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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page I36 - In off to In the blues of evening

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Tune nameSessions
In off1
In old California with you1
In old Chicago2
In old Havana1
In old Havanna1
In old Hawaii1
In old Kentucky1
In Old Madrid1
In old New York2
In old Santa Fe1
In old Vienna1
In old Vienna town1
In omnibus caritas1
In one breath1
In one heart1
In one moment1
In one moment eternity1
In one peace1
In one spot1
In one time and out the other2
In only a moment1
In opening1
In or out4
In orbit10
In order that1
In order to form a more perfect union1
In order to hear1
In order to preserve order1
In order to reroute the wind1
In order to survive2
In origine1
In oscillation1
In Oslo1
In other dreams1
In other terms1
In other words35
In other words I am three1
In other words were through3
In other worlds1
In our cottage of love7
In our dreams1
In our face a little raw fiercely alive1
In our hands1
In our hearts3
In our hideaway1
In our home where we live1
In our house1
In our idleness1
In our lifetime1
In our little boat2
In our love1
In our midst3
In our name1
In our names1
In our own sweet way2
In our own time1
In our shadow1
In our street1
In our time5
In out2
In out and around2
In over besides1
In Palsjo skog1
In paradise2
In paradise with you1
In paradisum2
In parallel1
In parenthesis1
In Paris in February2
In Paris in love1
In parte senz arte1
In parte senzarte1
In parting1
In parts1
In pas1
In passing14
In passing years2
In patches1
In Pauls mirror1
In peace4
In peace with gravity1
In peaceful sleep1
In penumbra1
In periods of trance1
In perpetuity1
In person1
In petto1
In phase out1
In piece1
In pieces2
In piena vita1
In pinetops footsteps5
In pitch dark1
In pivo veritas1
In place1
In place of3
In place of a epilog lullaby for my daughter1
In place of a morale geography1
In place of memory1
In places1
In plain sight1
In Plutos face1
In poche parole1
In poculis2
In point of love1
In Porgy1
In praise3
In praise of bass desires1
In praise of dreams1
In praise of lofty judgment1
In praise of Malcolm X2
In praise of shadows2
In praise of spiritual guides1
In prayer1
In prestito1
In primo piano1
In princapolis1
In prison Ill die1
In process1
In procession1
In production1
In progress5
In punta di labbra1
In punta di piedi1
In pure white1
In purple1
In pursuance1
In pursuit5
In pursuit of Gigi1
In pursuit of guacamole1
In pursuit of happiness1
In pursuit of hip2
In pursuit of matter1
In pursuit of pleasure1
In pursuit of silence1
In pursuit of stillness1
In pursuit of the 27th man5
In pursuit of the 9th man1
In pursuit of the sound1
In qualche parte del mondo3
In quarto1
In quattro forme1
In quelle sere dautunno1
In quelle trine morbide1
In quest of a solution1
In quest of new horizons1
In quest of silence1
In questa1
In questa malaterra1
In questa reggia1
In questi giorni1
In quiet1
In quiet waters the devils are living1
In rainbows1
In rainy weather1
In ran roy1
In ran Sid1
In re Don Giovani1
In re nude orbit1
In real life2
In real time3
In real time 51
In real time 61
In reality1
In red in black1
In reference to1
In reference to our forefathers fathers dreams1
In relationship to silence1
In relationship to the circumstance1
In relationship to the relationship1
In rememberance1
In rememberance of Cosimo1
In rememberance of him1
In rememberance of the human race1
In rememberance of those fallen1
In remembrance3
In remembrance of Bud1
In remembrance of me1
In remembrance of things past3
In repose5
In resonance light takes place1
In rest1
In restless repose1
In retreat1
In retro style1
In retrospect11
In return2
In revenge1
In reverence1
In rhythm1
In ricorda di Stella1
In right proportion1
In rilievo1
In Rio1
In Rio de Janeiro1
In round1
In Roys corner1
In sa notta profunda1
In safe hands1
In Salah4
In Sallys garden1
In Salzkammergut2
In samba1
In San Francisco3
In Sandys eyes1
In sanity suite1
In Santa Lucia1
In Santiago1
In Santo Quala1
In se mud1
In sea1
In sea on land1
In search3
In search for a standard1
In search for freedom1
In search of8
In search of a dream3
In search of a mind2
In search of a quiet place2
In search of a soul1
In search of a sound1
In search of a standard1
In search of a theme1
In search of a word2
In search of aliens1
In search of an object1
In search of beauty1
In search of Buck Benny1
In search of Carl La Fong1
In search of Chester2
In search of dignity1
In search of greener grass1
In search of happiness1
In search of her lullaby1
In search of hipness1
In search of his father1
In search of knowledge1
In search of light1
In search of lost time1
In search of love1
In search of magic1
In search of meaning1
In search of Mr Mofongo1
In search of my heart5
In search of peace1
In search of power1
In search of proper ID2
In search of sane alternatives1
In search of Senor Charles1
In search of silence1
In search of spirits passed and present1
In search of that reed1
In search of the boethian schisma1
In search of the bush man Essiet1
In search of the ghost1
In search of the key1
In search of the lost camel paths of Maspeth1
In search of the magic1
In search of the mystery1
In search of the nervous system1
In search of the one1
In search of the perfect shampoo1
In search of the Phoenix1
In search of the pythagoran comma 11
In search of the pythagoran comma 21
In search of the searcher1
In search of the sixth sense2
In search of the sun1
In search of the well1
In search of time lost1
In search of times lost1
In search of Titina1
In search of tradition lost1
In search of truth4
In search of yellow1
In season2
In secret2
In seinem garten liebt Don Perlinplin1
In semi daur1
In sempiterna1
In sentimental mood1
In September2
In sequence1
In serious veins1
In serpentines1
In seven1
In seven moons1
In shades1
In shadow2
In shadow there is light1
In shadowland3
In shadows1
In shady green pastures1
In shape1
In short1
In short supply1
In shreds1
In Siam1
In Sicily1
In side1
In Sids thing2
In sight3
In silence2
In silent blowing of the wind1
In silent moments1
In six2
In Skolland staat een huis1
In sleep a king1
In sleep in the dream in recurring Cary Grant1
In slowly drawn circles1
In Smokey Joes joint1
In so far1
In so many words3
In so many worlds1
In solitudine lo racconto1
In some far place1
In some human city1
In some other home1
In some other world2
In some way1
In sorrow3
In Soudan2
In sounding bodies1
In Soweto1
In space1
In Spain they say si si5
In spanning1
In spection2
In spirited1
In spiritual love1
In spite1
In spite of3
In spite of all3
In spite of all this Im still happy1
In spite of color1
In spite of everything1
In spite of it1
In spite of it all1
In spite of myself1
In spite of the clouds1
In spite ofreflections1
In spite the rain1
In splendoribus1
In spring5
In spring fields1
In statu nascendi1
In stead of siesta1
In step4
In step out ahead1
In stiller nacht2
In stitches3
In strange loops1
In Strauss1
In Strayhorns bag1
In streamline1
In streams of gold1
In stretta vicinanza2
In stride5
In stride out1
In studio1
In style and rhythm1
In su mare1
In su Monte Seris now1
In su soul e sanima1
in Sud America1
In summary1
In summer13
In Sundsvall1
In supremae1
In Susies basement1
In suspect terrain1
In suspense1
In suspension2
In swamp lands1
In sweet Eudoras arms1
In swinger4
In Swinglaune1
In swingy mood1
In synagogue the other day1
In sync1
In t geniep1
In tal speter1
In tallation1
In tandem1
In tangenziale1
In Tangier1
In tempo3
In tenda1
In Tenebris1
In tenebrosis1
In Tennessee1
In tense1
In tensione1
In tents1
In terra1
In Terryeur of Clark1
In teum1
In that apartment upstairs1
In that day1
In that funk again1
In that great gettin up morning1
In that mood1
In that morning1
In that number2
In that order1
In that state of mind1
In that sweet bosomBright cap and streamers1
In that sweet peaceful rest1
In that way2
In the1
In the 1958 boogie woogie club1
In the 50s1
In the 60s1
In the 6th1
In the 80s2
In the 90s1
In the absence of gravity1
In the accumulate mode1
In the act1
In the action1
In the afterglow1
In the aftermath1
In the afternoon7
In the air12
In the air again2
In the air tonight1
In the alley13
In the alley blues4
In the alley watching Willem Kloos1
In the alley with Al1
In the ancient village1
In the Anna1
In the application of standards1
In the archive1
In the arena1
In the arms of Ali1
In the arms of love2
In the army1
In the art of survival1
In the attic3
In the audience1
In the autumn1
In the back in the corner in the dark1
In the back of the churchyard1
In the back of the real1
In the back of your head1
In the back room8
In the back seat of a yellow cab1
In the backroom2
In the backyard1
In the bag11
In the baggage coach ahead2
In the balance2
In the balance of time1
In the ballroom2
In the ballroom with the rope1
In the bar1
In the barrel3
In the barren land1
In the basement4
In the bayou1
In the beat of the night1
In the beautiful future1
In the beautiful garden of prayer1
In the beauty of holiness1
In the beginning55
In the beginning dark1
In the beginning God19
In the beginning of love1
In the beginning there was Africa1
In the beginning was2
In the beginning was beauty1
In the beginning was the night1
In the beginningMy Lord1
In the belly of the blues1
In the belly of the snake1
In the belly of the sun1
In the best tradition1
In the big city1
In the black My nephew1
In the black room1
In the black square1
In the bleak1
In the bleak midautumn1
In the bleak midwinter14
In the blink of a hat1
In the blink of an eye2
In the blood1
In the blood again1
In the blue4
In the blue corner1
In the blue distance1
In the blue evening1
In the blue of evening16
In the blue of the evening10
In the blue room1
In the blues2
In the blues garden1
In the blues mode1
In the blues of evening1

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