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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L60 - Lovecraft on the beach to Loves wildest talent

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Tune nameSessions
Lovecraft on the beach1
Lovecream doesnt exist for me1
Loved again1
Loved and lost1
Loved by love2
Loved by me1
Loved by millions1
Loved one7
loved one list1
loved ones9
Loved walked in6
Loved you full in every way1
Loved you so long2
Lovedear Lord1
LoveDream and variations1
Lovedream boogie1
Lovejazz theme from jingles 20001
Loveland and you1
Loveless blues2
Loveless love91
Loveless love blues2
Loveless time1
Lovelier than ever2
loveliest anguish of beavers dreaming1
loveliest night of the year5
loveliest time for lovin1
Lovelight in the starlight4
Lovelight lane2
Lovelight shining1
Loveliness and love3
loveliness of you5
Lovely afternoon4
lovely and joyful summertime1
Lovely and married1
Lovely and sweet2
Lovely angel1
Lovely as ivory1
Lovely as the moon1
lovely attitude2
Lovely ballad1
Lovely blue dress1
Lovely Bri1
lovely butterfly2
Lovely came back2
Lovely child of tears1
Lovely creatures1
lovely day21
lovely day to be caught in the rain1
Lovely days1
Lovely derry on the banks of the Foyle1
Lovely Dovey1
lovely dream1
Lovely ever after1
Lovely eyes2
Lovely fantasy1
Lovely feeling1
Lovely feelings1
Lovely friends1
Lovely Gene1
Lovely girls1
Lovely hands1
Lovely horse1
Lovely hula hands2
lovely impression1
Lovely in her evening gown1
Lovely in leather1
Lovely is she1
Lovely is today2
Lovely Joan1
Lovely ladies1
Lovely lady11
Lovely lady leaving1
Lovely lady waltz1
Lovely Lauren1
lovely letter1
Lovely lies2
Lovely life1
Lovely Lindy1
Lovely Lisa1
Lovely little dreamer1
Lovely little Leo2
Lovely little person1
Lovely Liza Jane1
Lovely Liza Lee3
Lovely lonely man1
Lovely lover1
Lovely lullaby1
Lovely Lyca1
Lovely Marabou1
Lovely Mary1
Lovely melody2
Lovely Michelle2
Lovely Mick1
Lovely Molly1
Lovely moments1
Lovely moon1
lovely night2
Lovely night in Spain1
Lovely on the water1
Lovely one1
Lovely one in the window1
Lovely oriental1
Lovely party1
Lovely place1
Lovely planet1
Lovely pushup bra1
Lovely rain1
lovely rainy afternoon1
Lovely Rita10
Lovely Rita and friends1
Lovely Rita meter maid1
Lovely romance1
Lovely room1
Lovely rose1
Lovely roses1
lovely senorita says no1
Lovely seven1
Lovely sky boat1
Lovely springtime1
Lovely star how I adore thee1
lovely summer1
Lovely summers day1
Lovely sunshine1
Lovely Sylvie1
Lovely the sky1
lovely thing1
lovely things we see1
Lovely thoughts1
Lovely time1
Lovely to be lonely1
Lovely to look at27
Lovely train1
Lovely Vij4
Lovely walk1
Lovely waltz1
lovely way to be1
lovely way to live1
Lovely way to spend an evening66
lovely way to spend the evening2
Lovely weather1
Lovely weather were having2
lovely weekend1
Lovely wife2
Lovely willow1
Lovely woman1
lovely years1
Lovely you1
Lovelys daughter1
Lovemain scene1
LoveMatch point1
LovensLytton 11
LovensLytton 21
LovensLytton 31
LovensLytton 41
LovensLytton 51
LovensLytton 61
Lovepoem 651
Lover and friend1
lover and his lass1
lover and the married woman2
Lover be found1
Lover bird1
Lover boy1
Lover call1
Lover come back13
Lover come back it me1
Lover come back to me661
Lover come back to me NP1
lover divides times1
Lover for life2
Lover for sale2
Lover gal1
Lover girl1
Lover guy1
Lover hurts1
Lover in disguise1
Lover in the house1
lover is blue12
lover is forever1
lover knows1
Lover let me be1
lover like you1
Lover man1256
Lover man oh where can you be1
lover mourns2
Lover not a fighter1
Lover nu herren1
lover of Beirut1
Lover of life1
Lover of love1
Lover of nature1
Lover of night1
Lover of the moon1
Lover of the simple things2
Lover please3
Lover rainbow1
lover serenade1
Lover stay away1
Lover take all2
Lover to lover2
Lover undercover1
Lover you shouldve come over2
Lovers &1
Lovers after all3
Lovers again1
Lovers and liars1
Lovers and losers7
Lovers and other strangers1
lovers and the alchemist1
lovers appeal1
Lovers are crazy1
Lovers at dawn1
lovers call1
Lovers call Raag Kafi1
lovers complaint1
Lovers concerto15
Lovers coolout1
lovers cry1
Lovers dance2
Lovers dance hall1
Lovers delight1
lovers desire3
lovers dream2
Lovers embrace1
Lovers embracethen dance1
Lovers eve1
Lovers existing on the dunes1
Lovers eyes1
Lovers for a day1
Lovers freeway2
Lovers galore1
Lovers gold1
Lovers groove1
Lovers hideaway1
lovers hill1
Lovers holiday3
Lovers hushaby1
lovers hymn1
Lovers in a dangerous time1
Lovers in glass houses1
Lovers in moonlight1
Lovers in New York3
Lovers in the dark1
Lovers in the gravity1
Lovers infiniteness1
Lovers know2
lovers lament5
Lovers lane3
Lovers lane boogie1
Lovers leap20
lovers lie1
Lovers lighthouse1
Lovers line1
Lovers love1
lovers lullaby17
Lovers mambo1
lovers mask1
Lovers meet2
Lovers moon1
Lovers mountain1
lovers mourn1
Lovers never say goodbye1
Lovers night1
lovers of Alhambra1
Lovers of gold1
Lovers of Paris1
Lovers of secrets for Hannah1
Lovers of the flame1
Lovers of their time6
Lovers on the beach1
Lovers on the hill1
Lovers parade2
Lovers paradise1
Lovers peak1
Lovers prayer4
Lovers promenade1
Lovers Q1
Lovers quarrel2
lovers question4
Lovers rain dance1
Lovers reverie2
Lovers rhapsody1
Lovers right1
Lovers rock1
Lovers roulette1
Lovers say goodbye1
Lovers secrets lies1
Lovers separation1
Lovers serenade1
Lovers should always be together1
Lovers steal the show1
Lovers stroll1
Lovers such as I1
Lovers talk1
Lovers tears1
Lovers temptationWaltz no 7 in C sharp minor op 6421
Lovers theme2
Lovers thief1
Lovers walk2
Lovers waltz4
Lovers will2
Lovers xdream1
Loves a dog1
Loves a groove1
Loves a logistical thing1
Loves a loneliness1
Loves a lovely thing2
Loves a necessary thing3
Loves a one sided game1
Loves a precious thing1
Loves a symphony1
Loves a worrisome thing1
Loves alchemy1
Loves alright1
Loves alright with me1
Loves always there1
Loves an old story1
Loves an outlaw1
Loves and magic parabola of Dr Deleterious1
Loves away1
Loves away from Earth1
Loves back in style1
Loves been good to me4
Loves been kind to me lately1
Loves been rough on me1
Loves boring alone1
Loves calling1
Loves carousel1
Loves circles1
Loves comes round again1
Loves delight2
Loves devine1
Loves disguise4
Loves divine1
Loves dream6
Loves echo1
Loves end1
Loves endless spin1
Loves every little bit of you1
Loves evolution1
Loves exchange1
Loves eyes2
Loves feathered nails1
Loves Ferris wheel1
Loves final moment1
Loves finally found me1
Loves first breath1
Loves free1
Loves fury2
Loves gain1
Loves gone1
Loves gonna live here1
Loves got a hold1
Loves got me down1
Loves got me down again1
Loves got nothin on me1
Loves got nothing to do with feelings1
Loves gotta hold1
Loves grace forever2
Loves graces1
Loves greeting1
Loves growth1
Loves haunts1
Loves holiday3
Loves horna1
Loves I once knew2
Loves in my heart4
Loves in need of love today5
Loves in need today1
Loves in the making1
Loves inception1
Loves journey2
Loves joy1
Loves just a strange thing1
Loves know1
Loves labour1
Loves labour lost1
Loves labours lost1
Loves lament4
Loves landing1
Loves language2
Loves last word is spoken1
Loves light1
Loves like that1
Loves logic1
Loves long journey2
Loves longing1
Loves losers1
Loves lost and found1
Loves lost home1
Loves lost rhapsody1
Loves lost way1
Loves love1
Loves lullaby3
Loves made a fool of me1
Loves me like a rock3
Loves melody6
Loves memories1
Loves messenger1
Loves mirror image2
Loves misery1
Loves mission1
Loves mood1
Loves motif1
Loves mystery2
Loves no secret1
Loves no stranger to me1
Loves nocturne1
Loves not here anymore1
Loves not only the blues1
Loves not times fool1
loves of a cat1
loves of an older lady1
Loves of July1
loves of the angels1
loves of yesterday1
loves of zero1
Loves old sweet song11
Loves on my side1
Loves out to lunch1
Loves own prayer1
Loves paradise2
Loves parody2
Loves parting2
Loves path1
Loves philosophy2
Loves prayer1
Loves question3
Loves rejoycing1
Loves river1
Loves rough1
Loves roundabout1
Loves sacred gift1
Loves serenade7
Loves smile1
Loves so cruel1
Loves so far away1
Loves so fine1
Loves soft touch1
Loves song2
Loves sorrow1
Loves sorrow from Liebeslied1
Loves spell1
loves still growing1
Loves such a funny thing1
Loves sweet melody1
Loves taking over1
Loves the key1
Loves the way I feel about cha1
Loves the way I feel bout cha1
Loves theme4
Loves thief1
Loves touch1
Loves usury1
Loves very own1
Loves victory1
Loves waiting1
Loves walk1
Loves where life begins2
Loves wildest talent1

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