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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page I33 - In a garden in old Kalua to In China

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Tune nameSessions
In a garden in old Kalua1
In a garden of Eden1
In a garden of orchids1
In a geodetic dome1
In a Georgia cabin2
In a ghost way of love1
In a good mood1
In a good neighborhood1
In a good old summertime1
In a good world1
In a goodfornothing mood1
In a graceless century1
In a grain of sand2
In a greasy bag1
In a great big way5
In a grey day1
In a groove1
In a gypsy tea room1
In a happy frame of mind1
In a happy mood1
In a happy swingin world2
In a Harlem airshaft1
In a Harlem ashram1
In a haze1
In a hazy mood2
In a heart beat1
In a heartbeat4
In a Hodges mood1
In a hollow zone1
In a hope and a joy1
In a hot minute1
In a hot pursuit1
In a hotel room1
In a hurry15
In a hurting way1
In a jam11
In a Japanese garden1
In a jiffy1
In a Keith mood1
In a kitchenette2
In a lagoon blue magenta1
In a land not far away1
In a landscape3
In a Latin mood2
In a LatinAmerican way1
In a lazy mood3
In a life1
In a light attire1
In a light place1
In a lighter vein5
In a little back alley1
In a little blue canoe with you2
In a little book shop1
In a little cabin in the sky1
In a little Carolina town1
In a little French casino1
In a little garden6
In a little gypsy tea room3
In a little gypsy tearoom2
In a little gysy tearoom1
In a little hula heaven3
In a little minute1
In a little provincial town5
In a little red barn1
In a little red cottage by the sea1
In a little rendezvous1
In a little second hand store1
In a little secondhand store2
In a little Spanish town161
In a little Spanish town cha cha1
In a little spring waltz1
In a little Swiss chalet1
In a little waterfront cafe2
In a little while2
In a locrian mood1
In a lonely place5
In a long way1
In a long white room2
In a loop1
In a love affair1
In a lttle spanish town1
In a lyrical mood1
In a magic garden1
In a magic mood1
In a magic valley1
In a manner of1
In a manner of speaking1
In a mans mind1
In a Marlow tone1
In a matter of moments2
In a maze2
In a medieval room1
In a meditating mood4
In a melancholic mood1
In a melancholy funk1
In a melancholy mood1
In a melancholy way1
In a melatonin1
In a mello roll1
In a mellotone53
In a mellow blues2
In a mellow dream1
In a mellow mood1
In a mellow rose room tone1
In a mellow tone710
In a mellow tone cha cha1
In a memory1
In a metatone2
In a mezz1
In a Miles mood1
In a milk gloom1
In a milky way1
In a million different ways1
In a minor funk2
In a minor groove2
In a minor key3
In a minor mode2
In a minor mood9
In a minute10
In a mission by the sea1
In a mist126
In a misty glow1
In a misty mood2
In a misty night1
In A mitrailleur1
In a mizz4
In a mocha mood1
In a modal tone1
In a modal way1
In a mode1
In a moller tone1
In a moment3
In a moment of madness2
In a moment of weakness1
In a monastary garden1
In a monastery garden2
In a Monkish mood1
In a monochrome4
In a mood2
In a mood for a classic1
In a moon mist3
In a moonboat1
In a Moorish market place2
In a mystery mist1
In a mystic silence1
In a name1
In a natural way1
In a new and darker light1
In a new land no mans land1
In a New York minute6
In a nutshell6
In a nutshell revisited1
In a oneroom flat1
In a panAfrican mood1
In a Paris night1
In a Parisian mood1
In a perfect world4
In a perpetual motion2
In a Persian black market1
In a Persian market63
In a Persian market place1
In a pickle1
In a pinch1
In a place in my heart1
In a place of distance1
In a place of peace1
In a pool3
In a prescribed manner1
In a pretty place1
In a Provencal mood1
In a quandary1
In a quandry1
In a quarter tone1
In a quiet place2
In a quiet way2
In a quiet world1
In a rather broad way1
In a rendezvous1
In a restful place1
In a reverse way1
In a rhapsody in minor1
In a romantic mood1
In a room1
In a rotten mood1
In a round about way1
In a roundabout sort of way1
In a row1
In a rush2
In a Russian foxhole2
In a Russian style1
In a sailing boat1
In a samba mode1
In a samba mood1
In a secret place2
In a semitrilogy1
In a sense2
In a sense innocence1
In a sentimenta mood1
In a sentimental day1
In a sentimental mood1337
In a sentimental mut1
In a sentimental spring waltz1
In a sentimental sud1
In a sentimental world1
In a sentimonkal mood1
In a shade of the old apple tree1
In a shady nook1
In a shady nook by a babbling brook1
In a shanty in old shanty town16
In a shelter from a shower1
In a shot of tequila or two1
In a sign of Libra1
In a silent night1
In a silent valley2
In a silent way48
In a simple rhyme1
In a singysong kind of way1
In a sinny roseland1
In a slow mood1
In a smoke filled room1
In a smooth way1
In a soft and subtle way1
In a sorta mental mood1
In a southern sense1
In a space1
In a Spanish mission1
In a Spanish mode1
In a Spanish town1
In a Spanish way1
In a special way1
In a spiders nest1
In a spin1
In a spiral1
In a spring way1
In a stars arms1
In a state of flux1
In a state of undress1
In a station1
In a strange mood1
In a Stratford garden1
In a street cafe1
In a subtle way1
In a subway far from Ireland1
In a suggestive way1
In a summers day1
In a sunny daze1
In a sunny place1
In a Suzuki shop1
In a swaying ship1
In a sweedish mood1
In a sweet by and by1
In a sweet bye and bye2
In a swing mood1
In a swinging groove1
In a tango mood1
In a temperamental mood1
In a temple green1
In a tender mood1
In a tent3
In a testamental mood1
In a thought1
In a tower room1
In a toy garden1
In a trance2
In a transitory mood1
In a transylvanian manor1
In a travellin mood1
In a turquoise mood1
In a twelve mood1
In a twilight zone1
In a twinkle1
In a valley of dreams1
In a waltzy mood1
In a warring absence1
In a water drop1
In a way2
In a way its nothing1
In a way she goes2
In a way too1
In a while1
In a while in a while1
In a while there will be1
In a whirl5
In a whisper4
In a whitecage the path1
In a womans mood1
In a wonderful sweet hour1
In a wondrous place1
In a wooden house1
In a word1
In a world made small1
In a world of my own2
In a world of their own2
In a yacht1
In Abbazias wars1
In absence1
In absence of1
In absentia1
In abstracto1
In absurdum1
In Acapulco Bay1
In aeternam1
In Africa maibouye1
In air1
In Alabama1
In albis1
In all aspects1
In all diesen stadten gewesen1
In all fields1
In all her finery2
In all innocence1
In all its glory1
In all languages7
In all my wildest dreams4
In all the earth1
In all the world1
In all ways2
In all we see1
In alle Ewigkeit1
In altre parole1
In America2
In Amirim1
In amurg1
In an 18th century drawing room15
In an aquarian mood1
In an attempt to be fascinating1
In an eighteenth century drawing room10
In an Ellingtone1
In an hour or two days1
In an hourglass1
In an instant1
In an island way2
In an old deserted ballroom1
In an old Dutch garden9
In an old elevator1
In an old English village1
In an old log cabin2
In an old movie1
In an oldworld garden1
In and of itself1
In and out35
In and out of love1
In and out the Chakras we go1
In and out underground1
In and outs1
In angel arms1
In anme only1
In another life5
In another lifetime1
In another moment1
In another space of time1
In another time2
In another time and place1
In another tongue1
In another way1
In another world2
In anticipation2
In anticipation of Alesha1
In anticipation of the next1
In any event1
In any language2
In any one town1
In apple blossom time1
In appreciation3
In appreciation a celebration song1
In April19
In aquis1
In Arden1
In Arizona1
In ashes lies the salt of glory1
In at the deep end1
In Atlanta GA1
In August at Germain des Pres1
In autumn1
In awe of1
In B or not in B1
In Bachs studio1
In back of beyond1
In back on the beat1
In Bahia1
In balance2
In Ballo1
In bamboo land1
In Barcelona in June2
In Baselgia1
In basso1
In beautys brow1
In begleitung von marienkafern1
In Beijing2
In bergama1
In Berlin in September2
In besides between1
In Bett1
In better times1
In between58
In between appointments1
In between boogie1
In between chairs2
In between colours1
In between comme c and come saw1
In between days1
In between dreams1
In between edges1
In between films1
In between gestures1
In between heartaches3
In between in1
In between love1
In between moods1
In between rivers1
In between space1
In between stories1
In between the blue and green1
In between the cracks1
In between the heartaches2
In between the lines1
In between the moss and ivy1
In between the roses and the ashes1
In between the sun and rain1
In between those changes1
In between times1
In betweenfirst project1
In bewegung1
In bianco alla chiusura del mercato1
In big trouble1
In bilico1
In black1
In black and white1
In blinky winky chinky chinatown1
In bloom5
In blossom1
In blue6
In blue bird land2
In blues2
In bocca al lupe1
In bocca al lupo1
In both senses1
In Braille1
In Brasil1
in Breslau1
In breve 21
In brief1
In Brixen1
In broad daylight1
In bubwe1
In Budapest in April1
In Buddys eyes3
In C2
In C major1
In cah1
In cahoots1
In cahoots with Moses1
In came Fizzle Franky1
In cammino1
In campul cu florile1
In canto1
In carrera de nonnu1
In Carsons eyes1
In Carterian fashion1
In case lets go to galaxy1
In case of accident1
In case of Aurora1
In case of emergency2
In case of fire2
In case of love1
In case of rain1
In case of you1
In case the world changes its mind1
In case we survive1
In case you did not know it1
In case you didnt know4
In case you forgot1
In case you hadnt heard Mrs Smith is here1
In case you havent heard7
In case you missed it14
In case you missed it the first time1
In case you missed us1
In case youve forgotten1
In caso di nebbia1
In cauda venenum2
In celebration of saxophones1
In celebration of the blues1
In celebration of the human spirit1
In Celle jazzt man auch sehr dufte2
In Celtic mood1
In cerca del miracolo1
In cerca di cibo2
In cerca di te16
In cerca di te perduto amor1
In cerchio1
In certain seasons1
In chains1
In chambre separee1
In chant1
In chaos1
In Cherry Blossom Lane1
In Chicago2
In chimbe2
In chimbre1
In China1

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