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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page L41 - Lite the fuse to little cousin

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Tune nameSessions
Lite the fuse1
Lite till1
lite touch1
Lite waltz1
Litely raining1
Liten blues1
Liten brunett1
Liten elegi1
Liten frostmaler1
Liten fuglSimens samba1
Liten hotelsuite1
Liten jazzsvit1
Liten Karin2
Liten promenad konsert1
Liten rag for 4 blasare banjo och slagverk1
Liten Soyrsuite1
Liten stor1
Liten va guten1
Liten vals2
Liten var gutten1
Liten visa1
Liten visa till Karin2
Literary career1
literary lizard2
Litet blatt cafe1
Litet grann frin ovan1
Lithas song1
Lithe dream1
Lithe girl brown girlBlue shoes1
Lithely built1
Lithia valley1
Lithium1st element of the second period1
Lithotone I1
Lithotone II1
Lithuania mix1
Lithuanian song no 161
Lithuanian stomp1
Lithuanian whirl1
Litl boy1
Litla lina1
Litla prump2
Litli savarti sambo1
Litos place1
Lits blancs1
Litte Eva1
Litte people1
littel lost dog1
Litten visa till Sophia1
Little & big1
little 3 for LC1
little 341
little 34 for God & Co2
little 34 for God and Co10
little 34 time for God & co1
Little A1
Little Abbey1
Little Abi9
Little Aby1
Little Africa5
Little African flower6
little African stomp1
Little Afrika2
little after eight1
little after twelve2
Little air1
Little Alex1
Little allegory2
Little altar boy1
little amber1
Little Amnesty1
Little Anahids day2
little anarchy never hurt everyone1
Little and low1
Little angel9
Little angel eyes1
little angel told me so1
Little Angelo1
Little angels lullaby1
Little Angie1
Little Ann1
Little Anna1
Little Annie2
Little Annie Fanny1
Little Annie Rooney2
Little AnnieOoh3
Little annoying teddybears1
Little anthem1
Little Anthony1
Little ape2
Little appetites1
Little apple5
Little Arnie1
Little arrows2
Little As vibe1
Little astronaut1
little at a time5
Little Auk1
Little B2
Little baby4
Little baby child1
little ballad3
little ballad for you1
Little bamboo1
little band1
Little band master1
Little band of gold1
Little bandit1
little bandmaster2
Little banjo man1
Little barefoot soul1
Little Basie1
Little bay2
Little bay blue1
Little bead1
Little bear4
Little bear prelude1
Little bears1
Little Beas poem1
little beat waltz1
Little beau blue1
Little beau blues1
Little beautiful dancing girl1
Little beauty2
Little beaver3
Little bebop drummer boy2
Little bee song1
Little Bees poem1
little behind1
Little Bel1
Little Belgiums boogie1
Little bell2
Little bellflower1
Little bells1
Little Belmont Club blues1
Little Ben1
Little Ben blues1
Little Bennie2
Little Benny9
Little Benny Hen1
Little bercheres1
Little bestiary1
Little Beth2
Little better2
little better soon1
Little Bettina1
Little big1
Little big beat1
Little big bossa1
Little Big Easy Blues1
Little big foot2
Little big girl1
Little big horn8
little big horn 21
Little big horn blues1
Little big horns2
Little big horse1
Little big J1
Little Big John1
Little big man2
little big of LiverpoolDakota1
Little big one1
Little Big Sam1
Little big saxophone1
Little big sis2
Little big suite1
Little big toe1
Little big woman1
Little bigger2
Little Bimba1
Little bird37
Little bird depressed1
little bird didnt find her home1
little bird flew by2
Little bird in the lee1
Little bird rose1
Little bird song4
Little Bird Suite1
little bird told me3
Little bird youre caught1
Little birdie7
Little birdie little birdie why do you sing your song1
little birdie told me so15
Little birdie tweettweettweet1
Little birds3
little birds flown over1
Little birds have fast hearts2
Little birthday song1
Little biscuit3
Little bit10
little bit about myself1
little bit bad4
little bit closer6
little bit country a little bit rock n roll1
little bit free1
little bit groovy1
little bit in love2
little bit independant2
little bit independent16
little bit later on4
little bit like1
little bit longer2
little bit melancholy1
little bit more3
Little bit o butter1
Little bit o heaven1
little bit o honey1
little bit of Basie1
little bit of blarney1
little bit of blues2
little bit of cherish1
little bit of chocolate1
little bit of country3
little bit of dark1
little bit of Duke4
little bit of Ella1
little bit of everything1
little bit of good1
little bit of heaven6
little bit of jazz1
little bit of John1
little bit of Judas1
Little bit of La1
little bit of love4
little bit of lovin1
little bit of Miles1
Little bit of nothing1
Little bit of rag2
little bit of Rigoletto4
little bit of seven1
little bit of soul2
Little bit of sugar1
little bit of this a little bit of that2
little bit of this and a little bit of that4
little bit of what you fancy1
little bit of Yancey in London1
little bit of you1
little bit older1
little bit rock n roll1
little bit scared2
Little bit shy1
little bit south of East St Louis1
Little bit south of North Carolina1
little bit square but nice3
little bit tall1
little bit tricky1
Little bits14
Little bittern1
little bitterness1
Little bittie gals blues1
Little bitty baby2
Little bitty ballad1
Little bitty bluebird blues1
Little bitty boy1
Little bitty pretty one6
Little bitty tear1
little bitty twins1
Little Bix2
Little black baby3
Little black bird3
Little black book3
little black box1
Little black boy3
Little black coot1
Little black dog1
Little black dove1
Little black dress3
Little black haired girl1
Little black lake1
Little black lion1
Little black Lucille1
Little black samba4
Little black skirt1
Little black spiders1
Little black swallow1
Little black thing1
Little black train1
little blackout1
Little blade of grass1
Little blonde1
Little bloody song2
little blue8
Little blue birds1
Little blue boy1
little blue dancer1
Little blue devil2
Little blue elephant1
Little blue Elvira1
Little blue eyes1
little blue frog1
Little blue jug1
little blue man3
Little blue nothing1
Little blue one1
Little blue sun1
Little blue Volkswagen1
Little blue Volkswagon2
Little bluebird1
Little blues7
little blues for a little one1
Little blues for fun1
little blues for Mr W1
Little blues for Ornette1
little blues for you1
little blues never hurt anybody1
little blues there1
Little bo peep2
Little boat48
Little Bobby1
Little bolero1
Little Boo1
Little booboo1
Little Booker4
Little Booker blues1
Little Booker T1
Little boots1
Little Bop Poose1
Little Boris tribulations1
Little bossa9
little bossa nova1
Little Bouddha1
little bouquet1
little box of jazz1
Little box of seawonders1
Little boxes2
Little boy32
little boy and the old man1
Little boy bad1
Little boy ballew1
Little boy black1
Little boy blew his top1
Little boy blow1
Little boy blue12
Little boy blues8
Little boy dear1
Little boy dont get scared2
Little boy for so long little boy but not for long1
Little boy found2
Little boy go blow your top1
Little boy green1
Little boy grown tall1
Little boy heart1
Little boy in the corner1
Little boy lost12
Little boy of mine1
Little boy play chess1
Little boy that Santa Claus forgot5
little boy that Santa forgot1
Little boy visita Hiroshima1
Little boy with a big heart1
little boy with his kalimba1
Little boy with the sad eyes12
Little boy wonder1
Little Boyd blue2
Little Boyd special1
Little boys2
Little boys bossa2
Little Brazilian1
Little break from Hoagy1
Little breath1
Little Brian1
Little bridge1
little brightness1
Little brise1
Little bronco1
little brook1
Little brother13
Little brother Beal1
Little brother Ben1
Little brother Bobby1
Little brother soul1
Little Brother stomp1
Little Brothers boogie1
Little Brothers early pieces and history1
Little brothers little boogie1
Little brown1
Little brown bird2
Little brown book1
Little brown boy2
Little brown gal2
Little brown girl1
Little brown house2
Little brown jig1
Little brown jub mambo1
Little brown jug169
Little brown jug mambo2
Little brown Les1
Little brown mambo1
Little Bs bounce1
Little Bs poem65
Little Buck1
Little Budd1
Little buddy2
Little buggers1
little bumpin2
little bunch of could haves1
little bungalow1
Little business1
little busy4
Little busy body1
Little buttercup6
Little butterfly10
Little by little29
Little C1
Little Caesar4
Little cage1
Little caged bird1
Little calypso2
Little camels1
Little Camilla1
Little candel1
Little Carmelita1
little carnation1
Little carneval1
Little carnival1
Little Caroline1
little cascade2
Little cat dance1
Little cathedral1
Little chain of gold1
Little chamber music1
Little chances1
little change1
little change of rhythm1
Little changes1
Little Charlie1
Little charmer1
little charver1
Little Chee1
Little Chicago fire2
Little chick1
Little chick a dear1
Little chick a dee1
Little chicken conga1
Little chickie wahwah1
Little Chico2
Little Chicsy1
little child8
little child is falling ill1
Little children3
Little children dont go near that house1
Little children of Peru1
little childs poem1
Little chipie1
Little chiquita1
Little chocolate boy1
Little choral1
Little chorale1
Little choro1
Little Chris2
Little Christmas suite for Sue Lee1
little Christmas waltz1
Little chubby1
Little chum1
Little chunky2
Little church11
Little cinema1
Little circles1
Little circumferance1
little circus1
little circus music2
Little class1
little classical1
Little Claus and big Claus1
little climax1
little closer2
little cloud3
little cloud took a morning walk1
Little clown1
Little coda1
little colonel1
little comedy6
Little complications1
Little Concert2
Little concert piece1
little consideration3
little contented place1
Little cool one1
Little coquette16
Little cougar1
little cousin1

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