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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page M70 - My path to My sweetie went away she didnt say where when or why

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Tune nameSessions
My path1
My path with the elephant1
My patience1
My patience keeps running out1
My patio1
My Patricia1
My peace1
My pearl2
My pearl just left1
My pen is hot1
My pencil wont write no more1
My people7
My perfect man1
My perfect thrill1
My personal cupid1
My personal friend1
My personal property4
My pet40
My pet brunette1
My pet rat1
My philosophy1
My phone number1
My piano2
My piano and me1
My piano rolling1
My Picasso1
My piccolo1
My Pickwick1
My pictures1
My piece of the city1
My pigeons gone1
My piggy bank is jingaling again1
My pillow1
My pillow and me5
My pillow stays wet1
My place3
My place in space1
My place in the sun1
My plan1
My platelets are low1
My platform of swing1
My playful babys gone1
My playhouse1
My plea2
My pleasure3
My poem1
My poetry1
My poinciana1
My point is1
My point of view1
My point of you1
My Polish heart1
My pony1
My pony boy2
My poor hands1
My poor heart2
My poor Nellie Gray1
My poor old heart1
My pop gave me a nickel1
My postwar plans begin with you1
My pragmatism1
My prayer45
My prayer 21
My prayer for you1
My prayers answer1
My prelude1
My premiere at the cinema2
My present for your ballad1
My present song1
My pretty baby1
My pretty daughters1
My pretty girl32
My pretty one1
My pretty quadroon2
My prince1
My prince in a fairytale1
My princess1
My private collection1
My private melody2
My private war1
My prodigal1
My prolix verses fade1
My promise1
My promise for you1
My psychotic valentine1
My pullman porter man1
My pure joy1
My pussin3
My queen is Ada Eastman1
My queen is Albertina Sisulu1
My queen is Angela Davis1
My queen is Anna Julia Cooper1
My queen is Doreen Lawrence1
My queen is Harriet Tubman1
My queen is home to stay4
My queen is Mamie Phipps Clark1
My queen is nanny of the Maroons1
My queen is Yaa Asantewaa1
My queen of heart1
My quest1
My quest for peace1
My rag1
My ragtime baby2
My rain2
My rainbow race1
My ranch5
My Rapp1
My real fine man1
My real life1
My real self1
My reality1
My reality is real1
My reason1
My reasons for living1
My red hat1
My red letter day1
My red piano1
My red rose1
My Redeemer lives1
My reflection1
My reflection in your eyes3
my reflections1
My refrain1
My refuge1
My regard1
My regular gal6
My regular girl2
My regular woman1
My remembered muse2
My reminiscence2
My resistance is low18
My resolution1
My response1
My revelry1
My reverie93
My reverie in melody1
My revised head1
My revolution1
My reward6
My rhapsody1
My rhapsody is you1
My rhythm2
My rhythm is here1
My right foot1
My right foot on the other hand1
My right hand man1
My right man1
My righteous man1
My Rio1
My rival1
My river2
My river came forth in a flood 11
My river came forth in a flood 21
My river home3
My river runs to you1
My road1
My Robin1
My rock2
My rock and my foundation1
My romance865
My roof is on fire1
My room3
My roots2
My Rosa1
My rosary of broken dreams1
My rose1
My Rose Marie2
My Rosetta1
My Rosita1
My rough and ready man1
My rubber soul1
My run around baby1
My Russia1
My sad song1
My safest place1
My Sahara rose2
My salmon croquette1
My Salsa ship1
My San Francisco1
My sanctuary1
My Saviour1
My saviour will always be there1
My Scandinavian baby2
My Scandinavian dance2
My Scandinavian gal1
My Scaramouche1
My scenery3
My scorpio lady1
My Scottish heart1
My scribe1
My se zname1
My search1
My search is over2
My season1
My second apple pie1
My second best woman1
My second childhood2
My second hand rose2
My second home2
My secret4
My secret desire2
My secret flame1
My secret hideaway1
My secret hobby1
My secret life1
My secret love35
My secret love affair2
My secret lullaby1
My secret passion2
My secret place1
My secret wish1
My secret world2
My self portrait1
My selfish blues1
My senorita1
My sensory emotions1
My sentiment2
My sentimental exactly1
My sentimental heart1
My sentimental time1
My sentiments1
My sentiments exactly5
My September song1
My septic tank1
My sequence1
My serenade19
My sertao1
My shadow1
My shadow is a cloud1
My shadow my echo and me1
My shadows2
My share1
My shattered heart1
My shawl5
My shell1
My shelter in the rain1
My shepherd will supply my need1
My Sherry1
My shining hour370
My shiny hour1
My ship335
My ship has sailed1
My ship is coming in1
My Shirley Jean1
My shoes are miles too big1
My shoes is wrong1
My shoes keep walking1
My shout1
My shuffle1
My shy I1
My shy silver1
My side of the story1
My sighs in shockings1
My silent heart1
My silent love84
My silent mood4
My silent prayer2
My silhouette in blue1
My sill1
My silver dollar mama1
My silver tree1
My simple song1
My simple story1
My sin33
My sin is you1
My sin was lovin you5
My sin was loving you1
My singing fingers1
My Siobhan1
My sister1
My sister and I12
My sister Anna1
My sister Sadie1
My sisters a little bit crazy1
My sisters garden1
My sisters my brothers and all you others1
My sistr1
My sketchy Spanish1
My skin1
My skin is a glove1
My skin is my sin1
My sky1
My sky blue1
My slavic soul1
My sleep1
My sleepy baby1
My sleepy head3
My slice of paradise2
My slow and easy man1
My small one1
My small senor1
My small senor with the sonriente eyes1
My small town gal1
My smiling star1
My smooth corner1
My snow sambinha2
My snowman1
My so called friend1
My socks1
My Sofia1
My soldier2
My soliloquy1
My solitude1
My solo1
My sombrero1
My son8
My son from New York1
My son John1
My son Johnny and me1
My son my son2
My son Ra4
My son shines1
My son the hurricane1
My son the minstrel1
My son the wanderer1
My song59
My song for Donna1
My song for Maj1
My song for you4
My song goes wrong1
My song in the night1
My song is a weapon1
My song is blue1
My song is you2
My song of Brazil1
My song of hope3
My song of jazz1
My song of love2
My song of something1
My song of songs to you1
My song of spring1
My song of the Nile4
My song of you1
My song too1
My songbird1
My songs hold me1
My songs remain in darkness hidden1
My Sonny valentine1
My sonority sweetheart1
My sons2
My sons jungle song1
My soroity sweetheart1
My sorority sweetheart1
My soul7
My soul awaits1
My soul cries out2
My soul doth magnify the lord1
My soul fell down1
My soul is free1
My soul is happy1
My soul is my computer1
My soul lies deep1
My soul loves Jesus1
My soul my sol1
My soul my spirit1
My soul needs resting1
My soul now bless thy maker1
My soul shall weep in secret places1
My soul soars enchanted1
My soul swoons softly1
My soul was in flight1
My soul years1
My souldance with you1
My souls been anchored in the Lord1
My souls love1
My souls on fire1
My sound2
My southern home5
My souvenir2
My space4
My Spanish car2
My Spanish cookies1
My Spanish disguise1
My Spanish dream1
My Spanish heart4
My Spanish key1
My Spanish love song1
My Spanish lover1
My Spanish way1
My special angel4
My special D1
My special dream4
My special friend is back in town3
My special inspiration1
My special K1
My special man is back in town1
My special moment in emotion1
My special prayer2
My special waltz1
My spirit2
My spiritual Indian1
My sportin man2
My springtime1
My spy1
My squaw1
My squealing angel1
My star4
My star spangled beauty1
My state my Kansas my home1
My statement1
My Stella1
My steps1
My steries eyes1
My Stockholm1
My story6
My story my story1
My stove1
My stoves in good condition1
My street4
My street corner1
my strength2
My stringbass1
My strongest weakness is you1
My stuff2
My stuffs on the street blues1
My success1
My suffering1
My sugar6
My sugar and me1
My sugar is so refined17
My sugar is sweet to me1
My sugar queen1
My suite1
My sum and substance1
My summer rose1
My summer vacation1
My summers gone1
My sumurun gal1
My sun3
My Sun Ra1
My Sunday best3
My Sunday gal2
My Sunday girl6
My sunflower maid1
My sunny Tennessee5
My sunshine7
My sunshine and my rainbow1
My super natural man1
My supply woman blues1
My suppressed desire13
My suspicious Mrs1
My Suzie1
My swan1
My swan song3
My sweat isahn1
My sweet9
My sweet baby2
My sweet Charlie1
My sweet darlin man1
My sweet Eleonore1
My sweet farm girl1
My sweet flameco1
My sweet gal2
My sweet harp1
My sweet home1
My sweet home Chicago1
My sweet Hortense1
My sweet hunk o trash1
My sweet hunk otrash2
My sweet Indiana home1
My sweet Josephine1
My sweet Lily1
My sweet Linda1
My sweet Lord15
My sweet Louise2
My sweet love from Air on the G string1
My sweet lovin man13
My sweet mama1
My sweet man1
My sweet man from Caroline1
My sweet memories1
My sweet my dear one1
My sweet old etcetera1
My sweet patoot with the bumbershoot2
My sweet potato pie1
My sweet pumpkin1
My sweet southern belle1
My sweet substitute1
My sweet sweet1
My sweet sweetiepie1
My sweet Swiss Bergerie1
My sweet teddy bear1
My sweet thing1
My sweet toot suite1
My sweet tooth2
My sweet tooth says1
My sweet tooth says I wanna10
My sweet tooth says I wanna but my wisdom tooth says no2
My sweet violin1
My sweet Virginia5
My sweeter than sweet5
My sweetest2
My sweetheart4
My sweetheart is beautiful1
My sweetheart is like a gypsy1
My sweetheart samba1
My sweetie pie1
My sweetie turned me down3
My sweetie went away54
My sweetie went away she didnt say where when or why1

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