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This index refers to the 551,308 individual tune titles (1,641,127 total entries) included in over 249,764 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2021.

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Page L37 - Like a band to Like yours

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Tune nameSessions
Like a band1
Like a bark on the ocean1
Like a bird7
Like a bird on a wire1
Like a bird on the wing1
Like a black riverbed1
Like a blackbirds heart1
Like a blessed baby lamb1
Like a blues1
Like a boat on the water1
Like a Bohemian1
Like a bolt from the blue3
Like a boy1
Like a breath1
Like a breath of spring5
Like a bridge across your heart1
Like a bronco1
Like a butterfly4
Like a Byrd1
Like a cat in the snow2
Like a child8
Like a child at play1
Like a child in disguise1
Like a child like a song1
Like a church song1
Like a circle1
Like a circle in the water1
Like a circle never stops1
Like a clock1
Like a cloud1
like a cloud of brown stars1
Like a crazy man1
Like a dam1
Like a dervish experience1
Like a dishwasher1
Like a dog1
Like a dream7
Like a dream a phantom1
Like a dream in the sky1
Like a drop of oil1
Like a drum1
Like a fairy tale1
Like a fairytale1
Like a fairytale of magic1
Like a falling down1
Like a feather in the breeze1
Like a fire that consumes all before it1
Like a fish1
Like a fish in deep water1
Like a flower2
Like a fool2
Like a Fragonard2
Like a frog1
Like a galaxy of stars1
Like a game1
Like a gentlemen ought to1
Like a ghost from the blue1
Like a ghost in the grass1
Like a ghost in your house1
Like a giant1
Like a god4
Like a gospel1
Like a gull1
Like a heartbeat1
Like a horn1
Like a horse1
Like a hurricane2
Like a kiss1
Like a kiss that never ends2
Like a lafcadio1
Like a lake1
Like a lamenting song1
Like a leaf1
Like a leaf in the wind3
Like a light1
Like a lion in the Serengeti2
Like a little child1
Like a little organ1
Like a lover107
Like a lover o cantdor1
Like a machine that only works when its working right1
Like a madman beyond all limits1
Like a magic kiss1
Like a mast an arm a head1
Like a memory1
Like a mighty rose1
Like a mist1
Like a monkey likes coconuts1
Like a morning glory1
Like a motherless sun1
Like a mountain1
Like a mystery1
Like a natural man1
Like a newborn child1
Like a peacock it dances1
Like a pet shop on fire1
Like a prayer3
Like a pudding1
Like a puzzle1
Like a quiet storm3
Like a race1
Like a ripple made by the wind1
Like a river7
Like a road1
Like a rolling stone8
Like a rose3
Like a sad song2
Like a salsa1
Like a samba1
Like a sandglass1
Like a screenwiper beat1
Like a secret2
Like a secret argosy1
Like a seed1
Like a shadow3
Like a shimmer of hope Canal St Martin1
Like a ship1
Like a ship at sea5
Like a ship in the night1
Like a ship without a sail3
Like a sick eagle3
Like a sky1
Like a smile1
Like a soft breeze1
Like a son2
Like a song3
Like a song like a dance1
Like a spring day4
Like a star6
Like a straw in the wind2
Like a summer breeze1
Like a summernight1
Like a swallow1
Like a swan2
Like a sweet refrain1
Like a swimming pool1
Like a tango1
Like a tap dance1
Like a thief in the night4
Like a top1
Like a twilight1
Like a twostep1
Like a very1
Like a vesper1
Like a virgin4
Like a Virginia creeper1
Like a water fall1
Like a waterfall1
Like a whisper2
Like a whispering1
Like a whistle1
Like a wildgoose flies1
Like a wind3
Like a winding road1
Like a woman3
Like a young man1
Like a zebra towards the island of yesterday1
Like Alice4
Like almost like1
Like always3
Like an angel2
Like an angel passing through my room1
Like an ant in the grass1
Like an empty car1
Like an old cigarette1
Like an old piano2
Like an old song2
Like animal1
Like animals2
Like Anthony1
Like as the waves sonnet 601
Like at first sight1
Like bacon1
Like bananas because they have no bones1
Like Basie1
Like be good1
Like be my guest1
Like before1
Like before the rerun1
Like being in love1
Like Benny1
Like birds1
Like blue4
Like blues1
Like blues you know1
Like Bobby1
Like bonsai1
Like booze in the night1
Like bright lights1
Like broken glass1
Like brother and sister1
Like brothers1
Like buttah1
Like butter2
Like cab1
Like castles in the air1
Like children1
Like children do1
Like children seeking the truth1
Like church1
Like Clifford1
Like clockwork1
Like coming home1
Like Cozy1
Like crimson1
Like Dakar1
Like Danny1
Like Dave3
Like Dersu Uzala1
Like dig1
Like Don2
Like dreamers do3
Like driving1
Like dust I may rise1
Like Elvin1
Like enlightenment1
Like Erroll2
Like every other day2
Like eyes1
Like Farb1
Like fast1
Like father like son4
Like fire 2 straw1
Like fish in puddles1
Like flies2
Like flight1
Like for the first time1
Like forrest1
Like freedom waltz1
Like friends1
Like full moon at noon1
Like fun1
Like Gianni1
Like glass1
Like Godzilla1
Like gold1
Like grains of sand5
Like grass1
Like GS 21
Like Hansel and Gretel1
Like having fun1
Like help1
Like Henry1
Like Hermeto1
Like home3
Like how1
Like how long baby1
Like I care2
Like I do1
Like I do now1
Like I know Susie1
Like I miss the sun1
Like I said7
Like I say1
Like I see it1
Like I trust your friends1
Like I was sayin1
Like I was saying1
Like I wasnt there1
Like Icarus ascending1
Like ice cubes in a glass1
Like iguana without the G1
Like Im loving you2
Like Im the laziest chick in town1
Like in Nigeria1
Like in the sacrifices of long ago1
Like it1
Like it better1
Like it feels1
Like it is18
Like it jis1
Like it like that1
Like it never happened1
Like it never was3
Like it or forget it1
Like it or not2
Like it used to be1
Like it was2
Like it was before2
Like it was the last time1
Like it will be1
Like its already been said1
Like Jack2
Like James P1
Like JATP1
Like jazz7
Like jelly1
Like Jim1
Like Jimmy1
Like Joe2
Like John2
Like Joni1
Like Josef1
Like JT2
Like Judas2
Like Julian1
Like Kenny4
Like Kisor1
Like Larry1
Like late1
Like later1
Like latin3
Like leaves in the wind1
Like Lee1
Like Lee Morgan1
Like life2
Like light falls1
Like lightning2
Like like like1
Like like someone2
Like likely1
Like listen1
Like listening with your fingertips1
Like little bo peep I want to count sheep til the cows come home1
Like little children1
Like little white moons on trees1
Like Lois1
Like Lonnie1
Like love9
Like Luigi2
Like Lulu1
Like Max1
Like mazurca1
Like McCoy1
Like me5
Like me a little bit less1
Like Mike6
Like Miles3
Like Milt1
Like minded1
Like minds3
like mine]1
Like Monk3
Like mountain birds1
Like moving of seasons1
Like Mozart1
Like music from the skies1
Like my attitude1
Like my lord1
Like my own2
Like my reed1
Like never before3
Like night1
Like night and day1
Like no one else can1
Like no other1
Like no place on earth2
Like no tomorrow1
Like nobody else1
Like nothing else1
Like now1
Like nutty overture1
Like old times8
Like olden days1
Like ordinary people do1
Like other people say1
Like paper1
Like Paul1
Like people in heat1
Like pink1
Like plankton1
Like poison ivy1
Like popcorn1
Like rain whispers mist1
Like Rashaan1
Like rays1
Like red1
Like red flowers1
Like Rumpelstiltskin1
Like Satie1
Like Sco1
Like shapes1
Like sheep looking up1
Like ships2
Like showers of rain1
Like Sigmund1
Like silver2
Like silver felt1
Like so1
Like so many drops of water1
Like so many others1
Like so many sails1
Like solar1
Like some blues man3
Like somebody1
Like someone2
Like someone in love718
Like someone to love1
Like Sonny63
Like Sonny C1
Like sounds1
Like space1
Like space and time1
Like spring1
Like Stan1
Like statues1
Like stone and stars1
Like strange2
Like Surman1
Like taking candy from a baby1
Like tears in rain2
Like tears in the rain2
Like that18
Like that of sky1
Like that shes gone1
Like the angels1
Like the blade1
Like the blade Interlude1
Like the clouds1
Like the dream1
Like the Duke2
Like the dust1
Like the earth always under1
Like the end of a movie1
Like the fall1
Like the fella once said1
Like the first day of spring1
Like the gentle rain1
Like the kind of peace it is1
Like the light1
Like the melting snow1
Like the moon2
Like the moon above you1
Like the morning1
Like the nut trees1
Like the ocean1
Like the old folks1
Like the one I got1
Like the precedent1
Like the river1
Like the rivers flow1
Like the rose2
Like the sand of the ocean1
Like the shoemaker and the elves1
Like the star above there1
Like the stars1
Like the sun2
Like the sun out of nowhere1
Like the sun with the day1
Like the sunlight1
Like the sunrise2
Like the sunshine1
Like the waves1
Like the wind6
Like the wind in the pine1
Like them that dream1
Like Theo1
Like there has never been1
Like theres no place like home1
Like this18
Like this like that2
Like those who dream1
Like thunder1
Like to dance1
Like to get to know you2
Like to make love when its pouring down rain1
Like to party1
Like Trane5
Like transparent shadow1
Like trash1
Like trees like leaves1
Like tu fu1
Like tweet1
Like vast1
Like voices of sleeping birds1
Like wash it or something1
Like water12
Like water falling down with a thousand spirits1
Like waterfalls1
Like Wayne in Trane1
Like we did1
Like we did yesterday1
Like we do1
Like we love1
Like weeds on the ruins1
Like what is this3
Like what it is2
Like when the saints1
Like when we were young1
Like who1
Like wild1
Like wind I go1
Like Woody1
Like wow3
Like yea1
Like yesterday1
Like Yoko and John1
Like you2
Like you didnt know1
Like you do1
Like you dont want me no more1
Like you in autumn1
Like you know baby1
Like you part 11
Like you part 21
Like you thought it might be1
Like you youre nice1
Like young36
Like your sweetheart misses you1
Like yours1

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