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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L56 - Louisiana lady to Love echoes

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Tune nameSessions
Louisiana lady2
Louisiana lament1
Louisiana Liza1
Louisiana lonesome1
Louisiana lowboat1
Louisiana man1
Louisiana memories1
Louisiana moon1
Louisiana o els camps de coto1
Louisiana purchase3
Louisiana rag7
Louisiana raga1
Louisiana ragtime band1
Louisiana rain1
Louisiana rain song2
Louisiana ramble4
Louisiana red2
Louisiana Slim1
Louisiana slodrag1
Louisiana stomp1
Louisiana strut3
Louisiana suite1
Louisiana Sunday afternoon11
Louisiana sunset1
Louisiana swing10
Louisiana taxi driver1
Louisiana thats my home1
Louisiana toddle1
Louisiana waltz2
Louisiana woman1
Louisianas mind1
Louiss piece1
Louisville blues10
Louisville bluezees1
Louisville dude1
Louisville KY1
Louisville lady4
Louisville lodge meeting2
Louisville Lou27
Louisville Lou the vampin lady1
Louisville Lux1
Louisville parade1
Louisville slow drag1
Louisville special1
Louisville stomp3
Loukhoum party1
LoullaMondarbours III1
Loulou la gamelle1
Loulou opus 11
Loulou opus 21
Loulous birthday1
Loulous theme1
Loumels boogie1
Louminous gnomes1
Lounge blues2
Lounge de la frontera1
Lounge Dioniso1
Lounge lizard1
Lounge movement1
Lounge trio1
Lounge vibes1
Loungin @ The Evelyn1
Lounging again1
Lounging around1
Lounging at the Waldorf13
Loup de mer1
Loup garou means changes into1
Lourdement gai1
Lourdes lullaby1
Lours a poil1
Lours qui frappe du pied1
Lous AfroCuban blues1
Lous blue1
Lous blues19
Lous clues1
Lous fantasy1
Lous folly1
Lous good dues1
Lous good dues blues7
Lous idea2
Lous lament1
Lous medley1
Lous misery1
Lous new thing1
Lous New York theme song1
Lous piece2
Lous place2
Lous tune1
Lous walk1
Lousiana lowdown blues1
Lousiana lullaby2
Lousiana swing1
Louth mouth1
Louve elue1
Louverture de Toussaint1
Louverture op 11
Lov ara och pris1
Lov for Vinden1
Lov lilla alma1
Lov meg a bli med1
Lov og tak1
Lova calvi1
Lovable and sweet8
Lovable sort of person1
Lovas dal1
Love & consequences1
Love & death1
Love & desire1
Love & hate1
Love & honesty1
Love & innocence1
Love & life1
Love & logic1
Love & marriage2
Love & peace1
Love & quality1
Love & stillness1
Love 4 rent2
Love 4 sale1
Love a la mode1
Love across time1
Love action1
Love addict1
Love adure1
Love affair17
Love affair forever and ever1
Love affair the ballad2
Love affairs4
Love after dark1
Love after love3
Love after midnight2
Love again8
Love aint all I used to be1
Love aint blind no more2
Love aint gonna let you down1
Love aint love without you1
Love aint no crime1
Love aint nothin1
Love aint nothin but the blues8
Love aint nothin to play with1
Love aint part of that game1
Love aint shakin1
Love aint somethin1
Love all2
Love all around1
Love all serve all1
Love all that it is1
Love all the hurt away1
Love all the quiet flower people1
Love all trust a few1
Love alone1
Love always2
love always blues1
Love among the young4
Love and a dime4
love and a fighter1
Love and affection3
Love and agression1
Love and anger1
Love and beauty3
Love and blessing1
Love and broken hearts1
Love and consequence1
Love and crush1
Love and danger1
Love and dark matter1
Love and death1
Love and deception3
Love and dedications1
Love and delights1
Love and devotion1
Love and dreams1
Love and everything1
Love and evotion1
Love and fear2
Love and friendship1
Love and ghosts1
Love and glory1
Love and happiness12
Love and harmony3
Love and hate13
Love and hope4
Love and humour1
Love and I2
Love and innocence2
Love and joy1
Love and kisses8
Love and laughter2
Love and learn6
Love and leave me king1
Love and let go1
Love and liberte1
Love and lies1
Love and life1
Love and light1
Love and live1
Love and living1
Love and logic1
Love and lust1
Love and madness1
Love and maple syrup1
Love and marriage12
Love and nuts and noodles1
Love and other demons1
Love and other embers1
Love and pain1
Love and Paris rain2
Love and passion3
Love and peace16
Love and persevere1
Love and politics1
Love and protest1
Love and regret1
Love and respect1
Love and revolution1
Love and sadness1
Love and sex1
Love and simplicity1
Love and smiles1
Love and solitude1
Love and space1
Love and spaghetti1
Love and sunshine1
Love and the apocalypse1
Love and the moon1
Love and the other species1
Love and the rose1
Love and the sweet farewell1
Love and the weather20
Love and thoughts1
Love and time1
Love and two faces1
Love and understanding6
Love and wine2
Love and youth and spring1
Love answered phone1
Love anytime1
Love as a flower blossoms1
Love as a force in history1
Love as is1
Love as it is1
Love at all1
Love at any age1
Love at first glance1
Love at first sight5
Love at first site1
Love at first sound1
Love at first tequila1
Love at home1
Love at last6
Love at lunchtime1
Love at night is out of sight1
Love at Roblin Lake1
Love at sight1
Love at sundown2
Love at the top1
Love at twilight1
Love attack3
Love awhile1
Love baby2
Love baby love1
Love ballad6
Love ballad to Roland1
Love ballade7
Love balsam1
Love beams5
Love beat2
Love beat prelude1
Love before dawn1
Love before the sacred dawn1
Love begins2
Love bein here with you2
Love being here with you5
Love beneath your lies1
Love between girls1
Love between insects1
love beyond compare1
Love beyond time1
love bind1
Love bird8
Love birds2
Love birds whisper in my ear1
Love bittersweet1
love bizarre1
Love blind1
Love blossoms at Stateville1
Love blown from the stars1
Love blues2
Love boat3
Love boat of love1
Love Boat theme1
Love bomb1
Love bombing1
Love boogaloo2
Love bossa1
Love bound4
Love bowl3
Love brand new1
Love break2
Love breaking up on you1
Love brings love1
Love broke my heart again1
Love Brotherhood of man1
love brothers story1
Love buds1
Love Buenos Aires1
Love bug8
Love bug boogie2
Love bug hit me1
love bug will bite you15
Love burgers1
Love buys love1
Love by night1
Love by the ocean1
Love calculator1
Love call18
Love calls1
Love came8
Love came & went1
Love came and went1
Love came down at Christmas1
Love came from the sun1
Love came on stealthy fingers25
Love came out of the night1
Love came with stealthy fingers1
Love can1
Love can be a lonely place1
Love can be many things1
Love can be so cold1
Love can change1
Love can change the stars1
Love can change your life1
Love can do anything2
Love can hide1
Love can hurt you1
Love can kill1
Love can make you happy2
Love can see2
Love cant be all fun1
Love cant be beat1
Love cant be blind1
Love carnival and dreams1
Love castle5
Love casts its spell1
Love celebration1
Love changes1
Love channel4
Love chant12
Love chant for a lakota lady1
Love chant remix1
Love charlatan1
Love child13
Love child is coming home1
Love choral1
Love cinema1
Love cipher1
Love city2
love club1
Love colors1
Love combination1
Love come back1
Love come back to me5
Love come take me again2
Love comes2
Love comes & goes1
Love comes along1
Love comes along once in a lifetime1
Love comes always first1
Love comes and goes9
Love comes back1
Love comes but once1
Love comes first1
Love comes quietly8
Love comes softly1
Love comes to Mehitabel Brown1
Love comes too soon1
Love comma Mark1
love comuter1
Love confession1
Love confessions4
love connection2
Love conquers all motherfucker1
Love conquers hate1
Love consequences1
Love contains all human spirit1
Love contest1
Love continues1
Love contractors blues1
Love conversation1
Love crazy1
Love crazy blues1
Love creates a home1
Love creation1
Love crept in1
Love cries2
Love crime1
Love crusade1
Love cry7
Love cry II1
Love cry New York1
Love cycle1
Love Dad1
Love dance136
Love dance freedom trance1
Love dance movement II Pooh kee daydream1
Love dance rag1
Love dancin1
Love day2
Love days1
Love Dear1
Love declaration1
Love deluxe1
Love department6
love dirge1
Love discover me1
love divine5
Love divine all loves excelling1
Love divine all loves surpassing1
Love do I1
Love doctor3
Love doctor blues1
Love does funny things2
Love does not die1
Love doesnt1
Love doesnt grow on trees8
Love doesnt grow on tress2
Love doesnt live here anymore2
Love doesnt matter now1
Love Dog intro1
Love dogs1
Love dont1
Love dont ask1
Love dont get you nothing but the blues1
Love dont live here2
Love dont live here anymore3
Love dont love nobody4
Love dont mean a thing1
Love dont need a reason1
Love dont pay the bills1
Love dont turn away2
Love dream6
Love dreams12
Love drop1
Love dropped in for tea4
Love drops2
Love drops in my stew1
Love dues1
Love duet4
Love duet with Othello and Desdemona1
Love dust1
Love each other1
Love ebbs1
Love echoes1

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