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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page M63 - Murrays melody in F to Music in the evening No 2

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Tune nameSessions
Murrays melody in F1
Murrays steps3
Murrietas farewell1
Murrina Latina1
Murring in Bann1
Murrow says Good Night1
Murrow speech1
Mus be LSD2
Mus i hus1
Mus mus ballad1
Mus mus mis mis1
Musa and Maimoun1
Musa inexperta1
Musa physics1
Musadus plontaris1
Musas vision1
Musashis song1
Muscat bleu1
Muscat rumble1
Muscatel tale1
Muschel von margate1
Muscle beach1
Muscle man1
Muscle memory hoedown1
Muscle shoals blues17
Muscle Shoals nitty gritty1
Muscle shoals rag1
Muscle soul1
Muscle tone1
Muscles to mousetraps1
Muscular coordination1
Muse blues2
Muse miste3
Muse of Montgomery1
muse of tragedy1
Muse rapture1
muse sings1
Muse speak1
Muse the blues1
Muse to Monk1
Musee dOrsay1
Muselmanns spuren1
Musen & elefanten1
Musens sang3
Museo napoleonico1
Museric waltz1
muses call1
Muses for Richard Davis2
Musettas entrance1
Musettas waltz3
Musette 21
Musette en Re1
Musette en rondeau2
Musette en sol1
Musette for a magpie6
Musette for Mary1
Musette for Nanette1
Musette guitare1
Musette harp1
Musette in A minor1
Musette in D1
Musette in D major1
Musette in the afternoon1
Musette Livio1
Musette mandolin1
Musette nostalgie1
Musette nostalgique1
Musette pour Elisabeth1
Musette tenor ukelele1
Musette ukelele 1 & 21
Musette waltz1
Museum hill1
Museum of commerce and war1
museum of human achievement1
Museum of light1
Museum of stones1
Museum of time1
Museum piece7
Museum pieces1
Museum song1
Musgo vivo1
Mush head3
Mush melon1
Mush mouth5
Mush room1
Mushacho azul1
Mushi creole blues1
Mushi miyake1
Mushi Miyaki1
Mushi mushi13
Mushmouth blues2
Mushmouth shuffle3
Mushpatience at Bamboo Forest1
Mushroom alley1
Mushroom captain1
Mushroom city1
Mushroom dance1
Mushroom music1
Mushroom rain1
Mushroom therapy1
Mushrooms and umbrellas1
Mushs blues3
Mushu blues1
Mushu creole blues2
Mushy love1
Mushy tushy1
Musi musi musi1
Musi slapat1
Music 12
Music 1051
Music 21
Music 31
Music 41
Music 4 & 71
Music 4 + 71
Music 4 41
Music 4 food2
Music 4 MR1
Music 551
Music after dinner1
Music after stories from the Thousand and one nights1
Music After the rain1
Music AllIn tune1
Music always2
Music always brings goodness1
Music always music1
Music and art JD1
Music and life1
Music and me1
Music and moonlight3
Music and politics1
Music and society1
Music at midnight2
Music at sunrise1
Music at the speed of breath1
Music before dawn1
Music before time1
music begins1
Music behind bars1
music box25
Music box bell curves1
Music box blues2
Music box dancer1
Music box of Mr Arnold1
Music box on an African atoll1
Music box rag7
Music box song1
music box suite2
Music box tango1
Music box valse1
Music boxing1
Music break3
Music brings me closer1
Music brings you back1
music business blues1
Music by1
Music by the angels1
Music by the moon1
Music by which to wrestle1
Music calls me1
Music came2
Music card1
Music cares1
Music center commission1
Music chief1
Music city2
Music come music go1
Music comes1
Music conquer power1
Music Dance Drama1
Music des einsamen1
Music DNA1
Music each in us1
music ensemble1
Music everyday1
Music evoluation1
Music evolution3
Music exists because we love it1
Music fantasy1
Music fever1
Music for1
Music for 18 musicians1
Music for 2 springs1
Music for 3 soloists and band1
Music for 3 springs1
Music for 4 soloists and band1
Music for 4 soloists and band no 11
Music for 4 soloists and band no 21
Music for a carnival1
Music for a chase1
Music for a dancing mind1
Music for a family picnic1
Music for a festival1
Music for a film1
Music for a flowered pig1
Music for a found harmonium1
Music for a free world1
Music for a ghost story1
Music for a happy morning1
Music for a noisy planet1
Music for a northern mining town1
Music for a performance 11
Music for a performance 21
Music for a quintet1
Music for a railroad journey1
Music for a river1
Music for a story1
Music for a stripteaser1
Music for a victory1
Music for a while11
Music for accordion with slow sweep pure wave oscillators1
Music for all1
Music for alto saxophone and strings1
Music for an imaginary play1
Music for an imagined film1
Music for an unmade movie1
Music for an unwritten play3
Music for Angela Davis1
Music for anglo saxes1
Music for Architekteninnungstagung Zu zweit gehts ja noch aber zu viert ist es uneratraglich1
Music for bass clarinet1
Music for Bergsteiger Auf der Alm da gibts kan Synth1
Music for Big Band and Symphony Orchestra1
Music for Bill Mercers reading of Robert Scheers A night in Santa Rita1
Music for birthday Happy birthday from Saxofour1
Music for bowed diaphragms2
Music for brass quintet1
Music for camping1
Music for cello & piano1
Music for cello and saxophone1
Music for chicken1
Music for children1
Music for clarinet and piano1
Music for clarinet with special effect1
Music for clocks1
Music for Cole Porter1
Music for concrete poetry1
Music for confused travelers1
Music for contemporary kagura 11
Music for contemporary kagura 21
Music for creetal topes1
Music for dancing1
Music for dancing cranes1
Music for David Mossman I1
Music for David Mossman II1
Music for David Mossman III1
Music for David Mossman IV1
Music for dixie1
Music for double bass piano and tape1
Music for drowning your troubles1
Music for drums and saxophone1
Music for eight bamboo flutes1
Music for electric violin and lowbudget orchestra1
Music for elevators1
Music for empty halls1
Music for every spilled tears1
Music for eyes1
Music for feathery fronds1
Music for five pianos1
Music for flute percussion and small ensemble1
Music for forgotten lovers1
Music for girl watchers1
Music for going east1
Music for Han Bennink1
Music for Han Bennink I1
Music for Hens1
Music for Hochzeit Hochzeitswalzer1
Music for honeybee dancing1
Music for idiots1
Music for ignorance1
Music for Jazz Orchestra Three sketches1
Music for John Tchicai1
Music for Jule1
Music for K2
Music for Klapazius1
Music for Klaus Koch2
Music for leaving1
Music for light carryin on1
Music for little people1
Music for lovers4
Music for lungs1
Music for M1
Music for making love2
Music for Mani II1
Music for Mani IV1
Music for Marisa Schneider1
Music for Misty1
Music for Mitzi2
Music for Mitzy1
Music for Mizzi1
Music for moderns1
Music for Mr Anthony Braxton1
Music for music lovers1
Music for my friends1
Music for my kids1
Music for my trio part 11
Music for my trio part II1
Music for Nationales Die Hundesbymne Hymne aber locker1
Music for night children1
Music for night people1
Music for Nita and Bert1
Music for nobody1
Music for one cat1
Music for Pablo 11
Music for Pablo 21
Music for Pablo II1
Music for piano and band1
Music for piano and band no 22
Music for pianos percussion & harp1
Music for pieces of wood1
Music for president1
Music for prose1
Music for Richy Keep on saxy1
Music for S1
Music for Samantha 51
Music for Sarah1
Music for sax with special effect1
Music for Scheidung Schiedungsleid1
Music for secretaries1
Music for shattering supermarkets1
Music for sky dancers1
Music for small theater1
Music for standalone player1
Music for strings percussion and electronics1
Music for summer nights1
Music for swinging dancers1
Music for Tepidarium Schweibtropfen im Wellnessklang1
Music for the art emporium1
Music for the bows1
Music for the Buddha1
Music for the four in one1
Music for the gift1
Music for The Golem1
Music for the living2
Music for the love of it3
Music for the play Eve Walks1
Music for the royal fireworks1
Music for the sun king1
Music for the very early morning1
Music for thinkers1
Music for three guitars1
Music for three pianos1
Music for three rivers1
Music for three springs1
Music for threepieceorchestra1
Music for tired listeners1
Music for Todo Modo1
Music for trio1
Music for Trio for five dancers June 19531
Music for Trio for five dancers June 1953 for piano flute and violincello1
Music for trombone and Bb soprano2
Music for Tsunta1
Music for two1
Music for two brothers1
Music for two pianos part 11
Music for two pianos part 101
Music for two pianos part 111
Music for two pianos part 121
Music for two pianos part 131
Music for two pianos part 141
Music for two pianos part 151
Music for two pianos part 161
Music for two pianos part 171
Music for two pianos part 21
Music for two pianos part 31
Music for two pianos part 41
Music for two pianos part 51
Music for two pianos part 61
Music for two pianos part 71
Music for two pianos part 81
Music for two pianos part 91
Music for two players1
Music for unstable circuits1
Music for Valentines day1
Music for walking1
Music for Weiden and Kennedy6
Music for well being1
Music for Wien modern1
Music for wind and rain1
Music for Yetty1
Music for you1
Music for your neighborhood1
Music forever8
Music from across the sea1
Music from ColourDome 11
Music from ColourDome 21
Music from ColourDome 31
Music from ColourDome 41
Music from ColourDome 51
Music from ColourDome 61
Music from Crime in the streets1
Music from Hollywood1
Music from my home planet1
Music from Norad1
Music from Of mice and men1
Music from our soul1
Music from planet earth1
Music from the cave1
Music from the clubTotal fragment1
Music from the desert Desert flower1
Music from the Freddie Suite1
music from the house next door1
Music from the jilted1
Music from the land of dreams3
Music from the space1
Music from the universe1
Music from the world tomorrow1
Music gallery1
Music go round1
Music goes around and around1
Music goes down around1
music goes on1
music goes round3
music goes round and around51
Music goes round and round28
music grinder1
Music hall beat4
Music Hall blues2
Music hall rag3
Music Hall stomp1
Music hall tripping1
Music has charms1
Music has meaning1
Music hath charm medley1
Music hath charms5
Music heals all wounds1
Music history1
Music house3
Music I heard1
Music in a mirror1
Music in four movements for multiple guitars keyboards brass and percussion1
music in me2
music in me that plays1
Music in moussonturm1
Music in my dreams1
Music in my fingers2
music in my head1
Music in my heart1
Music in my life1
Music in my mind1
Music in my soul2
Music in New Orleans1
Music in rhythm1
Music in sand1
Music in the afternoon No 11
Music in the afternoon No 21
Music in the afternoon No 31
Music in the afternoon No 41
Music in the afternoon No 51
Music in the air10
Music in the box1
Music in the evening No 11
Music in the evening No 21

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