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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page J18 - Julius and Ellery learn to walk to Jumping off the bridge

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Tune nameSessions
Julius and Ellery learn to walk1
Julius blues1
Julius Caesar2
Julius Hemphill1
Julius Hemphill band introduction2
Julius is gone psych1
Julius jam1
Julius mountains1
Julius Squeezer1
Julius step1
Julius Tainted by ore1
Julius v jaguari1
Juliusstrasse 252
Julli Gummi1
Julliettes holiday1
Julu kara Nayni1
July 10th1
July 111
July 13th1
July 18th blues1
July 191
July 1st1
July 25th1
July 792
July 831
July 871
July 9 20171
July again1
July dance1
July date1
July first1
July for the smile1
July fourth1
July grooveSeptemberFunk1
July hymn4
July I1
July II1
July III1
July in January1
July in Paris2
July la loca1
July shower1
July Silly Dunya1
July song1
July tenth in three four1
July the 13th1
July tide1
July tree2
Julys dance1
Julys night1
Jumalaka boom boom1
Jumars song1
Jumble dance1
Jumble sale1
Jumbo Buwana1
Jumbo face1
Jumbo Jack1
Jumbo jet1
Jumbo liar1
Jumbo the elephant1
Jumbo Uganda1
Jumbos Barmusik1
Jumbos flight2
Jumbos lullaby1
Jumbuck jamboree2
Jumeaux monozygotes1
Jumento elegante1
Jumna Shah Jahan1
jump ahead1
Jump alla una1
Jump and bray medley1
Jump and grunt1
Jump and jive3
Jump and jumpy1
Jump and shout5
Jump and swing1
Jump around the clock2
Jump awhile2
Jump back3
Jump back honey4
Jump Barney jump1
Jump blues2
Jump blues in C1
Jump blues in F1
Jump boogie1
Jump boogie jump1
Jump boys jump1
Jump bump1
Jump call4
Jump caprice1
Jump children8
Jump city2
Jump cut2
Jump cut shuffle1
Jump didleba1
Jump ditty2
Jump down spin around1
Jump easy2
Jump everybody jump1
Jump fever1
Jump for Albert & Pete1
Jump for Fan1
Jump for George1
Jump for Gerd & Marlies1
Jump for Jeff1
Jump for Joe26
Jump for John1
Jump for Johnny1
Jump for joy87
Jump for me11
jump for Miles1
Jump for Victor1
Jump genius1
Jump Georgie jump2
Jump in5
Jump in focus1
Jump in Jack1
Jump in space1
Jump in the line18
Jump indigo2
Jump into love1
Jump into my car1
Jump into my fire1
Jump into your grave1
jump is low1
Jump it man1
Jump it Mr Trumpet1
Jump it up1
Jump it with a shuffle1
Jump Italiano1
Jump Jack jump6
Jump jive & jazz1
Jump jive & wail2
Jump jive an wail12
Jump jive and wail14
Jump Joe2
Jump John1
Jump jump3
Jump jump jump1
Jump jump puppy1
Jump jumps here5
Jump Lester jump3
Jump line2
Jump little jitterbug1
Jump little T1
Jump Minzi jump1
Jump Monk19
Jump Monk jump1
Jump Monk No21
Jump n jive2
Jump n jive still alive1
Jump n joy1
Jump no 11
Jump off1
Jump off Joe1
jump oh romantic of the hares1
Jump on in1
Jump on it3
Jump on the wagon2
Jump over And join the party1
Jump rabbit jump1
Jump Red jump1
Jump right in1
Jump rope1
Jump rope dance1
Jump safari1
Jump sauce6
Jump session5
Jump shake and move1
Jump shot2
Jump sister Bessie1
Jump song1
Jump spring1
Jump St art1
Jump start19
Jump start my heart2
Jump steady8
Jump steady blues5
Jump Street11
Jump thats all1
Jump the blues5
Jump the blues away8
Jump the boogie1
Jump the escalator1
Jump the gun2
Jump the line1
Jump the rabbit3
Jump theme1
Jump then run1
Jump they say1
jump through1
Jump through the window1
Jump til dawn1
Jump time6
Jump time blues1
Jump to dive1
jump to end all jumps1
Jump to the right1
Jump to your feet donke lets jump together1
Jump tonight1
Jump town7
Jump town jamboree1
Jump up16
Jump up Josie1
Jump up super star1
Jump up swing it1
Jump vip1
Jump with Jonesy2
Jump with me1
Jump with me Don Cheese1
Jump woogie1
Jump world1
Jumpa 21
Jumped pulse1
Jumped up1
Jumpem Jay1
Jumper cables1
Jumper le train de RobervalSaguenay1
Jumpers way1
Jumpin ahead1
Jumpin and jivin1
Jumpin and rollin1
Jumpin and shoutin blues1
Jumpin and stompin3
Jumpin Asaba blues1
Jumpin at Apollo1
Jumpin at Basies2
Jumpin at Capitol2
Jumpin at Connies1
Jumpin at Dons pad1
Jumpin at Gleasons2
Jumpin at Hurley1
Jumpin at Jeffs1
Jumpin at Julius4
Jumpin at la visite1
Jumpin at Mesners1
Jumpin at Sesjun2
Jumpin at shadows1
Jumpin at Smalls1
Jumpin at Sugar Hill1
Jumpin at the border1
Jumpin at the Deuces1
Jumpin at the flagships1
Jumpin at the jazz club1
Jumpin at the Jubilee5
Jumpin at the juke box2
Jumpin at the keyboard1
Jumpin at the lake1
Jumpin at the Lakeside1
Jumpin at the Left Bank1
Jumpin at the Lochness1
Jumpin at the Mardi Gras1
Jumpin at the Pearl1
Jumpin at the Pleyel1
Jumpin at the record shop1
Jumpin at the rocks1
Jumpin at the Rosengarten1
Jumpin at the Savoy2
Jumpin at the spring side1
Jumpin at the sunset1
Jumpin at the track1
Jumpin at the waterhole1
Jumpin at the Westside1
Jumpin at the Woodside355
Jumpin at the WoodsideThe theme1
Jumpin at the Zanzibar2
Jumpin back1
Jumpin beans4
Jumpin blue2
jumpin blues28
jumpin blues wave1
Jumpin cat1
Jumpin cats1
Jumpin Count1
Jumpin de broom ceremony1
Jumpin dolphin1
Jumpin down blues1
Jumpin duck1
jumpin five1
Jumpin for Charles1
Jumpin for Jane6
Jumpin for Joe1
Jumpin for joy3
Jumpin for Julie1
Jumpin for Maria3
Jumpin for Oscar1
Jumpin for Pete1
Jumpin for Savoy1
Jumpin for the boys1
Jumpin for you1
jumpin four1
Jumpin frog jump1
Jumpin gemini3
Jumpin green ones1
Jumpin high3
Jumpin in6
Jumpin in a julep joint2
Jumpin in C1
Jumpin in Etretat1
Jumpin in France1
Jumpin in Jacks house2
Jumpin in obscure mind1
Jumpin in spring1
Jumpin in the future1
Jumpin in the mornin1
Jumpin in the morning1
Jumpin in the numbers1
Jumpin in the pump room2
Jumpin in the rain1
Jumpin jack18
Jumpin Jack boogie1
Jumpin Jack Flash4
Jumpin Jack special1
Jumpin Jackie1
Jumpin Jacque1
Jumpin Jacques1
Jumpin Jacquet2
Jumpin jammies1
Jumpin Jane1
Jumpin Janie1
Jumpin Jaque2
Jumpin jax1
Jumpin Jehosephat6
Jumpin Jehoshaphat1
Jumpin jelly beans2
Jumpin Jenny1
Jumpin Jim2
Jumpin jiminy5
Jumpin Jimmy1
Jumpin Jimmy Christmas1
jumpin jive34
Jumpin Joe2
Jumpin John1
Jumpin journey1
Jumpin jubilee1
Jumpin Julia1
Jumpin Jupiter2
Jumpin kalushary2
Jumpin keys1
Jumpin Leo3
Jumpin like mad1
Jumpin little woman2
Jumpin off4
Jumpin off a clef3
Jumpin on 57th1
Jumpin on Main and Mercer1
Jumpin on Sugar Hill1
Jumpin on The A train1
Jumpin on the blacks and whites1
Jumpin on the merrygoround3
Jumpin out1
Jumpin Pete1
Jumpin pumpkins1
Jumpin punkins26
Jumpin room only1
Jumpin salty2
Jumpin Sambo1
jumpin something1
Jumpin stock1
Jumpin stuff1
Jumpin the 88s1
Jumpin the beat1
Jumpin the blues35
Jumpin the blues away1
Jumpin the boogie2
Jumpin the fast track1
Jumpin the freight1
Jumpin the joint1
Jumpin the jubilee1
Jumpin the line2
Jumpin the ruback1
Jumpin the shark1
Jumpin the stormy Monday1
Jumpin the third heaven1
Jumpin there1
Jumpin to the boogie1
Jumpin trumpets3
Jumpin Uhuru1
Jumpin up and down2
Jumpin Vince1
Jumpin with Bill1
Jumpin with Bob1
Jumpin with GH1
Jumpin with Jay1
Jumpin with Jeep2
Jumpin with Jess1
Jumpin with Jo1
Jumpin with Joe1
Jumpin with Jonah1
Jumpin with Judy2
Jumpin with Lloyd1
Jumpin with Louis1
Jumpin with MaxieWaxie1
Jumpin with McShann3
Jumpin with Mr C1
Jumpin with Oscar1
Jumpin with Pete1
Jumpin with Pio2
Jumpin with Sam1
Jumpin with Sass1
Jumpin with Symphony Sid188
Jumpin with Symphony Sid)1
Jumpin with Teddy1
Jumpin with the Badewanne1
Jumpin with the blues1
Jumpin with the cats1
Jumpin with the jeep1
Jumpin with the mop1
Jumpin with the mountain king1
Jumpin with the stars1
Jumpin with the symphony side1
Jumpin with Zig1
Jumping and jiving1
Jumping at Julius1
Jumping at shadows1
Jumping at ten1
Jumping at the billow1
Jumping at the dew drop1
Jumping at the Elcino1
Jumping at the jubilee2
Jumping bad blues1
Jumping bean3
Jumping beans1
jumping blue jay1
jumping blues1
Jumping board1
Jumping boogie woogie1
Jumping bows1
Jumping cake1
jumping cat1
Jumping creek road1
Jumping cripple1
Jumping deer1
Jumping dog1
Jumping east of java1
Jumping Emil1
jumping fad1
Jumping Feedees coloured illusion1
Jumping fish1
Jumping fives1
Jumping for Johansson1
Jumping for joy1
Jumping for Julia1
Jumping fox1
Jumping frog jump1
Jumping Hans1
Jumping in2
Jumping in New Orleans1
Jumping in the sugar bowl1
Jumping in the sugarbowl1
Jumping in the water1
Jumping into spring1
jumping jack2
Jumping Jack Sax1
Jumping jacks4
Jumping Jay2
Jumping Jill1
Jumping Jimmy1
jumping jive5
Jumping Joe1
Jumping Jonah1
Jumping Julian1
Jumping jumper1
Jumping Jupiter1
Jumping Matilda1
Jumping Michael1
Jumping monkey1
Jumping mouse1
Jumping nude1
Jumping off the bridge1

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