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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page I9 - I love Annies fanny to I mostly stare

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Tune nameSessions
I love Annies fanny1
I love bebop4
I love bein here with you2
I love being here with you98
I love being in love1
I love being with you1
I love but you2
I love Cherie1
I love Chicago1
I love Christmas1
I love coffee1
I love corny music1
I love dixie1
I love dogs1
I love dollars 11
I love dollars 21
I love Duke1
I love Duke 19271
I love each move you make4
I love every human being1
I love every little thing about you3
I love everybody1
I love everybody but you1
I love having you around1
I love her4
I love her best of All1
I love her eyes1
I love him4
I love him and I know it1
I love how you love me1
I love I live I love1
I love it5
I love it so3
I love it when you dance that way5
I love it when you say it in French1
I love jazz6
I love just one way to say1
I love Las Vegas1
I love life1
I love Lily1
I love little Jimmy1
I love little kitty1
I love Louis3
I love Louisa6
I love lucidity1
I love Lucy14
I Love Lucy theme1
I love Manderino1
I love May3
I love me5
I love Miles1
I love Monk1
I love Montalcino1
I love mountain women1
I love music15
I love my Argentine1
I love my baby50
I love my baby my baby loves me1
I love my brother till the end1
I love my Chiru1
I love my cigar1
I love my computer1
I love my drums1
I love my folks1
I love my geisha1
I love my home1
I love my lovin lover3
I love my mama1
I love my man27
I love my man better than I love myself1
I love my man Gildas blues1
I love my oldfashioned man1
I love my steady1
I love my stuff1
I love my whiskey2
I love my wife10
I love my woman1
I love myself2
I love myself when Im laughing1
I love New York4
I love New York at Christmas1
I love New York in June1
I love no one but you4
I love NY1
I love onions1
I love only you1
I love Pan1
I love Paris228
I love Paris cest magnifique1
I love Paris in the springtime1
I love Paris mambo1
I love Paris too1
I love piano1
I love rhythm and blues1
I love samba1
I love San Francisco1
I love Serge1
I love staying home here with you1
I love that1
I love that jazz1
I love that kinda carryin on2
I love that man1
I love the afternoon1
I love the blues2
I love the Charleston1
I love the college girls3
I love the dark hours of my being1
I love the fourth of July1
I love the girl2
I love the girl who kisses3
I love the guy4
I love the land of old black Joe1
I love the life I lead1
I love the life I live19
I love the Lord2
I love the loveliness of you1
I love the moonlight1
I love the nightlife1
I love the queen1
I love the rhythm in a riff4
I love the silence1
I love the simple folk1
I love the south1
I love the sunshine of your smile4
I love the things you forget about1
I love the way1
I love the way you dance2
I love the way you love me1
I love the way youre breakin my heart1
I love the way youre breaking my heart7
I love the winter weather4
I love the woman1
I love the woodland trail1
I love them all1
I love this1
I love this day1
I love this life1
I love to be face to face1
I love to be with you1
I love to boogie1
I love to bumpity bump on a bumpy road with you3
I love to cry at weddings1
I love to dance3
I love to dream2
I love to feel the oddity of the world1
I love to Georgia Brown so slow1
I love to go swimmin with wimmen1
I love to go swimmin with wimmin1
I love to go swimmin with women2
I love to go swimmin’ with wimmin’1
I love to hate1
I love to hear a brass band1
I love to hear a choo choo train1
I love to hear a military band1
I love to hear my baby call my name1
I love to laugh1
I love to lie awake in bed1
I love to love5
I love to love you1
I love to make love to you3
I love to make things grow2
I love to mambo1
I love to play1
I love to play piano in a dixieland band1
I love to please you1
I love to rhyme1
I love to ride2
I love to ride the horses1
I love to sail thru the sky1
I love to say her name2
I love to say your name1
I love to see me in your eyes1
I love to see you smile1
I love to sing2
I love to sing for people when they talk1
I love to sing the words while were dancing1
I love to singa2
I love to swing1
I love to tell the story5
I love to walk in New York1
I love to walk with Jesus1
I love to watch1
I love to watch the moonight1
I love to watch the moonlight6
I love to whistle3
I love to yodel1
I love Toronto1
I love U2
I love us2
I love Usually its so1
I love Vienna1
I love wastin time with you1
I love what we make together1
I love what you do for me1
I love winter1
I love ya I love ya I love ya1
I love you754
I love you 1000 times1
I love you a bushel and a peck1
I love you again2
I love you all madly2
I love you all the same1
I love you all the time1
I love you always forever1
I love you and cest la vie1
I love you and dont you forget it3
I love you and you dont1
I love you Anna1
I love you baby10
I love you baby but you dont treat me no good1
I love you bad2
I love you because2
I love you because I love you3
I love you believe me I love you1
I love you best of all1
I love you both1
I love you brother1
I love you but I dont know why1
I love you but I dont like you1
I love you but later3
I love you Camille2
I love you Canada1
I love you cause you live next door to me1
I love you cos youre fun to be with1
I love you daddy1
I love you daddy but you dont mean me no good1
I love you Daisy1
I love you darling2
I love you Dearie1
I love you dearly2
I love you even more again1
I love you Falbala1
I love you for myself1
I love you for sentimental reasons30
I love you forever1
I love you from coast to coast3
I love you gentlest of ways1
I love you honest I do1
I love you honey1
I love you I love you1
I love you I love you I do1
I love you I love you I love you3
I love you I want you and I need you1
I love you in 34 time1
I love you in technicolor1
I love you in the daytime2
I love you in the same sweet way3
I love you Julie1
I love you just because1
I love you just the same2
I love you just the way you are1
I love you Lord5
I love you Lord today1
I love you love1
I love you Lucille1
I love you madley1
I love you madly9
I love you mama2
I love you Mary Lou1
I love you Michelle1
I love you more4
I love you more and more2
I love you more each day1
I love you more every day1
I love you more everyday1
I love you more more every day1
I love you more than yesterday3
I love you more than youll ever know13
I love you more today than yesterday5
I love you most of all1
I love you much too much19
I love you my lovely lover1
I love you oh darling1
I love you on the microphone1
I love you Porgy9
I love you real2
I love you Samantha51
I love you says it1
I love you says it very well2
I love you sincerely1
I love you so16
I love you so much12
I love you so much it hurts19
I love you so much it hurts me7
I love you Sunday3
I love you sweet Angeline1
I love you sweetheart of all my dreams4
I love you Swingin down the lane You do something to me1
I love you that way1
I love you thats all1
I love you today2
I love you too4
I love you too much3
I love you too much to ever leave you2
I love you truly24
I love you two1
I love you when you take the bus1
I love you when youre modest1
I love you with all my heart1
I love you with an asterisk1
I love you with the love of the Lord1
I love you yes I do25
I love you ZJQ1
I love youI hate you1
I love your cane1
I love your hat1
I love your junki sole1
I love your love2
I love your lovin ways1
I love your shirt1
I love your shoes1
I love your smile4
I love youYou I love1
I loved2
I loved another woman3
I loved her1
I loved her best of All1
I loved her laugh1
I loved her madly1
I loved him4
I loved someone once1
I loved you8
I loved you for a minute2
I loved you once but you stayed away too long1
I loved you once in silence4
I loved you then as I love you now2
I loved you thenI love you now1
I loved you too1
I loved you too much1
I loved you yesterday1
I loves1
I loves ya Porgy1
I loves you baby boogie1
I loves you Porgy410
I lu kron1
I luoghi di eolo1
I luv jazz1
I ly av en hekk jasmin1
I ly av manen1
I made a fool out of myself1
I made a lot of mistakes1
I made a mistake2
I made a promise1
I made it so1
I made me fall1
I made up my mind1
I made you laugh1
I made you love Paris1
I made you this way1
I Maestoso Allegro ma non troppo1
I magnifici 51
I magnifici sette1
I Main theme1
I make a living2
I make a lot of money1
I make a lot omoney1
I make a wish upon a star1
I make it1
I make my home in Florida1
I make out shapes1
I malamondo1
I man1
I man I love1
I mandags var jag en katt1
I manegen1
I many times thought peace had come1
I married an angel48
I mars1
I marschier mit mein DuliDulieh1
I mattini passano chiari e deserti1
I may be crazy1
I may be dancing with somebody else1
I may be easy but Im no fool1
I may be small1
I may be the one1
I may be wonderful1
I may be wonderful but I think youre wrong1
I may be wrong206
I may be wrong but1
I may be wrong but I think youre wonderful6
I may be wrong but youre wonderful1
I may be your man1
I may cry1
I may even lick your hand1
I may hate myself in the morning2
I may jump1
I may never1
I may never get to heaven2
I may never pass your way again1
I may remember1
I may remember him1
I may stay away a little longer1
I mean5
I mean business1
I mean come on1
I mean it1
I mean its just too bad1
I mean mean1
I mean Monk5
I mean that1
I mean to say1
I mean you277
I meant to1
I meant you1
I measure every grief I meet1
I mechat unsichtbar sein1
I medium1
I meet you1
I Meiosis union1
I mellemtiden1
I melt with you1
I messed it up at the end of my solo1
I messed up1
I met a girl1
I met a guy1
I met a man2
I met a stranger1
I met Einstein in a dream2
I met Eleanor1
I met Elisabeth in bed1
I met her in the moonlight but she keeps me in the dark1
I met her on Monday1
I met him at one oclock1
I met him on a Sunday1
I met him on Monday1
I met honey at the Busy Bee1
I met my baby1
I met my baby at Macys1
I met my Waterloo3
I met Wagane1
I met you1
I met you then I know you now1
I miei giorni perduti1
I miei ricordi1
I might be wrong3
I might fall back on you2
I might frighten her away1
I might just act ugly if you get up on that stand and say something unpleasant to my ears1
I might say1
I mikri mou filinada ellinida1
I min blomminga bla krinolin1
I min lilla varld av blommor1
I min smala sang2
I miss1
I miss a little miss5
I miss Brasil1
I miss her so2
I miss home1
I miss Jimmy1
I miss my love1
I miss my lovin blues1
I miss my pet Rakkyo1
I miss my Swiss20
I miss my swiss miss1
I miss Nasus wine1
I miss New York2
I miss that old time feeling1
I miss the idea of her1
I miss the little things1
I miss the moonlight1
I miss the rain1
I miss the SLA1
I miss the sun1
I miss u1
I miss you32
I miss you baby1
I miss you G1
I miss you Jimmy1
I miss you John1
I miss you Molly1
I miss you most of all1
I miss you my love2
I miss you so30
I miss you today2
I miss you when I think of you1
I miss your1
I miss your kiss4
I miss your love1
I miss your touch1
I missed class1
I missed my hat1
I missed my train1
I missed the train I found a song1
I misunderstood1
I mit hjertekammer1
I mit lille fotoalbum1
I mo take you to my hospital and cut your liver out1
I moaned and I moaned1
I mog my kua ned hiatn1
I molom vid Manniskodalen1
I Monks kok1
I Montuno1
I Moon other side1
I morges1
I morkret1
I Morning1
I morron2
I mosaici calpestati1
I moscerini1
I mostly stare1

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