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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page N11 - new killer Joe to New song of the South

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Tune nameSessions
new killer Joe1
new killer Joe rap1
new kind2
new kind of blue1
new kind of blues1
new kind of country1
new kind of dance1
New kind of feelin1
new kind of love4
New kind of loving1
New kind of mambo2
new kind of man13
new kind of soup1
new kind of tired1
New kinda blues1
New kinda groove1
New kindness1
New King Porter stomp2
New kiss2
New klezmer band1
New lamento1
New land6
new land a new music1
New lands6
New landscapes1
new leader1
New leaf8
New leans1
New lease1
new left1
New legend1
New Lester leaps in1
New level1
new liberty march1
New life52
New life and other beginnings1
New life blues3
New life dance1
New life experience1
New life for lease1
New life is growing1
New life one way1
New life suite1
New light12
New light old window1
New line1
New line groove1
New linen1
New lines1
New little girl little girl1
New little light1
New lives1
new llama walk2
New Look11
new Lords prayer1
New Lou1
New Louise Louise blues1
New Louisville burglar1
New love19
new love is like a newborn child1
New love new wine1
New love song1
new love supreme1
new low1
New low down dirty shame1
New luggage2
New lullaby3
New lunacy1
New lute interlude1
New lute prelude1
New Mac city1
new majesty1
New mambo2
New man1
New man blues1
New man in town1
New man new place1
New marks1
New Mars1
New Mason Street1
New math1
New May1
New meaning1
New meaning of my life1
new message3
New metal1
New meteors and pulsars1
new metropolitan swing2
New Mexican hat dance1
New Mexico6
New Middle East1
New milk cow blues1
New millenium1
New millenium chaos1
New millennium1
New million dollar secret1
New mills new mills1
New mind lines1
New mind tinme1
New minority1
new moan1
New model1
New model army1
new Moisha1
New momentum1
New monastery3
New Monia1
New monsters1
New mood1
New Mood indigo1
New moon47
new moon and a new serenade1
new moon and an old serenade7
New moon espionage1
New moon in mind1
new moon is over my shoulder4
New moon madness2
New moon new day new prayer1
New moon on the desert1
New moon rising1
New moonshiner1
New morning18
New Morning ballad1
New morning blues2
New morning mambo1
New morning of the dream1
New mornings1
New Moten stomp4
New movement2
New movements2
New Mr Freddie blues1
New Muddy Water blues1
new multimedia circus1
New muse1
New muse blues1
New musette1
New music1
New music America festival1
New music pygmies1
New Musical Express4
New myth1
New nails1
New Nashville1
New nation1
New nation acoming1
new national anthem3
New native2
new neck1
new Negro oddity1
New neighborhood1
New neighbors1
New neighbour1
New new1
New new blues2
New new boogaloo1
New new grass Message from Albert1
New New Orleans2
New New York1
new Newcastle1
New Newk1
New news1
New nine2
new no name jive2
New no ness3
New noness1
new normal3
new note1
New nova1
new now1
New now know how2
New nuclear killer1
new number 21
New O3
New objects1
New occasion1
New Oh Red1
New Ohr Linz is in town1
New okie dookie stomp1
New old1
New old age3
New old ballad1
New old blues1
New old hat1
New old world1
New Oleans4
New Oleans wiggle1
New Olreans hop scop blues1
New on the scene1
new one17
New one step1
new one two3
New oowee baby blues1
New openings1
New operating system1
New orbit1
new organization1
New ori1
New Orleanian love song1
New Orleans466
New Orleans 19511
New Orleans 19751
New Orleans and a rusty old horn2
New Orleans barrelhouse1
New Orleans beat1
New Orleans blues44
New Orleans boogie3
New Orleans bounce1
New Orleans brass band blues1
New Orleans breakdown2
New Orleans bump10
New Orleans butterfly1
New Orleans by dawn1
New Orleans cakewalk1
New Orleans calypso2
New Orleans celebration1
New Orleans ceremony3
New Orleans cha cha1
New Orleans characters1
New Orleans cities and desire1
New Orleans compilation1
New Orleans connection1
New Orleans dance hall band1
New Orleans drag1
New Orleans dream1
New Orleans drum1
New Orleans drums1
New Orleans epilogue1
New Orleans fantasy1
New Orleans farewell1
New Orleans feels like home2
New Orleans food no doubt the finest food1
New Orleans for the stomach New Orleans for the heart1
New Orleans function76
New Orleans funeral4
New Orleans funeral march1
New Orleans goofer dust blues1
New Orleans groove1
New Orleans gumbo1
New Orleans hop1
New Orleans hop scop blues46
New Orleans hop stop blues1
New Orleans hula29
New Orleans Ill be there1
New Orleans is the one I love1
New Orleans joy1
New Orleans joys51
New Orleans jumbogumbo1
New Orleans jump1
New Orleans knows1
New Orleans legends1
New Orleans Louisiana2
New Orleans lover man1
New Orleans lowdown1
New Orleans lullaby1
New Orleans mambo5
New Orleans masquerade12
New Orleans medley5
New Orleans memories2
New Orleans mojo blues1
New Orleans New Orleans3
New Orleans nightfall1
New Orleans nightmare2
New Orleans no 11
New Orleans overture2
New Orleans Papa blues1
New Orleans parade13
New Orleans post parade2
New Orleans procession1
New Orleans punch1
New Orleans rag3
New Orleans reminiscences2
New Orleans revival1
New Orleans rhythm & blues medley1
New Orleans rising1
New Orleans salute1
New Orleans second line1
New Orleans second line 881
New Orleans shags1
New Orleans shimmy1
New Orleans shout9
New Orleans shuffle51
New Orleans stomp156
New Orleans street beat2
New Orleans street dance1
New Orleans street march1
New Orleans strut7
New Orleans style1
New Orleans Suite5
New Orleans Sunday1
New Orleans sunshine2
New Orleans The National Culture Park USA 17181
New Orleans Tunes1
New Orleans twist3
New Orleans two groove1
New Orleans under water1
New Orleans voice6
New Orleans way1
New Orleans wiggle33
New Orleans wiggles1
New Orleans wobble1
New Orleans woman2
New Orleans workshop blues1
New Orleans Worlds Fair rag1
New Orleans yard sale1
New Orleans yea yea breakdown1
New Orlenas hop scop blues1
New orootie1
New orphans1
New outer hoof1
New outline1
New outlook2
New page2
new pair of shoes2
New pajamas1
New pants1
New paper1
New parasomnia1
New parchman1
New passage1
New passages1
new path1
new path to a waterfall1
new path to the waterfall1
New peace4
New peace old peace1
New pedal tune1
new people1
New perc trio1
New perspective5
New perspectives1
new pet1
New Pharoah1
New Philly dog1
new piano roll blues1
New picture5
New piece7
New pillars in the field of art1
New Pinnochio1
New place3
New place old place1
New places2
New places new faces2
New planet2
New plans1
New playground1
New please Mr Johnson1
New point of view2
New points1
new pollution1
New Pompei1
New pop1
New porch blues2
New port1
new portal1
New possibilities2
New potatoes1
New prayer2
New prayer for Jimbo III1
New prelude in D major1
new promise1
New promised land1
New prospective1
New pulse1
New pulse 11
New pulse 111
New quay news1
New quiet1
New rag10
new rag suite3
New rage1
New rags4
New rain2
New rap1
New recruit1
new redskin rhumba1
New reference2
new reflection1
new regalia1
new regime1
New rejoice1
New religion1
New research1
new resistance unveiled1
New resolution2
New resolutions2
New resurrection2
New revolution1
New Rhodes1
New rhumba23
New rhythm1
New rhythms1
New ridin1
New righteous blues1
New rituals2
New river blue1
New river new water1
new river train1
new road2
New roads1
New Rochelle3
New rock & roll1
New romance from Valse1
New romantic expectation1
New room5
New roots2
New rotative methods1
new round of rounds1
New routine1
New roz1
New rubbing on the darned old thing1
New rugs1
New rules1
New rumba2
new russian rag1
New sad1
New sadness1
new SadoMasochism tango1
New Saigon phunk1
New saint1
New SaintJames infirmary1
new saints1
New Salesburg1
New salty dog1
New samba9
new samba for Margo1
New San Antonio Rose1
New sanctuary movement1
New Sarabande1
New satellite blues1
New Saturday jump1
New Saturn1
New saw your face1
New scapa flow1
new scene2
New school1
New school days1
New schooled1
New scientists2
new Scotch tune1
New Sculptures1
New second line13
New second line 891
New secret1
New secrets1
new seers1
new sensation3
New senses1
new set of wings1
new shade of blue7
new shade of blues5
New shades of Babalu1
New shake coming1
New shave em dry1
New sheets1
new shift2
New shiftatelle1
new shim sham shimmy2
New shnu review1
New shoes15
New shoes blues4
New shoots1
New shores2
New short song1
New show at the jewel1
New Siam1
New sidewalks of New York1
New sights old sounds1
New sign1
New signal1
New signs1
New silver1
new simple polska or song of tribute to the beginners mind1
New skies1
New skin1
New sky1
New sky blue1
New slang1
New slash blues1
New slow dance1
New smeseno1
New smiles1
New smoke house blues1
New snobben1
New snow1
New sobbin blues1
New socks2
New soft shoe2
New sol blues1
New solea1
new something1
New song36
New song 31
New song 71
new song and dance1
New song for an old friend1
New song no 31
New song of experience1
New song of India1
new song of many faces for in these times1
New song of the South1

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