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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page M41 - Missing link to Mister shuffle

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Tune nameSessions
Missing link20
Missing link blues1
Missing link parade1
Missing links1
Missing man2
Missing man 21
missing manual1
Missing Marc Suetterlyn3
Missing Mark Suetterlyn1
missing mass1
Missing Miles5
Missing Monk1
Missing mozambique1
Missing Mr Berrios1
Missing music1
missing number1
Missing object1
Missing one1
Missing Oslo1
Missing our appointments with each other1
Missing out1
Missing page2
missing page 19641
missing part1
Missing parts1
missing peace1
Missing pellos2
Missing person4
Missing persons4
Missing perspective1
Missing pets1
missing piece7
Missing pieces3
Missing rose1
missing shade of blue1
Missing song1
missing soul1
Missing Strayhorn1
Missing tapes from a highway set1
Missing the rainbows1
Missing the right word1
Missing the sea1
Missing things1
Missing Tokki1
missing Tom3
Missing toolbox1
Missing tooth1
Missing what1
Missing you61
Missing you madeira1
Missing you missing me1
Missing you this morning1
Missing your kissing1
Missing your love2
Missing your spirit1
Missing your touch1
Mission accomplie1
Mission accomplished4
Mission Acropolis1
Mission bell blues1
Mission blues1
Mission creep2
Mission eternal1
Mission hill drive1
Mission implausible1
Mission impossible23
Mission impossible theme4
Mission improbable1
Mission MacGyver1
mission march1
Mission marinera1
Mission of mercy1
Mission of the three kings1
Mission Possible4
Mission rocker1
Mission San Miguel1
Mission St Xavier1
Mission statement4
Mission Street rag1
Mission suite2
mission that failed1
Mission to be where I am1
Mission to Mars1
Mission to Monterey2
Mission to Moscow30
Mission to the stars1
Mission trail4
Mission uncompromised1
Mission wolf1
Missionary kid1
Missionary soup1
Missione a Bombay1
missions statement of promise1
Missippi man1
Missis diavolo1
Missis PC1
Missisippi two step1
Mississauga rattler2
Mississippi baby1
Mississippi basin9
Mississippi belle1
Mississippi blues19
Mississippi boogie1
Mississippi brown eyes1
Mississippi cabaret1
Mississippi cake walk1
Mississippi cakewalk1
Mississippi cantabile1
Mississippi caser1
Mississippi city strut1
Mississippi Clarence2
Mississippi Contabale1
Mississippi delta3
Mississippi delta blues3
Mississippi delta sunrise1
Mississippi dip3
Mississippi dreamboat6
Mississippi dry1
Mississippi ecstasy movement 11
Mississippi ecstasy movement 21
Mississippi ecstasy movement 31
Mississippi fire blues1
Mississippi flyer3
Mississippi gambler2
Mississippi goddam7
Mississippi goddamn5
Mississippi grill1
Mississippi here I am5
Mississippi here I come1
Mississippi honeymoon1
Mississippi infraction1
Mississippi jazz boat1
Mississippi jazz club1
Mississippi jump2
Mississippi lad1
Mississippi lehm am schuh1
Mississippi mama1
Mississippi medicine1
Mississippi mellow1
Mississippi melody1
Mississippi Mildred1
Mississippi moan18
Mississippi momma1
Mississippi mood4
Mississippi motion1
Mississippi mouth1
Mississippi mud189
Mississippi mud blues1
Mississippi mud shuffle1
Mississippi mudslide1
Mississippi queen1
Mississippi rag46
Mississippi ragtime1
Mississippi ripples1
Mississippi rising1
Mississippi river2
Mississippi River blues3
Mississippi River Blvd1
Mississippi river bottom blues1
Mississippi River Dark and Deep Dreams Flow the River a National Memorial Park c 5000 BC1
Mississippi River Rat1
Mississippi River song Tapioca1
Mississippi River Valley blues1
Mississippi river waltz1
Mississippi roll on3
Mississippi sandman3
Mississippi shivers4
Mississippi side step2
Mississippi smilax1
Mississippi sock eater1
Mississippi song1
Mississippi soul1
Mississippi stomp2
Mississippi storm1
Mississippi streamline1
Mississippi swang1
Mississippi sweet1
Mississippi town1
Mississippi Valley blues1
Mississippi waltz1
Mississippi water1
Mississippi water blues2
Mississippi waters blues1
Mississippi windows2
Mississippi wobble7
Mississippi woman1
Mississippi woman blues1
Mississippi womans blues1
Mississipppi wobble1
Mississppi mud1
Missoula flood1
Missoura mags chromatic rag1
Missouri blues5
Missouri connection1
Missouri dream1
Missouri gambler1
Missouri grit1
Missouri jive1
Missouri loves company1
Missouri lullabye1
Missouri misery2
Missouri moan2
Missouri Ozark blues1
Missouri rag2
Missouri rambler1
Missouri River blues1
Missouri river bottom hodown1
Missouri romp3
Missouri scrambler6
Missouri sky1
Missouri squabble11
Missouri tickler blues1
Missouri two beat2
Missouri uncompromised3
Missouri walkinpreacher1
Missouri waltz31
Missouri wobble4
Missourian gal1
Missourian memories1
Misspelled fortune1
Misspliced sermon1
Misss miss1
Missus LowsboroughGoodby1
Missy Magnolia Lee2
Missys melody1
Missys smile1
Mist 11
Mist 21
Mist and counterpoise1
mist covered mountains1
Mist flower4
Mist nat2
mist of morning waters1
mist of reason1
Mist on a rainbow1
Mist on the sea2
Mist on the water2
Mist on water1
Mist over the bay1
Mist screen1
Mist trail1
Mista drumrick1
Mista President1
Mista ru d da1
Mistake after mistake1
mistake has been made in your honor1
Mistake in life2
mistake in speed1
Mistaken blues1
Mistaken brilliance1
Mistaken employment1
Mistaken for a dream1
Mistaken identity4
Mistaken identity Mariutch1
Mistaken poetry1
Mistaken seduction1
Miste set selv1
Mister 18 percent1
Mister 81
Mister Allard1
Mister alone1
Mister AM1
Mister and Dudley1
Mister and Mississippi1
Mister and Missus Fitch1
Mister Anthonys boogie1
Mister aristocrat1
Mister B2
Mister B blues1
Mister baby1
Mister bad1
Mister bad penny blues1
Mister barista1
Mister Basie1
Mister BC2
Mister Bee1
Mister Beethovens blues1
Mister Big Bill1
Mister Bill1
Mister Bill Evans1
Mister Bley1
Mister Bling Bling1
Mister Blue6
Mister blues3
Mister Blus1
Mister Bo1
Mister Bojangles2
Mister Bones1
Mister bongo1
Mister boogie1
Mister Break1
Mister Brook1
Mister Brown2
Mister Brown goes to town1
Mister Bruce2
Mister bum bum bum1
Mister C3
Mister cant you see1
Mister CC3
Mister chairman1
Mister Charlie1
Mister Chassagnite1
Mister Christopher2
Mister clarinet1
Mister Clarke1
Mister Clean2
Mister Clifton1
Mister Coltrane1
Mister cornet1
Mister crocodile1
Mister Croque1
Mister Crump1
Mister CT1
Mister D2
Mister Dave1
Mister Dean1
Mister Dinges1
Mister Dollar1
Mister Don Cherry comprit que leur esprit etait abattu et repeta dune voix musicale quelque blagues reservees pour le temps de detresse1
Mister dream2
Mister DS1
Mister Du1
Mister Duff1
Mister E7
Mister Ed1
Mister Eric1
Mister F1
Mister Faubus1
Mister FBO1
Mister FC1
Mister Fedor1
Mister five by five2
Mister fixer1
Mister Fofo1
Mister Freddie1
Mister Freddie blues5
Mister Freddie boogie1
Mister Freddies blues1
Mister Freddies boogie1
Mister Freshy1
Mister G1
Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean1
Mister GB1
Mister Gertberg2
Mister ghost goes to town2
Mister Goodbeat2
Mister great Novgorod1
Mister Greencabbage1
Mister Happy1
Mister Happy Gone1
Mister Heines blues1
Mister Hide1
Mister Hip1
Mister IB1
Mister iceberg1
Mister inbetween21
Mister Intense1
Mister Italo1
Mister J2
Mister Jay1
Mister Jazz4
Mister JB1
Mister JC1
Mister Jelly Lord8
Mister JH1
Mister jingles1
Mister Jo1
Mister Joe10
Mister Joe et sa batterie1
Mister John Merrick1
Mister Johnson4
Mister Johnson turn me loose2
Mister Jones4
Mister Jorge1
Mister Josef1
Mister Joseph strut your stuff1
Mister Joy1
Mister K2
Mister Kelly3
Mister kicks1
Mister kinap man1
Mister Kinine1
Mister Kleckley1
Mister Kneipp2
Mister know it all1
Mister Korossy1
Mister L1
Mister LA1
Mister lamour1
Mister LC1
Mister Lee1
Mister Leuning1
Mister Livingood1
Mister Lonely2
Mister Long Shanks1
Mister Louis1
Mister Loving Good1
Mister Lovingood1
Mister Lucky8
Mister M2
Mister magic15
Mister Magoo does the cha cha cha1
Mister Mairants I presume1
Mister man3
Mister Martins mop1
Mister Mat1
Mister Maurice1
Mister Mayor and Mister Miser1
Mister McGhie1
Mister MD1
Mister Meadowlark7
Mister Mee Tu1
Mister mellow1
Mister memory maker1
Mister Mingus1
Mister Minit1
Mister mister2
Mister Moe1
Mister Mongus1
Mister Monk1
Mister Moogoo1
Mister moon9
Mister moonman turn off the light1
Mister Morgan1
Mister Mosca1
Mister mouster2
Mister MP1
Mister Mysterious1
Mister Mystery1
Mister Nashville1
Mister Nasty1
Mister Natural1
Mister Neil1
Mister New Orleans blues2
Mister night1
Mister Nitzan1
Mister no bones1
Mister no good2
Mister Now1
Mister OKO1
Mister One1
Mister one and only1
Mister P1
Mister Paganini3
Mister Paganini swing for Minnie1
Mister Paradise1
Mister pay me the rent1
Mister PC5
Mister Peepers1
Mister Pepecks march1
Mister Pete1
Mister Phil boogie woogie1
Mister Pitiful2
Mister Pok part 11
Mister Pok part 21
Mister postit1
Mister printer1
Mister Queen2
Mister rainbow2
Mister reggae1
Mister repition1
Mister rhythm man1
Mister S1
Mister sandman21
Mister Santa1
Mister Satie1
Mister seven1
Mister Sharon tune1
Mister Shaw1
Mister sheik1
Mister Shepherds blues1
Mister Shepherds misadventures1
Mister shuffle1

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