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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page M59 - Mr DC to Mr Moods touch

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Tune nameSessions
Mr DC7
Mr DD1
Mr Dean1
Mr Dean is waiting for the beep1
Mr Dee1
Mr Dee Tee1
Mr Dejohnette1
Mr Demargary1
Mr Dennis Houlihan1
Mr DePriest2
Mr Dialogue says1
Mr Diffenbach1
Mr Diggs1
Mr diminished1
Mr Dizzy1
Mr DJ2
Mr Djengly sad1
Mr Djingo1
Mr Dodo7
Mr Dollar2
Mr Dolphins gig1
Mr Dolphy2
Mr Dombeys boogie1
Mr Dominator1
Mr Donald Cerise1
Mr Dooley1
Mr Dorian1
Mr Dot1
Mr Double Bass1
Mr Doubles1
Mr Dough1
Mr Downtown1
Mr DP1
Mr DP introduces Dundun1
Mr DP introduces Mercato dei pazzi1
Mr dream merchant1
Mr Drum meets Mr Piano1
Mr Drummerman1
Mr Drums1
Mr Ds funky sweet1
Mr Ds new shoes1
Mr DT2
Mr Dudley1
Mr Dues1
Mr Dungeon1
Mr Dynamite2
Mr E2
Mr Ed2
Mr Edwards1
Mr Eggs1
Mr Ego1
Mr EJ1
Mr Elegants bow tie1
Mr Elevator1
Mr Eli2
Mr Ellington2
Mr Eloir1
Mr Elvin1
Mr English1
Mr Ep2
Mr Evans3
Mr Everything1
Mr Everywhere1
Mr Evil1
Mr Exhilaration1
Mr Exsteins xray ears1
Mr EZ1
Mr Ezov1
Mr F1
Mr Fabulous1
Mr Farnsworth1
Mr Fat Cat1
Mr Fats3
Mr Felder1
Mr Felgeyrolles1
Mr Fessiwig1
Mr Fezziwig1
Mr Fine3
Mr Fink1
Mr Five by Five30
Mr Fixit1
Mr FL1
Mr Flagerty1
Mr Flamingo2
Mr Flanagan blues1
Mr flat five1
Mr Flute1
Mr Fone Bone8
Mr Fonebone3
Mr Fool2
Mr Fortynine blues1
Mr Foster2
Mr Fournier1
Mr Fox1
Mr Frank Martin1
Mr Frankenstin blues1
Mr Freddie2
Mr Freddie blues30
Mr Freddie boogie1
Mr Freddies been here and gone to Mecca Flat1
Mr Freddies blues3
Mr Freddies boogie1
Mr Freddy1
Mr Freddys blues1
Mr Freddys rag1
Mr Free G1
Mr Freek1
Mr Freeman3
Mr Freeze1
Mr Frenches buff1
Mr Friendly1
Mr Frisbee1
Mr Fritters1
Mr Froggie1
Mr Fryt1
Mr Fubar1
Mr Fudge1
Mr Fun1
Mr Funk3
Mr Funky blues1
Mr furry little cute little Mr Bunny hopping along nicely1
Mr G6
Mr G meets the Blattman1
Mr G meets the Duke Ellington that is1
Mr GA1
Mr Gabe1
Mr Galaxie1
Mr Gallager and Mr Shean1
Mr Gallagher and Mr Shean2
Mr Gallagher and MrShean1
Mr Game A ridiculous plea1
Mr Game Beware Theyre going to cause problems1
Mr Game Just let the memories of them die1
Mr Game Shame is for losers1
Mr Game Somebodys got to rule1
Mr Game speaks I am a winner1
Mr Game Success is my middle name1
Mr Game Talk is a waste of time1
Mr Game The freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer1
Mr Game The mandates of our democracy1
Mr Game They deserved everything they got1
Mr Game They too want to be winners1
Mr Game We must strike first1
Mr Game Were number one1
Mr Game Who is we1
Mr Game Winners dont reflect we celebrate1
Mr Game You love these prizes because you live them1
Mr Game Your first prize1
Mr Game Your fourth prize1
Mr Game Your last prize1
Mr Game Your second prize1
Mr Game Your third prize1
Mr Game Your wildcard1
Mr Garlic1
Mr Gas Man1
Mr GB1
Mr Gee2
Mr Gene Showman1
Mr Gentle & Mr Cool1
Mr Gentle and Mr Cool21
Mr Gentleman2
Mr George11
Mr GH Senior2
Mr GH Sr1
Mr Ghost goes to town17
Mr Ghost takes the air1
Mr Giggles1
Mr Gilmore1
Mr Ginsberg1
Mr Glam1
Mr Glenn Roy1
Mr GlennRoy1
Mr GlimeGlide1
Mr Gloom1
Mr Go2
Mr Goatcabin1
Mr Goldo1
Mr Goldstone1
Mr Goldstone I love you2
Mr Golliwog1
Mr Gollywog1
Mr Golyadkin1
Mr Gone5
Mr Good blues1
Mr Good Time Man1
Mr Goodchord1
Mr Goodman4
Mr Goodtime1
Mr Goodwrench1
Mr Goodwrench Im not1
Mr Govindas1
Mr Grappelli3
Mr Gravedigger Junior1
Mr Green5
Mr Green Cabbage1
Mr Greencabbages second try1
Mr Grey1
Mr Groove1
Mr Grooverix2
Mr Gs stepping shoes1
Mr Gs wild ride1
Mr GT2
Mr guitar man1
Mr Gumbob1
Mr Gutterman1
Mr Hall3
Mr Hamilton1
Mr Hancock1
Mr Handy1
Mr Hanky n1
Mr Hans island1
Mr Hans J1
Mr Hap1
Mr Happiness1
Mr Happy1
Mr Harissa1
Mr Harlem1
Mr Harris5
Mr Hatch1
Mr Havlicek in NY1
Mr Haydn gets hep1
Mr Hedrock1
Mr Heines blues1
Mr Heisenberg1
Mr Helmet1
Mr Helpful1
Mr Hemo1
Mr Henderson2
Mr Herb1
Mr Higgins1
Mr Higgins Suh1
Mr HiHat2
Mr Hindemith1
Mr Hip1
Mr Hipster1
Mr Hirayama1
Mr HL1
Mr Hobbs theme1
Mr Hodges Mr Webster1
Mr Hollywood line1
Mr Honky Tonks back in town1
Mr Hooks beats the band1
Mr Hoopers find it in a minute book1
Mr Hope2
Mr Hornblow1
Mr HS1
Mr Hubbards shock installation1
Mr Huckerby1
Mr Hulot1
Mr Humble Opinion1
Mr Hunchback1
Mr Hurt2
Mr Hutcherson1
Mr Hybrid1
Mr Hyde6
Mr Ibrahim2
Mr Iconoclast1
Mr ID1
Mr Idrees1
Mr Imagination1
Mr Impossible1
Mr InBetween1
Mr Infinity1
Mr insurance man1
Mr Iosos walk1
Mr iron stone wood and I1
Mr Ironfinger1
Mr Ives2
Mr Ives meet Mr Davis1
Mr J5
Mr Jack3
Mr Jackal1
Mr Jackie and Mr Claude1
Mr Jackson1
Mr Jackson from Jacksonville4
Mr Jadis2
Mr James2
Mr Jay1
MR Jazz5
Mr Jazz himself3
Mr Jazz Man2
Mr JB4
Mr JB blues2
Mr JC8
Mr JC forever2
Mr JD2
Mr Jefferson1
Mr Jelly fingers1
Mr Jelly Lord104
Mr Jelly Lord Morton1
Mr Jelly Roll5
Mr Jelly Roll Baker2
Mr Jelly roll blues1
Mr Jelly roll soul1
Mr JellyLord1
Mr Jess2
Mr Jessie1
Mr Jessie blues1
Mr Jettson1
Mr JH2
Mr JI1
Mr Jiffy1
Mr Jim1
Mr Jimi1
Mr Jims reels1
Mr Jin7
Mr Jink1
Mr Jinx1
Mr Jinx stay away from me2
Mr JJ3
Mr JL1
Mr JM1
Mr Jo Jones3
Mr Jobhopper1
Mr Joe12
Mr John4
Mr John McNeil1
Mr Johnny Long Donn is dead1
Mr Johns1
Mr Johnson13
Mr Johnson dont get gay1
Mr Johnson jumps1
Mr Johnson swing1
Mr Johnson turn me loose2
Mr Johnsons blues2
Mr Johnsons blues no 21
Mr Johnsons guitar talks1
Mr Johnsons love song1
Mr Johnston1
Mr Jones10
Mr Jones to you1
Mr Jordan2
Mr Jorke1
Mr Joy9
Mr JR blues1
Mr JS1
Mr Js temptation1
Mr JT6
Mr Juice1
Mr Juice Head1
Mr Jump1
Mr Justice1
Mr JV de B1
Mr K4
Mr K K1
Mr Kaisers business1
Mr Kaz1
Mr KC2
Mr Keaton1
Mr Kelly1
Mr Kenny D1
Mr Kenton wont twist1
Mr Kenyatta20
Mr Kevin1
Mr Kicks9
Mr Kim1
Mr King1
Mr King & Mr Jordan1
Mr King Kong1
Mr Kirkland1
Mr KJ3
Mr KKs boogie1
Mr knife miss fork1
Mr Knight3
Mr Knoms hats Introspectaball1
Mr Knot1
Mr Knox1
Mr Krapps neurosis1
Mr Ks tune1
Mr KV1
Mr L2
Mr La3
Mr Lamp1
Mr Lampshade1
Mr Late1
Mr LB1
Mr le comte1
Mr Lecketts etiquette1
Mr Lee2
Mr Lees blues1
Mr Lees genes1
Mr Legottos defense1
Mr Lekish1
Mr Lenny blues1
Mr Lenoir1
Mr Leonhart Mr Gordon1
Mr Lepard1
Mr Lewis1
Mr Light1
Mr Limbs sad news1
Mr Lister2
Mr Littleroots green room1
Mr Lizard2
Mr Lizard said1
Mr Loco1
Mr logic1
Mr Lonely1
Mr Lonely Heart1
Mr Lonesome1
Mr Long Gones2
Mr Longfingers1
Mr Loops1
Mr Lott1
Mr Louie1
Mr Louis2
Mr Lovato1
Mr Love1
Mr Lovely1
Mr Lowe1
Mr Lowry and the shrill note1
Mr LP2
Mr Lucky80
Mr Lucky me1
Mr Lucky theme1
Mr Luis1
Mr Lullaby should have rocked you1
Mr Luna1
Mr M5
Mr M and Mr B1
Mr MA de R in A1
Mr Machado1
Mr Macho1
Mr Macs rag1
Mr Magic14
Mr Magica tribute1
Mr Magnolia1
Mr Magoo4
Mr Magu1
Mr Maj1
Mr Malochis1
Mr Man2
Mr man in the moon1
Mr Manga1
Mr Mani2
Mr Mann2
Mr Marc1
Mr Mario1
Mr Martin3
Mr Martino1
Mr Master1
Mr Max1
Mr May1
Mr Mayo1
Mr MB2
Mr Mc3
Mr McChic1
Mr McCoy1
Mr McFat puts on his socks1
Mr McFreeze1
Mr McGee1
Mr McGregor1
Mr McGuffin1
Mr McLean2
Mr McT1
Mr MD4
Mr Meadowlark1
Mr Meagles1
Mr Meaner1
Mr Media Man1
Mr Medister1
Mr Medium1
Mr Mellow1
Mr Melody1
Mr Melody Maker1
Mr Melody Man1
Mr Memory1
Mr Mercer1
Mr Michael1
Mr Mickel & Dime1
Mr midnight2
Mr Mike1
Mr Miko1
Mr Miles1
Mr Miller2
Mr Milo1
Mr Mingus1
Mr Minky1
Mr Minor2
Mr missile business man1
Mr Mister1
Mr Mitchesons rhythm method1
Mr Mitty1
Mr Miyake1
Mr Moe1
Mr Moffett1
Mr Molehill1
Mr Monday date1
Mr Moneymaker2
Mr Mongo1
Mr Monk2
Mr Monkey1
Mr Monster2
Mr Montgomery4
Mr Mood1
Mr Moods touch1

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