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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I20 - If you dont think to Igor beaver

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Tune nameSessions
If you dont think2
If you dont think Ill do sweet Pops just try me1
If you dont think Im sinking1
If you dont understand1
If you dont want me4
If you dont want me baby1
If you dont want me blues2
If you dont want me dont dog me round1
If you dont want me send me to my ma1
If you dont want me stop doggin me around1
If you dont want my love2
If you dont want my lovin1
If you dont want to be sweethearts1
If you dont why dont ya2
If you ever1
If you ever change1
If you ever change your mind11
If you ever ever loved me1
If you ever get lonesome2
If you ever go1
If you ever go away1
If you ever go to Paree1
If you ever had the blues1
If you ever learn to love1
If you ever leave me3
If you ever leave me Im going with you1
If you ever need a friend2
If you ever need me1
If you ever say goodbye1
If you ever should leave6
If you ever should leave me2
If you ever wanna1
If you ever went away2
If you fall in love1
If you feed the bears they come back for more1
If you feel like singing sing2
If you find out let me know1
If you forget1
If you get it2
If you get lost in Santa Paula1
If you give them more1
If you give them more than you can1
If you go25
If you go away33
If you go away this time1
If you go far enough1
If you go Ill come back byandby1
If you go now1
If you got it flaunt it1
If you got it youll get it1
If you got some place to go1
If you got the money1
If you gotta make a fool1
If you gotta make a fool of somebody5
If you grin1
If you had more time to be1
If you had only waited1
If you had the chance1
If you hadnt but you did1
If you hadnt gone away15
If you hadnt seen me there1
If you have a dream1
If you have it2
If you have nothing to say1
If you have to ask2
If you have to ask you dont need to know1
If you havent any hay fantasy1
If you havent got a girl2
If you havent got love1
If you hit my dog Ill kick your cat1
If you hold my hand1
If you insist2
If you is or is you aint my baby1
If you just believe1
If you just knew1
If you keep on living1
If you kiss me1
If you knew27
If you knew how I love you4
If you knew how much I love you1
If you knew me any longer than tomorrow1
If you knew my pain1
If you knew Sushi1
If you knew Susie40
If you knew Susie like I know Susie3
If you knew Suzie4
If you knew Suzie like I know Suzie1
If you knew Suzy1
If you know2
If you know love3
If you know me any longer than tomorrow2
If you know Susie like I know Susie1
If you know what I mean2
If you leave me3
If you leave me now7
If you leave Paris3
If you leave them cats alone theyll play nothing but shit1
If you let me5
If you let me go1
If you let me make love to you then why cant I touch you2
If you like5
If you like a me1
If you like it1
If you like it lick it1
If you like it or not1
If you like me1
If you like me like I like you13
If you like nuclear waste1
If you like swing3
If you live14
If you live that life1
If you live the life you pay the price1
If you lived here youd be home by now1
If you look1
If you look enough1
If you look far enough1
If you look in her eyes1
If you lose your money2
If you lose your money blues1
If you love her1
If you love me34
If you love me act like it1
If you love me baby5
If you love me like you say1
If you love me really love me3
If you love me say so1
If you love somebody set them free4
If you love someone set them free1
If you loved me1
If you loved me as much as I can imagine1
If you man is like my man1
If you marry me make your love to me1
If you mean what you say1
If you meant what you say1
If you must1
If you must go1
If you must know1
If you must leave my life1
If you need a painting in an emergency1
If you need it1
If you need me3
If you need me to1
If you need me Tonights the night Youre good for me I almost lost my mind What am I living for Just out of reach1
If you need some lovin2
If you need someone to love1
If you never been vamped1
If you never been vamped by a brownskin1
If you never came to me2
If you never come1
If you never come back2
If you never come for me1
If you never come to me87
If you never fall in love with me13
If you never had a gal mistreat you1
If you never return3
If you only believe1
If you only could forgive me1
If you only knew27
If you only knew me1
If you only knew what beauty is1
If you only know1
If you only know how1
If you only knowed1
If you only wanted1
If you open1
If you pay peanuts you get monkeys1
If you please12
If you pray right2
If you really are concerned1
If you really are concerned then show it3
If you really love him1
If you really love me8
If you really love me baby1
If you really love your baby1
If you really loved me1
If you really need me now2
If you really want1
If you remember1
If you remember me2
If you return1
If you saw a dime1
If you saw what I saw1
If you say1
If you say so5
If you scratch my back Ill scratch yours1
If you see any errors please inform me1
If you see Bill1
If you see her2
If you see her say hello1
If you see him1
If you see Kay5
If you see Lurah1
If you see Margie1
If you see me comin11
If you see me coming6
If you see my baby3
If you see my mother13
If you see my savior2
If you see my Saviour6
If you see Sally5
If you see something say something1
If you seek a fox1
If you sheik on your mama mamas gonna sheba on you1
If you sheik on your mama your mamas gonna sheba on you1
If you should change your mind2
If you should ever leave1
If you should ever leave me1
If you should ever need me3
If you should forget then Ill remember1
If you should go2
If you should go before me1
If you should leave1
If you should leave me3
If you should stop caring1
If you stand beside me1
If you stay2
If you step back far enough itll be all right1
If you still care about me1
If you stop loving me1
If you stub your toe on the moon4
If you take care of me1
If you take everything1
If you talk in your sleep1
If you talk in your sleep dont mention my name1
If you tell me your dreams1
If you think Im licked1
If you think Im lovin you youre wrong1
If you think so1
If you try1
If you try hard it will start1
If you turn away1
If you turn me down3
If you wait1
If you walk away2
If you walked away1
If you walked into my life again1
If you wanna1
If you wanna be a lover1
If you wanna be happy1
If you wanna be my sugar papa1
If you wanna boogie1
If you wanna boogie forget it1
If you wanna boogieforget it1
If you wanna get to heaven1
If you wanna see the sunshine1
If you wanna sing me1
If you want1
If you want a better world1
If you want it3
If you want it you can have it1
If you want joy2
If you want love1
If you want me2
If you want me to come home baby2
If you want me to stay7
If you want my heart4
If you want my love3
If you want some lovin2
If you want the rainbow11
If you want this love1
If you want to1
If you want to ask you dont have to know2
If you want to be a badger1
If you want to be a lover3
If you want to be my baby1
If you want to be my sugar papa4
If you want to boogie1
If you want to boogie forget it3
If you want to die in bed1
If you want to get your photo in the press1
If you want to hear I love you1
If you want to keep your daddy home5
If you want to know who we are1
If you want to live1
If you want to see a vision2
If you want to shake a lady1
If you want to share your love1
If you want to succeed at cricket what attitude should you adopt towards the game1
If you want to write me1
If you was whiskey and I was a duck1
If you wast it1
If you wear a tulip1
If you weep Ill cry1
If you went away17
If you went that far1
If you were1
If you were a photon1
If you were a song2
If you were a viper1
If you were a waffle and I were a bee1
If you were but a dream3
If you were here3
If you were in my place10
If you were in my shoes1
If you were me2
If you were me and I were you1
If you were mine53
If you were my buddy1
If you were my girl1
If you were my house1
If you were my man1
If you were only here1
If you were only mine17
If you were only mine dear1
If you were only one boy1
If you were someone else2
If you were taken from me1
If you were the only boy2
If you were the only boy in the world2
If you were the only girl14
If you were the only girl in the world54
If you were there5
If you will3
If you will come with me1
If you win you lose1
If you wish2
If you wont1
If you wore a tulip1
If you would1
If you would be here2
If you would be mine1
If you would dance1
If you would marry me1
If you would only change your mind1
If you would only say youre sorry1
If you would trust in God to guide you1
If you wouldnt be my lady1
If youd know me1
If youd like to know1
If youd only believe1
If youd only ley me1
If youd say yes1
If youd stay the way I dream about you1
If youll be back1
If youll be my love1
If youll call me then Ill call you1
If youll come back8
If youll just come back to me1
If youll let me1
If youll say yes cherie1
If youll turn back1
If your face was as beautiful as your soul1
If your good man quits you dont wear no black1
If your kisses cant hold the man you love1
If your life was a movie1
If your man is like my man5
If youre a bowler1
If youre a friend of mine1
If youre a viper23
If youre blue1
If youre changing1
If youre cheatin on your baby1
If youre ever in my arms again3
If youre goin to the city3
If youre goin up to the city1
If youre going to the city5
If youre going to try1
If youre gonna do it make her feel good1
If youre gonna stay1
If youre gonna take youre time1
If youre happy3
If youre happy and you know it2
If youre hot youre hot1
If youre in love youll waltz1
If youre in the mood1
If youre lonely3
If youre lonesome then youre not alone2
If youre lookin for someone to love1
If youre lyin1
If youre not mine1
If youre not part of the solution1
If youre not part of the solution youre part of the problem1
If youre not part of the solution youre part of the problem the Mingus Shepp medley1
If youre not the one for me1
If youre old fashioned you wear long underwear1
if youre on the right side youre on the wrong side1
If youre passing by1
If youre reading this1
If youre ready come go with me1
If youre really and truly in love1
If youre so smart how come you aint rich4
If youre so smart why aint you rich1
If youre so special1
If youre still a round1
If youre still in love with me1
If youre thinking of me2
If yous a viper4
If youse a viper4
If youve ever been vamped by a brown skin1
If youve ever loved1
If youve forgotten me1
If youve got it youll get it1
If youve got somewhere to go1
If youve got the money2
If youve never been in love1
If youve never been vamped1
If youve never been vamped by a brown skin2
If youve never been vamped by a brown skin gal1
If youve never been vamped by a brownskin3
If youve never been vamped by a brownskin gal1
If youve not been fed1
If youve only known lonely1
Ifa The oracle1
Ife layo1
Ife night1
Ifes dance1
Iffies saloon1
Iffilah haha1
Ifi riff1
IFPI blues1
Ifra dig1
Ifs eternally1
Ifwecan Tucan1
Igama la bantwana1
Igarclau sonata1
Igauhel oma pill1
Igazi hos1
Igbesi aiye1
Igbobs shuffle1
Igen & igen1
iggidy song1
Iggy boogie1
Iggys dance1
Iggys secret1
Igjen min venn1
Igknorance march1
Igloo stomp1
Ignacios revenge1
Ignant oil2
Ignatz mouse1
Ignatzs brick1
Igneous ejaculation2
Igneous rock1
Ignis fatuus2
Ignit it1
Ignite a noise1
ignoble paradox of modernity west1
Ignorance definie1
Ignorance is bliss1
ignorant cat1
Ignorant oil1
Ignore it1
Ignore the giant1
Ignunt oil14
Igor 31
Igor Abedungola1
Igor beaver1

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