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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L30 - Let me touch your Batman to Lets dope the Pope

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Tune nameSessions
Let me touch your Batman1
Let me touch your life1
Let me try4
Let me try again7
Let me up2
Let me walk closer to thee1
Let me walk the moon1
Let me walk with you2
Let me whisper1
Let me whisper to your heart1
Let me wipe it first it smells of mortality1
Let me wrap my arms around you1
Let mots rebelles1
Let my children waltz1
Let my fingers go1
Let my guitar talk1
Let my last days be my best1
Let my love open the door1
Let my man alone1
Let my man alone blues1
Let my mind go1
Let my mouth shower kisses on you1
Let my people be1
Let my people blow1
Let my people go15
Let my people have some freedom1
Let my people return1
Let my people split1
Let my people swing1
Let my prayer rise2
Let nature take its course2
Let nobody1
Let nobody love you1
Let nothing separate us1
Let old men dream their dreams1
Let op bromfiets op de straat1
Let our garden grow1
Let Peremsky dream1
Let petit pingouin de Samuel1
Let Poremsky dream1
Let ring1
Let rivers flow1
Let Sco1
Let silence speak1
Let sleeping dogs lie2
Let sleeping love lie1
Let sleeping questions lie1
Let slip1
Let some love in1
Let some things go by1
Let sound be sound1
Let sounds be themselves1
Let spring set sail1
Let that be a lesson to you11
Let the back door hit you2
Let the bells ring on1
Let the big world keep on turning1
Let the blues talk1
Let the breeze in1
Let the cat out3
Let the chihuahuas dance1
Let the children dance1
Let the children grow1
Let the children play1
Let the children sing1
Let the church roll on1
Let the circle be unbroken1
Let the creative force take over1
Let the dance begin with you1
Let the day slip by1
Let the door knob hit you in the back1
Let the door knob hitcha2
Let the doorknob hitcha1
Let the dream begin1
Let the earth shake1
Let the fat one do the job1
Let the feeling flow1
Let the fire grow1
Let the flower grow4
Let the flowers grow1
Let the fork invade the region of my heart1
Let the four winds blow11
Let the funk out1
Let the good time roll2
Let the good times flow1
Let the good times in1
Let the good times rock and roll1
Let the good times roll113
Let the good times roll by1
Let the good times roll creole1
Let the great big world keep on turning4
Let the great big world keep turnig Monkey parade1
Let the great big world keep turning12
Let the great world keep turning around1
Let the healing begin2
Let the horse go1
Let the juice loose3
Let the left hand roll1
Let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice1
Let the light2
Let the light from my lighthouse shine on me1
Let the light from the lighthouse5
Let the light from the lighthouse shine3
Let the light from the lighthouse shine on me2
Let the light in the lighthouse shine on me1
Let the light shine on me1
Let the little people talk2
Let the love bug bite1
Let the love slide in1
Let the loving begin1
Let the lower lights be burning2
Let the mermaids flirt with me1
Let the miracle unfold1
Let the monkeys dance1
Let the moon stand still1
Let the music play1
Let the music sing1
Let the music speak1
Let the music take care of you1
Let the music take me1
Let the music take you7
Let the music take your mind6
Let the nature sing1
Let the night begin1
Let the old boy go1
Let the party go on1
Let the people in1
Let the phone ring1
Let the punishment fit the crime1
Let the rabbit tell your fortune1
Let the rain fall down1
Let the rain fall on me4
Let the rain fall upwards1
Let the rest of the world1
Let the rest of the world go by26
Let the river run2
Let the sandman come1
Let the sea roar2
Let the show begin1
Let the slave3
Let the slaveThe Price of experience1
Let the spirit flower1
Let the stars come out tonight1
Let the story begin1
Let the sun shine in15
Let the sun shine in my life2
Let the sun shine on me again1
Let the sunshine1
Let the sunshine change your heart1
Let the sunshine in5
Let the tape roll4
Let the tears flow1
Let the telephone ring1
Let the thus be1
Let the train blow the whistle1
Let the vibes decide1
Let the whole world keep on turning1
Let the wild rumpus start2
Let the wind blow1
Let the wind carry me1
Let the woman speak1
Let the word go forth1
Let the words1
Let the world rebegin1
Let the world sing1
Let the worry bird worry for you1
Let the zoomers drool8
Let their voices be as music1
Let them be1
Let them be children1
Let them crevulate3
Let them eat paper towels1
Let them eat telly1
Let them go1
Let them it1
Let them live1
Let them make their living blues1
Let them pass part 11
Let them pass part 21
Let them pass part 31
Let them pass part 41
Let them pass part 51
Let them pass part 61
Let them pass part 71
Let them roll1
Let them talk23
Let there be a woman1
Let there be drums2
Let there be funk1
Let there be life love and laughter2
Let there be light2
Let there be love100
Let there be neon1
Let there be nothing1
Let there be peace3
Let there be peace on earth8
Let there be silverlight1
Let there be swing1
Let there be you2
Let there be you and me2
Let things be1
Let things slide1
Let this be a warning to you1
Let this be a warning to you baby1
Let this blood be on us1
Let this love last1
Let this melody ring on1
Let this time last1
Let those who appear1
Let those who are in favour1
Let thy people go2
Let up1
Let us1
Let us all relax2
Let us attend to present business1
Let us be always1
Let us be free1
Let us be sweethearts over again1
Let us bow down1
Let us break bread together19
Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees1
Let us dive in1
Let us drink a toast together1
Let us go into the house1
Let us go into the house of the Lord5
Let us go then1
Let us join hands1
Let us join the dance1
Let us live2
Let us make a joyful noise1
Let us merry and joyful be1
Let us not forget1
Let us part in peace1
Let us play1
Let us pray1
Let us run1
Let us see1
Let us shine1
Let us stick together1
Let us string together1
Let well enough alone1
Let you be1
Let you go1
Let you move1
Let your conscience be your guide2
Let your daddy see1
Let your fears go1
Let your fingers do the talkin1
Let your fingers do the talking2
Let your fingers do the walking1
Let your hair down2
Let your hair down baby2
Let your hair hang down1
Let your heart be free1
Let your heart sing2
Let your heavenly light shine on me1
Let your learning be your eyes1
Let your light from the lighthouse shine on me1
Let your linen hang low2
Let your lips touch my lips1
Let your love come down1
Let your love come out1
Let your love flow1
Let your love light shine1
Let your love shine1
Let your love walk in3
Let your mind be free2
Let your mind space out1
Let your money talk1
Let your pony ride1
Let your pride be your guide1
Let your smile shine1
Let your tears hang out1
Let your voice be heard2
Let your voice dance1
Let yourself down4
Let yourself go56
Let youth be served1
Leta dellOro1
Letajici jekor1
Letal viejita1
Letang change1
Letang de pissevache1
Letang des iris1
Letani ve vyskach1
Letas dance1
Letat des choses2
Letat des sons1
Letat dincertitude1
Letat sauvage1
Letdown blues1
Lete 424
Lete du 422
Lete indien8
Lete lete1
Lete Ricasso1
Lete sen va1
Leteavec elle1
Letecke boogie1
Leternal desir1
Leternal voyage1
Leternel desir3
Leternel mari1
Leternel retour1
Lethal athlete1
Lethal curve1
Lethal doors1
Lethargy shuffle1
lethargy shuffle & the mindyourbacks tango1
Lethe open no 11
Lethe open no 21
Lethe open no 31
Lethe open no 41
Lethe open no 51
Lethe study no 11
Lethe study no 21
Lethe study no 31
Lethe study no 41
Lethe study no 51
Lethe study no 61
Lethe study no 71
Lethe study no 81
Lethe towel no 11
Lethe towel no 21
Lethe towel no 31
Lethe towel no 41
Lethe towel no 51
Lethe towel no 61
Lethe towel no 71
Lethe towel no 81
Lethe towel no 91
Letime domu1
Letkis Jenka1
Letni casi1
Letnja ljubav1
Leto i ti1
Letoile dennui1
Letoile du Nord2
Letoile du temple1
Letoile qui se referme1
LeToile renversee1
Letoile rouge1
Letra A1
Letra B1
Letra C1
Letra D1
Letra E1
Letra F1
Letra G1
Letra H1
Letra I1
Letra J1
Letrange reunion1
Letranger au paradis3
Letranger de poulet1
Letre le nonetre1
Letroit moustiquaire1
Lets advertise1
Lets agree to disagree2
Lets all be fairies1
Lets all be happy together1
Lets all be merry1
Lets all be there2
Lets all chant1
Lets all do the conga1
Lets all do the swim1
Lets all go1
Lets all go down the strand2
Lets all go down to New Orleans1
Lets all go down to the footwash1
Lets all go down to the river1
Lets all go to Heaven1
Lets all go to Marys house1
Lets all live and give together1
Lets all meet at my house1
Lets all ping pong1
Lets all sing like the birdies sing6
Lets all sing the Arnold Griffith song1
Lets all sing together9
Lets amalgamate1
Lets babalu1
Lets ball2
Lets ball awhile1
Lets ball tonight1
Lets Bar B Q1
Lets be buddies11
Lets be domestic2
Lets be frank2
Lets be friends5
Lets be friends lets be lovers1
Lets be happy2
Lets be sweethearts again5
Lets be thankful2
Lets beat out some love4
Lets begin16
Lets begin again2
Lets blow4
Lets blow the blues3
Lets boogie4
Lets boogie tonight1
Lets boogiewoogie1
Lets boom chitty boom2
Lets break the bars1
Lets break the good news8
Lets bring back World War I1
Lets bring peace1
Lets bro1
Lets burn1
Lets burn down the cornfield3
Lets call a heart a heart6
Lets call a heart a heart So do I The skeleton in the closet1
Lets call a truce tonight1
Lets call it a day15
Lets call it a night1
Lets call it all a dream1
Lets call it love2
Lets call it swing2
Lets call it the blues1
Lets call the whole thing off88
Lets call this70
Lets call this evidence1
Lets call this that1
Lets call tonight a day1
Lets celebrate1
Lets change the alphabet1
Lets change the subject1
Lets change the world1
Lets choo choo choo to Idaho1
Lets choo choo to Idaho1
Lets climb a hill3
Lets close our eyes1
Lets close the door1
Lets come together2
Lets conversate1
Lets cook1
Lets cook it right1
Lets cool one85
Lets coolerate one1
Lets create together1
Lets crush routine1
Lets cut one1
Lets dance264
Lets dance again2
Lets dance all night long1
Lets dance lets be something were not1
Lets dance little girl1
Lets dance that boogie1
Lets dance the ragtime1
Lets dance together1
Lets delay our goodbye1
Lets die for the birdies2
Lets disappear2
Lets discuss this1
Lets do another1
Lets do it6
Lets do it again9
Lets do it lets fall in love171
Lets do it over2
Lets do it tomorrow1
Lets do sixeight1
Lets do some boogie1
Lets do something bad1
Lets do something while we have the chance1
Lets do the boogie1
Lets do the Boston monkey1
Lets do the continental1
Lets do the froggy bottom1
Lets do the hoochiekoochie1
Lets do the hora Dancing the dance of life1
Lets do the thing2
Lets do the whole thing or nothing at all1
Lets do things1
Lets do this6
Lets do this thang1
Lets dont1
Lets dont and say we did1
Lets dope the Pope1

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