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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page L32 - Lets not chat about despair to Leve ta fenetre

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Tune nameSessions
Lets not chat about despair1
Lets not fall in love1
Lets not pretend1
Lets not reflect1
Lets not take a raincheck1
Lets not talk about love1
Lets not waltz tonight1
Lets not waste a moment1
Lets operate1
Lets party5
Lets party with Marty2
Lets percolate1
Lets pick up where we left off1
Lets pinch a boogie woogie1
Lets pitch a little woo1
Lets play13
Lets play a bit1
Lets play a blues1
Lets play another version1
Lets play blues1
Lets play Chess1
Lets play house1
Lets play one1
Lets play the blues3
Lets play together1
Lets pour the rivers rainbow1
Lets pray against somebody1
Lets pretend21
Lets pretend love1
Lets pretend theres a moon5
Lets pretend to be sweethearts1
Lets put fun back in fundamentalism1
Lets put it like this1
Lets put our dreams together2
Lets put our heads together3
Lets put our hearts together1
Lets put out the lights16
Lets put out the lights and go to sleep2
Lets put some people to work1
Lets put the lights out1
Lets put two and two together1
Lets RDV1
Lets realize our romance1
Lets rendezvous1
Lets reproduce1
Lets ride2
Lets ride ride ride1
Lets ride tonight1
Lets ride with Bob1
Lets rock1
Lets rock a while1
Lets rock and roll2
Lets rock n roll into something beautiful1
Lets rock the cha cha cha1
Lets rock while the rockins good1
Lets roll2
Lets roll in sake2
Lets roll it2
Lets roll one1
Lets roller skate1
Lets run around1
Lets run away1
Lets run away and be Indians1
Lets sail away2
Lets sail to dreamland2
Lets samba1
Lets say a prayer2
Lets say goodbye3
Lets say goodnight1
Lets say it comes in waves1
Lets say we did3
Lets say windmill1
Lets see2
Lets see what tomorrow brings1
Lets see you get out of here1
Lets settle down1
Lets shag on the beach1
Lets sing2
Lets sing a gay little spring song1
Lets sing a song1
Lets sing a song about Suzie1
Lets sing a song of love1
Lets sing again9
Lets sing for him1
Lets sing lets dance1
Lets sing like a dixieland band1
Lets sit and talk1
Lets sit and talk about you6
Lets sit down and talk it over1
Lets sit right down1
Lets sit this one out1
Lets sleep late1
Lets slip away1
Lets smoke it1
Lets snap1
Lets sow a wild cat1
Lets sow a wild oat13
Lets speak about the weather1
Lets spend a quiet evening at home1
Lets spend an evening at home3
Lets spend some time together1
Lets spend the day together1
Lets spend the night1
Lets spill the beans2
Lets split5
Lets spring one1
Lets stand1
Lets start1
Lets start again1
Lets start all over again3
Lets start over again3
Lets start smoking again1
Lets start the New Year right3
Lets start to love1
Lets start with a kiss1
Lets stay a bit longer1
Lets stay after school1
Lets stay awake1
Lets stay friends1
Lets stay home1
Lets stay home for the holidays1
Lets stay in1
Lets stay to together1
Lets stay together52
Lets stay warm1
Lets stay young forever1
Lets steal him1
Lets step out1
Lets stick together2
Lets stop making make believe1
Lets stop the clock5
Lets stretch1
Lets surf awhile1
Lets swing1
Lets swing again2
Lets swing it7
Lets take 16 bars1
Lets take a break1
Lets take a chance2
Lets take a chance together1
Lets take a ferryboat to New Orleans1
Lets take a little walk1
Lets take a moment1
Lets take a ride1
Lets take a ride on a rocket1
Lets take a trip1
Lets take a trip to the sky1
Lets take a walk1
Lets take a walk around the block12
Lets take an old fashioned walk9
Lets take another dream2
Lets take it over baby1
Lets take it slow1
Lets take the long way home15
Lets take the Maxwell1
Lets take the train1
Lets take two and then the money and run the voodoo down1
Lets talk13
Lets talk about death1
Lets talk about jazz1
Lets talk about love4
Lets talk about Mr Charles Mingus1
Lets talk about my sweetie14
Lets talk about the weather2
Lets talk about you and me1
Lets talk business6
Lets talk it out1
Lets talk it over3
Lets talk it over baby2
Lets talk over1
Lets talk things over2
Lets tangle1
Lets tawk1
Lets tear it up1
Lets tear the threads of trust3
Lets tenderly say goodbye1
Lets the music take your mind1
Lets the spirit in1
Lets think about it1
Lets think awhile1
Lets think of something to do1
Lets toot1
Lets touch bass1
Lets travel light2
Lets try5
Lets try again14
Lets try it6
Lets try it again1
Lets try loving in spring1
Lets try one2
Lets try this again2
Lets turn em on tonight1
Lets turn the lamp down low1
Lets twist2
Lets twist again14
Lets twist some more1
Lets unite the world at Christmas1
Lets unwind1
Lets use death as the most expensive effect1
Lets vamonos1
Lets vamos1
Lets wade in the water1
Lets wail1
Lets wait a while3
Lets wait and see1
Lets wait awhile1
Lets waitand see1
Lets walk5
Lets walk from fire unto fire1
Lets walk over the fields1
Lets waltz2
Lets waltz for old times sake1
Lets wander away2
Lets waste some time1
Lets wet1
Lets wiggle a little boogie1
Lets work1
Lets work together1
Lets wrestle Poppy1
Lets you and I just say goodbye1
Letsa eata a banana witha Anna1
Letschti Nacht1
Lett lag af hljomplotu1
Lette formiddagstoner1
Letter 11
Letter 21
Letter 31
Letter 41
Letter 51
Letter 61
Letter 71
Letter A2
letter and a place1
Letter as hero1
Letter B1
Letter by letter1
letter dressed in red1
Letter E2
Letter edged in black1
Letter fellow get some sleep1
letter for AnnaLee1
Letter for B1
Letter for E1
Letter from a dead soldier1
Letter from a prison1
letter from AnnaLee1
Letter from Brazil1
letter from Carmen1
letter from Dixie2
Letter from Ghana1
Letter from HK1
Letter from home17
Letter from India1
Letter from Jennifer1
Letter from Kierwaan1
Letter from my darling1
Letter from my kitten1
Letter from my mother4
Letter from NY1
Letter from Pat1
Letter from Paul2
letter from RK1
letter from Sandy1
Letter from SJ1
Letter from Spain1
letter from stillness1
letter from the past1
Letter from Walden two1
Letter full of tears1
Letter grade1
Letter H1
Letter he1
letter home6
Letter home to my wife3
Letter I1
Letter II1
Letter III1
letter in blues1
Letter K1
Letter last1
Letter music1
Letter of a seaman1
Letter of intent1
Letter of resignation1
letter of thanks1
Letter perfect1
letter posthum1
letter reading song1
Letter sagt Enn Gjort1
Letter to A1
Letter to a city under siege1
letter to a friend2
Letter to a little girl1
Letter to a poet2
Letter to a resurrected slave owner1
Letter to Airto1
Letter to Alissa1
Letter to America1
Letter to Ausonius1
Letter to Bertolt Brecht1
Letter to Betty Carter1
letter to Bill1
Letter to Bjork1
Letter to Bob Kaufmann1
Letter to Chris1
Letter to Crete1
Letter to Czerny1
Letter to Dave1
Letter to Davey1
Letter to Derek1
Letter to Evan24
Letter to friend1
Letter to Gyorgy L2
Letter to Henry1
Letter to Herbie1
Letter to Hermione1
Letter to Illinois1
Letter to J1
letter to Jana1
letter to jazz1
Letter to Joe1
letter to Lady N1
Letter to Lateef1
Letter to Lola1
letter to Mama Grande1
Letter to Marta1
Letter to Mary2
Letter to Mimaroglu1
letter to Mom1
Letter to Mother1
Letter to my baby1
letter to my father1
letter to my mother4
Letter to my son2
Letter to NY1
Letter to Pat2
letter to Paul1
Letter to President Nixon Re The Chili affair1
Letter to prospect township1
letter to Robert Hunter1
letter to Santa1
Letter to South Africa3
letter to St Paul1
Letter to Sydney1
Letter to the editor1
Letter to the moon1
letter to the muse1
Letter to the world2
Letter to Theo1
letter to three wives1
Letter to Virginia1
Letter to Vololonirina1
letter to Wes2
Letter to William2
Letter to Yana1
Letter without words1
Letter writing sequence1
Lettera A1
Lettera a Carosone1
Lettera a Don Giovanni Rossi1
Lettera a Giovanin1
Lettera a mamma1
Lettera a miro il quaderno di Taddeo1
Lettera alla madre1
Lettera amorosa1
Lettera da Milano1
Lettera da sado1
Lettera dallamerica2
Lettere dal sud1
Lettermans triumph1
Letters and leaves1
Letters diaries1
Letters for Marcy2
Letters from Bethlehem1
Letters from Italy1
Letters from Iwo Jima1
Letters from Linda John1
Letters from Mike OBrien1
Letters from nowhere1
Letters from the attic1
Letters in disguise1
Letters never sent1
Letters of Marque1
letters on the page1
Letters on the track1
Letters to Algiers1
Letters to insects1
Letters to John Cage1
Letters to my little girl1
Letters to the past1
Letters written long ago1
Lettin go1
Lettin loose2
Letting go29
Letting it go1
Letting midnight out on bail1
Letting my love go1
Letting the negatives go1
Letting you go3
Letto grosso1
Lettre a1
Lettre a Alain1
Lettre a Emma Bovary1
Lettre a Fatou Diome1
Lettre a JeanJacques Avenel1
Lettre a Loise1
Lettre a Louis1
Lettre a Marie W1
Lettre a monsieur le chef de gare de la tour de Carol1
Lettre a Rainer Wiens1
Lettre a un vieux politicien1
Lettre a une inconnue1
Lettre a Vincent1
Lettre a Virginie2
Lettre a vonette1
Lettre belge1
Lettre de Toronto1
Lettre du Front Farlete le 30 Octobre 19361
Lettre N1
Lettre ouverte1
Lettre ouverte a Charles Mingus1
Lettre ouverte a Mr Debussey1
Lettre pour Beatrice1
Lettre pour un ami1
Lettres Tunisiennes1
Lettuce toss yo salad1
Lettura da lart poetique di P Verlaine5
Lettura della lettera2
Letude du milles pattes1
Letzer trip1
Letzle nacht1
Letzles duo1
Letzte chance1
Letzte Hoffnung1
Letzte rose1
Letzte Schmierung1
Letzten donnerstag in der zeitschleife1
Letzter schritt next step1
Letzter Walzer1
Letzter Wille1
Let’s do it3
Let’s fall in love5
Let’s get lost1
Let’s get married1
Let’s get right1
Let’s go Johnny1
Let’s make a better world1
Let’s make love1
Let’s misbehave1
Let’s spend the night together1
leu cha1
Leuchtende nachtwolken1
Leucocyte I Ab initio1
Leucocyte II Ad interim1
Leucocyte III Ad mortem1
Leucocyte IV Ad infinitum1
Leugit vo Barge u Tau1
Leur blue1
Leur suite1
Leutkes leap1
Leuven country2
Leuven I1
Leuven II1
Leuven III1
Lev blues1
Lev som vanligt bara1
Lev ton pied1
Leva e traz2
Leva med doden1
Levando a vida1
Levando ancias1
Levantate negrita1
Levante en calma1
Levanto seventy1
Leve leve muito leve1
Leve ta fenetre1

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