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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page M66 - MW & GL to My cousin in Milwaukee

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Tune nameSessions
MW & GL1
MW 1045 bicubic1
MW 1087 revival1
Mwana talitambula1
Mwandishi outcome jam1
Mwanga rag1
Mwasa makossa1
Mwe Malad O1
Mwen two kontan1
Mwendo music1
Mx c2L1
My 20th love song1
My abstract heart1
My account1
My aching head1
My aching heart1
My action1
My address book1
My adobe hacienda2
My adobie hacienda1
My adorable D1
My affair1
My Africa1
My African harp1
My age of anxiety1
My ain folk3
My Alabamy home1
My alcoholic baby1
My Alice1
My all4
My Allison1
My alma mater1
My alter ego1
My amazing rat1
My amusing muse1
My ancestors1
My anchor1
My ancient worksong1
My and only love2
My angel12
My angel and agent1
My angel baby2
My angelic vision1
My Angelin1
My Angeline2
My angels eyes1
My angels smile1
My Anne1
My answered prayer1
My anthem1
My anxious heart1
My apache2
My apartment1
My ape & my monkey1
My aphrodisiac is you1
My apple pie guy1
My April heart1
My Aquarian1
My Arabian dream1
My arms arent strong enough1
My Asian land1
My Astorian queen1
My attorney Bernie16
My aunt T1
My AUNT the spy1
My aunts birthday party1
My autumn dream1
My autumn leaves1
My avocado forest1
My azure2
My B2
My B31
My babe44
My babe dont stand no cheating1
My babes a long way from here1
My baby44
My baby and me1
My baby blues1
My baby by my side1
My baby came home1
My baby came home to visit1
My baby cares for me2
My baby comes first with me1
My baby comes to me1
My baby cries1
My baby didnt even say goodbye3
My baby doesnt care for me1
My baby doesnt squawk1
My baby done left me4
My baby done tol me1
My baby done told me1
My baby dont care for me1
My baby dont dig me1
My baby dont leave me1
My baby dont love me no more2
My baby dont stand no cheating1
My baby dont tolerate1
My baby girl2
My baby gone and she wont be back no more1
My baby has gone to the schouwburg2
My baby is a real thing1
My baby is back2
My baby is blue2
My baby is gone2
My baby is much too fat1
My baby is now on my mind1
My baby isnt here1
My baby just cares5
My baby just cares for me183
My baby just cares for you1
My baby keeps rollin1
My baby kinda sweet1
My baby knows how20
My baby left brain1
My baby left me12
My baby left me on a Monday1
My baby like to be bop1
My baby likes to bebop4
My baby likes to rebop1
My baby likes to rock1
My baby loves me8
My baby loves me so1
My baby loves me so supreme1
My baby loves me true1
My baby loves to bebop1
My baby loves to cha cha1
My baby loves to chacha1
My baby missed the train1
My baby ne pense qua moi1
My baby please1
My baby rocks me2
My baby said shed marry me1
My baby said yes11
My baby shot me down2
My baby sings the blues1
My baby sure knows how to love1
My baby told me her name was Mary1
My baby told me that she loves me1
My baby upsets me3
My baby wont takadimi2
My babys a lush1
My babys arms6
My babys back2
My babys barrelhouse1
My babys Beryls blues1
My babys blue eyes1
My babys blues2
My babys boogie1
My babys business1
My babys comin back1
My babys coming back1
My babys coming home2
My babys cool1
My babys done me wrong1
My babys giving me the brush1
My babys gone14
My babys got soul1
My babys hot1
My babys left me2
My babys lovin arms1
My babys on my mind1
My babys quit me3
My babys rag1
My babys ways1
My babys wild about my old trombone3
My back pages8
My back to the wall1
My backyard3
My bad monster1
My Baiao1
My Balkan lady1
My ballad4
My balls your chin1
My bambino1
My band1
My band philosophy1
My Barcelona3
My Barney lies over the ocean1
My Barry Lindon1
My bashful Nashville gal from Tennesse1
My bayou home1
My BB1
My beard only grows red1
My beat1
My beating heart1
My Beatrice2
My beau1
My beautiful3
My beautiful Balkan lady1
My beautiful companion1
My beautiful enemies1
My beautiful flower is pink1
My beautiful garden1
My beautiful lady2
My beautiful Margaret1
My beautiful tiger girl1
My beauty1
My bebop daddy1
My bebop tune4
My bed on fire1
My beginning1
My beginning with you1
My Belgian rose1
My bell1
My belle2
My belle Marguertie1
My bells31
My belongings1
My beloved7
My beloved is rugged8
My beloved witch1
My best beau1
My best brother1
My best friend4
My best friend stole my man and gone1
My best friends girlfriend1
My best friends wife1
My best gal2
My best girl11
My best one for Margie1
My best prayer1
My best stuff1
My best to you2
My best wishes7
My better half2
My better self1
My bewildered heart1
My bicycle Tillie1
My big apple1
My big brass bad is gone1
My big brass bed is gone1
My big habit1
My big jazz band1
My big mistake1
My big mouth shut1
My big room1
My big thrill1
My big vacation1
My big why1
My biggest cry1
My biggest fear1
My Bill5
My bird of paradise2
My birds2
My birthplace1
My bittersweet1
My bittersweet heart1
My black brother2
My black dog1
My black flower1
My black swan1
My blackbirds are blue now1
My blackbirds are bluebirds now27
My blind dog1
My blissful mother1
My blonde1
My blood1
My blood is boiling1
My blue Alice1
My blue and gold girlSigma chi dream girl1
My blue apples1
My blue bird canario1
My blue birds singing the blues1
My blue bossa1
My blue days blew over1
My blue heaven532
My blue heavenDinah1
My blue hotel1
My blue jacket2
My blue ridge moutain home1
My blue rose1
My blue scarf1
My blue shadow1
My blue sky1
My blue tears1
My blue walk1
My bluebird3
My bluebird was caught in the rain4
My bluebirds back again3
My bluebirds singing the blues4
My blueeyed girl1
My blueeyed Jane1
My blues26
My blues away1
My blues for you1
My blues house3
My blues is funky1
My blues is in the bottle1
My blues is like whiskey1
My blues is your blues1
My blues runneth over1
My bluesy boogie woogie wuesly1
My bluesy heart1
My blum1
My boats in Bayfield1
My body1
My body belongs to God1
My body is my temple1
My bodyguard1
My bodys a temple1
My Bohemian legacy1
My bolero3
My bones1
My bongo1
My Bonnie16
My Bonnie 21
My Bonnie flies over the ocean1
My Bonnie is over the ocean9
My bonnie lassie1
My Bonnie lies over the ocean24
My Bonnie rocks2
My Bonny2
My bonny boy1
My boo1
My boogie1
My bossa1
My bottle is my companion1
My boulevard1
My bowlegged woman1
My boy2
My boy friend1
My boy lollipop2
My boy lollypop1
My boy Nat1
My boy Willie1
My boyfriend1
My boys1
My Brahms1
My brain2
My brain has a mind of its own1
My brand new papa1
My brand of honey1
My brand of lovin1
My brandnew papa1
My Brazil2
My break tune1
My brew heaven1
My brief career as countess1
My British buddy1
My broad sword1
My broadsward1
My broken heart1
My Brooklyn boogie1
My Brooklyn love song1
My brotha1
My brotha myself1
My brother6
My brother Bernie1
My brother Bill1
My brother Don1
My brother is the leader of the band1
My brother makes the noises for the talkies1
My brother Richard1
My brother the great1
My brother the sun1
My brother the wind1
My brother your brother1
My brother your sister1
My brothers1
My brothers and sisters keeper1
My brothers hows1
My brothers keeper2
My brothers name1
My brothers the wind and sun 91
My brown frame baby1
My bucket got a hole in it2
My buckets got a hold in it1
My Buckets got a hole in1
My buckets got a hole in it84
My bucket’s got a hole in it1
My budding rose1
My buddy187
My buddy Doctor Clayton1
My buddy done stole my chippy1
My buddy run rabbits1
My buffalo girl1
My Bulgarian soul1
My bundle of love3
My burnin Valentine1
My business1
My business aint right1
My business is COD1
My but Im a fool1
My butterfly1
My bye1
My cabin of dreams10
My Cairo love1
My call1
My call this1
My Canadian man1
My canary has cicles under his eyes1
My canary has circles under his eyes16
My candlelight1
My caravan1
My care1
My cares are down below1
My cares are down belowThe pigeon and the pie1
My Carmelita1
My Carmenita1
My Carolina hideaway1
My Carolina sunshine girl1
My castle1
My castle in Spain4
My castle in Spain is a shack in the lane6
My castle in the clouds1
My castle of love1
My castle of nevercanbe1
My castle on the Nile3
My castles rockin5
My cat2
My cat Arnold1
My cat Arnold is dead1
My cat fell in the well2
My cat just died1
My cats are gone1
My Celtic heart1
My centennial4
My changes1
My charleston1
My Charleston dancing man1
My chemical life1
My cheri amour2
My cherie amor1
My cherie amour62
My Cherokee maiden1
My cherry blossom2
My Chicago1
My chickadee1
My chicken man1
My child1
My child at play1
My childhood years1
My children1
My children are the reason why I need to own my publishing1
My childrens lullaby1
My childrens song1
My chile12
My Chili bon bon1
My choclate soldier Sammy Boy1
My Christina1
My Christmas dream2
My Christmas list1
My Christmas song for you2
My church1
My ciociarian tango1
My circle1
My circular jail1
My city3
My clinch mountain blues1
My close friend1
My clowns on fire1
My cocktailbar1
My cocoon tightens colors tease1
My coloring book8
My companion1
My complaint baby1
My compliments to the chef1
My conception11
My conception prelude1
My concerto3
My confectionary baby2
My confession1
My confession Ode to Doris Day1
My consideration1
My constant thought1
My convertible Cadillac5
My coocoo bird1
My cookie and me1
My coqui1
My corduroy doll1
My Corean heart1
My corner of the sky2
My country7
My country cowgirl1
My country girl1
My country man1
My country tis of thee3
My country used to be2
My country vieux carre1
My cousin from Milwaukee1
My cousin in Milaukee1
My cousin in Milwaukee1

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