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Page I7 - I have the feeling Ive been here before to I know it was the blood

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Tune nameSessions
I have the feeling Ive been here before35
I have the right to be wrong1
I have the right to go to Syden1
I have the room above her2
I have the strength to sing1
I have these tears2
I have thought of you1
I have to be your lover1
I have to do my time1
I have to have you8
I have to leave1
I have to say no1
I have to worry2
I have torn up1
I have travelled the whole world over1
I have tried1
I have two but one is not mine1
I have two loves1
I have two shoes1
I have visited again1
I have waited so long1
I have walked alone1
I have walked by memories1
I have you1
I have your love for Christmas1
I havent1
I havent changed a thing9
I havent got a clue1
I havent got a heart1
I havent got a teardrop left to care1
I havent got anything better to do13
I havent got anything better to do boy1
I havent got the heart1
I havent got time to dream1
I havent got you1
I havent heard a single word from baby1
I havent heard a word from baby1
I havent met1
I havent met her yet1
I havent seen color1
I havent seen my lover1
I havent seen you since then1
I havent the heart1
I havent time to be a millionaire9
I havent told her she hasnt told me3
I havnt changed a thing1
I He holds your hand1
I head you cried last night1
I hear2
I hear a bluebird1
I hear a dream4
I hear a jazz band4
I hear a knockin2
I hear a rap CD1
I hear a rhapsody382
I hear a rhapsody a nitty ditty1
I hear a rhapsody variation1
I hear a symphony5
I hear a trellis1
I hear a waltz1
I hear as in a dream1
I hear bells2
I hear bluebirds4
I hear Buddy Bolden play1
I hear footsteps1
I hear from heaven today1
I hear her laughter1
I hear jingle bells1
I hear me1
I hear mousie1
I hear music168
I hear music in the street1
I hear music now1
I hear music NP1
I hear my baby2
I hear Red2
I hear religion in them1
I hear sirens in the distance1
I hear something2
I hear that music now1
I hear the bass1
I hear the blues everywhere2
I hear the music1
I hear the music now5
I hear the shadows dancing3
I hear the voices1
I hear them drums1
I hear those bells1
I hear voices3
I hear wedding bells1
I hear with love1
I hear ya talkin2
I hear you11
I hear you baby1
I hear you call2
I hear you calling me2
I hear you John1
I hear you knockin1
I hear you knockin but you cant come in blues1
I hear you knocking8
I hear you screamin14
I hear you screaming2
I hear you talkin to me1
I hear you talking2
I hear you walking1
I hear your heart1
I hear your music1
I hear your voice1
I hear your voice again1
I hear your voice and it sounds to me like music1
I heard17
I heard a bird1
I heard a forest praying1
I heard a melody about you1
I heard a nightingale at twilight1
I heard a rhapsody2
I heard a rich man sing the blues1
I heard about a thing in you1
I heard about you1
I heard as if I had no ear1
I heard bells on Christmas day1
I heard it1
I heard it all before1
I heard it differently1
I heard it on the radio2
I heard it over the radio8
I heard it through the grapevine19
I heard JC1
I heard Mingus1
I heard my heart1
I heard somebody say1
I heard Sun Ra say1
I heard that9
I heard that about you1
I heard that lonesome whistle1
I heard that song before1
I heard thats right1
I heard the bells1
I heard the bells of Christmas day1
I heard the bells on Christmas day6
I heard the bluebirds sing1
I heard the caissons go rolling along1
I heard the indian sage1
I heard the shadows dancing2
I heard the voice of Jesus1
I heard the voice of Jesus say2
I heard things1
I heard this tune before1
I heard you been around1
I heard you cried last night17
I heard you cry last night4
I heard you had the blues1
I heard you moved to Pahrump Nevada1
I heard you sing1
I heard you were dropped1
I heart America calling1
I heart eye patch1
I Heathrow in the morning1
I held my head in shame1
I helped to kill the dance business1
I hendes dor i gar1
I Heroic version1
I Himmelen1
I himmelen i himmelen2
I hit a new high1
I hitched my wagon to a star1
I hob kan hohm1
I hob kan zins no dsoid1
I hold my breath1
I hold my soul to the wind1
I hold no grudge3
I hold out my hand1
I hold the key1
I hold you near1
I honestly love you2
I hope3
I hope a change will come1
I hope Gabriel likes my music24
I hope Gabriel loves my music1
I hope I can love again1
I hope I die before I go bald1
I hope I die if I told you a lie1
I hope I dont fall in love with you1
I hope I know1
I hope I never2
I hope I pray1
I hope I think1
I hope I wish2
I hope in time a change will come3
I hope its spring for you5
I hope its you1
I hope she is awake1
I hope she likes me1
I hope she makes you happy1
I hope springs eternal3
I hope that Gabriel likes my music1
I hope that I can love again1
I hope that I dont fall in love with you1
I hope that its me1
I hope that youll be very unhappy without me1
I hope this time isnt the last1
I hope tomorrow is as good as yesterday1
I hope we meet1
I hope we meet again1
I hope you are hip1
I hope you care1
I hope you find her1
I hope you got the message1
I hope you know2
I hope you love me too1
I hope you understand1
I hope you wont hold it against me1
I hope youll be very unhappy without me1
I hope youll change1
I hope youll stay1
I hope youre right1
I hope youre satisfied2
I hopeful1
I hum a waltz1
I hung my head and cried1
I hurry to cafe blues and squeeze1
I Hypermetros1
I I boy1
I I love1
I Ice1
I idolize my babys eyes1
I idolize you1
I Impro1
I Incitement to be bop1
I inhale you1
I insist1
I instantly knew1
I intend to take your place1
I introduced1
I Introduction1
I invented you2
I is1
I is for Illusion1
I is for memory1
I J1
I januar1
I Journey up river1
I jsut cant stop loving you1
I jsut want to make love to you1
I jumped out of the frying pan1
I just called3
I just called to say1
I just called to say hello1
I just called to say I love you10
I just called to say I loved you1
I just called to wish you a merry Christmas1
I just came to praise the Lord1
I just cant believe youre gone1
I just cant do enough for you baby2
I just cant face another day1
I just cant find that kind1
I just cant fool myself1
I just cant give up now1
I just cant give you up1
I just cant help loving you1
I just cant help myself5
I just cant imagine1
I just cant keep from cryin2
I just cant keep it to myself alone1
I just cant keep the tears from tumblin down1
I just cant leave your love alone1
I just cant make my eyes behave1
I just cant remember1
I just cant say1
I just cant see for lookin12
I just cant see for looking1
I just cant shake it1
I just cant stand being lonely1
I just cant stand these blues1
I just cant stop dancing1
I just cant stop loving you10
I just cant stop the tears1
I just cant stop thinking about you1
I just cant take it1
I just cant wait1
I just cant wait to be King1
I just cant wait to see you2
I just couldnt help it1
I just couldnt stand it no more1
I just couldnt take it1
I just couldnt take it baby20
I just decided to stay1
I just did1
I just did say something1
I just didnt have the price1
I just do10
I just dont care anymore1
I just dont know3
I just dont know what to do with myself3
I just dont want to be lonely2
I just dont want to run around anymore2
I just dropped by to say hello8
I just dropped to say hello1
I just flew in from Chicago1
I just found about love2
I just found out about love71
I just found out about love and I like it1
I just found out above love1
I just get dizzy watching you1
I just got a letter6
I just got back in town4
I just got started1
I just got the message baby1
I just had to hear your voice2
I just had to see you1
I just hate it when youre right1
I just have to think about you1
I just keep lovin her1
I just keep on drinking1
I just keep on trying1
I just knew1
I just landed in your town1
I just love affection1
I just love to bebop1
I just love to see you smile1
I just love you3
I just love you so1
I just made up with that old girl o mine1
I just made up with that old girl of mine1
I just might act ugly if you talk1
I just need your kisses1
I just picked it out of the sky1
I just realize it1
I just refuse to sing the blues2
I just roll along6
I just saw fog and dust1
I just saw her1
I just say hello2
I just sit and start a worryin1
I just wanna1
I just wanna be known as Susies feller3
I just wanna be there2
I just wanna be with you2
I just wanna cry1
I just wanna dance1
I just wanna hang around you1
I just wanna love somebody1
I just wanna luv u1
I just wanna make love to you11
I just wanna stop6
I just want a daddy3
I just want a daddy I can call my own1
I just want to be here1
I just want to be human1
I just want to be known as Susies feller1
I just want to be loved1
I just want to be there1
I just want to be with you2
I just want to celebrate2
I just want to dance all night2
I just want to get paid1
I just want to get to know you1
I just want to go home1
I just want to know1
I just want to live1
I just want to love you1
I just want to make love to you15
I just want to sing5
I just want to stop1
I just want you to be happy1
I just want your love1
I just want your stingaree1
I just wanted to see what you look like2
I just wanted to talk to you1
I just wanted you to know1
I just wasnt made for these times4
I just wasnt meant for these times1
I just woke up1
I just wonna move it1
I just wont let you go2
I kalmar1
I karlek1
I kdyby nebylo boha i kdyby nebylo lidske duse1
I keem2
I keep calling your name7
I keep comin back for more3
I keep coming back1
I keep coming back to you1
I keep drinkin2
I keep falling1
I keep forgettin1
I keep forgetting1
I keep forgetting to remember1
I keep goin back to Joes5
I keep going back to Joes29
I keep going back to Joes Learning the blues1
I keep imagining1
I keep it hid3
I keep looking for a better way1
I keep loving you1
I keep on drinking1
I keep on loving you1
I keep on worrying1
I keep remembering3
I keep rollin on1
I keep sittin on it1
I keep so many women2
I keep telling my heart1
I keep telling myself2
I keep thinking its Thursday1
I keeps my kitchen clean1
I kept on rubbing that thing1
I kick my hand2
I kid you not1
I kind of sat down on him1
I kinda like you1
I kirken som hvit1
I kiss my dream1
I kiss my sweetheart1
I kiss your eyes1
I kiss your hand madam2
I kiss your hand Madame22
I kissed a girl2
I kissed the blues goodbye1
I kissed you in a dream last night1
I klaxon della notte1
I kneel at your throne1
I knew4
I knew a time1
I knew all along2
I knew Dana2
I knew he was there1
I knew him in New York1
I knew him when1
I knew his father1
I knew I could count on you1
I knew I loved you2
I knew it2
I knew it all along1
I knew it all the time1
I knew it couldnt happen1
I knew it I knew it1
I knew it right away1
I knew it was love1
I knew it was you4
I knew knew1
I knew Prez1
I knew some people like that once1
I knew that1
I knew that knock1
I knew the minute I saw the back of your head1
I knew this would happen1
I knew we would meet1
I knew you1
I knew you falling1
I knew you long ago1
I knew you were1
I knew you when11
I knew youd say that1
I knock myself out1
I knock on wood1
I know47
I know a boy1
I know a boy and a girl1
I know a dream when I see you1
I know a gal named Betty Boop1
I know a girl1
I know a little bit1
I know a little bit about a lot of things4
I know a lovely rose1
I know a man3
I know a place11
I know a secret3
I know a song1
I know a story1
I know about love1
I know about the life5
I know better1
I know dont know how10
I know everythings made for love1
I know exactly what you mean1
I know for sure1
I know Gabriel hates that music2
I know hell be back someday1
I know him so well2
I know how it feels to be lonely1
I know how to do it6
I know how to fall1
I know how to love1
I know how you feel1
I know I dont know how1
I know I dream1
I know I got a good woman1
I know I know5
I know I love him2
I know I love you1
I know I must fight1
I know Ill love you2
I know Ill see you again2
I know Im going to love you1
I know Im losing you1
I know it can happen again1
I know it now1
I know it was blood1
I know it was the blood1

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