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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page O19 - One minute and 45 seconds to station break to One song

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Tune nameSessions
One minute and 45 seconds to station break1
One minute dance1
One minute for myself1
One minute in Manchester1
one minute journey to Boogieland1
One minute man1
One minute more2
One minute of flamenco for three minutes1
One minute of innocence1
One minute of love1
One minute of music1
One minute please1
One minute til six1
One minute to midnightBeijing half life1
One minute to one4
One minute too late2
One minute waltz1
One minute Willie or love is a lie1
One missing2
One missing piece1
One mistake1
One mo2
One mo blues2
One mo time1
One Moe time2
One moire blues1
One moment7
One moment in time3
One moment more1
One moment more with you1
One moment of your life2
One moment please4
One moment to go1
One moment worth years14
One momentum1
One monkey dont stop no show3
One monkey dont stop the show5
One more14
One more affair1
One more angel2
One more Athens1
One more bass hit1
One more beautiful ballad1
One more bit1
One more blues13
One more blues for Chet1
One more boogie2
One more break1
One more chance14
One more chance with you1
One more chant1
One more children song1
One more Christmas1
One more circle1
One more colour1
One more crime1
One more cup of coffee3
One more cup of silence1
One more dance3
One more day7
One more day to live1
One more down1
One more dream3
One more drink1
One more drink bartender2
One more fool1
One more for Ana1
One more for baby1
One more for Emil1
One more for Igor1
One more for Jo1
One more for Stan1
One more for the gutter1
One more for the mode1
One more for the people1
One more for the road6
One more fret1
One more gal for me1
One more glass of wine1
One more go round1
One more ham hock please1
One more happy tale1
One more head1
One more heartache1
One more hit1
One more hour2
One more hymn1
One more into nothing1
One more kiss13
One more kiss dear2
One more kiss then goodnight2
One more ledge to overcome1
One more lick for Harold Vick1
One more life3
One more lifetime1
One more love song2
One more lullaby1
One more mambo1
One more margarita1
One more mazur tonight1
One more memory1
One more memry2
One more meter1
One more mile5
One more mile to go1
One more minor1
One more minute1
One more news2
One more night8
One more night with the frogs1
One more once28
One more passenger1
One more piece of chocolate1
One more please1
One more prayer1
One more psalm1
One more quiet night1
One more reason to cry1
One more rhyme1
One more ride1
One more ride on the merrygoround1
One more river1
One more river to cross3
One more round1
One more saints1
One more Saturday night1
One more scam1
One more second1
One more set Charly1
One more sigh for tomorrow1
One more soldier1
One more song1
One more song for you1
One more step4
One more Sunday in Savannah1
One more sunrise2
One more thing3
One more thing one more time1
One more Tim1
One more time71
One more time 11
One more time 21
One more time 31
One more time around1
One more time around Rosie1
One more time Chick Corea2
One more time Chuck Corea1
One more time for the people17
one more time suite1
One more time to say goodbye2
One more timefor luck1
One more tomorrow5
One more touch1
One more try1
One more twelve bars1
One more twist1
One more useless experience1
One more walk around the garden2
One more waltz for Michel Petrucciani1
One more weasel1
One more year2
One more ‘fore I die2
One morning4
One morning blues1
One morning I woke up early1
One morning in February1
One morning in May114
One morning in Rome1
One morning soon1
One morning when my aunt was very young1
One morningstar away1
One Morten1
One mother1
One mountain many peaks1
One move ahead1
One music2
One must imagine Sisyphus happy1
One must leave so another may come1
One must pay ransom1
One must return1
One mysterious dream1
One nation5
One nation invisible1
One naughty flat5
One never knows13
One never knows do one3
One never knows does one5
One never knows now1
One night19
One night affair5
One night at Ken and Jessicas1
One night at the hotel2
One night for 3 pianos1
One night forever1
One night in a dream2
One night in Bandis1
One night in Bulawayo1
One night in Havana4
One night in Houston1
One night in July2
One night in June2
One night in Kansas1
One night in Krefeld1
One night in May1
One night in Monte Carlo5
One night in Montparnasse2
One night in Paradise1
One night in Paraguay1
One night in Paris1
One night in Rio1
One night in the city1
One night in the hotel2
One night in Tokyo1
One night in Trinidad8
One night in your heart1
One night last June2
One night love affair1
One night lover1
One night mate1
One night of love9
One night of sin7
One night one dinner1
One night one song1
One night only2
One night stand14
One Night Stand closing theme1
One Night Stand theme2
One night this morning1
One night with you6
One nighter1
One nighter blues2
One nighter boogie1
One ninin1
One nite samba1
One not two1
One notch up3
One note8
One note at a time2
One note at the time1
One note basic1
One note blues and ballad three1
One note boogaloo1
One note boogie2
One note bossa1
One note break1
One note Brown2
One note caramba1
One note for Lorna1
One note for Miles1
One note from one bird1
One note funk1
One note jive1
One note leads to another1
One note leads to many1
One note mambo1
One note mosh1
One note nostalgia1
One note out1
One note prelude1
One note rap1
One note rara1
One note samba326
One note sambra1
One note slamba1
One note song1
One note to my life1
One note to my wife3
One note waltz1
One notice1
One November day1
One o clock blues4
One o four1
One o nine1
One o six1
One o them things1
One object1
One obligation1
One ocean at a time1
One ocean way1
One oclock baby4
One oclock blues2
One oclock boogie11
One oclock dump1
One oclock humph1
One oclock jump700
One oclock jump mambo1
One oclock rhythm1
One oclock rock1
One oclock slump1
One oclock special1
One oclock Then1
One October morning3
One of 361
One of 8 views1
One of a kind26
One of a kind mambo1
One of another kind13
one of countless sporadic manifestations of the alternate universe in which Olivier Messiaen is a fervent agnostic1
One of four1
One of many2
One of mine1
One of my favorites1
One of my happiness1
One of natures mistakes1
One of Parkers moods1
One of six1
One of the cats1
One of the elements1
One of the good girls1
One of the nicer things1
One of the sweetest1
One of the two1
One of them1
One of them crazy gurues in love1
One of them days1
One of them good ones1
One of them things1
One of these days26
One of these days one of your dreams is bound to come true1
One of these kinds1
One of these lonely nights2
One of these mornings1
One of these nights1
One of these things1
One of these things first3
One of these years1
One of those1
One of those days5
One of those dreams that fell1
One of those moments1
One of those songs2
One of three3
One of two2
One of two places1
One of us8
One of us is over 401
One of us is wrong1
One of us was wrong3
One of you and me1
One of your four faces1
One of your lips1
One of your smiles1
One of your tales1
One off1
One off or two2
One old one1
One old soul1
One on one12
One on one off1
One on the house5
One once3
One one1
One one one1
One Onine station west1
One or more3
one or the nine1
One or twice1
One or two1
One or two Ive finished1
One order of blues1
One Oscar for Pettiford1
One other1
One out1
One out front1
One out of nine1
One out of six1
One out of two1
One over1
One over one1
One over the eight2
One page samba1
One page waltz1
One pair of pants at a time1
One part invention1
One passion1
One peace2
One peaceful moment1
One people3
One per M31
One percent1
One perfect moment1
One phone call9
One phone call street scenes1
One phone callstreet scenes1
One piece3
One plate2
One plus blues1
One plus one1
One plus three1
One plus two blues1
One poem one painting1
One point1
One point five1
One point focus1
One point four five1
One point three full breaths1
One potato two potato1
One pound of iron1
One prayer1
One precious day1
One prime1
One punch and out1
One purpose1
One question2
One question at a time1
One quiet night1
One raindrop doesnt make a shower1
One rainy afternoon1
One rainy day1
One rainy night in Tokyo1
One rainy wish4
One real man1
One reality1
One reason1
One reason to be2
One reason to get the blues1
One red bean1
One red candle1
One red rose1
One red rose forever1
One red thread1
One regret1
one remaining1
One remains1
One rhythm one melody1
One river side1
One rock dont make no boulder1
One romantic evening1
One room1
One room country shack5
One room flat1
One room in my mind1
One room in paradise1
One room paradise3
One room the blues and you1
One room too far away1
One root beer1
one rose17
one rose thats left in my heart1
One rupi one roti1
One sad Thursday1
One sahel night1
One samba note1
One score and 8 horns ago1
One score and four drummers ago1
One scotch one bourbon3
One scotch one bourbon one beer14
One second after death1
One second and a lifetime1
One second one minute1
One second please9
One second thought1
One second to decide1
One secret night1
One September day1
One shakey wakey1
One Sheridan Square1
One shining soul1
One shirt1
One shoe on1
One short forbidden look into paradise1
One short of four1
One short one1
One shot3
One shot deal1
One shot mentality1
One should let ones fingernails grow1
One shy of a dozen1
One side3
One side is with a pea the other pealess1
One side of a circle3
One side of me1
One side of my face is colder than the other1
One side of you4
One sided affair1
One sided love3
One sided love affair1
One silent moment1
One sin a while1
One single chord1
One single room1
One single slap1
One sister2
One sixteen C1
One size fits all3
One sky Tone poems for humanity1
One slice of an electric jar1
One small cup of water1
One small day1
One small voice1
one smiling1
One snap decision1
One sock blues1
One sock one shoe1
One soft night1
One softone hard1
One solitary life1
One solution1
One son of Tucson1
One song12

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