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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I58 - itsybitsy spider blues to Ive got that lonesome feeling

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Tune nameSessions
itsybitsy spider blues1
ITT and Allende1
Itta bena1
Itta bena funk1
Ittari kitari1
Itti bitty girl1
Ittle Onk Usik1
ittle padCaught in the gameKitty kat1
Itty bitty bit1
Itty bitty blues2
Itty bitty boogaloo1
Itty bitty curl1
Itty bitty ditty2
itty bitty nitty gritty low down funky dirty blues1
Itty bitty poo1
Itu itu i tusinde stykker1
ituri fantasy1
Ituri forest1
Ity bity1
It’s a blue world1
It’s a pity to say goodnight1
It’s a sin to tell a lie1
It’s a tough grid1
It’s all right with me3
It’s alright1
It’s alright with me1
It’s anybody’s spring1
It’s April in Laigueglia1
It’s been so long1
It’s easy to remember3
It’s just yours1
It’s love or not1
It’s not alright with me1
It’s only a paper moon4
It’s probably two o’clock1
It’s raining in the morning1
It’s right here for you1
It’s the little things that count1
It’s the talk of the town2
It’s you for me1
It’s you I like1
It’s you or no one3
It’s you that I like best of all1
IU swing machine2
Iubese iubese iubese1
Ius soli1
IV + V1
IV absencia1
IV Affitto e penoso1
IV Ancient sun house1
IV aphorismus1
IV Autumn moon at Ishiyama1
IV Backwater1
IV Bolivar blues1
IV Citizen kang1
IV City of joy1
IV Clothes that question1
IV Continuacion1
IV Czaplick altosax1
IV Danse1
IV Duo1
IV Emergency exit1
IV Enjoy the process1
IV Exciting1
Iv eye taxi1
IV Flat 10 strikes again1
IV Flutter point1
Iv found a new baby1
IV Freely fast1
IV Gigue1
Iv got you under my skin1
IV Green fields1
IV Harlow homecoming1
IV Heroic dance1
IV Hip hop1
IV Intermezzo in Bflat major1
IV Internal exile1
IV Interruptions1
IV Junkyard blues1
IV La bronca1
IV Maestoso1
IV Marshes amphibians1
IV Maxixe1
IV Menuet I1
IV mouvement1
IV Movimento2
IV Plankton for dinner1
IV Reprise1
IV Sarabande1
IV Secuancia1
IV Shadow1
IV Sixteen sesterces1
IV Stopping listening hearing1
IV Strandfest1
IV Tartarean caves1
IV Tempo1
IV The collapse1
IV The ego burn1
IV The motion movement1
IV The new normal1
IV The piano1
IV The release1
IV Theme from Blue soldier1
IV Transfiguration1
IV Transforming sky1
IV Twisted1
IV Vals de antes1
IV Wind1
IV Wrath of Zeus1
Ivailovsko horo1
Ivalo og Liza1
Ivan bells1
Ivan BolenIvan isk krank1
Ivan Cankar1
Ivan de caverna1
Ivan Illych1
Ivan Ivanovitch Kossiakof2
Ivan Ivanych Samovar1
Ivan Lendl2
Ivan Lins medley2
Ivan lo sciocco1
Ivan na ela1
Ivan scasse1
Ivan sings1
Ivan the Terrible2
Ivan Vassilich Vassilii Ivanich1
Ivanku ivanku1
Ivano Bordon1
Ivans bells1
Ivans cha1
Ivans childhood1
Ivans holiday1
Ivans matka1
Ivans medley1
Ivans song1
Ivans suite1
Ivanushka durachok1
Ivanushka the fool1
Ivars and ebony1
Ivars octopus1
Ive a crush on you1
Ive a shooting box in Scotland2
Ive a strange new rhythm in my heart2
Ive already seen it1
Ive already started1
Ive already started in2
Ive always been in love with you2
Ive always got the blues1
Ive arrived1
Ive baked a cake3
Ive been a bad boy baby1
Ive been a fool6
Ive been a fool again1
Ive been a good girl1
Ive been around7
Ive been away too long1
Ive been born again1
Ive been buked2
Ive been buked and Ive been scorned3
Ive been chopping wood that makes a hungry man1
Ive been counting on you1
Ive been dogged by women1
Ive been dreaming1
Ive been dreaming of you for three years2
Ive been drinkin and Im drunk again1
Ive been everybodys friend1
Ive been everywhere1
Ive been everywhere that aint1
Ive been floatin down that old green river4
Ive been floatin down the old green river2
Ive been floating1
Ive been floating down that old green river1
Ive been floating down the old green bay1
Ive been floating down the old green river15
Ive been floating down the river2
Ive been good to you1
Ive been here1
Ive been here all the time1
Ive been here before1
Ive been hit2
Ive been holding it all my life1
Ive been hoping for you1
Ive been hurt2
Ive been in love before3
Ive been in the storm so long2
Ive been lied to3
Ive been listening all day long1
Ive been living with the blues3
Ive been lonely too long1
Ive been lonesome Ive been worried1
Ive been looking for a girl like you1
Ive been lovin you too long1
Ive been loving you for so many years1
Ive been loving you too long10
Ive been meaning to tell you2
Ive been missin you2
Ive been missing you1
Ive been mistreated4
Ive been mistreated and I dont like it1
Ive been mugged1
Ive been ringing you1
Ive been saved1
Ive been saving my love1
Ive been searching1
Ive been singing all day long1
Ive been so blue1
Ive been so good1
Ive been starting tomorrow all of my life1
Ive been stone before1
Ive been taught by experts1
Ive been there4
Ive been there before4
Ive been thinkin1
Ive been thinking1
Ive been thinking about my problems1
Ive been thinking of you lately1
Ive been to Memphis1
Ive been to town1
Ive been told1
Ive been too blind to see1
Ive been treated wrong2
Ive been treated wrong too long1
Ive been trying1
Ive been up the mountain2
Ive been used1
Ive been waiting2
Ive been waiting all winter1
Ive been waiting you for all the time1
Ive been watching you1
Ive been working1
Ive been working at the railroad1
Ive been working on the railroad21
Ive been wrong before1
Ive broken many hearts1
Ive caught love1
Ive changed2
Ive changed my address1
Ive changed my mind1
Ive come a long way baby1
Ive come home again1
Ive come to bring you some soul food1
Ive convinced everyone but you1
Ive decided to sail1
Ive discovered that I love you1
Ive done everything for you1
Ive done my bit1
Ive done my share1
Ive done my work1
Ive dreamed of you2
Ive dreamed of you so much1
Ive eaten nuts with different shapes1
Ive forgotten1
Ive forgotten more than youll ever know about him1
Ive forgotten you1
Ive found a new baby969
Ive found a peanut1
Ive found a sweetheart1
Ive found a wonderful girl2
Ive found joy1
Ive found my peace of mind2
Ive found my world in you1
Ive found the right girl1
Ive found the way of love1
Ive found what I wanted in you5
Ive gavotte the blues2
Ive given you my love1
Ive go the world on a string1
Ive gone and lost my little yoyo1
Ive gone off the deep end1
Ive gone romantic on you1
Ive gone too far1
Ive got a bad feeling1
Ive got a baseball for you1
Ive got a bimbo down on the bamboo isle1
Ive got a bird in my head1
Ive got a bone to pick with you1
Ive got a brandnew girl1
Ive got a crash on you1
Ive got a crazy baby1
Ive got a crosseyed papa10
Ive got a crush on the Fuller brush man1
Ive got a crush on you270
Ive got a crying need for you1
Ive got a date with a dream6
Ive got a date with an angel1
Ive got a do right daddy now1
Ive got a feelin Im fallin8
Ive got a feelin Im falling1
Ive got a feelin youre foolin31
Ive got a feeling11
Ive got a feeling for Ophelia2
Ive got a feeling for somebody1
Ive got a feeling for you1
Ive got a feeling Im fallin1
Ive got a feeling Im falling194
Ive got a gal1
Ive got a gal 65 and Im just 211
Ive got a gal and she aint no good1
Ive got a gal in Kalamazoo48
Ive got a gal in Kalgoorlie1
Ive got a gal who lives up on a hill1
Ive got a garden in Sweden2
Ive got a girl5
Ive got a girl named Netty1
Ive got a good thing1
Ive got a great idea1
Ive got a guy3
Ive got a heart filled with love8
Ive got a heart full of rhythm5
Ive got a heartful of music6
Ive got a heavy date4
Ive got a lamp under my arm1
Ive got a letter1
Ive got a little list1
Ive got a long way to go1
Ive got a lot of livin to do2
Ive got a lot of living to do7
Ive got a lotta livin to do2
Ive got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts7
Ive got a mama down in New Orleans1
Ive got a man of my own1
Ive got a mind to ramble4
Ive got a mind to ramble blues1
Ive got a new deal in love1
Ive got a new heartache1
Ive got a new lease on love2
Ive got a new love2
Ive got a new love affair1
Ive got a new mind1
Ive got a new way of spelling Tennesssee1
Ive got a note7
Ive got a one track mind2
Ive got a pocket full of dreams5
Ive got a pocket full of money1
Ive got a pocket full of pencil1
Ive got a pocketful of dreams21
Ive got a pocketful of pencils1
Ive got a problem1
Ive got a radio in my head1
Ive got a restless spell2
Ive got a right to be blue2
Ive got a right to cry13
Ive got a right to know1
Ive got a right to sing the blues6
Ive got a robe you got a robe1
Ive got a roof over my head1
Ive got a secret1
Ive got a secret for you1
Ive got a secret Im gonna tell1
Ive got a smile2
Ive got a song for sale8
Ive got a strange new rhythm in my heart1
Ive got a sweet somebody1
Ive got a sweet somebody to love me1
Ive got a thing about spring1
Ive got a tiger by the tail2
Ive got a walkietalkie1
Ive got a warm spot for you1
Ive got a warm spot in my heart for you2
Ive got a way with men1
Ive got a way with women8
Ive got a way with words1
Ive got a woman13
Ive got a woman with one leg1
Ive got a wonderful feeling1
Ive got a world on a string1
Ive got a world that swings2
Ive got affinity for you1
Ive got an alphorn1
Ive got an evil woman1
Ive got an invitation to a dancce1
Ive got an invitation to a dance3
Ive got an invitation to a jumpy session party1
Ive got an itch1
Ive got another rhythm3
Ive got another sweetheart1
Ive got bebop1
Ive got beginners luck12
Ive got big bulging eyes for you1
Ive got crush on you1
Ive got dollars1
Ive got dreams to remember3
Ive got each one to like me1
Ive got everything2
Ive got everything a woman needs1
Ive got everything but you2
Ive got eyes for you1
Ive got five dollars19
Ive got Ford engine movements in my hips3
Ive got her just where she wants1
Ive got it6
Ive got it again1
Ive got it all4
Ive got it bad21
Ive got it bad and that aint good9
Ive got it hidden1
Ive got it pretty bad2
Ive got just about everything28
Ive got just about everything I need4
Ive got just the thing2
Ive got life1
Ive got love2
Ive got love for you1
Ive got love on my mind3
Ive got love on the line1
Ive got me1
Ive got me fingers crossed1
Ive got me love to keep me warm1
Ive got mine1
Ive got misery1
Ive got my captain working for me now8
Ive got my eye on you4
Ive got my eyes on you30
Ive got my finger on a star1
Ive got my fingers crossed47
Ive got my habits on5
Ive got my heart set on you3
Ive got my love to keep me warm171
Ive got my mind on you1
Ive got my mojo workin3
Ive got my mojo working5
Ive got my music1
Ive got my own way to rock1
Ive got myself a working man1
Ive got new1
Ive got news for you28
Ive got news for you baby1
Ive got no one who needs me1
Ive got no rhythm in my feet1
Ive got no strings12
Ive got no strings on you1
Ive got no time1
Ive got nobody1
Ive got nothin Youve got nothin we aint got nothin to lose1
Ive got nothing to live for now1
Ive got peace like a river1
Ive got plenty o nuttin2
Ive got plenty of love1
Ive got plenty of nothin1
Ive got plenty to be thankful for1
Ive got rain in my eyes2
Ive got red and white radishes1
Ive got religion1
Ive got reservations1
Ive got rhizomes1
Ive got rhumbatism1
Ive got rhythm8
Ive got rhythm but no melody1
Ive got rings on my fingers3
Ive got rrrhythm1
Ive got samba1
Ive got sand in my shoes1
Ive got shoes1
Ive got sixpence6
Ive got some crying to do1
Ive got some kind of rhythm1
Ive got some lovin to do1
Ive got somebody1
Ive got somebody now3
Ive got someone6
Ive got something1
Ive got something for you1
Ive got something in my eye1
Ive got sophistication too1
Ive got that feeling3
Ive got that lonesome feeling1

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