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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page I55 - Italian blues to Its all over but the memories

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Tune nameSessions
Italian blues2
Italian cake1
Italian cirus story1
Italian comedy1
Italian concert2
Italian concert BWV 971 in F major1
Italian concerto3
Italian concerto BWV 9711
Italian concerto in F Major BW V9711
Italian dream2
Italian fight song1
Italian girl1
Italian ice1
Italian ingegno1
Italian jazz1
Italian jazz singer1
Italian lady1
Italian lullaby1
Italian movie2
Italian movie theme1
Italian ocean song1
Italian party1
Italian pastry1
Italian pears1
Italian prelude2
Italian samba1
Italian scallion1
Italian slides1
Italian song3
Italian sorrow5
Italian street song4
Italian style1
Italian suite5
Italian summer1
Italian syllogism1
Italian taxi ride1
Italian village1
Italian walk2
Italian waltz4
Italian western death scene1
Italian winter2
Italian wood1
Italiano 20001
Italien concerto1
Italienische sonate1
Italienisches konzert bwv 9711
Italienisches Lieberbuch XLIII1
Italienisches Liederbuch XXIII1
Italiensk psalm1
Itall comin home to you1
Italo e langelo1
Italy in E1
Itasca sunrise1
Itch and scratch1
Itchin for my baby1
Itchin in the kitchen1
Itchin to groove1
Itching heel1
Itching in my heart1
Itchy and scratchy1
Itchy and skratchy1
Itchy fingers1
Itchy knee1
Itchy thought2
Itchy throat1
Itchyoo park1
Ite bella1
Ite missa est3
Ite sul colle o druidi1
Ite vurria vasa1
Item 11
Item 1 DIT1
Item 21
Item 2 DIT1
Item 3 DIT1
Item 4 DIT1
Item 5 DIT1
Item 6 DIT1
Item 71
Item 7 DIT1
Item 81
Item 8 DIT1
Item 9 DIT1
Item for Carmen1
Item uberreste1
Itemized phone bill part I1
Itemized phone bill part II1
iter a tre per tre1
Iter in Anima1
Iter spei1
Iterated integrals1
Iterations I1
Ithi Gqi7
Ithi gui2
Ithomia Like metal mark1
Iti milvanon1
Itineraire bis2
Itineraire dune chauvesouris1
Itinerary of an orchestra1
Itinerary part 11
Itinerary part 21
Itkeva huilu1
Itll be all right1
Itll be fine2
Itll be okay1
Itll come1
Itll come to me1
Itll count if it goes3
Itll get worse1
Itll last forever1
Itll never happen1
Itll never happen again1
Ito again1
Itos vanity1
Its 4 AM1
Its 4 real dawg1
Its a baby1
Its a bad time1
Its a band man1
Its a barrelhouse blues1
Its a bass thing1
Its a beautiful day1
Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood2
Its a beautiful evening5
Its a beautiful thing3
Its a beautiful winter out there1
Its a beautiful world but everybodys losing their mind1
Its a big army1
Its a big wide wonderful world11
Its a big wonderful world1
Its a bird4
Its a bit Churchillian1
Its a bit nocturnal1
Its a black thang1
Its a bloody life1
Its a blue world70
Its a blues sorta thing1
Its a blues thang1
Its a bore4
Its a bossa thing2
Its a boy1
Its a brand new boogey1
Its a brand new boogie1
Its a brand new day1
Its a breeze2
Its a brumby thing1
Its a cheating solution1
Its a coincidence1
Its a combination1
Its a corrugated world2
Its a crime1
Its a cruel cruel world1
Its a cryin shame3
Its a crying shame14
Its a dance5
Its a deal1
Its a desperate situation1
Its a dilly1
Its a doggone crying shame1
Its a dream1
Its a dreamer in me2
Its a dueling band Joe1
Its a Dunn deal1
Its a fact1
Its a fair bop1
Its a feelin1
Its a feeling1
Its a fine day for walkin country style1
Its a fine howdoyoudo1
Its a fine life3
Its a fine line1
Its a fine morning1
Its a free country isnt it1
Its a funky thing right on1
Its a funky thing to do2
Its a funny world1
Its a gadget world1
Its a gamble1
Its a game1
Its a girl4
Its a given1
Its a glory1
Its a good day37
Its a good day when I close my eyes1
Its a good deal1
Its a good good morning1
Its a good good night1
Its a good idea2
Its a good life1
Its a good thing2
Its a good thing to love everybody1
Its a grand night for singing8
Its a grand night for swingin4
Its a grand night for swinging1
Its a grand old flag2
Its a great big shame1
Its a great big town1
Its a great day1
Its a great feeling4
Its a great great pleasure1
Its a great life5
Its a great world after all1
Its a groove thing1
Its a groovy affair1
Its a guess1
Its a hahahappy day1
Its a halfdecent muffin1
Its a hap hap happy day1
Its a haphaphappy day7
Its a happening1
Its a happy holiday1
Its a happy mood1
Its a happy old world after all2
Its a hard life2
Its a hard pill to swallow1
Its a heavy town2
Its a hell of a stream1
Its a helluva thing1
Its a helluva town1
Its a highway to heaven1
Its a hit1
Its a hit baby2
Its a Honu world1
Its a house party1
Its a humdinger1
Its a hundred to one4
Its a hundred to one Im in love1
Its a hundred to one youre in love1
Its a jazz life1
Its a journey not a destination1
Its a jungle1
Its a jungle in here1
Its a jungle out there4
Its a killer Mr Miller1
Its a lazy afternoon7
Its a lie1
Its a lie its a fake2
Its a lie Its a lie1
Its a life1
Its a little thing that means so much1
Its a little toe tapper1
Its a living2
Its a lonely at the top1
Its a lonely trail3
Its a lonely world1
Its a lonesome old town23
Its a lonesome old world1
Its a long lonely highway1
Its a long long journey1
Its a long long time2
Its a long long way to Tipperary12
Its a long long winter1
Its a long road1
Its a long story2
Its a long time between kisses2
Its a long walk1
Its a long way7
Its a long way down5
Its a long way home2
Its a long way to Mampong1
Its a long way to Tipperary101
Its a long way to Vase1
Its a long way to your heart2
Its a longer walk home than you think1
Its a lot of idle gossip1
Its a love song1
Its a lovely day5
Its a lovely day today26
Its a lovely day tomorrow11
Its a lovely love affair1
Its a lovely way to spend an evening1
Its a lovely world1
Its a low down dirty deal1
Its a low down dirty shame11
Its a lowdown thing1
Its a lucky day1
Its a mad mad mad mambo1
Its a mad mad mad world2
Its a man2
Its a mans mans mans world4
Its a mans mans world4
Its a mans world10
Its a marshmallow world2
Its a matter of pride1
Its a me oh Lord1
Its a mean old mans world3
Its a mean old world1
Its a mean world to live in1
Its a mighty po rat that aint got but one hole1
Its a mighty pretty night for love1
Its a million to one youre in love4
Its a million to one youre in love with me1
Its a minor thing1
Its a miracle3
Its a misunderstanding1
Its a monsters holiday1
Its a most desirable residence1
Its a most unusual day25
Its a movie about a woman who beheads her brother stabs her children and sends her lovers wife up in flames1
Its a mystery2
Its a natural thing1
Its a natural thing to do1
Its a new day6
Its a new world3
Its a New York thing2
Its a nice face1
Its a nice thought1
Its a night for love1
Its a nuisance having you around1
Its a pair of wings for me2
Its a party1
Its a perfect relationship1
Its a pity2
Its a pity to say goodbye2
Its a pity to say goodnight45
Its a pocketbook1
Its a poor rat that got but one hole1
Its a pose1
Its a precious little thing called love5
Its a pretty waltz1
Its a quiet thing5
Its a quiet town1
Its a raggy waltz30
Its a rainy day2
Its a ramble2
Its a riddle1
Its a rockin thing1
Its a sad night in Harlem1
Its a sad sad feeling1
Its a samba2
Its a sandman1
Its a secret2
Its a shame3
Its a shame to take the money1
Its a shuffle2
Its a sin3
Its a sin the way youve treated me1
Its a sin to tell a lie213
Its a sin towrite a letter1
Its a sing to tell a lie1
Its a small world10
Its a small world after all2
Its a smart affair1
Its a snap1
Its a start1
Its a step lightly1
Its a stony way1
Its a strange but funky world1
Its a strange world1
Its a sun of a beach1
Its a Sunday down in Caroline1
Its a thing5
Its a thing of the past2
Its a tincture1
Its a treat1
Its a U1
Its a very good year1
Its a virtual world1
Its a w1
Its a wack attack1
Its a waltz man1
Its a whole new thing1
Its a woman world1
Its a womans prerogative6
Its a womans world4
Its a wonderful day today1
Its a wonderful life3
Its a wonderful world153
Its a wonderful world after all1
Its aboteen time1
Its about blues time1
Its about everything1
Its about life1
Its about that time36
Its about that time of day1
Its about time63
Its about time its about love1
Its about time part I1
Its about time part II1
Its about time the rain came1
Its about timeThe onenote trumpet player1
Its about to fall1
Its about you1
Its about you and me1
Its after the end of the world3
Its alive1
Its all a dream1
Its all a joke1
Its all a mystery1
Its all a silly game1
Its all about breaking the wall1
Its all about life1
Its all about love5
Its all about me1
Its all about that time1
Its all about the cuica1
Its all about the waitress1
Its all about you3
Its all alright1
Its all bamboo1
Its all because of you1
Its all becoming so clear now1
Its all been done before1
Its all been said1
Its all cause of loving you1
Its all clear to me now2
Its all comin down1
Its all coming home to you5
Its all for you3
Its all forgotten now3
Its all gone1
Its all gone now1
Its all good15
Its all happenin1
Its all I ask of you1
Its all I want1
Its all in my hands3
Its all in my soul2
Its all in the game30
Its all in the hips1
Its all in the mind4
Its all in the stars1
Its all in the the game1
Its all in your head1
Its all in your mind12
Its all inside2
Its all just words1
Its all left with me1
Its all love1
Its all money Johnny1
Its all my fault2
Its all OK1
Its all one Fun1
Its all over15
Its all over again1
Its all over baby1
Its all over but the crying2
Its all over but the memories2

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