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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page M58 - Mpule to Mr Gone

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Tune nameSessions
Mqfh blues1
Mr & Mississippi1
Mr & Mrs2
Mr & Mrs America1
Mr & Mrs Cat1
Mr & Mrs Fitch5
Mr & Mrs Funk1
Mr & Mrs Mississippi1
Mr & Mrs People2
Mr & Mrs Sam Wells check into the hotel in Bombay1
Mr & Mrs Scrooples lament1
Mr & Mrs used to be1
Mr & Mrs Wuu1
Mr 0011
Mr 125 Street1
Mr 18%1
Mr 1801
Mr 20001
Mr 411
Mr 883
Mr A1
Mr A J Cool1
Mr AA2
Mr AB2
Mr AC1
Mr Ad1
Mr Adam1
Mr Al Foster1
Mr Albert Ayler1
Mr Alfred1
Mr Allard1
Mr Altmann1
Mr Amano1
Mr America1
Mr American1
Mr Amons builds his bridge1
Mr and Mrs Alcohol1
Mr and Mrs Bridge1
Mr and Mrs Clef take a vacation1
Mr and Mrs Discobolas1
Mr and Mrs Goodbye1
Mr and Mrs GOP1
Mr and Mrs Handkerchief1
Mr and Mrs Hubcap1
Mr and Mrs is the name1
Mr and Mrs Jonathan1
Mr and Mrs Mundane1
Mr and Mrs O1
Mr and Mrs People3
Mr and Mrs Smith1
Mr and Mrs USA1
Mr Anderson1
Mr Anonymous1
Mr Anonymouse1
Mr Anthony boogie1
Mr Anthonys blues5
Mr Anthonys boogie37
Mr Anthonys mambo3
Mr Anthonys raspa1
Mr Anthonys swing1
Mr Antolio Primo1
Mr Antons boogie1
Mr AR1
Mr Argo1
Mr Arnedo1
Mr Arrows1
Mr Astor1
Mr AT3
Mr AT revisited1
Mr Average Man1
Mr Awkward1
Mr Azul1
Mr B22
Mr B Bops1
Mr B was here1
Mr Babe1
Mr Baby1
Mr Baggy pants4
Mr Ballard1
Mr Banff1
Mr banjo man1
Mr Banker1
Mr Barbeque1
Mr Barenberg1
Mr Barista1
Mr Barn1
Mr Barrelhouse1
Mr Barron1
Mr Barrow1
Mr Bartleboom1
Mr Basie goes to Washington3
Mr Basil bewildered1
Mr Bates1
Mr BB3
Mr BC6
Mr Bear comes to town1
Mr Beard1
Mr Beasley1
Mr Beat comes to town1
Mr Beats boogie1
Mr Beautiful1
Mr Bebop1
Mr Bechet1
Mr Beethoven symphony no 91
Mr Bell boogie1
Mr Benn1
Mr Bennett1
Mr Bennett blows1
Mr Benson1
Mr Berk1
Mr Bertrami1
Mr Berwell2
Mr Better1
Mr BG6
Mr Big2
Mr Big and Mr Modern1
Mr Big Band1
Mr Big falls his JG hand2
Mr Big Head1
Mr Big Horn1
Mr Big Stuff2
Mr Big Time1
Mr Big Wheel1
Mr Biko2
Mr Bill3
Mr Bill and Doctor Ray1
Mr Bill Evans1
Mr Bill goes to Brazil1
Mr Billion1
Mr Billous groove2
Mr Bim2
Mr Biollionaire1
Mr Birdman1
Mr BJ2
Mr Black man5
Mr Blackwell1
Mr Blakey2
Mr Bley1
Mr Blue8
Mr Blue Genes1
Mr Blue Note1
Mr Bluebird1
Mr Blues7
Mr Blues child2
Mr Blues found a home with me1
Mr Blues is coming to town1
Mr Blues jumped a rabbit1
Mr Blues walks1
Mr Blueshead1
Mr BlueTooth1
Mr Blum1
Mr BM1
Mr Bob1
Mr BoBister1
Mr Bobs and Lori Ann1
Mr Bockius1
Mr Body & Soul1
Mr Body and soul1
Mr Bogs1
Mr Bojangles49
Mr Bond2
Mr Bone1
Mr Bones1
Mr Bongo2
MR boogie1
Mr Boogie man1
Mr Bort1
Mr Bow Tie1
Mr Bowtie4
Mr Boy1
Mr Boz1
Mr BP2
Mr BradleyMr Martin1
Mr Brakesman1
Mr Bricolage1
Mr Briefcase1
Mr Broadway4
Mr Brody1
Mr Broken1
Mr Bronck1
Mr Brook1
Mr Brooks1
Mr Brown4
Mr Brown is out of town1
Mr Brubeck1
Mr Bruce3
Mr Bruce is back1
Mr Bs2
Mr Bs blues8
Mr Bs time machine1
Mr BT1
Mr bubble1
Mr Buddy1
Mr Bugaloo1
Mr Bumbles1
Mr Bumi1
Mr Burger1
Mr Burton1
Mr Businessman1
Mr Busy Man1
Mr Butas blues1
Mr Butler1
Mr butterfly1
Mr Buttermilk1
Mr Buttonlip1
Mr C9
Mr C I1
Mr C meets Mr T1
Mr Cab1
Mr Caddis Thorpe1
Mr Callahan1
Mr Calypso Kuhn2
Mr Cameo1
Mr Carling1
Mr Casty1
Mr CB1
Mr CC3
Mr Cellophane2
Mr Chairman1
Mr Chambers1
Mr Chance1
Mr Charles1
Mr Charles blues1
Mr Charles watches all1
Mr Charlie1
Mr Charlie Parker2
Mr Charringtons shop1
Mr Cheese1
Mr Cherry1
Mr Cherry and Mr T1
Mr Chesney1
Mr Chi and the golden tone1
Mr Chick1
Mr Child1
Mr Chips2
Mr Cholly1
Mr Christopher Columbus1
Mr Chromosome1
Mr Chu1
Mr Chuckles1
Mr CI3
Mr Clarinet1
Mr Clarinet knocks twice1
Mr Clark1
Mr Clarke1
Mr Clean27
Mr Cleanhead blues1
Mr Cleanhead steps out1
Mr Cleanheads blues2
Mr Clifton1
Mr Clinton1
Mr Close1
Mr clown1
Mr Clyde1
Mr Cocky1
Mr Coconut1
Mr Coed2
Mr Coffee1
Mr Cogito2
Mr Cole wont rock and roll1
Mr Coleman2
Mr Coleman to you1
Mr Coltrane1
Mr combinated1
Mr Contra1
Mr Cookies1
Mr Cooks morning blues1
Mr cool10
Mr Cool Breeze1
Mr Cooler Hot2
Mr Cooper at the dentist1
Mr Cosmo cat1
Mr Cosmopolitan2
Mr Covell1
Mr Cox high school band director1
Mr Coy2
Mr CP5
Mr Craignos1
Mr Crapaud1
Mr Critical2
Mr Crocodile2
Mr Crosby and Mr Mercer1
Mr cruel & unusual1
Mr Crump2
Mr Crump dont like it1
Mr Crumps rag2
Mr Crusher1
Mr Cryptic2
Mr Cs2
Mr Cs wild ride1
Mr CT3
Mr Curious1
Mr Curly1
Mr Curry1
Mr Cushmaker2
Mr Cynical1
Mr D1
Mr D&T1
Mr Daddy1
Mr Daijobn1
Mr Dame1
Mr Dandys vaudeville1
Mr Dankett1
Mr Darling1
Mr Dave1
Mr David1
Mr Davis1
Mr Day19
Mr Days dream3
Mr Dazzler1
Mr DC7
Mr DD1
Mr Dean1
Mr Dean is waiting for the beep1
Mr Dee1
Mr Dee Tee1
Mr Dejohnette1
Mr Demargary1
Mr Dennis Houlihan1
Mr DePriest2
Mr Dialogue says1
Mr Diffenbach1
Mr Diggs1
Mr diminished1
Mr Dizzy1
Mr DJ2
Mr Djengly sad1
Mr Djingo1
Mr Dodo7
Mr Dollar2
Mr Dolphins gig1
Mr Dolphy2
Mr Dombeys boogie1
Mr Dominator1
Mr Donald Cerise1
Mr Dooley1
Mr Dorian1
Mr Dot1
Mr Double Bass1
Mr Doubles1
Mr Dough1
Mr Downtown1
Mr DP1
Mr DP introduces Dundun1
Mr DP introduces Mercato dei pazzi1
Mr dream merchant1
Mr Drum meets Mr Piano1
Mr Drummerman1
Mr Drums1
Mr Ds funky sweet1
Mr Ds new shoes1
Mr DT2
Mr Dudley1
Mr Dues1
Mr Dungeon1
Mr Dynamite2
Mr E2
Mr Ed2
Mr Edwards1
Mr Eggs1
Mr Ego1
Mr EJ1
Mr Elegants bow tie1
Mr Elevator1
Mr Eli2
Mr Ellington2
Mr Eloir1
Mr Elvin1
Mr English1
Mr Ep2
Mr Evans3
Mr Everything1
Mr Everywhere1
Mr Evil1
Mr Exhilaration1
Mr Exsteins xray ears1
Mr EZ1
Mr Ezov1
Mr F1
Mr Fabulous1
Mr Farnsworth1
Mr Fat Cat1
Mr Fats3
Mr Felder1
Mr Felgeyrolles1
Mr Fessiwig1
Mr Fezziwig1
Mr Fine3
Mr Fink1
Mr Five by Five30
Mr Fixit1
Mr FL1
Mr Flagerty1
Mr Flamingo2
Mr Flanagan blues1
Mr flat five1
Mr Flute1
Mr Fone Bone8
Mr Fonebone3
Mr Fool2
Mr Fortynine blues1
Mr Foster2
Mr Fournier1
Mr Fox1
Mr Frank Martin1
Mr Frankenstin blues1
Mr Freddie2
Mr Freddie blues29
Mr Freddie boogie1
Mr Freddies been here and gone to Mecca Flat1
Mr Freddies blues3
Mr Freddies boogie1
Mr Freddy1
Mr Freddys blues1
Mr Freddys rag1
Mr Free G1
Mr Freek1
Mr Freeman3
Mr Freeze1
Mr Frenches buff1
Mr Friendly1
Mr Frisbee1
Mr Fritters1
Mr Froggie1
Mr Fryt1
Mr Fubar1
Mr Fudge1
Mr Fun1
Mr Funk3
Mr Funky blues1
Mr furry little cute little Mr Bunny hopping along nicely1
Mr G6
Mr G meets the Blattman1
Mr G meets the Duke Ellington that is1
Mr GA1
Mr Gabe1
Mr Galaxie1
Mr Gallager and Mr Shean1
Mr Gallagher and Mr Shean2
Mr Gallagher and MrShean1
Mr Game A ridiculous plea1
Mr Game Beware Theyre going to cause problems1
Mr Game Just let the memories of them die1
Mr Game Shame is for losers1
Mr Game Somebodys got to rule1
Mr Game speaks I am a winner1
Mr Game Success is my middle name1
Mr Game Talk is a waste of time1
Mr Game The freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer1
Mr Game The mandates of our democracy1
Mr Game They deserved everything they got1
Mr Game They too want to be winners1
Mr Game We must strike first1
Mr Game Were number one1
Mr Game Who is we1
Mr Game Winners dont reflect we celebrate1
Mr Game You love these prizes because you live them1
Mr Game Your first prize1
Mr Game Your fourth prize1
Mr Game Your last prize1
Mr Game Your second prize1
Mr Game Your third prize1
Mr Game Your wildcard1
Mr Garlic1
Mr Gas Man1
Mr GB1
Mr Gee2
Mr Gene Showman1
Mr Gentle & Mr Cool1
Mr Gentle and Mr Cool21
Mr Gentleman2
Mr George11
Mr GH Senior2
Mr GH Sr1
Mr Ghost goes to town17
Mr Ghost takes the air1
Mr Giggles1
Mr Gilmore1
Mr Ginsberg1
Mr Glam1
Mr Glenn Roy1
Mr GlennRoy1
Mr GlimeGlide1
Mr Gloom1
Mr Go2
Mr Goatcabin1
Mr Goldo1
Mr Goldstone1
Mr Goldstone I love you2
Mr Golliwog1
Mr Gollywog1
Mr Golyadkin1
Mr Gone5

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