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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I3 - I cant say it too many times to I do lunch

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Tune nameSessions
I cant say it too many times1
I cant say no2
I cant scat1
I cant see clearly now2
I cant see for lookin11
I cant see for looking2
I cant see forever1
I cant see how1
I cant see me in your eyes anymore1
I cant see myself leaving you1
I cant see nobody2
I cant see the beautiful codillo1
I cant see the beautiful sea1
I cant see why1
I cant see you in my eyes anymore1
I cant see you now1
I cant see your house from here1
I cant seem to find my man1
I cant shake love1
I cant shake you1
I cant sing the blues1
I cant sit down3
I cant sleep22
I cant sleep blues1
I cant sleep for dreaming1
I cant sleep in the movies any more3
I cant stand another hurt1
I cant stand another night alone1
I cant stand being away from you1
I cant stand it14
I cant stand losing you2
I cant stand myself2
I cant stand the rain11
I cant stand you1
I cant started1
I cant stay away1
I cant stay behind1
I cant stay here by myself1
I cant stay in Egypt Lan1
I cant stop3
I cant stop babying you2
I cant stop being a fool1
I cant stop dancing2
I cant stop it2
I cant stop lovin you5
I cant stop loving you89
I cant stop my heart1
I cant stop now1
I cant stop thinking about you1
I cant swim1
I cant take her nowhere1
I cant take it anymore2
I cant take it no mo1
I cant take it no more2
I cant take my eyes off you2
I cant take you nowhere1
I cant take you out of my heart1
I cant talk to a wall2
I cant teach my old heart new tricks1
I cant tell1
I cant tell a lie2
I cant tell a lie to myself1
I cant tell more1
I cant tell New Orleans goodbye1
I cant tell why I love you but I do1
I cant tell you2
I cant tell you to begin1
I cant tell you why3
I cant tell you why I love you but I do1
I cant think3
I cant think of anything but you1
I cant trust myself1
I cant trust myself alone4
I cant turn you loose6
I cant understand1
I cant understand what I see in you1
I cant understand what she sees in him1
I cant use that thing1
I cant use you1
I cant wait4
I cant wait for Brooklyn1
I cant wait I cannot1
I cant wait till I get home1
I cant wait till tomorrow1
I cant wait to be old1
I cant wait to get off work3
I cant wait to tell you1
I cant wait until I see my baby1
I cant wait until I see my babys face2
I cant wait until tonight1
I cant walk like Tina Turner1
I cant work and watch you1
I cant write left handed1
I cant write the words6
I can’t believe that you’re in love with me2
I can’t believe you’re in love with me1
I can’t get started1
I can’t give you anything but love4
I can’t help myself1
I Capriccio in Fsharp minor1
I care2
I care about Detroit1
I care about you2
I care for him1
I care for you2
I care to be1
I carry the torch for you1
I carry your heart7
I carry your heart Bye bye1
I carry your heart with me4
I carry your picture1
I cash cloes2
I caught a touch of your love4
I caught No 121
I caught you1
I caught you in a lie2
I caught your smile1
I cavalieri del don1
I celebrate the life1
I ceri e i devoti1
I certainly could2
I cfied for you1
I challenge you to an epiphone duo1
I challenge your kiss1
I changed my mind1
I changed the lock on the door1
I changed the rules2
I chase a rainbow dream1
I chase the sun2
I ching3
I ching reading2
I ching swing1
I choose2
I choose to sing the blues1
I choose you2
I Choro1
I chose the moon1
I chose to sing the blues1
I cicli dellanima1
I cinque cugini1
I claim Jesus1
I claim my day1
I clearly saw2
I close my eyes13
I close the door behind me1
I clowns1
I collect1
I color my world1
I colori di J Pollock1
I colori di un sogno1
I com li posarem1
I come a Clement troubadour1
I come from a musical family3
I come from Jamaica2
I come from nowhere1
I come to the garden alone5
I come to thee1
I come with love1
I comme icare2
I companyia1
I compare you1
I comunisti mangiano i bambini1
I concentrate on you382
I confess2
I connected1
I Corrente1
I could4
I could almost love you1
I could almost see the room1
I could be good for you1
I could be happy with you1
I could be hip1
I could be romantic too1
I could be so good for you2
I could be wrong1
I could care less2
I could could you1
I could dance all night1
I could do most anything2
I could do most anything for you1
I could do what I ought to do1
I could eat your words2
I could fall in love with someone like you1
I could fall in love with you2
I could feel a teardrop1
I could feel the joy of your love1
I could get a man1
I could get lost in your eyes1
I could get used to this3
I could get used to you1
I could give up1
I could give you more1
I could go on like this all night1
I could go on singing1
I could happen to you4
I could have been a sailor1
I could have danced all night109
I could have done more1
I could have guessed what was about to happen1
I could have lied2
I could have loved you1
I could have loved you so1
I could have told you41
I could have told you so14
I could hear your heartbeat1
I could kick myself1
I could love anybody like Im lovin you1
I could love anybody like Im loving you2
I could love you baby1
I could love you more2
I could make you care10
I could make you love me1
I could marry the rain2
I could never figure it out1
I could never forget1
I could never forget you2
I could never repay your love1
I could presume1
I could really for you1
I could really go for you1
I could see forever1
I could see the smallest things1
I could sing it for a song1
I could sooner1
I could stand a little lovin1
I could stand a lot of lovin1
I could tell you1
I could use a dream1
I could walk a mile1
I could waltz on forever1
I could write1
I could write a book250
I could write a love song1
I could write a novel1
I could yak it1
I couldnt be mad at you1
I couldnt be mean to you3
I couldnt be without you1
I couldnt beat the rap1
I couldnt believe it1
I couldnt believe my eyes2
I couldnt care less3
I couldnt do without you1
I couldnt get it1
I couldnt get to it1
I couldnt get to it in time1
I couldnt have done it alone1
I couldnt have loved you more1
I couldnt hear nobody play1
I couldnt hear nobody pray5
I couldnt help it2
I couldnt if I wanted to1
I couldnt live without you for a day1
I couldnt live without your love2
I couldnt quit my baby1
I couldnt resist1
I couldnt say2
I couldnt say Im sorry1
I couldnt sleep a wink3
I couldnt sleep a wink last night26
I couldnt stand to see my baby lose1
I couldnt stay away1
I couldnt stay away from you2
I couldnt take it1
I couldnt tell them what to do5
I couldnt wait1
I couldve enjoyed myself on this planet1
I couldve loved you1
I couldve told you2
I count on you1
I count ten1
I cover both her eyes Rest1
I cover the mountaintop1
I cover the waterfront510
I cover the waterfrontSome of these days1
I covered the waterfront1
I Covid 191
I crashed my snowplough1
I crave you1
I crave your lovin every day1
I Creation1
I cried6
I cried a million tears last night1
I cried a river1
I cried a tear4
I cried all the way home1
I cried and cried1
I cried and cried and cried1
I cried because I love you1
I cried for you321
I cried in the night1
I cried last night4
I cried then I cried1
I cried tonight1
I crooned it before1
I cross my fingers6
I cross my heart2
I crott de Ciavena1
I cry6
I cry alone3
I cry before my country I leap across its seas1
I cry by night1
I cry for more1
I cry for Persia1
I cry for you4
I cry for you America1
I cry I smile1
I cry in silence1
I cry silence1
I curry you wind in big baskets1
I cut for you1
I dagsins onn1
I Dance1
I dance alone2
I dance for you1
I dance the sabbath and chorale1
I danced1
I danced among the clouds1
I danced with a zombie1
I Danmark er jeg fodt1
I danzatori delle stelle2
I dare not love you1
I dare u1
I dare you2
I dare you baby2
I Dawn1
I Day1
I de Clare1
I deal1
I deal in cats1
I dealBroadcast introduction1
I dearly surrender1
I dedicate April1
I dedicate my love1
I dedicate this to you1
I deira un silip2
I del An apple for the teacher Its a hap hap happy day FDR Jones1
I den blaeste natt1
I den dype skov1
I den lille bar1
I den lille have1
I den lille have i pelealle1
I den ljuva sommartid1
I den mellemste koje1
I denna ljuva sommartid2
I denna stund1
I denne morgenstund1
I denne sote juletid1
I depend on me1
I derf an wien net denken1
I deserve1
I deserve better1
I deserve better than this1
I despise you1
I det1
I det lille rige1
I dette landet1
I dia que me quieras1
I diavoli del ritmo1
I did2
I did all I could1
I did all this1
I did Did I1
I did everything for her1
I did everything right with the wrong man2
I did everything right with the wrong men & everything wrong with the right man1
I did everything wrong with the right man1
I did it2
I did it all for you5
I did it for Brigit1
I did it for real1
I did it his way1
I did it I live it1
I did not dream of playing golf1
I did not have nowhere to go1
I did not know what time it was1
I did nothing to lose you1
I did wanta but I dont wanta now1
I diddie2
I diddie dum dum1
I didnt2
I didnt ask1
I didnt ask to be1
I didnt believe me1
I didnt care1
I didnt care till I lost you1
I didnt come here1
I didnt come to Spain1
I didnt come to steal nobodys man1
I didnt did I1
I didnt do it1
I didnt even know he was gone1
I didnt even know her name1
I didnt feel anything1
I didnt find love1
I didnt forget you1
I didnt get up this morning part 11
I didnt get up this morning part 21
I didnt get up this morning part 31
I didnt get up this morning part 41
I didnt go home at all1
I didnt have a chance1
I didnt have a very good time1
I didnt hear nobody pray1
I didnt know13
I didnt know about you223
I didnt know any better1
I didnt know enough about you3
I didnt know I loved you1
I didnt know I was crying1
I didnt know it was you1
I didnt know that1
I didnt know that part of you1
I didnt know the gun was loaded1
I didnt know until you told me2
I didnt know what2
I didnt know what love is1
I didnt know what time it was545
I didnt know why2
I didnt know you1
I didnt know you at all1
I didnt like it the first time5
I didnt love New York1
I didnt love you less1
I didnt make it to harmony1
I didnt mean a word1
I didnt mean a word I said6
I didnt mean goodbye1
I didnt mean to be mean1
I didnt mean to love you1
I didnt order this one1
I didnt raise my boy to be a soldier4
I didnt realise you were as crazy1
I didnt realize1
I didnt see it coming1
I didnt see you1
I didnt sleep a wink last night1
I didnt slip I wasnt pushed I fell3
I didnt start to love you1
I didnt take your man1
I didnt tell them why1
I didnt think it could be1
I didnt wanna love you1
I didnt want to be alone on New Years Eve1
I didnt want to do it4
I didnt want to have to do it1
I die1
I die a little more each day1
I die screaming1
I died and went to Heaven1
I dig chicks4
I dig Ed2
I dig fig2
I dig girls1
I dig it you dig it1
I dig rock and roll music3
I dig Satch7
I dig that gal the most1
I dig the facts man1
I dig the way language changes1
I dig you1
I dig you the most2
I dig your do3
I digni rumba1
I dimma och storm1
I din famn1
I din hand1
I dina drommar1
I dip my hands once again in the ocean1
I disappear1
I Discovery1
I disertori1
I disremember quite well1
I Distancy1
I distinctly heard the sound of a Mexican rhythm combo1
I ditt ansikte vaxer en skugga1
I do17
I do as the Romans do1
I do believe6
I do believe in spring3
I do believe its time1
I do care3
I do do do like you1
I do do you9
I do dont you1
I do hope1
I do I do I do1
I do I love you1
I do it1
I do it better at night2
I do it for love1
I do it for you2
I do it for you love1
I do it for your love51
I do know what love is1
I do like you4
I do Lising1
I do love love2
I do love you4
I do lunch1

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