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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page L59 - Love theme for Jo to Lover and friend

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Tune nameSessions
Love theme for Jo1
Love theme for Johnnie Stecchino1
Love theme for Laura1
Love theme for my family1
Love theme for Nata1
Love theme from a dream1
Love theme from a movie1
Love theme from A star is born1
Love theme from Blade Runner1
Love theme from Blowout1
Love theme from California suite1
Love theme from Chinatown2
Love theme from Cinema Paradise3
Love theme from Cinema Paradiso1
Love theme from Cousins1
Love theme from David and Lisa1
Love theme from El Cid1
Love theme from Farewell to Maria1
Love theme from Fuzz1
Love theme from Godfather1
Love theme from Hair2
Love theme from Havana1
Love theme from In harms way2
Love theme from invasion of the body snatchers1
Love theme from La Strada4
Love theme from Lady sings the blues1
Love theme from Lolita4
Love theme from London and Davis in New York1
Love theme from Madame X2
Love theme from Nata1
Love theme from Phaedra2
Love theme from PicnicMoonglow1
Love theme from Pictures of the sea1
Love theme from Pretty Woman1
Love theme from Quebecite1
Love theme from Romeo and Juliet12
Love theme from Sharkeys Machine2
Love theme from Spartacus31
Love theme from Sparticus1
Love theme from Sunflower1
Love theme from Sunflowers1
Love theme from Superman4
Love theme from The Adventurers1
Love theme from The Brothers Karamazov1
Love theme from The Carpet Baggers1
Love theme from the flight of the Phoenix1
Love theme from The getaway2
Love theme from The Godfather4
Love theme from the invasion of the body snatchers2
Love theme from The Mole People1
Love theme from the outer limits2
Love theme from The Rat Race1
Love theme from The robe1
Love theme from The Sandpiper5
Love theme from The tenth victim1
Love theme from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg1
Love theme from the Valachi Papers1
love theme from The VIPs1
Love theme from the winds of war1
Love theme from War lover1
Love theme from Where the spies are2
Love theme from Willard1
Love theme no11
Love theme of Tom Jones1
Love themes from Spartacus1
Love thief1
love thing2
Love thinking of U1
Love thinks1
Love this business1
Love this is love1
Love this way again1
Love those shoes1
Love thoughts1
Love thy father2
Love thy neighbor18
Love thy neighbour3
Love till the end of time1
Love time2
Love time and divination1
Love TKO1
Love to3
Love to be loved1
Love to burn2
Love to Chick1
Love to Davos1
Love to Erroll2
Love to hate1
Love to hear my baby call my name2
Love to lose1
Love to love1
Love to love you1
Love to love you baby1
Love to one1
Love to one is one to love3
Love to see you smile1
Love to spare2
Love to the destroyer1
Love to the people1
Love to the sun1
Love to you1
Love together1
Love tone poem1
Love tones2
love too good to last1
love too late2
Love took the 710 tonight1
Love touches all1
Love touches your heart1
Love train10
Love transforms1
Love trauma1
Love triangle1
Love trip2
love tune1
Love turned the light out6
Love turned the lights out1
Love turns winter into spring1
Love turns winter to spring10
Love turns your work into play1
Love U day1
Love under water1
Love underlined1
Love understanding1
Love unit1
Love unknown1
Love unplugged1
love unspoken1
Love until the end1
Love untold1
love untrue1
Love uprising2
Love upside down1
Love us1
Love variation I1
Love variation II1
Love vendetta1
Love vibration3
Love vibrations16
Love waiting endlessly1
Love waits2
Love walk2
Love walked in373
Love walked in Lambeths walk1
Love walked right in3
Love walking1
Love walks in2
Love waltz7
Love wants to dance1
Love warrior part IIV1
Love warriors1
Love was born1
Love was everything when love was you and me1
Love was for us1
Love was here before the stars3
Love was here with you1
Love was just an interlude1
Love was made for you and me2
Love was made just for1
Love was meant for you and me2
Love was money1
Love was never1
Love was right for us1
Love was so nice1
Love was the cause1
Love was the cause for all good things1
Love was there all the time1
Love waves1
love we had stays on my mind1
love we had yesterday3
love we know is like flowers grow1
Love wears no disguise1
Love Websters definition1
Love well1
Love well knows1
Love went ariding1
Love what is mortal1
Love what you are doing to my heart1
Love what you create1
Love what you doin1
Love when Im in your arms1
Love where are you2
Love where are you now1
Love which to no loved one permits excuse for loving1
Love whispers1
Love will1
Love will bloom1
Love will bloom in Paris2
Love will break your heart for you1
Love will bring us back together2
Love will bring us together3
Love will come again2
Love will come someday2
Love will conquer all2
Love will drive me crazy1
Love will find a way51
Love will follow2
Love will get you down1
Love will grow1
Love will heal me too1
Love will keep us alive2
Love will keep us together4
Love will last4
Love will live on1
Love will make it right1
Love will never die1
Love will never end1
Love will never ever die1
Love will save you1
Love will show the way2
Love will soon be here1
Love will take you there1
Love will tear us apart2
Love will win1
Love winds1
Love wins2
Love wise2
Love with a capital You4
Love with a feeling5
Love with a proper stranger2
Love with misery1
Love with my lovin2
Love with the proper stranger2
Love with variations1
love within3
Love within a time of turbulence1
Love without money1
Love without words1
Love woke me up1
Love wont grow1
Love wont let me wait27
Love wont let ya get away1
Love wont let you get away5
Love wont make me cry1
Love wont wait2
Love won’t let me wait1
Love won’t let you get away1
Love words1
Love words count1
Love words for a queen1
Love world1
Love would be like this1
Love x love2
Love ya1
Love ya like crazy1
Love ya like mad1
Love you7
Love you are here3
Love you are mine tonight1
Love you back1
Love you better2
Love you day by day1
Love you didnt do right by me8
Love you didnt do the right thing by me1
Love you for life1
Love you forever1
Love you from afar1
Love you funny thing11
love you give2
Love you gladly1
Love you I do2
Love you in the night1
Love you know nothing about1
Love you like mad1
Love you long time1
love you lost on me1
Love you madly164
Love you more and more1
Love you more than I can sing1
Love you more than life itself1
Love you pretty baby1
love you save1
Love you so5
love you take1
Love you tenderly1
Love you till the end of time1
Love you till your moneys gone blues1
Love you to2
Love you to the letter1
Love you tonight2
Love you too4
Love you too little baby1
Love you too much1
Love young1
Love your brother1
Love your love2
Love your magic is everywhere1
Love your magic spell1
Love your magic spell is everywhere14
Love your smile1
Love your spell is everywhere8
Love your spell is evrywhere1
love youre giving us1
Love youre just a laugh2
Love youre not the one for me4
Love yourself2
Love zone1
Loveable and sweet10
Loveable eyes1
Lovebirds in love1
Lovebirds rag1
Lovebuckets laundryland2
Lovebug jitters1
Lovechant for a Lakota lady1
Lovecraft in Texas1
Lovecraft on the beach1
Lovecream doesnt exist for me1
Loved again1
Loved and lost1
Loved by love2
Loved by me1
Loved by millions1
Loved one7
loved one list1
loved ones9
Loved walked in6
Loved you full in every way1
Loved you so long2
Lovedear Lord1
LoveDream and variations1
Lovedream boogie1
Lovejazz theme from jingles 20001
Loveland and you1
Loveless blues2
Loveless love91
Loveless love blues2
Loveless time1
Lovelier than ever2
loveliest anguish of beavers dreaming1
loveliest night of the year5
loveliest time for lovin1
Lovelight in the starlight4
Lovelight lane2
Lovelight shining1
Loveliness and love3
loveliness of you5
Lovely afternoon4
lovely and joyful summertime1
Lovely and married1
Lovely and sweet2
Lovely angel1
Lovely as ivory1
Lovely as the moon1
lovely attitude2
Lovely ballad1
Lovely blue dress1
Lovely Bri1
lovely butterfly2
Lovely came back2
Lovely child of tears1
Lovely creatures1
lovely day21
lovely day to be caught in the rain1
Lovely days1
Lovely derry on the banks of the Foyle1
Lovely Dovey1
lovely dream1
Lovely ever after1
Lovely eyes2
Lovely fantasy1
Lovely feeling1
Lovely feelings1
Lovely friends1
Lovely Gene1
Lovely girls1
Lovely hands1
Lovely horse1
Lovely hula hands2
lovely impression1
Lovely in her evening gown1
Lovely in leather1
Lovely is she1
Lovely is today2
Lovely Joan1
Lovely ladies1
Lovely lady11
Lovely lady leaving1
Lovely lady waltz1
Lovely Lauren1
lovely letter1
Lovely lies2
Lovely life1
Lovely Lindy1
Lovely Lisa1
Lovely little dreamer1
Lovely little Leo2
Lovely little person1
Lovely Liza Jane1
Lovely Liza Lee3
Lovely lonely man1
Lovely lover1
Lovely lullaby1
Lovely Lyca1
Lovely Marabou1
Lovely Mary1
Lovely melody2
Lovely Michelle2
Lovely Mick1
Lovely Molly1
Lovely moments1
Lovely moon1
lovely night2
Lovely night in Spain1
Lovely on the water1
Lovely one1
Lovely one in the window1
Lovely oriental1
Lovely party1
Lovely place1
Lovely planet1
Lovely pushup bra1
Lovely rain1
lovely rainy afternoon1
Lovely Rita10
Lovely Rita and friends1
Lovely Rita meter maid1
Lovely romance1
Lovely room1
Lovely rose1
Lovely roses1
lovely senorita says no1
Lovely seven1
Lovely sky boat1
Lovely springtime1
Lovely star how I adore thee1
lovely summer1
Lovely summers day1
Lovely sunshine1
Lovely Sylvie1
Lovely the sky1
lovely thing1
lovely things we see1
Lovely thoughts1
Lovely time1
Lovely to be lonely1
Lovely to look at27
Lovely train1
Lovely Vij4
Lovely walk1
Lovely waltz1
lovely way to be1
lovely way to live1
Lovely way to spend an evening66
lovely way to spend the evening2
Lovely weather1
Lovely weather were having2
lovely weekend1
Lovely wife2
Lovely willow1
Lovely woman1
lovely years1
Lovely you1
Lovelys daughter1
Lovemain scene1
LoveMatch point1
LovensLytton 11
LovensLytton 21
LovensLytton 31
LovensLytton 41
LovensLytton 51
LovensLytton 61
Lovepoem 651
Lover and friend1

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