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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page L42 - little cousin is back to Little lamb jam

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Tune nameSessions
little cousin is back1
little cousin rests1
Little cowboys1
little crazy2
little crazy family1
Little creatures2
Little creek2
Little creole lullaby4
Little cross1
Little crow1
Little crumbs1
little crush1
Little cry1
Little cry for him1
Little Cs fantasy1
little Cuban son1
little cure1
Little curly hair in a high chair2
Little D5
little dab1
little dab’ll do ya1
Little daddy3
Little daddy blues2
Little Dahouds dance1
Little daling1
Little dance3
Little dance for Smallhead1
Little dancer25
Little dancers2
Little dancing bear1
Little dancing girl1
Little Daniels fugue1
Little Danny1
Little Daphne2
Little dark one2
Little darlin7
Little darling2
Little darling baby2
Little Dave1
Little Dave blues1
Little David8
Little David play it on your harp1
Little David play on your harp6
Little David play your harp3
Little David swing1
Little Davids fugue4
Little death1
little deedop1
Little delight1
Little demon1
Little departure1
Little devil5
Little devil blue1
Little Dex1
Little Dickens1
Little did I dream10
Little did I know4
Little did she know1
Little did we know1
Little did you know1
Little Digis strut1
Little dip3
Little dipper2
Little distractions1
Little ditty12
Little dixie1
little dizzy1
little doctor1
Little doe1
Little dog5
Little dog blues1
Little dog running1
Little dog waltz2
Little dog who loves the wood1
Little doggie1
Little dogie1
Little dogies2
little dogmans clinical preludes1
Little dogs2
Little doll2
Little doll dance1
Little dolphin2
little dolphin dreamin1
Little doogies1
Little door1
little door a little lock a little key2
Little doubletone1
Little drama minor madness and barnyard drama1
Little dream6
Little dream girl1
Little dream in turquoise1
Little dream of a lonely rabbit1
Little dream world1
Little dreams4
Little drop1
Little drop of poison1
Little drops of rain1
Little drops of water1
Little drum1
Little drummer4
little drummer boy112
Little drummer boy big drumming man1
Little drummer boyPeace on earth1
Little drums1
Little Ds dance1
Little Ds daydream1
Little duck1
little duet3
Little Dukie1
Little Dutch boy1
Little Dutch mill1
Little Dyl1
Little e3
Little Earl1
Little early morning song1
Little ease1
Little echo4
Little Eddie1
Little Eddies song1
Little Egypt2
Little Eight John1
Little El1
Little elegy1
Little element1
little elephant walk1
Little Eliots voice1
Little Elliot Lloyd1
Little Elmers rag1
Little Elsa1
Little Emily1
Little Emma1
Little Emperor blues1
little encouragement1
Little end or beginning1
Little enough5
Little epiphanies1
Little epos1
Little eqilibrist1
Little Es dance1
little escape1
Little Esther15
Little Esthers blues1
Little Eva3
Little Evas dance1
Little evil2
Little evil me1
little exercise1
little expertise1
Little explorer1
Little explorers1
little extra1
little eye opener1
Little eyes6
Little F1
Little face5
Little faith1
little fall of rain1
little family1
Little fantasy1
Little Farley1
Little fat woman with the cocoanut head1
Little fate1
Little faun2
Little feast1
Little feather2
little feel thing1
little feeling1
little feeling called love1
Little feet9
Little feet dancing1
Little feet little hands1
little fella7
Little fellow1
Little finale1
Little fingers2
Little fingers big fist1
Little fingers big fists1
Little fires1
Little fish2
Little fishbig world1
Little fishes4
Little fist1
Little five points2
Little flame1
Little flamenco1
Little Flannies doozits1
Little Flavia1
Little flea boogie1
little floating music1
Little Florence3
little florist of Po Street1
Little flow1
Little flower10
Little flower of Africa1
Little flowers3
Little flute1
Little fly2
Little foal1
little folk music1
Little folks2
little foolish1
Little foot1
Little Fort Road1
Little Fouris blues1
little fourplay1
Little fox run3
Little foxes1
Little foxtello 911
Little Frances1
Little Frank1
Little fraternity1
Little fraternity pin1
Little freak1
Little Freddie1
Little Freddie steps1
Little free story1
Little French boy1
little French man1
Little friend4
Little friends1
Little frog1
Little froggies1
Little fugitive1
Little fugue3
Little fugue Fuge in G minor bwv 5781
Little fugue in G minor1
Little Fuji1
little fun1
Little fun K1
little fun thing1
little funky1
little funky song for Sheba1
Little funny Olaf2
little further down the road a piece1
little futher down the road1
Little gal2
Little gamelan da1
Little games1
Little garden2
Little Gates special6
Little GB1
Little geech1
Little gem1
Little general1
Little George3
Little George Von1
Little German band1
little German clap and you have it1
Little ghetto boy2
Little giant9
Little giant steps1
Little giant still life1
little giantOrient line1
Little giants1
Little giants talking1
little gipsy2
Little gipsy song for you2
Little girl135
little girl a little boy a little moon2
Little girl big girl2
Little girl blue334
Little girl blues6
Little girl boogie1
Little girl dont cry6
Little girl dont you know2
Little girl echo1
Little girl from Caspar1
little girl from Little Rock2
Little girl from Memphis1
Little girl from the Andira River1
little girl grows up2
Little girl how old are you1
Little girl I miss you1
Little girl Ill miss you10
Little girl Ill miss you Embedded 11
Little girl in a big world2
Little girl in blue1
Little girl Kimbi3
Little girl little girl1
Little girl lost2
Little girl of mine1
Little girl on a swing1
Little girl on fire1
Little girl that loves me1
Little girl what now1
little girl with the shells1
Little girl your daddy is calling you1
Little girls3
little girls and boys1
Little girls at play2
Little girls blue fantasy1
Little girls boogie1
Little girls lullabye1
Little girls samba1
Little girls song1
Little girls world1
Little gloom1
Little glory2
Little gnome1
Little goblin1
Little goldmund1
Little goof3
Little goose4
little gossip1
Little grandma1
Little grass shack2
Little grass skirt1
Little gray house1
Little green4
Little green apples24
Little green frog2
Little green girl1
Little green man2
Little green men10
Little green slippers1
Little green snake1
little green thang1
little green thing2
Little Greg1
Little grey home in the west1
Little grey sweetheart of mine2
little grittish in the yiddish1
Little groove make1
Little groove maker2
Little Gs walk2
Little Gus3
Little guy1
Little Gwen1
Little gypsy3
Little gypsy sweetheart1
Little habana1
Little hand3
little handicap3
Little hands4
Little hands big dreams1
Little hands little feat1
Little hands little fingers1
Little Hanks walk1
Little Hans1
little happiness2
Little happy Caldwell2
little happy talk1
Little happy tune1
Little harbour2
Little hare1
Little hat stomp1
Little Havana2
Little Havana USA1
Little Hawk2
Little hay road2
Little head2
little healing3
Little heart3
Little heart of pieces1
Little heartbeats1
Little hearts1
Little heaven on the seven seas1
little help from above1
little help from my friends2
Little help solo1
Little Henry2
Little Herbert1
Little high chairman4
Little high people1
Little him Lo Main1
little history for 5 clarinets1
little home2
Little honest eyes1
Little honey1
little honey on the toast1
Little honky tonky1
Little hop1
little hope3
Little horse1
Little horse ho1
little horses3
Little hotel room1
little house7
little house I used to live in2
Little house in flowers1
little house where I love was born1
Little Hughie1
Little hula heaven1
Little humans1
Little hummingbird1
Little hunka love1
Little Hunnigen1
Little hurricane2
Little hurts1
Little hut1
Little hymn2
Little i1
Little Idas flowers1
Little Idas summer song1
little in love1
Little India2
Little Indian2
little individual2
Little infinity1
Little ingenue2
Little Inger1
Little inversions1
Little ironies1
Little Irv1
Little island7
little island of calm1
Little Italy5
Little Italy 19301
Little J2
Little Jack Frost2
Little Jack Frost get lost3
Little Jack Horner1
Little Jack Russell1
Little Jacks rag1
Little Jake1
little jam1
Little Jamie2
Little Jane1
Little Jazz27
Little jazz bird24
Little jazz boogie2
Little jazz boogie witchcraft1
little jazz concert1
little jazz exercise3
Little jazz parade2
little jazzy in Tazzie1
little jazzy tune for Toots2
Little Jeff1
Little Jenny Dow1
Little Jesus sweetly sleep1
little jig1
Little Jim2
Little Jimmy1
Little Jimmy Fiddler2
Little Jimmy from Texas1
Little Jimmy K1
little jive is good for you6
Little JJ1
Little Joan walks1
Little Joe14
Little Joe from Chicago17
Little Joes blues1
Little Joes boogie5
Little Joes waltz2
Little Joey1
Little John12
Little John blues1
Little John John1
Little John little John1
Little John ordinary4
Little John special3
Little Johnnies blues1
Little Johnny1
Little Johnny at the honkytonk dance1
Little Johnny C2
Little Johnny C blues1
Little Johnnys lament1
Little Johns rag6
Little Johns shoes1
Little Johns special1
Little Johns tune1
Little Jon1
Little Jon special1
Little Jonny Stinkypants1
Little Jons rag1
Little Joseph1
little journey1
Little Joy2
little joy a little sadness1
Little joys1
Little Jr Detroit1
Little judge1
Little juicy2
little jump4
Little jumping Joan1
Little K1
Little Karen1
Little Karin4
Little Keke1
Little Kevins embrace3
Little key1
Little kids and dogs1
little kind treatment1
little kindness1
little king2
Little kir1
Little kiss3
little kiss at twilight3
little kiss each morning4
Little klumpedump1
Little Klunk1
Little knerink1
Little Knox1
Little lady7
Little lady little man1
Little lady make believe3
Little ladys letter1
little lake with a bottom of sand1
Little lamb8
Little lamb jam1

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