1
Oh jive that offas way1
Oh Joe6
Oh Joe play that trombone2
Oh Joe with your fiddle and bow1
Oh Johanna1
Oh John3
Oh John love Trane1
Oh Johnny3
Oh Johnny oh1
Oh Johnny oh Johnny1
Oh Johnny oh Johnny oh24
Oh Johnny please dont momma1
Oh Joseph Joseph2
Oh Juanita1
Oh juh no tsuki1
Oh Kai1
Oh Karen O1
Oh Karim1
Oh Katarina1
Oh Katharina4
Oh Katherina2
Oh Katrina1
Oh Kay1
Oh KD1
Oh kebap1
Oh kickeroonie2
Oh Kitty1
Oh Koh2
Oh la belle vie1
Oh La cpluie1
Oh la Espana1
Oh la la4
Oh la vie1
Oh lady be blue1
Oh lady be good3
Oh lady be good in Odeaon1
Oh lass den tag1
Oh laughing glass1
Oh Lawd Im on my way13
Oh Lawd what I goin do1
Oh Lawd you made the night too long2
Oh Lawdy1
Oh lawdy lawdy1
Oh lawdy mama1
Oh le beau chateau1
Oh Le feu dans tes yeux1
Oh Lee Say Lee You ought see my Fiji from the Fiji isles1
Oh Leo2
Oh Les impots1
Oh life1
Oh Lisa1
Oh little fat man1
Oh Little girl1
Oh little stars2
Oh little town of Bethlehem2
Oh Livia1
Oh Lizzie9
Oh Lizzy1
Oh lonely winter1
Oh Lonesome me16
Oh lonesome train1
Oh look1
Oh look at me now102
Oh look at me nowBut now look at me2
Oh look at that baby2
Oh looka there aint she pretty5
Oh Lord6
Oh Lord come by here1
Oh Lord dont drop that atomic bomb on me1
Oh Lord dont let them drop that atomic bomb on me12
Oh Lord give me a cigarette1
Oh Lord have I see1
Oh Lord have mercy1
Oh Lord hear my prayer1
Oh Lord how long1
Oh Lord I hear a prayer1
Oh Lord Im on my way3
Oh Lord is it I1
Oh Lord its nice to sit on your porch today1
Oh Lord lass mich unwiderstehlich sein1
Oh lord let me do no wrong1
Oh Lord let the devil have an accident1
Oh Lord please dont let them drop that atomic bomb on me2
Oh Lord what a mornin1
Oh Lord what are you doing to me1
Oh Lori2
Oh Louie1
Oh love2
Oh love hast thou forsaken me2
Oh love love1
Oh love of life3
Oh love that will not let me go all of me1
Oh love that wilt not let me go1
Oh lovely appearance of death1
Oh lover1
Oh lovey be mine2
Oh lucky me1
Oh Lula1
Oh Lutzelinden1
Oh ma mami1
Oh Mabel11
Oh Mable oh1
Oh Madeleine1
Oh Maggie1
Oh Maggie dear1
Oh maiden my maiden1
Oh Maker1
Oh Malinda2
Oh Mama15
Oh mama blues1
Oh mama Im so in love1
Oh mammy1
Oh Mammy Look at Sam1
Oh man1
Oh Maria1
Oh Marie62
Oh Marie Mari1
Oh Marie Oh Marie4
Oh Mariel1
Oh MarieLou1
Oh Marion1
Oh Martha oh1
Oh Mary2
Oh Mary Ann2
Oh Mary dont you weep13
Oh mate1
Oh Matey1
Oh Mathilda1
Oh Maud1
Oh me1
Oh Me lieve Jenka1
Oh me llamen de la calle1
Oh me oh my17
Oh me oh my blues2
Oh me oh my oh gosh1
Oh me oh my oh you1
Oh me what eyes1
Oh mein papa5
Oh Mendocino1
Oh mia bela madunina1
Oh Micky1
Oh min1
Oh min dara2
Oh Minnie1
Oh Mirela1
Oh Miss Daphne1
Oh Miss Hannah29
Oh Miss Jaxson4
Oh Miss Sleezy1
Oh mister aint that hot1
Oh mister cool one1
Oh Mister Mitchell1
Oh mister moon1
Oh mistress mine4
Oh Molly dear1
Oh mon amour1
Oh Monah34
Oh moon4
Oh moon oh star1
Oh more or less1
Oh Moscow1
Oh mother1
Oh mother dear mother1
Oh mother selfless1
Oh mountain1
Oh Mr Friction Carry me back to old Morocco1
Oh Mr James1
Oh Mr Jelly1
Oh Mr Johnson3
Oh Mr Moon1
Oh Mr Possum1
Oh Mr Rex1
Oh Mr Sauter Yes Mr Finegan2
Oh Mr songwriter1
Oh Mr trombone aint you ashamed1
Oh Muddy Waters1
Oh muki muki oh1
Oh music1
Oh musica divina1
Oh muted foghorn1
Oh my10
Oh my achin back1
Oh my aching heart1
Oh my babe7
Oh my babe blues14
Oh my baby blues1
Oh my beloved daddy1
Oh My darling3
Oh my darling Clementine1
Oh my darling look what youre doing to me1
Oh my dear3
Oh my deer1
Oh my dog1
Oh my eyes1
Oh my gawd1
Oh my God8
Oh my God its blood1
Oh my God its rave1
Oh my goodness3
Oh my goodness baby1
Oh my gosh1
Oh my gracious1
Oh my grand pa1
Oh my grandpa1
Oh my life1
Oh my Lord1
Oh my Lord you know me thoroughly1
Oh my love10
Oh my love how long1
Oh my lovin1
Oh my Maryland1
Oh my NOLA1
Oh my oh my oh gosh1
Oh my operation1
Oh my papa7
Oh my solo1
Oh my soul1
Oh my stars1
Oh my sweet papa1
Oh my What a shame2

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